14 Undrafted Free Agents Sign With Bucs

April 30th, 2012
LSU linebacker Ryan Baker was one of the undrafted free agents the Bucs signed over the weekend.

Here’s the lastest official word from the Buccaneers. Barring school conflicts, these guys will be heading to One Buc Palace this week along with invitees for rookie minicamp.

WR Luther Ambrose, Louisiana-Monroe
LB Ryan Baker, LSU
QB Zach Collaros, Cincinnati
C Chaz Hine, South Florida
FB Cody Johnson, exas
CB Leonard Johnson, Iowa State
DT Donte’e Nicholls, Tennessee State
WR Tyler Shoemaker, Boise State
T Bradley Sowell, Mississippi
S Tramain Thomas, Arkansas
TE Tyler Urban, West Virginia
G Michael VanDerMeulen, Toledo
CB Quenton Washington, South Florida
T Desmond Wynn, Rutgers

24 Responses to “14 Undrafted Free Agents Sign With Bucs”

  1. David Says:

    I am a big USF Bulls fan, but Q Washington is not even practice squad material. You can use him as a warm body, but he will NOT being pushing anyone.

  2. KD Says:

    I LOVE the Cody Johnson signing. He was a monster at Texas and I think he has a really good shot of not only sticking on the roster, but starting at FB this season. The only other guy I see having a (small) chance at making the active game roster is Sowell. Coaches loved him at Ole Miss and he had his moments. I can see Leonard Johnson, Wynn, and Shoemaker as practice squad candidates.

  3. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    What happened to Persa?

  4. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    and im thinking maybe 3 of these guys could atleast make training camp tryout.. possibly more since the roster is 90 players now

  5. Red86 Says:

    Ryan Baker may beat Najee for a spot. That’s the only thing from LSU I wanted the Bucs to consider from there. LBs and D Line. That front 7 is one of the best last season.

    Shoemaker is very interesting. He can play.

  6. CCC Says:

    @ KD, as an Ole Miss student I can say that our old coaching staff loving him isn’t necessarily a great thing. He got absolutely worked all last year. You are right about his chance to make the team being small. The only thing he’s got is NFL size, but that wasn’t even enough to get him drafted……..

  7. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I thought Persa was only coming in for a “tryout”.

  8. TheTaylorPrice Says:

    I really like the Tyler Shoemaker signing. 6’2 216 with 4.45 speed. He has the skill set to become the next Jordy Nelson, really stretches the field nicely and understands coverages. I wouldnt be surprised to see him make the roster. Briscoe better watch his back

  9. Joe Says:

    What happened to Persa?

    He’s an invite trying out for a contract. The list Joe has is only guys who signed as undrafted free agents.

  10. Snook Says:

    Re: picture above

    I’m all for signing anyone who can actually tackle Cam Newton.

  11. Snook Says:


    Thanks for you great coverage of the draft. I got drunk on it.

    Hungover today. But still here.

  12. Brandon Says:

    I have a list pretty similar to this one of guys that have agrred to sign or already have… I did a small write up on each of them.

  13. Brandon Says:

    Every season, for the past season or three… I can’t remember, I list the most attractive UDFAs, do write ups on all of them and then list the UDFAs we did sign and give the best info I have on them… here’s this season’s version.

    We lost WR Eric Page of Toledo to Denver, he changed his mind… which is too bad, he was the UDFA I was most interested in. The guy caught over 300 passes in his only 3 years in college and returned 5 kicks and punts for TDs… very productive… and small… and not particularly fast…but productive.

    Dan Persa, QB, Northwestern (WORKOUT)-perhaps the most accomplished of the 3 QBs were are bringing into rookie mini-camp. Persa is a gamer. He is a short (5’11 210 lbs), run around QB (he plays faster than his 4.87 time) without much arm strength but an impressive resume as far as production (all-time leader of NCAA for completion % at over 73%) and for winning some games at a tough school to win at. Two time team captain… like most other Dominik pickups. Chance of making the practice squad or roster…. 5% He doesn’t have enough arm or height to make it in the NFL.

    Zach Collaros, QB, Cincinnati-Apparently there’s no shortage of short QBs (5’11, 217 lbs). Collaros is faster than Persa (4.65) but doesn’t seem to quite as nimble. He is doming off a broken ankle and a decent career as the heir to Tony Pike. Another spread-pass QB that would have to adjust to the pro systems. Chance of making the practice squad or roster….5% same issue as Persa.

    Jordan Jefferson, QB, LSU-A prototype QB physically (6;4 223 lbs) and plenty mobile (4.64-LSU’s all-time leading QB rusher) with an excellent arm. Has had numerous character issues in the past, even missing the first half of the season for LSU while being suspended from the team. Very erratic accuracy and looks to be a huge project. Interestingly, was also a team captain. Chance of making the roster….5%… chance of making practice squad 25%

    Adonis Thomas, RB, Toledo (TRYOUT)-Eric Page left us at the altar but we get a good consolation prize. Adonis Thomas was 17th in the nation in yards per game (107) despite missing a few games with an arm injury. He is very small (5’9 185) but quick (4.45). Was second team All-MAC for the second season in a row, rushing for 1000+ yards each year and totalling 20 TDs on the ground. Is also a threat out of the backfield but has never returned kicks. Now about that name… what if the kid was born ugly? I think there’s a good chance he gets offered a contract after his tryout. Chance of making the final roster…10%… chance of making practice squad 25%

    Tyler Shoemaker, WR, Boise State-an impressive height weight speed WR at 6’2 216 4.47, he had an impressive senior season catching 64 passes for 994 yards and 16 TDs. If he can prove himself on special teams he might have a shot as a gunner. Chance of making roster…. 10%…. chance of making practice squad 25%

    Mike VanDerMeulen, OT, Toledo-2nd Toledo Rocket signed… if we can’t have Page, we can sign all of his former teammates… Bruce Gradkowski need not apply. Very good frame 6’6 307 lbs with impressive lower body athleticism (5.07 40 and a very impressive 32.5″ vertical jump-WR Page only jumped 30″)
    Blocked for a 1000 yard rusher and receiver this past season.

    Desmond Wynn, OG, Rutgers-Surprisingly the only one of Schiano’s old players to follow him to Tampa. Was expected to be drafted mid to late. Has good enough size, 6’6 303, with long arms and functional strength. Impressive lower body explosion (32.5″ VJ 5.05 40). Has an extensive injury history that has caused him to miss all or parts of seasons. His chance of making the team my lie solely in his ability to stay healthy. Has the ability to play in the NFL if he can avoid further injuries. Chance of making the team… 33%, chance of making practice squad… 33% (he has a 66% chance of sticking around).

    Chaz Hine, OG, South Florida-big story about him in St. Pete Times… which I’ve already forgotten…I think he sings opera… and was a walk-on… or perhaps he sang to walk-ons and went to an opera… either way, he’s squat (6’3 300 lbs) and extremely slow (5.63 40) and not fully dedicated to the weightroom (only 20 reps of 225). He’s a good story, but the collegiate OGs are a longshot to make it in the NFL when they are above average. Hine is just a dude, a dude with an interesting story. Chance of making roster or practice squad 10%.

  14. Brandon Says:

    Morkeith Brown, DE, Temple-26 year old 3rd team All-MAC was previously enlisted in the Army… I’m noticing a trend on MAC players signed. Good frame at 6’5 258 lbs but not nearly explosive enough (4.88 40 1.71 10 yard split) to be much more than a camp body. Chance of making roser or practice squad… 5%

    Brandon Herron, LB, Michigan-very athletic (4.59 40, 37.5″ VJ, 26 reps of 225) but small (6’1 223). Most importantly, he rarely played at Michigan, making a grand total of 42 tackles. Did turn in a very impressive play in the first game of this past season when he returned a INT 94 yards for a TD while the score was still close against WMU. Still, has very little experience, has an injury history but he has a chance if he shows he is indispensable on special teams. Chance of making roster …5% or practice squad…15%

    Frank Newsome, LB, Central Arkansas-smallish (5’11 232) without much burst or speed (27″ VJ) but productive in college, amassing nearly 200 tackles the past two seasons combined. In my mind, basically a DIv-i-AA version of last season’s Darrell Smith. Not likely to make the roster based on measurables, size, and lack of dominance in a lesser division. Chance of making roster or practice squad….5%

    Leonard Johnson, CB, Iowa State-was considered a sure bet to get drafted… until he ran a very pedestrian 4.71 40 time at the combine. Everson Walls being the lone exception of the past 30 years, I’ve never seen a CB that slow do much of anything in the NFL. He did “improve” his time to 4.56 at his pro day, but speed is definitely not an asset, size isn’t either 5’10 196 with extremely short 28.5″ arms. Was still a suprise he didn’t get drafted, he can cover, looked good enough at the Senior Bowl, he did fairly well against Justin Blackmon and can return kicks. Chance of making active roster 15%… chance of making practice squad 35%

    Quenton Washington-USF product took over starting role during his sjunior season. Decent size at 5’11 192, very modest career production (2 INTs)… but what dooms him is his total lack of speed (4.70 at his Pro Day). Probably brought on because of his proximity, but he doesn’t have what it takes to stay in the NFL.

    Sean Baker, SAF, Ball State-another MAC signing (1st team all-MAC) and perhaps the most productive of all the UDFA defenders. Ball State all-time INT leader with 18. Decent size, 5’11 210 lbs, with decent speed 4.65. He has been productive in coverage and a willing tackler (95 last season). Probably isn’t going to beat out Barron so would have to win a backup SS role and excel on special teams. Chance of making active roster…5%… chance of making practice squad…20%

    Tramaine Thomas, S, Arkansas-SEC Honorable Mention at FS (2nd team in 2010), is active (91 tackles in 2011) with a nose for the ball (12 career INTs). Has average measurables (6’0 200, 4.51 40. Like other backups at S, will have to make significant contribution on special teams. Chance of making active roster…5%… practice squad… 20%.

  15. Brandon Says:

    There’s 6 guys on the official list that I didn’t have on the one I made yesterday: Nichols, Ambrose, Baker, Sowell, Cody Johnson, and Tyler Urban. I’ll have to write up a bit on those guys when I get a chance tonight. I like a few of these guys… particularly Johnson and Urban.

  16. teacherman777 Says:

    @Brandon- Thx for the info. Wheres the video of these guys? Make us some film to study.

  17. Bucnnole Says:

    Thank you Brandon. Very informative.

  18. Fired Greg Olson! Says:

    TheTaylorPrice Says:
    April 30th, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    I really like the Tyler Shoemaker signing. 6’2 216 with 4.45 speed. He has the skill set to become the next Jordy Nelson, really stretches the field nicely and understands coverages. I wouldnt be surprised to see him make the roster. Briscoe better watch his back


    And we’ve had our first obligatory Tyler Shoemaker-white wide receiver comparison. That didn’t take long.

  19. TheTaylorPrice Says:

    How can i not compare the two? They do virtually everything the same, including size and speed. Go cry about it

  20. TheTaylorPrice Says:


  21. SteveK Says:

    Shades of Joe Jurevicius, his MNF Touchdown still sticks out as unbelivable play.

  22. Pete Dutcher Says:

    None of thoese guys excite me, except maybe the FB…shows how desperate I am for a quality FB.

  23. Pete 422 Says:

    I’m also intrigued by Cody Johnson. It would be nice to have a good lead blocker.

  24. RustyRhino Says:

    Just watched a highlight reel of Shoemaker.
    He looks like a good player to me, nice pick-up