Carolina Panthers — Super Bowl Champs

July 25th, 2012

There’s a lot of hot air blowing in from the north

As if the thought of the Bucs home-opener against the Panthers wasn’t exciting enough, Panthers Pro Bowl lineman Ryan Kalil has now pronounced Carolina the next Super Bowl champs, via a full page ad he coughed up cash for in the Charlotte Observer

Joe appreciates the attitude, but that’s as far as it goes. For Joe, a full-page ad apologizing to Clifton Smith for destroying his career — and nearly his life — would be more appropriate.

Joe sincerely hopes the Bucs learn how to stop the run and tackle in the next six weeks. A loss to the Panthers after this kind of bluster would be too much to bear.

16 Responses to “Carolina Panthers — Super Bowl Champs”

  1. OAR Says:

    Super Bowl Champs, Panthers? Shouldn’t that be; been there, couldn’t do that!

  2. Macabee Says:


    (my shortest post ever)

  3. OptimisTroll Says:

    (in Super Bowl XCVIII)

  4. Meh Says:


  5. raphael Says:

    Cam will not play an entire season… as far as the SB ? ROFLMAO

  6. robert Says:

    this is awesome. two birds with one stone…

    shows he’s a complete fool and jinxes the team!


  7. Pete 422 Says:

    A prediction like that is usually the kiss of death. Ryan Kalil should know better.

  8. Snook Says:

    Big mistake, Kalil. Way to widen the target on Cam’s back. Idiot.

    Good luck having this shoved up your izz every week this season.

  9. Snook Says:

    I look forward to the Bucs taking Cam down a lot here in a few weeks. Question is, who’ll be the first to mock his silly Superman act?

    You know for a fact that Carolina will head into the opener with over-confidence.

  10. mjmoody Says:

    mmHmmm. Joe, I keep coming back for comments like this one. Apologize to Clifton Smith. I won’t forget Steve Smith calling for the medical staff on Caddy’s 2nd blown knee, much kudos, but I can’t forget the Panthers dirty play on Peanut’s last return. The fact that the Bucs’ couldn’t dig deep enough to win that game still haunts me. I am a rabid fan, who hopes everyone keeps talking. I have Colts fans telling me how bad the Bucs will be. I’m listening; I start talking on game day.

  11. [email protected] Roof Cleaning Says:

    mjmoody, you can have the last laugh, when Andrew Luck turns out to be the reincarnation of Ryan Leaf, LOL

  12. Karl Says:

    We will shock and embarrass the Panthers on opening day! Ticket sales will rise after a week one thrashing.

  13. MTM Says:

    Clayborn knocks Scam out in the 1st quarter. Then does the Superman pose to mock Scam while he lays on the ground. The Bucs go on to abuse the Kitty Cats the rest of the day.

  14. Scubog Says:

    What’s with people named Ryan? First Buddy’s fat son Rex now Kalil. Perhaps Tommy 2.2 can empty his piggy bank and put an ad in the Tampa Bay Times that the Bucs will lose every game this season and make it the reincarnation of our famous 26 losses in a row. Bring out the old “Go for 0” tee shirts.

  15. holymoly Says:

    Boy , really needed a good laugh to start my day . Thanks dummy , er , I mean kalil

  16. Bucks are a joke Says:

    Hhahaahhahahahahahahha it’s funny how all the buc fans talk trash for a player trying to motivate his team…. Let’s see how many excuses you guys make after we win the opening game.