Kellen Winslow Not Practicing Was Not Good

May 21st, 2012

Earlier today after Kellen Winslow broke the news of his demise with the Bucs on SiriusXM NFL Radio, station co-hosts of “The Blitz,” Adam Schein and Rich Gannon, discussed the move by Bucs coach Greg Schiano.

Gannon, as part of his duties as a game analyst for CBS Sports, got to watch Bucs  practices up close and personal and previously has made no secret he was appalled by how loose, slacking and undisciplined Bucs practices were, so he repeated today.

“Guys were sitting on their helmets!” Gannon gasped. It was practices, or lack of them, that Gannon believed led in part to Schiano washing his hands of Winslow.

Because of Winslow’s gimpy knees, then-coach Raheem Morris often gave Winslow practices off. Part of the rationale for this was that due to the wear and tear of an NFL season, Winslow wouldn’t have been able to finish a season on his knees without regular rest.

This, Gannon believes, did more harm than good and actually set a bad example. Gannon wondered aloud how a player could be expected to be sharp and focused for a game when said player regularly sat out practices.

This premise was reinforced in the ugliest of ugly Bucs games last year when, to wrap up the season in Week 17, there was a pass play where Winslow blew up teammate Kregg Lumpkin coming out of the backfield because Winslow missed an assignment and ran a wrong pass route.

Joe wondered at the time how in the world a starting player could run a wrong pass route in the last game of the season? To believe Gannon, lax practices or players not practicing at all was the root of the Bucs evil.

It was also a priorty for Schiano to clean up such a mess. When Winslow was spotted spinning discs in Vegas but somehow couldn’t find the time a few days later to attend an OTA session (yet Brian Price, with a death in the family, found a way to be here), that was likely the last straw for Schiano.

In this New Schiano Order, it is clear: If you are not with the team, then you won’t be on the team.

Joe hopes Dezmon Briscoe understands this. Quickly.

9 Responses to “Kellen Winslow Not Practicing Was Not Good”

  1. Kirk Says:

    It all comes down to choices. If Winslow really wanted to play here, he would have been here. The man is responsible for his own situation or lack of one.

  2. kgh4life Says:

    I agree with the sentiment that Winslow should have been with the team during OTA’s, however, the regiment he was following under Raheem, where he would take practices off seemed to work his first couple seasons. He caught 77, 65, and 75 balls respectively from 2009-2011. I don’t think we got better with the addition of Dallas Clark, old and injury prone.

  3. Thomas2.2 Says:


    They were 3-13 in 2009, nothing worked. In 2010 they were lucky as hell with an easy schedule full of 2nd and 3rd string qb’s – rah admitted it was smoke and mirrors.

    K2 adds nothing, nothing to the offense, if you don’t believe me – ask Greg Schiano in private.

    Also, Dom is known as being late and reluctant to admit a mistake on a player. This announcement today is that. I do give Dom credit for being more honest in late 2011 than prior years.

    For one, Dom pretty much admitted publicly this offseason that if Gerald and Price don’t show up this year, that basically they are busts considering their draft position. This was a tough and honest admission for Dom. One many sheep have been unwilling to accept.

    This tough love motivates players and is why I thought it idiotic of rah/Dom to anoint these players starters and saviors before they suited up.

    Parcells was smarter about rookies, they had to earn it – no matter where they were drafted and that typically worked as motivation.

  4. SteveBucsFan Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t something Freeman requested. With K2’s attitude it was probably really hard for Free to be the leader of the offense that he should be.

    The team will be better without this distraction.

  5. Derek Says:

    briscoe should be gone also. hes another terrell owens type without the talent even. hes more worried about twitter and his baby mamas than he is football

  6. kgh4life Says:


    I was not referring to the overall team record and if you read the paragraph carefully you would realize i was talking about WINSLOW’S PRODUCTION. He did put up good numbers in this offense period.

  7. Drew Says:

    Happy to see him go and what a waste of talent.

  8. Ladyz Says:

    He reaped what he sowed! Coach has made a statement! Things have changed at 1 BUC! Yaa, go bucs !

  9. Paul Says:

    “Winslow missed an assignment and ran a wrong pass route.”

    And they reunite in Seattle! That was Lumpkin’s fault btw.