Clayborn Says He Can Play Left Defensive End

June 6th, 2011

So much has been speculated about Adrian Clayborn’s potential limitations because of Erb’s Palsy. And perhaps the most popular take is that Clayborn can’t play the left side of the defensive line because of the problems he has with his right shoulder.

The Bucs’ first-round pick threw a bunch of cold water on that Friday during an interview on The King David Show on WQYK-AM 1010.

Clayborn answered questions about his body and limitations, or lack thereof.

“I’ve been dealing with this starting back in seventh grade. I couldn’t play baseball. I couldn’t play basketball. I couldn’t play football. And I had to deal with it in college a little bit and, I mean, it’s great proving people wrong and fighting against it,” Clayborn said. “I know the NFL is another next big step, but I’m looking forward to proving people wrong again.”

“I have a little bit of nerve damage in my shoulder and a little bit of lack of movement. So it’s not an extreme case. …I believe I can play both sides [of the defensive line]. Playing in my Iowa defense, we pretty much play the heavy technique, so we have to use both our arms and both our shoulders and all that stuff. And I’ve doing that for four or five years. …I guess I’ve got to prove them wrong, too.”

Clayborn also said a lot of fans and media are searching Google and finding the worst of Erb’s Palsy issues and patients. Essentially, Clayborn wants people to know he’s not in that boat.

Count Joe among those who assumed Clayborn was going to be limited to the right side of the line. But Joe wonders whether the Bucs coaches would invest any time in Clayborn playing on the left side in what could be a limited offseason.

It surely didn’t work last year when Raheem Morris bounced Gerald McCoy all over the line early in the season.

9 Responses to “Clayborn Says He Can Play Left Defensive End”

  1. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Keep him on the right…..that’s where all the stud DE’s play anyway and this kid was our first round pick.

    I mean I guess it would be nice to have a guy bounce around the line a little bit but most DE’s in this league stick to one side of the line anyways…..

  2. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Tom McEwen passed….truly a loss

  3. Atrain WD40 Says:

    Joe I’m loving this kid already…. Fierce competitor. With the addition of Bowers and Clayborn We should reak havoc in the backfield.

  4. Keith Says:

    @Creamsicle — But what if Bowers is healthy and shows to be an animal on the right side? Clayborn still has to prove himself.

  5. Atrain WD40 Says:

    Keith Why not shift healthy Bowers to the left side??

  6. Capt.Tim Says:

    Clayborn played RDE in College. Bowers played LDE in college. That’s where they should play. Joe is spot on, and also something Stene White gas said- moving these young guys around slows their development. The esteemed Mr.White went so far as to say that Moving Gaines Adams around so much had a large negative impact on his career. I think They shuffled McCoy around too much last year. Let them get comfortable playing their spot, then try to confuse the offenses.

  7. Atrain WD40 Says:

    I agree with Capt.Tim. Stop trying to be cute and focus on they’re position.

  8. Capt.Tim Says:

    Yeah, at least the first year or two. Let’em see the guys they are gonna be facing the next few years, and get used to NFL speed in a position they’ve played for years- THEN we worry about being Tricky. First, let’s be good!

  9. BigMacAttack Says:

    I’ll be happy if Clayborn can be semi productive as a rookie LDE. I was against GMC being played at DE, but in hindsight it may have been good experience for him and it was good that it ended. I think Todd Wash was so lost that he was willing to try anything including Freeman at DE if Raheem would have allowed it. At least those days are over and I’m anxious to see what Millard puts on the field. Maybe we’ll finally see some pass rush games run correctly.