Schiano Can’t Wait To “Ham And Egg It”

April 30th, 2012

Leader of the New Schiano World Order got the call to join the national Jim Rome Show on WDAE-AM 620 today. The coach delivered more of his scouting on Doug Martin, in addition to saying he would have taken Mark Barron higher, and more. Schiano talks about drilling the running game — “ham and egg it” with Martin and LeGarrette Blount. Listen below.

50 Responses to “Schiano Can’t Wait To “Ham And Egg It””

  1. Buddhaboy Says:

    i think romey like him

  2. BigMacAttack Says:

    I like Romey in small doses like that. He does well with Coach Interviews. It is good hear Schiano say he has to prove his worth to the players as well as they have to prove theirs to him.

    I usually get time to listen to 620 when Romey is on, but I would much rather have the Commish on 620 at that time slot. I can only get 1010 on the compeuter and not radio here in SRQ.

  3. Morgan Says:

    What’s this? Bucs get national attention on the famous Jim Rome Show – always makes Buc fans happy when their team makes the big time –

    Good luck to Coach Schiano. Looks like he and MD had a good draft – time will tell.

  4. patrickbucs Says:


    He had Josh Freeman on a bunch in the past, he’s a fan of his. The more and more I hear Coach Schiano the more I’m impressed.

  5. Thomas2.2 Says:

    I listened to the entire Schiano interview on Rome 2 things stood out:

    1) when he referred to Martin and Blount in that order as his backs and when speaking of Blount it seemed that he was anticipating Blount being the #2 (good);
    2) rome commented how structured the team is now even down to how professional and no-nonsense the bucs scheduling people are now (obviously a contrast to Rome).

    Schiano also said that it was new for him to be in the “decision” making role in the war room – sorry Dom lovers. These were schianos players.

  6. Garv Says:

    I’m no Jim Rome fan, in fact I find him to be self serving, repetitive, juvenile and a weak link to sports talk on WDAE.

    BUT…….that was a good interview that brought out what Coach Schiano is all about. Thanks Joe, for posting an interview I would have missed!

  7. thegregwitul Says:

    @thomas – I think you meant Raheem at the end of the second thing that stood out in the interview.

    It took the two men (Schiano and Dom) to make things work last weekend. I think when Schiano was hired, he was assured by ownership that he would have a say in the players acquired by this team, be it in free agency but especially in the draft. The players fit what Schiano is looking to do with the transformation of the Bucs, but Dom has to get credit for being able to navigate the draft the way he did, from the trade down with Jax, to the ability to acquire both Martin and David with the 4th round pick obtained in the trade as the catalyst. It was a good job, and I believe the first three draft picks of the Schiano era will be impact players that reshape the culture of the team and make it into a contender.

  8. Eric Says:

    I thought Schiano tipped his hand when he talked about Martin and his pass blocking (something rare in a college player he said). He obviously covets that skill.

    Take that coupled with his remarks as to Blount’s fumbling and it could mean he envisions Martin as 1A, Blount as IB.

    Should be one of the more interesting things to watch develop.

  9. Bobby Says:

    I’m sure he means that Martin will be the primary back. He is, after all, a first round pick. Blount will get his fair share of carries and if he progresses in his blocking skills it should be a great tandem for years to come, barring injury.

  10. Jrock Says:

    I doubt anyone has a problem with Martin as #2 and Blount as #2. It’ll push Blount to learn the offense more and practice the blitz pickups. Plus, with Blount at #2 I can imagine him getting more screen passes tossed his way, I doubt other teams will be looking for that. Gawd, get him the ball in space and let Martin pound the rock. I’m happy with it

  11. Rrsrq Says:

    It’s amazing how much all the GM’s and coaches on JBF know exactly what coach Schiano is going to do when it comes to running the ball. Maybe Martin will start but as a fan, I am not in the meeting room so I have know idea. The Bucs had no depth at RB last year, the pick was about having a quality back if someone can’t go, rather its LgB or Martin, I’m glad we gotntwomcable backs that I believe will both excel, like with the Giants, Panthers and even the Radiers last year. I heard Schiano say, you need two backs in this league. Even the Vikings drafted Gerheart with All Day AP. stop trying to get rid of Blount and enjoy the product

  12. Thomas2.2 Says:

    It was also easier to interview Schiano since Rome didn’t have to go through an interpreter or edit the interview to slow down the speaking to an intelligible speed – like before.

  13. SteveK Says:

    Blount will be the complement to Doug Martin.

    1st Round Bell Cow takes the cake.

    Reason being, although a great runner, Blount lacks: playbook knowledge and pass blocking prowess.

    Glad we have the Muscle Hampster and the Roadkill Beast.

    Their styles will complement one another, and if Schiano has it his way these 2 backs will get plenty of work.

    I am most excited at the dismissal of Greg Olsen, same clown that could only hand the ball to LGB 5-7 times.

    Hello, New identity!

  14. MOBucs Says:

    Great interview. Thanks for the link Joe. Martin will of course be the primary ball carrier. How could anyone think otherwise? Schiano has no ties to Blount and just drafted HIS RB in the 1st round. Hopefully Blount is a team player and accepts that he will never be the #1 guy again with the Bucs. This could become a truly special backfield if Blount accepts his role.

  15. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    If Blount outperforms Martin, I am sure he will be the #1 back. But to do that he is going to have to learn how to block and pick up short yardage… and quickly.

  16. Thomas2.2 Says:


    I am no Olsen fan but he deserves some defending.

    First, Blount averaged 14 carries per game over his 27 starts in the last 2 years – not 5-7.

    Second, especially during 2011 when rahrah’s non-existent defense was giving up tecmo bowl numbers to opposing offenses – it is tough to pound he rock down 20+ points in the late first or early second half.

    Any well intentioned play caller gets pass happy when down 17+ points with the game clock burning down. Olsen had a fine reputation as a creative and bright offensive mind until he was made dumb by extension through RahRah.

    Blount’s days are numbered, and no I don’t mean this year unless he gets hurt. Blount will not win the starting RB or third down job – that means he will make the team as backup RB. Once he is unrestricted, or complains / disappoints he will be gone.

    Start accepting it Blount fans, Martin is your bell cow and it is great for the team.

  17. jvato24 Says:

    Why can’t we have Blount and Martin and cheer for both ??! I will never understand the city of Tampa and its fans.

  18. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I agree that Martin is going to most likely be the starter. He’s more versatile, and just the overall better player. However, I think Blount will get plenty of carries, and I wouldn’t be shocked if he ended the season with more carries. I would, however, expect Martin to be on the field more, and of course catch a ton of passes out of the backfield. I really don’t care, as long as we have success. Those 2 backs splitting carries is going to be a nightmare for defenses, especially behind those 2 monster guards we have. Throw in the fact that we’ve got a legit #1 WR and a pretty damn good #2 in Williams, we should be able to have an exciting offense this year.

    I think our defense is going to still struggle a bit, but I expect them to be considerably better. I thin we will be better coached (that’s for you Thomas), but we also have better players. If we can stay healthy at the DT position (another one for you Thomas), I think we can have an NFL-caliber defense.

  19. Oahubuc Says:

    I’d love to have Blount for 10 more years as a 1B back, but you have to be realistic about the fact that he is a complete knucklehead on and off the field, and also that many other teams will covet him.

  20. Stevek Says:


    The ks for the numbers and sorry for mistake. I thought the begining of the ware it’s games and he only got. “7” or do carries.

    I think the ratio will be a 70/20/10 ratio from: Martin/Blount/water bug. of that, I hope we are a 50/50 run pass team. Best ratio to keepem guessing.

  21. Stevek Says:


    Lol nice post. True story and, don’t feed the wolves.
    Lavonte David NFLDROY!

  22. Garv Says:

    Jvato has it right IMO. I root for the Buccaneers to succeed, not against players. Hopefully both Martin and Blount will play and contribute as that would help the team and each other. Fresh legs, long drives… know, that sort of thing.

    I let the coaching staff decide who plays and when, who makes the team. They kind of sort of do that anyway………you know?

  23. Bucfever40 Says:

    Jvato24….you will never understand Tampa and it’s fans because you……just don’t understand~

  24. Stevek Says:

    Just like Warricl Dunn and Mike Alstott, “WD-40”.

    LGB and Doug Martin, “Mashed Potatoes”.

  25. Bucfever40 Says:

    In a perfect world, all us Buc fans want both Blount AND Martin to split carries in harmony, but the reality is that Blound gave away his thoughts when it was first mentioned about the idea of drafting Richardson, he (Blount) didn’t think twice about expressing his opinion at that notion, so it’s very plausible that Blount will at some point want to be the main guy and start to let it be known through the press, which will ultimately lead to his departure or benching. It’s my hopes however, that he sees the benefit in splitting carries and hopefully seizes a great opportunity to get better by being more of a team player.

  26. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I disagree with your defense of Greg Olsen Thomas. Our offense and defense were equally bad, and both coordinators deserve the blame they received. There were numerous games where we couldn’t as much as pick up a first down for extended periods of time (mainly in the first half). Play calling was very bland, and lacked any creativity whatsoever. If I was in the midst of a 10 game losing streak, I would be changing things up a little, but Olsen never did. So while I agree with you that our defense was horrible, our offense was awful as well. It obviously feeds your agenda to only blame Raheem and the defense, so I expect you to ignore facts, but that doesn’t mean you are right. They both deserved to be fired, and neither deserve the benefit of the doubt.

  27. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Before anyone goes defending Greg Olson on anything related to what would be considered an offense, let’s look at his body of work. Didn’t he help “light it up” a few years ago as offensive coordinator for both the Detriot Lions and St Louis Rams (post Kurt Warner)?

  28. Stevek Says:


    Just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Lol Detroit drafted some high pick WR’s.

    Olsen + Raheem= diarrhea on the eyes.

    We not only sucked last year, but the players quit bc a bunch of (Coaching staff)”mental midgets” couldn’t deliver to a bunch of “youngry” men.

    The lowly Vikings had one layer amass the sacks our entire team accumulated.

    We need to trade a 3rd rounder for Osi.

  29. Stevek Says:

    For Olsen being fired,

    Was it his lack of mixing up play options an act of arrogance, stupidity, or both?

    Honestly, he couldn’t change a damn thing? What an idiot.

  30. Eric Says:

    Boise state to nfl quite the leap, although Blount was a duck I think.

    Never know how a guy will do against the beasts that inhabit the nfl.

    If he’s good no reason he and Blount can’t both be effective.

  31. Fin Says:

    Every other team in the division has two quality RBs and more. And those teams are better than us. You people are nuts. Some of you anyway.

    Go Blount! I’ve got the No. 27 jersey for a reason.

  32. Drew Says:

    The more I listen to Coach Schiano, the more he reminds me of a Lombardi throwback. I have a very good feeling about the direction the team is going in.

  33. BigMacAttack Says:

    Regardless of what Thomas, Eric, Lucky or any of the skeptics say, what Dominick did in the early rounds of this Draft was nothing short of Masterful. It doesn’t matter who he picked, but that he picked the players that the team wanted, and he worked the trades to achieve optimum value and get those players. I’m sure a lot of people were taking notes on what Dom did this weekend. It was exciting. It was cunning and it worked to near perfection for the Bucs’ wants and needs. IMO, Dom totally owned the Draft. We’ll see how the players play, but I feel i picked very low risk, very high reward players, that all filled glaring needs on the team. Even if they are all busts, I’d give him an A+ just on how he worked it and milked that fourth round pick dry.

  34. Eric Says:

    If they are all busts it’s masterful?


  35. BigMacAttack Says:

    And Coach Schiano is class act, something the Bucs have lacked since Tony Dungy departed. Maybe some of the National Buc Hate may start to evaporate.

    And Refs hated Chucky, and they didn’t respect Raheem. Great Coaches tend to have a good rapport with officials, and calls often go their way. Calls never went Chucky’s way or Raheem’s.

  36. BigMacAttack Says:

    Eric, you’re clueless and have terrible reading comprehension. You are obviously educated beyond your level of intelligence and totally missed the point about working the draft.

    Your best bet is quit while you’re ahead.

    Granted. I typo’d “i” instead of ‘he”

    bite me.

  37. Eric Says:

    A draft full of busts is masterful but I am clueless?

    Damn Matt Millen got the guys he wanted too.

    Who drafts guys they dont want?

    Your right I lack the mental dexterity to follow your argument. But I find it highly entertaining.

  38. Stevek Says:

    New Coach New Era!

    C’mon Eric, fresh start with a new Coac. This is the make or brea draft.

    I laugh at your conclusion. We are (0-0) right now. We are tied with the Patriots.

  39. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    BigMac says,
    “It doesn’t matter who he picked, but that he picked the players that the team wanted, and he worked the trades to achieve optimum value and get those players.”


    Why is it so difficult for you to understand his point? Read it again and again, and maybe the light bulb will turn on.

  40. Eric Says:

    I think it is written in some sort of new language I can’t fathom. Perhaps only fluffy farm animals can understand it.

    But hey if it works for u enjoy!

  41. Eric Says:

    I didn’t even draw a conclusion!

  42. Stevek Says:

    We got a lot better this draft.

    Doms got us 6 new Starters this offseason: RB, LG, WR, OLB, SS, and CB

    And now, let’s see if Dom finds a diamond in the rough.

  43. Eric Says:

    Don’t worry stevek even if we didn’t get better at all it’s all good.

    We got the guys we wanted.

    Keep your eyes on the prize.

  44. patrickbucs Says:

    Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    April 30th, 2012 at 9:09 pm
    Before anyone goes defending Greg Olson on anything related to what would be considered an offense, let’s look at his body of work. Didn’t he help “light it up” a few years ago as offensive coordinator for both the Detriot Lions and St Louis Rams (post Kurt Warner)?

    @Scotty, he was the QB coach for the lowly Joey Harrington and a coordinator for a horrible Lions team for 1 year then was fired. Other then last year the Lions haven’t had much of an offense since Barry left.

    His teams didn’t light it up in ST Louis either, he was the offensive coordinator for a few games in 06, was in 07 and fired after a 3-13 season.

    He was never some offensive genius, just look to game 1 against the Lions and Blounts 5 carries all game. They were up for a while in that game as well. He torched them for 120 plus yards in December the year before on around 15 carries. He then stopped using him in the 4th, they lost.

  45. 941-Bucs Says:

    I was going to add my 2 cents to the conversation. But honestly i want the play on the field to speak for it’s self.

    I love Blount and happy as hell we got Martin. Hell even pretty stoked about the speedster in Michael Smith. It is going to be a fierce battle.

    Say what you want about Blounts faults. Fact of the matter is.. He is a SPECIAL runner.You don’t just throw that kind of talent away. Especially if he was an undrafted FA who wont cost much in the coming years.

    Both of these men will have a role on this offense and i expect them to rotate quite often to take advantage of their styles. Blount and Marting or Martin and Blount. This gives us one of the better RB tandems in the league. A whole other element on this offense to work with.

  46. BigMacAttack Says:

    Eric, all I can really say is I feel very sorry for you and your clients. Of course you wouldn’t understand if you have never been a part of a team, or any type of organization that the mission was more important than anything else. I don’t think I could ever explain it terms you could fathom. The mental capacity just isn’t there. All you see is what you want to see. Everything else is blurry and clouded, so good luck with that son.

  47. Lion Says:

    Who the hell cares who compliments whom it doesn’t matter. We finally have sincere rushing attack, we will have a feared stone cold 1-2 punch ground game. Martin will prob be the 1a and LB 1b, but Blount will still be a a huge key to the attack. Great thing being is we can prolong the health of the duo greatly, instead of pounding one guy in to the ground.

  48. 941-Bucs Says:

    I agree with Lion 100%. On paper our entire offense is lethal. We may very well have the ability to attack an opponent at any position we want to.

    Looks like the Bucs will Dictate how games will be played in 2012 (at least that’s the hope). Either way We are now nightmares for opposing D -Coords.

  49. Miguel Grande Says:

    It will be interesting to see how the Schiano-Martin- Blount thing works. On paper, Blount does not have a chance, Martin is a 1st round draft pick of a new to the NFL coach who may feel the need to prove himself. Martin may get all the carries, all the credit and all of the glory, until injury and then Blount gets a chance.

    It will be in effect a microcosm of the New Schiano Order and the first transparent glimpse of our new coach and how he will play his cards in the future. Does he lay down his ego and use a balanced attack or relegate Blount to the deepest depths of a Gruden like doghouse. Mike Williams and Aurrelius Benn should take notice.

    It will give us the first hint to how effectual and successful our new coach will be. It will translate to all the different layers of the team even team morale.

    He talks the talk but does he walk the walk. We shall see.

  50. RustyRhino Says:

    @ Thomas 2.2
    “when rahrah’s non-existent defense was giving up tecmo bowl numbers to opposing offenses – it is tough to pound he rock down 20+ points in the late first or early second half.”
    Totally agree with this.
    Tecmo bowl was a great game! Erickson to Carrier for the TD… lol