Bucs Draft Grade

April 30th, 2012

Columnist Peter Schrager and popular sports radio personality Adam Schein break down the Bucs draft this past weekend in this FoxSports.com video. Trent Richardson fans may want to brace themselves.

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  1. Brad Says:

    Always pumps you up to hear some national positive pub. Can’t wait to see how this team looks coming out of training camp. Our offense, on paper, looks to be the most talented we have ever seen. Go Bucs

  2. 941-Bucs Says:

    I feel the same way about Doug Martin.

    Trent Is obviously the better talent.

    But Doug Martin has the best chance to succeed. Our O-Line and offense in general is light years ahead of the Browns. I wont be surprised if Martin does turn out to have a better rookie year if not over all career!

  3. Muscle Hampster Says:

    My only gripe: We passed over 4 decent CB’s in Round #5 and should i be worried about Mark Barron’s Double-Hernia Surgery (any doctors out there???)

  4. Traew Says:

    I’ve been a season ticket holder for 36 years and I’ve never seen a Bucs team with this type of talent on offense. Receivers, tight ends, line, running backs. But of course it all goes through #5. If he can get coached up by Sullivan and play within the system, not turn the ball over, and make the key plays in a game – we should be fine.

    Defense is a different story. Young and raw. So many guys need to grow up really, really fast. I think we are a year away from defensive success.

  5. Miguel Grande Says:

    This duo looks and sounds like a Borscht Belt comedy team, yarmulkes and all. I like what they say but can hardly take them seriously.

    It looks like a comedy bit from Jon Stewart on the Daily Show or even Saturday Night Live.

  6. R Cantrell Says:

    I was HUGE on getting TR last week but thats old news. If they did not get TR this was as good of a draft as I could have imagined. I hated Kuechly and was not huge on Claiborne. Barron will hit, which I love, and Martin is the perfect person to pair with Blunt. I will ask that everyone please stop with Brooks and Lynch comparisions though. Every season you view anyone taken in RD 1,2 and even 3 as “starters”. We can all look at ANY TEAMS previous drafts and lets just hope that we got one really good player, one good player, and only one does not hit like we thought.

    I love what they did but still would like to see a veteran in MLB and CB.

    Oh, and it helps that the Saints and Falcons did little to nothing to improve this offseason.

  7. bucfanjeff Says:

    Not sure, as a TR fan, why I had to brace myself. I wanted him but wasn’t willing to trade up and I loved the Martin pick. I thought we managed the draft very well and made some very nice picks. Our offense is VERY solid and our defense got better. You can’t ask for much more than that. Throw in some new schemes and coaching discipline and we very well could surprise people.

  8. David Says:

    Does anyone feels like Andy Samberg would do a perfect imitation of Adam Schien?

  9. Eric Says:

    offseason pretend championship secured.

  10. Jrock Says:

    Everytime I see a highlight of Barron hitting someone it makes me smile ear to ear. I have to watch every hit 5 times! Longtime Buc fan, but never bought a jersey and rarely can go to a game… I’m splurging for a Barron jersey. Holy cow can this kid hit, I cannot freakin wait for him to start laying out TE’s and stuffing RB’s!

  11. BigMacAttack Says:

    I give Dom an “A” also, with the possibility of an “A+”. I think the worst this draft class could be is about a B-, and that is if he only hits on 2 of the first 3 picks. I don’t think the later picks mean as much, but he has to hit those first 3 high round picks. The Last couple years he has really been only about 1 of 3 on his top picks. Maybe those guys will improve, but today at this point in time, they could go hit or miss still.

  12. BigMacAttack Says:

    GMC, Price & Benn have to prove it this year or they’ll be replaced. Bowers & Foster have to step up more after a decent rookie season. And Clayborne proved his worth last season more than any other defender, even Ronde.

  13. st. louis Bucs fan Says:

    not a fan of draft grades for players who havent stepped on the feild yet, dont get me wrong i love our picks but lets grade this draft class in 3 years. i dont think its fair to grade these players and set them up for these negative people to use their amazing hine sight to say Dom was wrong. again i love how we drafted just think its a lil early but I THINK THEY DID AN AMAZING JOB AT THE DRAFT. BUC IT IM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. st. louis Bucs fan Says:

    and if you go to foxsports.com they list the Bucs as a B+ not an A like in the video. just an FYI……. cant wait to see Barron, Martin, & David help this team sooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!! BUC IT IM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Eric Says:

    sheep are so cute and bubbly this time of year.

  16. buddah Says:

    So glad we didn’t take Claiborne. He’s a stiff and will be out of the league in three years. IQ matters; so does willingness to tackle.

  17. ClayBURN94 Says:

    @Eric better to be sheep and believe than the message bored idiot.

  18. Eric Says:


    Bored is correct.

    All the sheep who happily grazed in the Raheem Morris pasture have a credibility gap IMHO.

    May be a good draft, well see. Puzzled by taking a guy much loser on the big boards than what was available.

    We surely would have a very hard time getting any worse. I suppose thats a good thing.

  19. BigMacAttack Says:

    you know, for being a witty and intelligent guy, you sure make some stupid comments. Just because I supported Raheem when he was our coach, doesn’t make me a Sheep or a Lamb or anything else other than a Buc Fan. It took a while for Raheem to earn my respect, but he did after cutting Jim Bates loose. I believe Raheem did ultimately fail because of how he managed the team, and a lack of depth on defense especially. But I was as disappointed and the next guy with they way the season tanked. I still supported him and the team until the end. Now we have a new coach, and guess what genius? I’m going to support him too, for as long as he is here. I was a Chucky fan and hated when they fired him, big mistake. They could have communicated what they wanted changed, and kept him. I still believe it was mistake firing Chucky.

    My point is that when you make Blanket stereotypical statements like that calling us fans, that are happy about things, Sheep, it makes you look like a little punk bitch. I know you aren’t that, so stop acting like that. Things are pretty good right now for Buc Fans, and no reason to dwell in the gutter of hate and negativity.

    If its that bad, get a real job.

  20. CannuckBuc Says:

    Hey Eric
    Are you really a Bucs fan? I here Disney is looking for a fill in for Eeryore.I have never read anybody that is a fan of any club who is so down hearted towards there favorite club.Sorry for looking forward to the Bucs season.

  21. Snook Says:


    I don’t know about 3 years but the thing that really struck me the most was the fact he quit on the Wonderlic.

    This teams need guys that will not quit. Guys that will do everything they need to do to get where they need to be. Clearly, Claiborne is not that guy.

    He didn’t see the point in finishing a 50 question test. Poor judgement, in my opinion. We already have a CB with poor judgement.

  22. Mikeck Says:

    Eric and Thomas 2.2= debbie downers 🙁

  23. Eric Says:

    I thought the consensus araound here was that the wonderlic didn’t matter?

    Until they didnt draft Mo, and now it does.

    I respect homerism and good buc fans……………..but till i see some results its all conjucture.

    An awful lot of people had Mo ranked very high. I know of no “big board” (ranking of top 50 regardless of postiion) that had Barron above Mo.

    Thus, its a curious choice IMO, given our division in particular.

    I concede at this point nobody knows…………but i think i would be correct in stating 31 out of 32 GM’s would take Mo over Barron. (if they had need at both positions as we surely do).

  24. Patrick Says:

    Still think we need to add a veteran to the mix for linebackers.

    Maybe trade a 3rd for Osi?

    Expensive……but intriging. We’d have a killer D if we got him.

  25. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    The only “Big Board” that matters is the one in OBP. I’m almost positive you have not seen it so how you can sit here and declare one person higher than another on a board you have never seen is pretty stupid. Both Coach and Dom have said time and time again that Barron was who they were after all along. Why is it so hard for you to believe just because somebody else who has no connections with the Bucs says it should be another way?… Isn’t that really the defination of a “Sheep”?… Hope you dont choke on your own foot.

  26. Eric Says:


    If they had Barron ranked over Mo then they were in a distinct minority.

    Of course if u wanna view the OBP board as automatically corect that’s your business. (i.e u would be happy no matter who the bucs pick).

    Mr. Dom has not earned that kind of deference IMO.

    I didnt see anybody else trading up to get Barron. He was slotted anywhere from 10-20. Mo was consensus top five.

    Plus conventional wisdom has corner at greater value than safety, all things being equal.

    Thus I find the pick curious.

  27. Patrick Says:

    I’m so happy with how the draft went. I Just think we fill a few holes once cuts happen and then we’ll be set for training camp. I can’t wait to see our 2012 Bucs take off their underwear, put on their big boy pads, and put their faces on people!

  28. Eric's disciple Says:

    “and with the first pick -in the 2012 Fast Food Employee Draft-Jack in The Box selects…Angry Eric-janitor-Dale Maybry Junior High”

  29. Bobby Says:

    It really doesn’t matter what the board said outside of OBP. We perceived a higher need at CB than Safety but that was not the way Schiano saw it. He is the one looking at the film and the players and he has a totally different scheme than last year (thank God!) and it may call for a run stopping, hard hitting safety that can cover. If he places a higher priority on Barron than I’m not going to argue. Barron will make our corners better just by his ability to cover in space and the fact that receivers know they get punished if they go across the middle.

  30. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Value is merely 1 persons perceived belief of a higher priority. Every person has a different value again we are talking about opinions… I have never once said anything about correct or incorrect, that would be impossible to prove but clearly Schiano valued Barron more so than Claiborn… Positional value is based on schemes and nobody here knows what the scheme will look like this year except coach and Dom… Again im not saying which is the right or wrong pick but there are clearly factors and variables that we as fans do not know and really cant make a logical assessment on until we see them on the field.

  31. Fritz50 Says:

    “If they had Barron ranked over Mo then they were in a distinct minority.”

    And who, other than you, cares that they might be in the minority. This is not always bad ( see Leaf, Ryan & Mandarich, Tony …etc) Me thinks we’d a takin Mo, if they got anything good from his college position coach, at all. Could just be a case that we had info the talking heads didn’t. Not sure the owners would buy the excuse that it was a good pick cause Jim Rome said it was. There are many ways to be a ‘sheep’ , and blindly following the consensus is only one of them.

  32. BigMacAttack Says:

    WTF Eric?
    Having a bad day or what? Dont’ take it out on us.
    You’ve totally lost it?

    Dude, Casserly, Mayock and others had Our “10-20” Safety Barron as the number 7-8 player in the Draft. I bet there were more than just the Bucs that Barron ahead of Claiborne. Maybe early on pundits had Claiborne higher but as all the information unfolded and all the talking heads completed their own research, Barron was right there with Claiborne.

    This is like arguing with a child that throws a new tantrum every time he’s proven wrong.

  33. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    First of all Eric, you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Barron was projected to go before 10. I guess you don’t read PFT. Besides, I would venture to say that most teams had Vince Young and Reggie Bush ahead of Mario Williams on their big board, but Houston didn’t and it ended up being the right pick.

    You constantly mock people for supporting this team, which gets real old. Excuse me for being excited about this team! I may not turn out well and we may be horrible, but at least I won’t be miserable all the time like you. I’m sure you think you are being funny, and it can be occasionally, but not to the extent you do it. You just come off as a negative b!tch, which I would guess is just your personality. I would much rather be a sheep than whatever the hell you and your boy Thomas are. But I know nothing is going to change, because you are going to keep doing what you do.

  34. Dr J Says:

    Hernia’s a weak point in abdomen. Once it occurs, there’s a high possibility that it may reoccur. (esp after surgery) But, I’m sure Dom and staff have looked into it and I’m hoping for the best.

  35. SteveK Says:


    Mo Claibourne blew off the wonderlic, and is not consistent in his “willingness” to tackle. Forget wasting a TOP 5 pick on a PUNK! We need “Buccaneer Men”, not anybody too selfish to compete.

    I would rather have Mark Barron any day of the week, and I am excited to have TRUE player added to this team.

    Claibourne can take his “want to” to Dallas, the Bucs just got a whole lot better with their 3 primary additions.

  36. SteveK Says:

    Can’t emphasize enough, great to have Mark Barron and Doug Martin in the 1st round!

    Happier then ever we didn’t waste our pick on a selfish cover corner that has a questionable will to tackle.

  37. @eric Says:

    Eric is an idiot, really still dwelling on MC over Barron? Really dude? Great so he’s a shut down corner but that’s it, he can’t tackle, can’t stop the run and his old position coach at LSU who’s now on the Bucs staff didn’t even want him……hmmmm mm I think they call that a “Red Flag”…….Barron fits all the boxes we needed when Evaulating someone for the secondary, much more positives and MC NOT to mention that Barron called the Defense at Alabama and was team captin, MC? Wonderlic score of 4……ugh duhhhhh yep bad pick you’re right……

  38. Eric Says:

    Hey if u guys like the pick more power to u. Knock yourself out.

    It sure is the opposite of what was said by many on here prior to the draft. What I read was mo mo mo mo even after the wonderlic came out.

    Sorry, I’m skeptical.

    We won’t know till 2015 or so. Although we might get a small taste in week three when we visit Dallas.

    Being skeptical doesn’t mean I’m not hoping the kid plays well.

    Dang a little contrary opinion sends u guys in a tizzy, are u all on a playground somewhere?

  39. SteveK Says:


    Some wanted Mo, but we really lucked out.

    This guy has a bad attitude and is unwilling to adapt, hence preventing him from being our “guy”.

    We had the chance and passed on this guy, even with his DB coach now on our staff. That has got to say something, right?

    Barron is a hard nosed player, and nabbing Martin just before the Giants could feels that much better.

    We really had a great draft. Like these 3 picks to make more of an impact that our previous “first 3 picks” over the last 3 years. Go Bucs!

  40. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Seriously Eric, are you that stupid? Do you not realize what you are doing? If not, then wow! It’s not about a contrary opinion, it’s about the way you voice your contrary opinion. I’m sure you know exactly what you are doing, so don’t play the victim.

    As for who we wanted prior to the draft, I sure as hell never wanted Mo. I said I would support him (which I would), but I didn’t have a good feeling about him from the beginning. Teams are not built around CB’s, and there were just a couple red flags that scared me off from him (mainly not being a good tackler). The Wonderlic didn’t really bother me, until I read his comments about the Wonderlic after he was drafted. Once I heard that, I know without a doubt we made the right decision. Another thing I never mentioned here was that I got to chat with Patrick Peterson during the Pro Bowl at a party. I asked him about Claiborne, and while he didn’t say anything negative about him, he didn’t say anything positive either. Obviously I may have misread Peterson, but he certainly didn’t give a ringing endorsement.

    I wanted Richardson, but no way we give up that much to get him. By not getting Richardson or Mo (and trading down 2 spots), we got what is perceived as an all-pro safety and a Ray Rice-type RB (obviously those comparisons are far too soon, but that’s the case with any and every player in the draft). That doesn’t happen with us grabbing TR.

    Was I excited about getting Barron? Not really. Was I happier to get him than Claiborne? Absolutely. If he pans out like he is projected, he will improve us in both the running game and the passing game. Claiborne would not have done that. Barron is going to create turnovers, and make people think twice about running down the middle of the field. That’s what we need here, don’t you think?

  41. Eric Says:


    You may be right but labeling drafts “great” is dubious IMO.

    Been disappointed too many times since 76 on these drafts, so I take a wait and see attitude.

    But I used to think everyone the Bucs drafted would be great, so I understand. I once got in a bar fight defending Ray Perkins!

    Old and cynical I suppose.

  42. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I agree with you that labeling a draft great at this point is a little silly. However, we all miss football and the draft has to hold us over until the end of summer. I can’t see how anyone can’t at least feel good about this draft. No one knows how it’s all going to pan out. One thing is for sure, the organization has made huge steps this offseason to make the product better. I think we can all agree to that. If you want to continue to be cynical, that’s on you. However, it’s annoying to have people like you continue to mock those of us who are supportive of this team and the changes that are being made.


    That dudes voice makes me want to punch a child.

  44. JonBuc Says:

    This might hurt Erica’s feelings, but Seattle has come out and said that Barron was rated ahead of MC Wonder if not the top defensive player on their board.

  45. Mr Lucky Says:


    Isn’t it amazing how the Homers come out whenever there is a positive national report on the Bucs?

    Grading a draft before the players take the first is really one thing:


    Let’s face it Dominik got screwed over by Jerry Jones when Dallas jumped up and took Clayborn. You and the Bucs and every other Buc Homer can spin it like a top but Barron was NOT the Bucs first choice or they would have traded down even further.

    Let’s look at last years draft shall we:
    Clayborne – He performed well; for a 1st round pick I’m ok with the result

    Bowers – I know now why this dude dropped out of the first round. Where’s the beef Da’Quan?

    Foster – The kid was totally out of his element, not a thumper and was thrown to the wolves; 2011 gets a pass

    Stocker – wow what a season he’s made me forget about Winslow; NOT. Not a great return for a 4th round pick so far.

    Black – He’s a 5th round pick; not expected to have an immediate impact. Hopefully he’ll teach Barron the ropes right?

    Bradford – 6th round pick that didnt’ work – eh.

    So the 2011 draft get’s Dominik an A???????

    Man do you people keep the bar low.

  46. Mr Lucky Says:


    I agree with you that without any real sports right now any port in a storm helps but after so many drafts and watching them pan out, or not, year after year it’s a little much to always play the positive.

    Look at how pumped people were about GMC and Price. The Bucs front was going to be a shutdown.

    This in 2011 Adding Clayborn and Bowers to GMC and Price you would have thought that no team would have dreamed of running on the Bucs. EVERYONE on this site was talking about how those four would shut down all teams from running on the Bucs.

    Do you remember how people was trying to come up with a nickname for the Bucs defensive frontline in June and July of 2011?

    Unfortunately reality of the 2011 season happened and the Pewter Plank looked more like the screen door on a submarine.

    Being an optimist is good – being a polyanna well I guess that makes you a Bucs fan? Don’t you think its funny how in order to be a ‘good fan’ you have to check logic and common sense at the door….

  47. CannuckBuc Says:

    Just got back on line and I am glad to see that I am not the only one to be upset with Eric’s pouting over years gone bye.Yes I have been burned by teams of the past but a true and loyal fan I remain.If this makes me a sheep well call in the shepard.The fact of the matter is the ownership has’nt supported a coach like this in years if ever . So yes this makes me very happy.Eric you may need to find a team you can stand behind, this is our team and there are plenty of other band wagons to jump,I here Miami is looking for a few good fans.But seriously Eric please read how gloom and doom you always respond,just saying look up once in a while.

  48. Jrock Says:


    -Clayborne had more sacks than any rookie DE except for one, Jabaal Sheard, and had more sacks than anyone else on the line. If immediate top production isn’t what your looking for in your #1 pick then what is?

    -Bowers was kept out of the starting position and HEAVILY limited due to his knee surgery for the first 8-10 games. And he still racked up a couple of sacks and 20+ tackles in a reserve role. If he wins the starting job this year and DOESN’T produce, feel free to evaluate him.

    -Mason Foster had more tackles than any other rookie LB in the league last year AND he did it calling the freaking defense, did I mention as a rookie? Why give him a pass on an excellent start to his career which only looks to go up?

    The rest of your evaluation is spot on. But out first 3 picks last year are looking to be some darn good players, don’t see why you’re all sour-puss about them.

  49. CannuckBuc Says:

    Wow MR LUCKY are you going to pout too, take your ball and go home.This is called
    JoeBucFan.Com so ya there is bound to be (Homers). Ya Think?

  50. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Mr. Lucky,

    It is still too early to judge GMC and Price. I admit that they are running out of time, but they have looked good the little time they have been on the field. Most DT’s take a while to get adjusted anyway because of the abilities of an NFL O-Lineman. Ndamukong Suh’s are few and far between.

    Like I said, there’s a way to be cynical, and a way to just be an arse hole. Mocking others for getting excited leans you toward the latter.

  51. Eric Says:

    You guys are really quite emotional, aren’t you. Sheep is merely an attempted humorous reference to herd mentality. Besides u guys busted my balls for years about rah.

    I’ll be a fan my own way thanks. And post my half baked opinions.

    All I said was that Barron over mo is curious to me.

    On a related topic of gloom and doom, how many games will we win if Free goes down? That worries me too.

  52. BigMacAttack Says:

    I have no problem with Claiborne, other than blowing off the Wonderlic. I still believe he has a good shot to be a great CB. But he was never my pick for the Bucs. I wanted Donta Hightower or Mark Barron as evidenced by my final post before draft day. It just made too much sense for Barron to be the pick being that he:
    1. Went to Bama, Championship? Duh?
    2. Was the best Safety since Eric Berry, but bigger and even more physical
    3. Is actually a better cover guy than any other CB in the draft, including Claiborne.
    4 Can stop the run.
    5. TJax was just sent packing. Hmmm??????

    As for Hightower, we needed a big strong MLB, and if I’m wrong about him, so is Bill Belichick, the best coach in the NFL. who traded up to get him. Duh???

    Eric, it isn’t that you have a differing outlook or point of view. That’s fine, but when you call those that disagree with your view “sheep”, it is provoking confrontation. You should change your tone when it comes to that. I promise you I have never in my life been called a sheep. I’ve been called everything else, but not that, and I don’t like it.

    BTW, how old was the Grandmother you got in a bar fight with? And was she in a wheel chair or walker? And did you win? if not, I understand.

  53. BigMacAttack Says:

    Eric, if you’re such a worry wart, maybe you should go out and purchase a Tank so you can cross the street without fear.

    Sheep are fearful, Lions are not. So which are you???

    Don’t get me wrong, I generally love your wit and sarcasm, but don’t call me names anymore, at least not wimpy, whiny ones. A-hole or Jerk is much more befitting for me.

  54. BigMacAttack Says:

    Furthermore, I totally understand and accept the skepticism. The Bucs deserve skeptics after some of the crap they have pulled over the past few years. I bashed them before free agency, mostly because I hoped they read our comments and I wanted them to sign Carl Nicks in the worst way. I had to talk trash about them in hopes of forcing them to spend the money. I had already paid for my season tickets, but I wanted them to do the right thing. And they did the right thing in a big way. This organization is serious right now and doing everything they can to return to a Championship team.

    Besides it is so much easier to be happy and it takes way to much energy to be negative.

  55. Mr Lucky Says:


    I really think you need to re-read my original post about the 2011 draft.

    Clayborne performed well for a 1st round pick – ESPECIALLY when you compare his rookie stats to those of GMC.

    Bowers – everything you wrote about him was true; as was what I wrote.

    Foster – Sorry but the number of tackles for Foster sounds awfully similar to what people said about Barrett Ruud and HIS high tackle number. Also not that I gave Foster a pass for 2011.

    My point about grading a draft class, especially when they haven’t even gone to the rookie mini-camp is just plain silly.

    That’s why I find it really difficult to give Dominik an A or a B or any other grade for that sake.

  56. Eric Says:


    I agree their trying, but effort gold stars aren’t my thing.

    This is the NFL everyone is supposed to try.

    I just wanna see some good football not the total fiasco we’ve been subjected to.

    Therefore, I’m no getting all goo goo eyed if for one offseason they do what they should have been doing all along.

    If that makes me a bad fan so be it.

  57. Mr Lucky Says:

    @Eric – ditto.

    Fool me once shame on you

    Fool me twice shame on me!

  58. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I agree 1000% with BigMac. Your sheep comment isn’t the least bit humorous, and after a while it becomes extremely annoying. I doubt that you would say it to my face, so why say it over the internet? Being curious about picking Barron over Mo is not “all that you said”, so cut the BS. You know exactly what you are doing. Be skeptical all you want, but keep calling me a sheep and I’m going to keep having a problem with it.

  59. BigMacAttack Says:

    Hawaiian Buc Brother,

    Ditto to that. Somehow I think we were cut from the same mold. Maybe its just being raised in an old school way where respect is always given first to those that obviously deserve it, like your elders. You don’t have to see a man’s resume or credentials or bank statement to know that he has earned his place. I’m an Old MF’r and I still call my dad and uncles sir, just like a cop or any military officer I run across. I call any woman maam that acts like a woman. If she acts like a man, I call her sir or walk away. And if she threatens to kick my big @$$, I call her my wife.

  60. Mr Lucky Says:

    From yahoo sports:

    Picks: SS Mark Barron, RB Doug Martin, OLB Lavonte David, ILB Najee Goode, CB Keith Tandy, RB Michael Smith, TE Drake Dunsmore
    Grade: C
    Analysis: The Bucs made a highly questionable move to drop from No. 5 overall pick to No. 7 and then got jumped by Dallas at No. 6 to take CB Morris Claiborne. The Bucs got Barron instead and said after the draft that Barron was the guy they wanted all along. OK, if that’s true, there’s ample reason to question the logic. Frankly, cornerbacks are simply a lot more valuable than strong safeties in the NFL. Furthermore, Barron is a true in-the-box safety, meaning that the Bucs are projecting his coverage ability. Yeah, Barron is a great player, but this is 2012, not 1994, when teams are throwing constantly. Barron has to be Troy Polamalu for this to pay off. As for the rest, Martin should be a huge upgrade and David fits nicely into the scheme.


    So who’s right???

  61. Eric Says:

    Nice find Mr. Lucky.

    Looks like this guy isn’t a huge Blount fan either given the major upgrade remark.

    Totally agree with his Mo v. Barron concerns.

  62. st augustine Says:

    awesome view! thank you joebucsfan!!! wish the season started tomorrow! go bucs!!!

  63. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “So who’s right???”


    We won’t know that for a couple years. However, for every Jason Cole there is a Mike Mayock or Charley Casserly that love the pick. First of all, Barron is a very good at coverage as well. I have no idea where this ridiculous notion that he is strictly a in the box safety came from, but it isn’t true. He had 7 INT’s a couple years ago. He has more INT’s in his career than Claiborne! Explain that, please.

    I don’t agree that a CB is more important than a safety. It all depends on the scheme, as well as the talent of the safety. Ed Reed is more important than all the CB’s on the Ravens combined. In fact, without looking it up, can you even name a CB on the Ravens? Is there anyone more important on the Steelers than Polamalu? Now find me one CB in this league that has more impact than either of those players. I would take Ed Reed over Revis any day of the week, and I guarantee you the rest of the NFL would too. Who says Claiborne is a lock to be a great player any more than Barron is? Claiborne has clear deficiencies in his game, plus he is a diva. Who’s to say he won’t be a complete bust? Have you met him? Were you there for the interviews? In case you didn’t know, neither did Dallas. They never spoke to him before the draft. Not exactly doing their homework. I like our chances with Barron.