The Bucs’ Stats Whisperer

June 22nd, 2024

Live analytics help.

If Bucco Bruce Arians was a quarterback whisperer, then it seems Todd Bowles has a whisperer, too. And she’s in Bowles’ ear on Sundays.

Bucs vice president of research Jackie Davidson made a rare TV appearance yesterday as she appeared on “The Insiders,” seen weeknights on NFL Network.

Joe learned something. Co-host Mike Garafolo explained that Davidson is actually sitting up in the coaches’ box on gamedays and has a direct pipeline to Bowles while he is on the sidelines.

Davidson explained she goes over the analytics element of the game or a play live, in real-time. Davidson wouldn’t say how often Bowles takes her advice from a stats angle during a game.

However, Davidson joked that when Bowles gets upset with her data or advice, he does a real good job of internalizing his frustration.

This blew Joe away in that Davidson is in constant contact with Bowles as games are played.

As far as players, Davidson was asked about Baker Mayfield. She noted Mayfield maybe had the perfect mentality to replace Tom Brady.

Mayfield, she said, always considers himself the overlooked underdog, which the Bucs were overall as far as #NFLMedia perception. Davidson said the Bucs gravitated to Mayfield and sort of took on his personality. Sort of an us-against-the-world view.

36 Responses to “The Bucs’ Stats Whisperer”

  1. Dave Pear Says:

    This may explain quite a lot about Todd and poor game day decision making.

  2. LouisFriend Says:

    So you’re telling us, Jackie Davidson, a bar exam passed New York lawyer, gives advice to Todd Bowles about analytics on game day?

    That’s weird, but if it works – fine.

  3. Joe Says:

    gives advice to Todd Bowles about analytics on game day?

    Not just gameday. During the game.

  4. garro Says:

    Stat girl in Bowles ear? I wish you were kidding.

    That explains some things… Wow!

    Go Bucs!

  5. Buc4evr Says:

    I think if I were head coach it would drive me crazy during the game. I want to hear from the assistants in the coaching box. Analytics are fine but I would expect them to be pre game information?

  6. Defense Rules Says:

    That was a fascinating interview with her; thanks for finding that Joe. Interesting that she was with the Jets for 11 years, but it was during Todd Bowles 2015-2018 stint there that she was promoted to Director, Football Administration serving in a similar role it sounds like to what Mike Greenberg does with the Bucs. Also sounds like her role here in game-day analytics is a big-time ‘additional duty’. Guess is that she has a lot of influence with both Jason Licht & Todd Bowles.

  7. stpetebucfan Says:

    It’s amazing to me that some here will NEVER see anything TB does as positive.

    First I don’t imagine it’s a steady stream of conversation. I suspect she only speaks at the proper time with something particularly relevant just like TB’s other “eyes in the sky.”

    Secondly how can you not admire an “old school” style coach who is still with it enough to embrace the latest methodology?

    I’m mildly surprised but pleased! Nobody is perfect and TB has certainly made some clock management mistakes. I’m sure like ALL OF US, he’s also made a few other mistakes along the way.

    BUT he took a team left for dead, mortgaged to the hilt salary capwise thanks to buying a team that Brady could win with. Brady had a DISASTROUS final season and he’s far from the first guy to play a year too long in sports…even the great Michael Jordan had two forgettable years with the Wizards.

    Two things can be true at the same time! Brady had a great final hurrah with the Bucs and won a SB. He was a frail old man who oversaw calling plays for an offense that sucked his final season. He had lost his family and his leadership skills and the team was at rock bottom! Bowles somehow took a QB that many here derided, and continue to deride, a rookie OC, a depleted defense and STILL managed to win a Division title and get two games into the playoffs.

    Bowles and Licht’s performance last year and heading into this season are nothing short of remarkable given the circumstances!

  8. Defense Rules Says:

    StPete … Bravo!

  9. heyjude Says:

    Well said stpete and DR!

    Fully agree about Davidson’s take about Bowles internalizing his frustrations. I think that is what makes him a good coach because he isn’t screaming, jumping and running all over the place in madness. He always looks calm which sometimes drives me crazy, and yes his clock management can be maddening. So many times I was thinking just use a time out! But in the end, he is a well-respected coach among his players. That says it all.

  10. Hodad Says:

    This could explain going for two late in the Lion game. I’d rather kick the extra point, and be down by seven then go for two there. Fine if you make it, a real downer if you don’t. Analitics say it’s the right move, I disagree.

  11. heyjude Says:

    Good point, Hodad!

  12. Beeej Says:

    I saw Moneyball! Stats are a thing

  13. HC Grover Says:

    Good Grief! Awful.

  14. Jeffs grandpa Says:

    It all makes sense now boopiddy

  15. WilieG Says:

    “The stats say no way you can come back.”

    “Okay. I won’t prolong the inevitable. I’ll keep the timeout as a souvenir of almost making it to the NFC Championship game.”

  16. Ol' Boy Says:

    Whatever. I wouldn’t want someone yammering stats into my ear in real time while I’m visualizing and planning and recalling, and trying to manage.the clock, etc. Feed that to an assistant coach? Hom I trust to see the game as I see it or close to it and I will let the assistant know what I’m focusing on at that time.

    Statistically speaking Todd, you are less likely to call a timeout right now because I’m filling your headspace with stats that have nothing to do with what you should be focusing on. Blah

  17. Dude Says:

    Well said St.Pete

  18. D-Rok Says:

    So Jackie is the Bucs version of Ernie Adams. Roger that, copy.

  19. Dave Pear Says:

    Todd is known as a poor game manager. He has that reputation through demonstrated performance.

    The purpose of anyone in an analytics role is to improve game management performance.

    She was with the Jets before.

    She obviously sucks at the analytics role.

  20. AC Says:

    Where was she during the failed timeout debacle in Detroit? The analytics had to point to a timeout in that circumstance!

  21. Jeremy in Lutz Says:

    @Dave Pear you are consistently an asshole when there is no real reason for one

  22. Derek Says:

    Get her out of there. Ridiculous that she can chime in during the game

  23. Dude Says:

    “Where was she during the failed timeout debacle in Detroit?”

    Probably telling Bowles how drastic the drop in win pct is when you turn the ball over twice compared to your opponents zero.

    Missed FG, missed 2 pt conv, and 2 instances we gave the Lions offense extra possesions, but yes lets harp on timeouts lol

  24. Rod Munch Says:

    LOL! Listening to women talk about football is painful – can you image being forced by the NFL to hire one just to meet a quota. I don’t even like Bowles but this makes me feel bad for him.

  25. stpetebucfan Says:


    I’m supposed to be the old guy here but you post at Cro Magnon level.

  26. Dave Pear Says:

    Lutz – your name calling is cute. You think she’s good at her job? That Todd is a good game manager?

    If so, buy a stake in the Brooklyn Bridge from me. Yours for $10k. And get some prep H for that itchy fixation of yours.

  27. Bucs since 76 Says:

    She is maybe very good with the data. However, it’s clearly Bowles who has the final say so. She may have told him to call a time out in the Detroit game but he felt we had no chance to win and let the time run.

  28. Rod Munch Says:

    stpetebucfan – Do you play the woke warrior white knight at the retirement home? How does that work for you?

  29. Bojim Says:

    Not sure if I like her advice during a game but I like Bowles. Wasn’t sure at first but he’s been putting his head down and working. within. him.

  30. SenileSenior Says:

    Analytics are the same kind of thing as what we might have called systems analysis “back in the day”. (Data Processing ———> Information Technology)

    Go Bucs!

  31. SenileSenior Says:

    Stpetebucsfan Amen!

  32. Dave Pear Says:

    Todd would be better off using the Magic 8 Ball. (Humorless Hoe – that was another joke.)

  33. BillyBucco Says:

    How do you suck at Analytics Dave Pear?
    Ridiculous take.

  34. Dave Pear Says:

    BillyBuschLight – so you think Todd is a good game manager then. And his analytics expert who trained as a lawyer without any football background is the one to advise him.

    Grab another sixes out of your pickup truck, make sure it’s not too warm, though. Warm Busch Light has been shown to reduce marginal intellect below the line of cognition.

  35. Badbucs Says:

    Agreed St. Pete. They had TB set up to be the sacrificial lamb and scapegoat after the fall from grace. He held his own. Well said.

  36. AC Says:


    “Probably telling Bowles how drastic the drop in win pct is when you turn the ball over twice compared to your opponents zero.

    Missed FG, missed 2 pt conv, and 2 instances we gave the Lions offense extra possesions, but yes lets harp on timeouts lol”

    Last I checked Bowles wasn’t on the field committing turnovers or missing kicks. What was in his control was calling a timeout to give his team a chance to win it in the end and failed.