Anthony Becht Is Outraged

December 29th, 2013
Former Bucs tight end and current BSPN/NBC Sports Network football analyst Anthony Becht is frustrated with the state of  his old team.

Former Bucs tight end and current BSPN/NBC Sports Network football analyst Anthony Becht is frustrated with the state of his old team.

Anthony Becht, a former Bucs tight end, is a full-blown football analyst. He works college football games for BSPN and talks football regularly on NBC Sports Network. Locally, Becht is a member of the Buccaneers Radio Network where he co-hosts a postgame show with smooth-voiced Ronnie “Night Train” Lane.

While working for the Bucs, Becht is allowed to be critical but always has to be mindful of not crossing the line. It’s part of the minefield of working for a team-product.

After the dreadful showing by the Bucs today at New Orleans, Becht walked out on that tight rope and had a rant dripping with passion and emotion. His disgust at the current state of the Bucs was clear for all to hear.

Joe documented some of Becht’s comments.

“Decisions have to be made,” Becht said. “It will start with coaches and it will then be with players. It will be a while before it all shakes out.

“It is hard to hang your hat on something positive for next year. Individual players, yeah. But when Coach says they will fix it, what is there? What are those pieces? We are not supposed to be rebuilding this year. This is not a rebuilding situation. We are supposed to be in the mix. Everyone is getting better in our division and we are taking a step back. The Falcons will bounce back to where they need to be and where will we be at?

“It’s scary and dangerous. You have had a whole season to evaluate it. That’s why the Glazers and the GM make the money. It should not come down to today’s performance. Either you think you have it or you don’t.

“A quick decision must be made so you can move forward.

“It’s about wins and losses. That’s cut and dried. It’s not how you win or play. If you don’t have that, what other criteria is there of ownership? What are they looking at? Why will they bring back a staff or not? I am not sure where the Glazers are at. Do they not want to say they failed? Who knows? They don’t want to look bad in a situation either. But they want to appease the fanbase. There was a time after Gruden we lost the fans. We brought free agents in. There was excitement in the air. The culture was changed. That was [Schiano’s] No. 1 goal and he did that. Year Two was about winning football games.

“There are teams in playoff situations who didn’t have their starting quarterback. Green Bay didn’t have Aaron Rodgers for seven weeks and they hung on. That is part of football. That is part of coaching. That is getting your team to believe to win games. Thought we had a rookie that would supply those wins.”

Yes, the Bucs are certainly in a pickle. No matter which way Team Glazer decides to point the Bucs toward during this offseason, it is wraught with minefields. If you unload the coaching staff, that means the team is starting over. The roster is not built to start over. If Schiano is retained, does Team Glazer confident Schiano can turn things around quickly?

It’s not a pretty picture.

10 Responses to “Anthony Becht Is Outraged”

  1. sho-nuff Says:

    ooops you’re done…not because you’re wrong. on the contrary….note to the bucs and 620….. the guys that stick. we don’t want to listen to….yes thats you ronnie and dave…..raise you’re hand if you couldn’t wait to hear tkraz tonight….

  2. Sambizle Says:

    Anthony is GRRRRRRREAT!!!!

    No I really believe that.

  3. gt40bear Says:

    Just because you change coaches, doesn’t have mean the team has to start over. The chiefs are a perfect example. They say the Bucs have talent, if so the right coach should be able to turn this thing around quickly. If not, well maybe the Bucs just aren’t as talented as we have been led to believe.

  4. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Schiano did not change the culture here. There was a losing culture when he was hired, and there is still a losing culture here now

  5. Eastsidebuc Says:

    FACT Mr. Patrick. Bucs need new direction and leadership.

  6. Harry Says:

    Very well said. A refection from the light of the hopes and dreams we all had in the beginning of this season, and how violently things came crashing down

  7. Jim Says:

    The Bucs are in big trouble. We have no QB and by the time we get a decent quarterback broken in V-Jax and Revis will have retired. Nicks is a goner. Joseph is not himself and on the downside of his career. We have no tightend. Our guard play is abysmal. Our DE play is terrible. There is no one on the roster to play DT next to McCoy. Goldson is a suspension waiting to happen. We have no slot reciever. The only unit on the team worth anything is the LB. Add in yet another head coach, another set of coordinators with new offensive and defensive schemes and I see 4 maybe 5 wins a season for the next 3 years at least. No season tickets for me with that mess of a team.

  8. Brandon Says:

    Colts, Chiefs, Cardinals all won 10 games or more in their first season after hiring a new coach. Hell, Gruden won a Super Bowl in his first season. This team is one DE, QB, and slot WR away from being a 10 win team with the right coaching. Dominik has delivered talent but Schiano has decided many were not Buccaneer Men (Bennett, Blount, Selvie, Gilberry, Chris Jones-28 sacks between the 4 DL) and his schemes are not NFL caliber.

  9. Will Says:

    We haven’t had a meaningful playoff win in over a decade. It’s pathetic.

  10. pewterpirate99 Says:

    I COMPLETELY agree with you brother, on everything you wrote! This whole front office and coaching staff needs to be blown up and replaced with proven,experienced NFL coaches and front office personal. People that know how to evaluate talent, not the ass clowns that are running things now.
    By the way Glazers take note, Jim and I won’t be he only ones not buying your precious season tickets for 2014 if you keep the “status quo” over at One MRSA Petri Dish…..I mean One Buc Place. You think the stadium was empty at times this season ? Just keep She-She, his incompetent coaching staff and Dummynik around, and you’ll have tumble weeds blowing around the stadium instead of fans.