Geeked About Working With Revis

January 6th, 2014

lovie 0105b

When the Bucs announced that Lovie Smith was their guy, the 10th coach in Bucs history, a number of NFL pundits and Bucs fans concluded — with bad math — that since Lovie runs a Tampa-2 defense, stud cornerback Darrelle Revis is SOL because┬áhe is not a zone-coverage guy but a press-man guy.

Lovie, who is pretty low key if not even-keeled, got noticably excited once in his introductory press conference tody at One Buc Palace. That was when the subject of Revis came up.

“As people know by watching us in Chicago, we didn’t always run a Tampa-2 defense,” Lovie beamed. Lovie went on to say he can’t wait to work with Revis and to craft his defense utilizing Revis’ strong skills.

Now Joe loved hearing that. Good coaches mold defenses around the talents of their players, not forcefeed a scheme.

7 Responses to “Geeked About Working With Revis”

  1. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Top 3 defense baby all we gotta do is score a QB an pray teddford knows what to do with him and we’ll b hosting a playoff game next January yeaaaaa baby let’s go lovie let’s go bucs !!!!

  2. Jon Says:

    Yes sir! Can’t wait to see the real revis. Glad rock atar traded for him now.

  3. Ladyfan Says:

    Also psyched to hear this for same reasons. However, even tho I can understand the reasoning behind letting Dom go ( timing ) I wish he could have been retained. Dom gave his heart and soul to this team and in my humble opinion did a way above average on drafting and singing FAs. Met him a number of times and always found him open and ready for all things Bux as well as willing to share a laugh or two. Wish him the best. Oh. And his contracts were genius.

  4. Jon Says:

    I don’t get it either Ladyfan…lovie must have wanted the power. Dom seemed to work well with coaches, must be a great GM coming in. Still wonder how much money glazer boys will throw at Dungy?

  5. Nick2 Says:

    Lets not forget Dom tied himself to Freeman as his franchise quarterback. That was his biggest draft pick and we know what happened. If that had worked out we might still have Schiano as coach as well.

  6. $acbuc$ Says:

    Kill all the revis trade talks he is staying. Lovie loves Revis couldnt wait to get his hand on him.

  7. $acbuc$ Says:

    I wish we could of rebuild the old bucs before radio and leperchan got our team twisted. We let the dungy tree become part of the mad media.

    Let Rod & Warren coach the Dline Hardy & Brooks coach the linebackers. Barber & Herman can coach the db’s. Lynch & Dexter coach the safties. Dungy in the front office.

    Just dreaming dont piss on it!