“He’s Not Going To Be Coming Downhill”

May 17th, 2011

The same old stuff from Barrett Ruud in 2011 would be a good thing, so says former Bucs tight end Anthony Becht.

Speaking on WHBO-AM 1040 Monday, Becht essentially explained that Ruud’s upside outweighs his downside and that the defensive line limits Ruud’s effectiveness.

“Keeping Barrett Ruud would be a positive thing for them, but he’s not going to be coming downhill with the young defensive line being pushed back. … And people aren’t going to like that, ” Becht said.

So is that what would turn Ruud into a Pro Bowler? A better defensive line?

Of course, the Ruud saga will continue to rage on at least until he signs with a team, and likely a lot longer if that team is the Bucs.

Joe surely has written enough about Ruud’s perceived value, but Joe still hasn’t found anyone who thinks Ruud is as good as he was through much of the 2007 and 2008 seasons.

40 Responses to ““He’s Not Going To Be Coming Downhill””

  1. Jrock Says:

    I feel if we can bring him back on another 1 year tender, maybe 3 million max, it would be well worth it. Seeing as how no one has reached out to Foster and the likelihood of training camp diminishing by the day, Ruud would be very helpful to the defense next season (I’ll find religion if there’s a season).

  2. BigMacAttack Says:

    Kinda hard to come downhill when you’re over the hill. I know from experience. Nah, Ruud is alright, he just needs to get on the juice and lock himself in the weight room for 3 months. About 15 Lbs of rock hard muscle would make a big difference with this guy. It sure isn’t going to slow him down any. I think they stop the watch at 5.5 secs in the 40 whether your done or not.

    Go Lightning!!!

  3. m.wesley Says:

    Clayton-blocking icon Ruud-coaching icon

  4. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Didnt I just say this a few hours ago (read the comments to the prior article on Ruud please). I love it when the “expert” opinions follow lock step in line with mine. Where are the props? Joe?

    BTW: Does that make me an expert instead of hater? By the way, can it be considered hate when you are defending a bucs player? Or, is it hate when you fans constantly unjustly criticize a very good bucs player? Why is criticism of rah rah hate but Ruud not? The answer: its not negativity that you sheep despise it is comments that are negative toward the selective individuals that you want to prop up deserving or not. Look inward my friends.

  5. Freemanbomb5 Says:

    I’m a Ruud hater and proud of it

  6. BigMacAttack Says:

    Thomas, it’s not HATE, it’s unreasonable or unjustifiable HATE that is the problem. You do make some good points, about once every 2 weeks or so, but then in a matter of minutes, it’s off the deep end again. All I would ask of you is to give Rah & GMC a little more time. When you say Rah is 13 -19 you are 100% correct, but he also went from 3-13 to 10-6 which is like a 250% improvement in one year. I agree that he isn’t the best public speaker in the world, but again he improved about 100% in one year (with the help of Grella). GMC isn’t Suh and may never be, but as a Buc fan to another Buc fan, doesn’t he deserve at least one more season to show improvement before we totally label him a bust. So what do you think T? Am I asking too much or being unreasonable here? I think if you just give these guys a chance, and a little more time, your popularity will improve by at least 250% and more likely 1000%. I’ll even lay off Ruud as well, which I don’t hate him at all, but I do feel like he was better a few years ago. I don’t know what the stats say, but I know what I saw.

  7. Brad Says:

    Thomas the only prop u get is a foot up the arse. Ruud sucks and so do all your posts.. Props to Dom and Rah for putting together 3 great drafts and to the start of building a team that will be competing for years to come.

  8. WeNeedDefense Says:

    “he just needs to get on the juice and lock himself in the weight room”

    EXACTLY! It’s all or nothing, the dude needs steroids.

    Sterioids for millions.

  9. Brad Says:

    @bigmac … DO NOT KISS THOMAS’ Arse. He is a douch bag.

  10. BigMacAttack Says:

    Thomas isn’t stupid, so I’m hoping he’ll come around. It is what it is.

  11. thomas 2.2 Says:

    @Bigmac: I agree with you. Rah earned another year by the team showing improvement. Of course McCoy deserves at least 1 more year – actually I think McCoy gets two before you can label him a bust or not (I have said that I don’t think he will be a Ryan Leaf like bust just not worth the #3 pick and probably not even first round).

    As for my popularity, honesty and frankness about the bucs on a “bucfan” blog will rarely be popular. So, I could care less. Sometimes, like your comments here, reason enters the equation and we find common ground.

    What has happened here w/ the bucs does happen from time-to-time, I believe the Gruden haters (who along with talk radio begged for his firing)and consequently they are SO invested in the next regime that to prove themselves right about Gruden that they have to SPIN everything as a positive for Rah-Dom and negative for Gru-Allen. Capt Tim and Hawaiian are two who come to mind. Calling draft picks the next RAy Lewis, and ignoring the injury questions with the first two picks to call the draft another huge success at this stage are all examples of what I am talking about.

    That is why I feel the need to bring the commentary back down to a realistic level.

    I remember something similar happening to UF fans during the Zook post-Spurrier era. Some of the most spirited and passionate Gator fans (I was intimately familiar with this) very early on could see that things werent being run well by Zook and they actually started, usually silently, rooting for the team to lose to get Zook out of Gainesville. It didn’t make them bad fans – they were just exercising their right to express their opinions about what was best for their team.

    That is all we are doing here. 2009 was a disgrace and we became frustrated. We didnt see 2010 as the substantial success that you do b/c they didnt make the playoffs despite a VERY favorable schedule and 16 starts from Freeman. The defense has not improved, the secondary was good under Gruden and still was/is, the front seven was aging then and is probably worse now (albeit for youth). So this is the defining year for the HC in my mind, if they step backward he should be fired, if they make the playoffs and compete, he has earned another year. Period.

    I think his flaws will expose themselves repeatedly, but I hope that I am wrong.

    I appreciate the reasonable comments Bigmac, I hope that you find mine reasonable and a window into the reasons for the differing opinions that help make this blog great.

    Would anyone really visit everyday to hear Capt Tim and Hawaiian comment about how great everything is? No. That is why fanaticals aren’t analysts because it provides nothing substantive.

  12. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Are you calling me a Gruden hater? That is idiotic! You obviously have reading comprehension problems, because I have nothing but respect for Gruden. I think it was time for him to go, but the same happens to every coach. There will come a day when the same will happen with Raheem (I’m sure there will be a huge party at the house of Thomas on that day). I have said that time and time again, so I really don’t know what the hell you are talking about. That really pisses me off because I have cheered for this team as hard as I possibly can (spending thousands and thousands of dollars each and every year to attend as many Bucs games as I can) no matter who is the coach. I never called for Gruden’s head, so you have me pegged wrong. I have nothing against the players he drafted either. There are some good ones out there (although I think we can all admit there has probably been more busts than good picks). Some of my favorite players are Gruden picks (Caddy, E.G., etc.). I am being completely honest when I say I don’t even think about who drafted the players, I just want them to be great. I would love for you to tell me one player I have ever bashed. Go on, I’m waiting. The only thing I will ever say is that we may need an upgrade at a certain position (i.e. Ruud, probably Black and Hayes), but I never am dying to get rid of a player because Gruden drafted him – that’s stupid.

    And you are also mistaken that we see 2010 as a success because 2009 was so bad. I’m sorry, but I will take 10-6 every single year. 90% of the time it will get you in the playoffs, which is where everyone wants to be. I don’t give a damn about how lucky we are or how easy our schedule is (which I think is a crock anyway), a win is a win in the NFL. It wasn’t good enough this year, but it normally will be. I never claimed we were great when we were 3-13. All I said was the staff needed more time, because 1 year is simply not enough time to turn around a team that has been gutted like ours was. Jimmy Johnson went 1-15 in his first year, how did that work out for Dallas? So far, it looks as if we are on the right path. Almost everyone on this site, the media, the experts, and most importantly the players on this team believe the same. There is only you and a couple other “fans” still b!tching and moaning about our coach at every single opportunity. There’s a big difference between not being satisfied and just being a whiny little crybaby. You fall into the whining little crybaby category. I really don’t think anyone visits for that either.

  13. Bucnjim Says:

    I don’t hate Ruud; I hate Bull Fighters!!! Olay…..Olay….. Here comes another blocker……Olay

    I hate his style of play! Nothing personal against the guy because he is very nice in person. I want someone who will motivate teamates! It is wishful thinking that Foster is the next Brooks or Lewis, but that is what this team desperately needs.

  14. Brad Says:

    Well said Hawaiian.

  15. Hector Says:


    Bucnjim Says: “I don’t hate Ruud; I hate Bull Fighters!!! Olay…..Olay….. Here comes another blocker……Olay”

    too funny!!! i almost fell out of my chair with that one!

  16. JoshBucsFan Says:

    I think it would be a good move to resign ruud, if the price is right. I feel like he’s been our most productive front 7 player the last few years, and while I don’t feel like he will ever be a great lb, he has shown the ability to be productive. Who’s to say an improved dline wouldnt make ruud better? Everyone agrees ours has stunk the last 2 yrs, and I’m not sure there’s a better option in fa.

  17. m.wesley Says:


  18. McBuc Says:

    Thomas…I am not a Gator, I am a Bull. I grew up in Florida, I am the rare Floridian in the Bay Area. I graduated from East Lake High in 1989, and spent my Freshman and sophmore years at tarpon Springs High. I have a bunch of friends and people I know that are part of gator Nation. I have NEVER heard one of them root for the gators to lose, nor have a ver met a Gator fan that wished for the gators to lose…regardless of the coach. I have stood up for you at times to those that want you banned; however, this is by far the worst comment you have ever made. it shows you know nothing about Gator Nation…and this comes from someone who cheers for the Bulls, but grew up as an FSU fan.

    Also, Hawaiian tells it like it is, he just understands things take time. You would have sent Sapp packing after his rookie season too, so who really cares what you think. I plan on this being the last time I respond to you…I hope to stick to my guns this time.

  19. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    That’s an excellent point McBuc. I am originally from Gainesville. My father lives in Gainesville. Most of my family on my dad’s side graduated from UF. I grew up going to Gator games. I have a ton of family and friends that haven’t missed a Gator game since the Galen Hall days. When the basketball team was coached by Don Devoe and they were doing poorly, his kids stayed with my family for a week because Devoe was receiving death threats (until the beat LSU, which is still to this day the loudest I have ever heard UF fans cheer at a basketball game). So I would say I am pretty well qualified on the subject. I have never heard of one person cheering against the University of Florida (I actually didn’t even read that statement because I was so irritated that Thomas called me a Gruden hater). And let me make one thing clear – if they did, they were bad fans. That is exactly what a bad fan is.

  20. tommy Says:

    please joe ban thomas….please oh please….free beer and wings for life for ya….help us all out and rid us of this FOOL!!! and by the way thomas, you over cooked my fries!!!

  21. Joe Says:

    free beer and wings for life for ya…


  22. Architek Says:

    I am not going to engage on this but you know how much I despise people excuses for this pantsy. As wake up at 4am daily to do my job and earn my wage and lifestyle, no one has mercy of makes excuses for me or you. What makes this pillow top of a linebacker such the object of people affection? Why do they keep bringing him up like he is critical? It’s not like when he was in the game things changed and we stopped the run or the pass.

  23. Joe Says:


    Why do they keep bringing him up like he is critical?

    Joe has written articles explaining this in detail. Joe suggests you use his search archives for “Kirwan.”

  24. Capt.Tim Says:

    I said I would stand and applaud Gruden when he returns here for Monday night football. He won the SuperBowl for us, a moment I will always remember! But I was glad to see him leave. He wasted 6 years of draft picks, alienated the team with his endless dictatorship approach, and left the team devoid of talent

    I, however, am not some Homer. I have been called a hater fort stand on Talib. I said months ago that our two OLB wee soft, and a big part of our problem stopping the run. Months later everyone else got on board, after all the expert opinions starting to back me up. I have also critized our O-line as major underachievers. I think our additions last year will help with that

    I also predicted an 8-8 season last season, when EVERYONE said we would have a losing season. I also told everyone the day we would sign McCoy, and the Day we would Sign Penn, when no one else had said a word, and most were predicting Penn would leave. I also stated we needed to sign a good CB free agent, as Talib was likely to screw up again-3 Weeks before his latest “incident”.

    I am not a homer. I am just a smart Bucs fan who is in the Know. I applaud( sometimes loudly) their successes, and point out their Flaws

    Unlike you, Thomas 2.2, who still has a man crush on Gruden, and post here with an agenda- of trying to make the Gruden firing look like a bad decision. It wasn’t. He stunk the place up his last 5 years. He needed to be fired, and you need to be posting on a” heartbroken for Jon” romance site, and not a Buc’s site- where your disquised hatred of the team is neither appreciated, or given any though or credibility.

    We know who you are. Go away- we aren’t fooled!

  25. Pete Dutcher Says:

    …with the young defensive line being pushed back…

    Sheesh, that inspires confidence in the new d-line!

    I hope they prove him wrong!

    “I thought we were going to go 14-0. But I knew we were in trouble when we didn’t score on the first kickoff.”

    John McKay…man had some classic lines, lol.

  26. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I found a nice little history book on the Bucs…it has some insider info on all the coaches, what their situations were like, etc.

    Although the fans mostly hated Gruden, and a few of his players did as well, most of the players loved him.

    Mike Alstott, for example, loved the way he ran things. It’s a good book. Goes into the origin of the “chuckie” name and all.

    Right now, I’m reading up on the first year, bringing back some memories from when I was a kid, lol.


  27. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Hawaiian – if that is your take in Gruden – I stand corrected, I remembered so posts that suggested an agenda similar to Capt Tims.

    McBuc and Hawaiian: With regard to my gator comment; allow me to explain more clearly: I lived in Jacksonville during the Zook era (and would still commute to most bucs home games) and my Gator buddies HATED Zook towards the end (not from the outset). Of course, every year they wanted to go 13-0, but after the 2nd, 3rd or 4th loss, they would say something like “we almost hope they lose this Citrus Bowl game so that we can have a reason to replace Zook.” That was a common feeling.

    That Gator Nation contingent got their wish, and what followed? Urban and two National Championships. Are we in an identical situation here? Dont know yet. If they miss the playoffs again, I would say yes. Freeman and the offensive talent stays, lets bring in an accomplished leader to instill discipline, structure etc.

    Capt Tim: If you are such a smart buc fan and applaud successes, why did you make up a story about Talib winning D Back of the year award solely bc of politics with the Alumni faction of the NFLPA? That my friend was a made up argument to support your anti-gru aganda.

  28. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    every expert (except Beckles), most of whom you have cited here, have agreed that Ruud is “critical” and needs to be resigned, including: Rah, Dom, Becht, Brooks, myself – so to say nobody agrees that he has 2007-08 value is misleading. I don’t believe that question has been asked of anyone.

    Yes, things have gotten more difficult for Ruud since then because the D Line has gotten worse every year since Monte left, but Ruud can’t control that.

  29. m.wesley Says:

    I have heard Rah and Dom take up for Sabby and Clayton,plain and simple they dont talk about their players,unles your Styles,Brooks played with Ruud and he was physical then ,but Ill tell you what ,what team do you think will trade their middle linebacker for Ruud ?Now tell me how many will you trade Ruud for.The team is upgrading wanting a better player is not a sin,dont you cry about wanting an upgrade over Morris,same thing only I dont hate Ruud just dont like his soft play

  30. m.wesley Says:

    NFC south :Vilma,Lofton,Beason. which one do you think Ruud is better than?

  31. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    In the tampa 2, probably all 3.

  32. m.wesley Says:

    yeah right,Carolina plays a Tampa two,Minnesota plays a Tampa 2,Chicago plays a Tampa 2,you have Urlacher , Beason,and Henderson and you still say you would take Ruud over them because they are what ,too physical because as you keep saying a the middle linebacker is not physical in this defense?

  33. Capt.Tim Says:

    Jeez, I’m tired of the Ruud talk. I’m not a big fan of the guy, but he does exactly what they ask of him in this defense. MLB is not a physical presence in our Defense. Everyone bitched about Nickerson and Quarles being “soft” also. In our Defense, MLB is a big safety, more or less.

    Ruud is listed as the a top FA linebacker. A lot of teams are gonna offer him a lot of money. We won’t match it, as again, MLB isn’t a critical position for us. He will go to another team for huge money, play close to the line, and will be on Highlight films knocking the crap outta people. Then everyone will bitch about why we let an intimidator like Ruud go- his replacement is soft, and gets drug 10 Yds!!! You didn’t see Barrett getting dragged like that!!

    Its a vicious, ugly, and predictable cycle. Those of us who have followed the Bucs for many years have seen this bashing of Tampa MLBs since Kiffin started the Tampa 2

  34. m.wesley Says:

    Been a fan a while I remember one year we were so bad we let a kickoff go all the way back so we can get the ball back so James Wilder could break the all purpose yards.I remember when Floyd Peters was the defensive coordinator.went through the Selmons,Doug Williams,Bo not playing.I remember when we signed Hardy from pitt but I never remember any of the linebackers playing like that and like I said why dont any of the other linebackers play like that in the Tampa 2,plenty of other teams run it and their mlb is not a saftey.Why dont the other linebackers on those teams tackle ten yards down field?And like you im tired of the Ruud talk,mostly from guys saying that the position is not critical,tell that to Chicago,and ive been a fan from the start of this organization.Come on RUUD THE INTIMIDATOR yeah with Brooks and June side him.

  35. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I have no agendas, except for the Bucs winning. I have never or will never cheer against ANYONE in a Bucs uniform, or working for the Bucs for that matter.

    As for the Gator comment, there is a big difference between “I ALMOST hope we lose” and criticizing endlessly every move the coach/owners/hated players do. So don’t even try to flatter yourself and put yourself in the first category.

    I actually do agree with you about Talib. However, both you and Capt. are wrong. It was not an NFLPA award, it was an NFL Alumni Club award. He won the award because he is very very good, has nothing to with politics. If you look at the other winners, they are all perennial pro-bowlers and (mostly) future hall of famers. That speaks volumes to his ability.

  36. Capt.Tim Says:

    Mike Wesley- ya know I like you, and have great respect for you as a fan and a poster.

    Monte Kiffin has said it. Steve White has said it. Pat Kirwin has said it. Warren Sapp has said it. Derrick Brooks has said it. EVERYBODY who has expertise in the Tampa 2 all say that Ruud does a great Job!

    If ya don’t wanna believe those guys- u ain’t gonna listen tO me

  37. m.wesley Says:

    well the feeling is mutual we will agree to disagree

  38. Capt.Tim Says:

    Good enuff for me, Sir! 🙂

  39. McBuc Says:

    Thise other teams are running their own veriation of the Tampa 2 or Cover 2 defense. They have adjusted their defense to fit great players. I have to agree with thomas (wow, that is twice in one week), we need to keep Ruud if we can.

  40. tommy Says:

    anyplace you want joe!!!