Dallas Clark Reportedly Signed By Bucs

May 21st, 2012

Earlier today, NFL.com’s Jeff Darlington stated that his sources within the walls of One Buc Palace claimed the Bucs would sign tight end Dallas Clark within 24 hours.

Apparently, the clock has struck.

NFL insider and SiriusXM NFL Radio weekend host Howard Balzer has Twittered that indeed the deal is done and the Bucs have inked Clark.

@HBalzer721 Buccaneers have signed former Colts TE Dallas Clark.

Now Kellen Winslow, as of 6 p.m. eastern daylight time, is still on the Bucs roster. However, this may soon change.

Interesting last night Joe received a Twitter message from a reader who claimed he was on a flight from Indianapolis to Tampa that arrived at Tampa International at 7 p.m. Sunday night. Said reader claimed he spoke with Clark on that flight and that Clark was to meet with the Bucs.

Joe couldn’t confirm the story last night, but with Winslow breaking news of his Bucs days ending this morning, it all added up.

65 Responses to “Dallas Clark Reportedly Signed By Bucs”

  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    If true, I love the move.

  2. Patrick Says:

    They better trade him and get someone good in return like Osi. If they just release and get nothing back, I’ll be pissed off. Cutting him and just signing washed up Clark makes NO sense!

  3. Jrock Says:


    If we get anything for Winslow it’s going to be a 5th round pick at BEST. He’s got a helluva contract that’ll go along with a trade, not a lot of teams are going to be interested unless he restructures.

    And I personally don’t like the move. Clark hasn’t had a good season since 2009, Winslow has been 3x as productive and started in twice as many games as Clark has.

    We did NOT upgrade talent by doing this, we downgraded. Maybe Clark can coach up the rest of the dudes around him.. too bad he’s taking up a roster spot to do so.

  4. Eric Says:

    And Clark is hardly a blocking tight end.

    There goes that justification!

  5. Mr Lucky Says:

    Holy Crap Indy really is going with a youth movement.

    I think this is a great move meaning that the new Bucs offense is going to go with more two TE formations and a real running game.

    I really like this move!

  6. Patrick Says:

    Strike 1 for Schiano and co. if they just release him.

  7. MakoPSK Says:

    One of the talk shows (The Commish?) made a good point in that who were Boss and Ballard before they played in the NYG system? Maybe you don’t need a superstar-athletic-freak for a TE to be effective in our new offense.

  8. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Uh oh patrick giving Schiano strike 1. Boy i hope schiano dosent reach strike 3 or patrick might just fire him!!

  9. Patrick Says:


  10. Northend Says:

    Damn Pat, youre hung up on k2 time to let go my brutha.this is a good move.i was ok with Winslow but he is not beneficial in the run game and was not gunna be part of the “over the top” or “throw to a back “plan so we dump his knees and big salary.Clark is a cheap no risk deal ,its up to the kids at te now.Stocker,Dunsmore,Coffman.We gonna be just fine.remember Davis knows him very well and if he hasnt given k2 the blessing then who would.

  11. Stevek Says:

    K2 + a 5th for Osi?

  12. s.marco Says:

    Mike Jenkins for K2 anyone?

  13. Colorado Buc Says:

    Things that make you go hmmmmm

  14. Fired Greg Olson! Says:

    People mentioning Osi are HILARIOUS!!! Seriously.

  15. 941-Bucs Says:

    I like what Clark can bring to the table more mentally than physically.

    The guy is a true Pro and has worked in one of the best offenses for years. He has the production and experience to help mentor the younger TE ( Stocker). Plus he doesn’t have to be the “IT” guy on this team. We have that in V-Jackson/M. Williams, plus our RB stable!

    What he can bring to the practices may very well be over all better then what he can do on Sunday! I still think it is a smart move!

  16. MOBucs Says:

    K2’s attitude was never going to mesh with Schiano. Better to get rid of him now before he creates trouble in the locker room. It would have become a mess very quickly. Hopefully Dom can get something for him just to save face.

  17. Kujolw84 Says:

    What they will give him a 2year deal? Mabey, He’s just going to be a verteran leader for our TE, then next year we will draft one in the first two rounds. Winslow was not a good mentor for the young team, and his not working out with the team is BS. Didn’t we sing K2 as one of the highest if not highest paid TE contracts. No Pro Bowls!!! Anyone know the Top TE prospect in next years draft? Bet we get him.

  18. ctord Says:

    I doubt coughling will want to put up with him either.

  19. flmike Says:

    This was a two fold move, first it was a message, buy in or you’re gone. Second, this was about leadership and mentoring, someone said in another post that what Clark is able to teach to our younger TEs during practice and film study may very well be worth more than anything he brings on game day.

  20. #1bucsfan Says:

    I like this move, a lot. Sure, he’s 32, but he’s a vet that could seriously help Josh’s development as a QB. K2 was about stats and didnt care about interceptions as long as the pass was intended for him., Clark is a professional who cares about wins. Good move.

  21. st. louis Bucs fan Says:

    my favorite Clark moment is when T-Jax lit him up a few years ago, youtube it.. Clark went back to the huddle lookin like he wanted to knock Mannig out leading him onto a missile attack. lol,,, as far as the move goes ill wait a few games before i give an opinion. he only had 2 maybe 3 good years with probably the greatest QB ever throwing him the ball. 5th for K2 is good call the Bears and get it done. thank you for the moments K2! BUC IT IM OUT!!!!!!!

  22. j lynch Says:

    Call Moffit cancer center.. Dallas clark ridding Tampa locker room of one type of cancer.

  23. Aldo Says:

    im wondering if TJax and K2 were a locker cancer guys, maybe talib is not that bad as people thinks, i mean, maybe if he goes we will be screwed, but schiano want him, and i dont hear anything about th guy, thats kinda interesting

  24. st. louis Bucs fan Says:

    Dallas Clark isnt ridding the locker room of a cancer, Shiano is. they were shopping K2 in February. i hope we can grab a 5th for him. i will admit i didnt really hav an issue with K2, thought he played selfish but doesnt ‘ALMOST’ every WR have that Diva mentality? lets face it when he came outta college he should have switched to a WR but didnt cuz his draft stock would have dropped. good luck to him and hope we can deal him. BUC IT IM OUT!!!!!!!!!

  25. hamilton Says:

    dallas is broke down,an can not block.

  26. Jacko101 Says:

    I say keep K2 on the roster and make them compete. It’s suppose to be about making freeman better K2 was the beat thing for freeman. Not happy about losing him especially for nothing in return.

  27. st. louis Bucs fan Says:

    ONE LAST THING!!!!! if you compare their #’s K2 is close in every catagory except TD’s,, but K2 didnt play in one of the most explosive offensives of all time. big diffrence in their careers is K2 NEVER had an elite QB chucking the rock, Clark had Peyton freaking Manning throwing to him. dont see how this would be an upgrade unless they know more than we do. BUC IT IM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. JonBuc Says:

    Underwhelming at best….easy with the “message sending”…K2 still has talent.

  29. knucknbuc Says:

    I really hope their not expecting dallas to come in here and start. He’s old and broken down really really lucky that any team picked him up this year. I mean even his boy Peyton said thanks but no thanks. Shows u how much dude has left. He’s a second Te at best this stage of his career. Maybe he’s just here to mentor dunsmore Coffman and pianalto. And schiano think one of these guys will step up and become the number 1. Notice I didn’t mention stocker because he sucked even last year when he wasn’t injured.

  30. st. louis Bucs fan Says:


    i would like to see what he could have done with V-Jax and our RB’s. maybe should have kept him this year and cut or traded him next. @ 3.3mil this year think we may have jumped the gun here. BUC IT IM OUT!!!!!!!!!!

  31. st. louis Bucs fan Says:


    to be fair to Stocker, everybody sucked last year. the offense was poorly coached and misused. lets give this kid a chance 1st. BUC IT IM OUT!!!!!!!!!

  32. Hectic Buc Says:

    The big picture is luke is going to be the future for the bucs and if he is not they will get another te in fa or draft. But the bucs have to find out what he can do they gave up a 4 for him so they think he is going to be real good and dallas clark is the perfect dude to help this kid same schools if im not mistaken so im pretty sure they know each other. does anybody really think winslow is a team player hell no how many times wasnt he fighting with freeman for the ball so much freeman was 1 of the best qbs throwing ints. we have v jack to straighten up the wrs its the same thing with clark. I still think thier is another player that is about to get the pink slip and its not talib. if u havent guessed its briscoe we r pretty deep at the position and he seems to think he is a superstar that dosent have to show up LMAO good luck briscoe i c u in cincy lol. Schiano Rules team is the most important dont want to be a buc we will get some one who will u have to love that. i know i do . besides we dont need kellen to be our 1 reciever what does that say about our wrs we got v jack for a reason we r going to be old school run run run run run pass run run run pass. winslow is not a blocking te anyway.

  33. Macabee Says:

    Good or bad – what’s done is done! Next question please.

    Was Dez Briscoe at practice today?

    Next shoe to drop!!

  34. Eric Says:

    Dang Macabee it only happened today, can’t we talk about it a little bit?

    Rather significant development.

    If were gonna run so much we cant even use a pass catching TE were in serious trouble.

    Defensive coordinators, with the exception of Raheem, don’t allow teams to run down their throats consistently.

    Sure hope Clark has found the fountain of youth. Who knows, maybe he will pull an AB for one year.

  35. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    @ Knucknbu

    Most rookies suck there first few years… making an assumption that he isnt in our future plans because of 1 bad year when EVERYBODY on the team was horrid at best.. is just ignorant and stupid.

  36. Tristan Berry Says:

    Hectic Buc. Too hectic to use punctuation? Wow, that was so hard to read I just gave up a third of the way through.

  37. Eric Says:

    Orlovsky may be the key. He and Clark formed a dynamic combo last year.

  38. ClayBURN94 Says:

    @eric haahahhahahahahahha NO

  39. Kujolw Says:

    So who we drafting next year Tyler Eifert, Notre Dame, 6-6/251, Joseph Fauria, UCLA ,6-7/258.

  40. knucknbuc Says:

    @Silence the critics

    He wasnt anything special in college and actually was quite mediocre. Tennessee didn’t even have any other weapons while he was their. You don’t just play mediocre your whole college career then come in the league and light it up. And for the games he was healthy last year dude was terrible he looked like he should of been a udfa not a 4th round pick. But go ahead keep the hope alive. Id much rather see coffman, pianalto, dunsmore. All players who had nice stats on their respective squads then stocker.

  41. st. louis Bucs fan Says:


    does Jerry Rice ring a bell??? im not sayin Stocker is as good as Jerry Rice but there are players who dont play @ elite colleges and go onto have an amazing NFL career. Stocker has a chance to play and prove his ability under a new regime.. the last one was just terrible!!!!!! if he doesnt then hes gone, but if they dont use him @ some point they will never know. but to judge anybody on last year would be unfair. BUC IT IM OUT!!!!!!!!!

  42. Rrsrq Says:

    Should’ve brought back blocking icon Michael Clayton to play tight end, he and his Giants connection and work ethic would’ve been better than a washed up Clark. Just kidding except the part about a washed up Clark.

  43. bucsalltheway Says:

    They had to get rid of kellen because vjax is snagging his reps who actually practices hard like a pro. We had to nip it in the bud early kellen was jerk getting the ball now imagine what would have happen if he didn’t get it at all he’d probably start punching referees lol. Plus he was bad at getting separation 50% of his big plays came off running the wrong routes. Will be missed because I think our offense could have been better with him.

  44. Alan Bucs Says:

    We can debate whether Winslow is better than Clark or vice versa. The point is that the bucs have been trying either add veterans or upgraded players at every position this offseason. Isn’t that what everyones been screaming for! I’m going to give them credit for at least trying to fill a possible hole if Kellen is in fact leaving.

  45. j lynch Says:

    Culture Change!!!!!

  46. JSmalls Says:

    ^ You want to compare Stocker’s college stats with Jimmy Grahams or Antonio Gates? Not saying Stockers great, but if TE’s in the NFL are any indication iy doesn’t matter how they did in college.

    Winslow was not going to get this teams any wins, he gone.

  47. gotbbucs Says:

    Did anybody sticking up for Winslow on this site actually watch any games last year? His legs are gone. He got zero separation and wasn’t being bracketed or helped over top with Safeties. Teams just hung back and baited Freeman into throwing his way. I’m not going to look up stats, but I would guess that his yards after catch last year had to be the lowest of his career. He’s obviously an awful in-line blocker so if his speed is going there is no sense in keeping him around. I don’t think he had any guaranteed money left in his contract either if memory serves right.
    Clark isn’t a huge upgrade, but maybe Sullivan’s offense doesn’t reguire alot of work by the TE. None of us really know at this point.

  48. ben Says:

    stocker made plays when given the chance and healthy, i dont recall him dropping a pass and making a few big plays. I like winslow but at the same time i completely understand the move esp with the conflicts with him and freeman, order has to be restored. i agree he wont be need to be relied on as much now that we have jackson and we dont even know what this offense is going to look like, not one coach was retained from last year so nobody knows till we see.

  49. MTM Says:

    I’ll miss the K2 stupid arse penalties the most. Right behind his like to fight guy attitude everytime he was tackled. I don’t see Clark putting himself over the team. Adios K2.

  50. Patrick Says:

    Next time he heads to Vegas, he should spin this record.

    Catch Me Now I’m Falling

    The Kinks. 🙂

    Meant to post it on this thread not the other one lol

  51. Eric Says:

    Wonder if Talib is a bit nervous?


    I would be if I was those guys. But, maybe their perception isn’t too sharp.

    Heck, this guy may not put up with much from McCoy! Or, for that matter, Free!

    Id be keeping my belt buckle shined and locker nice and neat.

  52. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Blount has nothing to fear so long as he keeps working hard. I’ve been saying all along that Talib will not make the final roster.

    On Dallas Clark…about the only positive thing about signing him is having a veteran TE. He’s years removed from his best season, and hasn’t even done half as well since. He had around half as many catches as Winslow last year, and half as many yards.

    And He. Still. Can’t. Block.

    This is a bad signing. It would have been better to get a blocking TE at least.

  53. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    I agree with Ben about Stocker though.

    Wonder if he was just signed 1-2 years?

  54. DallasBuc Says:

    Clark knows the position as good as anyone having had so much success with Manning and will be a valuable asset to the players and coaches. I didn’t like the initial reports of losing Winslow but I feel much better now knowing Clark is in the fold. Clark, V Jackson and Nicks know what winning football looks like and they will elevate the level of play from everyone on this team. Cannot wait to see what this looks like in action

  55. #1bucsfan Says:

    Why won’t Talib make the final roster? (assuming he’s not in prison). I think
    That prediction is a bit bold.

    Clark will be a good signing. It’s not all about stats, it’s wins. I think this is a great move for Freeman. Clark is a smart football player, knows his role. K2 would gladly lose 10 games in a row every season if it means he gets 75 catches. Clark would rather be a decoy and win games.

  56. BucFan20 Says:

    One TE that can’t stay on the field or block. Still got turnstile Trueblood. So exactly what changed? Better look at the games again. Freeman was always pointing the finger. He almost NEVER did anything wrong. I hope the coach has him on a real short leash!! Glad to see some people have their head on streight. The other defense baited Freeman and HE was dumb enough to fall for it. Who threw the pass? Freeman. That’s his brain nobody else. I think there was a lot of pissed fans and players when all players did stupid things. Watching Your QB throw picks is just one. But let’s always blame the receiver.

  57. #1bucsfan Says:

    Huh? What was that?

  58. Eric Says:

    It is a change, we got worse……

  59. Drew Says:

    If a player is worried about keeping his job, then he’s not giving a 100% in the team 1st category. Happy K2 is gone, especially after watching all the penalties, critical drops, blowing up his own running backs and the freeman conflicts. He’s better prepared in life as a DJ spinning records. Maybe he cops a professional stage name like DJ K2.

    Good riddance soldier.

  60. #1bucsfan Says:

    So we were better off with Winslow? At 4-12? I’ll agree that he wasn’t the only problem last year and I’ll agree that Clark isn’t the only solution but, how does this make us worse? Leadership & development, not egos and stats. Stats are for losers – Jon Gruden

  61. Ladyz Says:

    Some have their knickers in a knot again. Let’s give the new Coach a chance to show us who will play after OTA’S and training camp. Don’t act like little boy’s who just want (more than anything) to say nan a nan a nan nan!
    Way to go Coach—–Go Bucs !!!!

  62. Patrick Says:

    Who gives a s**t if K2 missed practice? He never missed a game and he produced!

    There you go!

  63. Bobby Says:

    Anybody who thinks we got worse by releasing K2 just lacks common sense. We ARE NOT USING LAST YEARS OFFENSE!! Get that into your heads people. This is a completely different scheme. This OC wants a TE who can block. It is critical to the run game. We don’t need K2 as the primary receiver anymore because we now have V-Jax who is actually taller than K2 so he gives us a big target in the red zone. If you don’t think harmony on a team is important then you never played organized sports. K2 presents a problem in the locker room and on the field when things don’t go his way. With this new offensive scheme things definitely were not going to go his way. So, since we need a blocking TE (and NO Dallas Clark was NOT brought in to ‘replace’ K2) and Winslow can’t block, since V-Jax, Williams and Benn will be the primary targets and we are going to run with Martin and Blount….just how exactly does losing Winslow weaken the team?? Clark will be a good mentor for Coffman and Stocker and provide leadership and depth. I’m personally glad K2 is gone.

  64. Vince Says:

    Welcome aboard Mr. Clark!!! Now, let’s get to work.

  65. RustyRhino Says:

    Right on bobby!