Ira Kaufman Talks Ring Of Honor Shutdown, Mayfield Raise Parameters, Tom Brady Attitude, Tight Ends, Fresh “Lindy’s” Look At Tampa Bay Winning The NFC South Again, & More

June 21st, 2024

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What a great podcast to take to the beach. Enjoy The Sage and Joe firing away on all kinds of topics. Ira even gets a little personal.

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6 Responses to “Ira Kaufman Talks Ring Of Honor Shutdown, Mayfield Raise Parameters, Tom Brady Attitude, Tight Ends, Fresh “Lindy’s” Look At Tampa Bay Winning The NFC South Again, & More”

  1. Evans12 Says:

    .I’m going to have to correct Steve on Brady. Brady is very active on the Bucs Instagram page. He still follows the team and has liked multiple post by the social media team. He’s liked posts of Mayfield. And most recently he’ll not only did he like. He commented on the Bucs playoff win against the Eagles. This post was seen also on the NFL social media’s platform. This is very easy to fact check. Todays generation is all about Instagram. X is old news. If he had an issue with the team, he would’ve unfollowed them on social media. He’s still following them on X and Instagram.
    First, the social media example referenced was only a small piece of the puzzle because it’s a safe bet Brady is not the only one operating his social media. He is, however, the only one controlling what comes out of his mouth. (And no TikTok mentions since retirement that Joe can see). Second, Joe really doesn’t think Brady still following the team on social media — or a company — speaks to the point being made here. Third, X, for Brady, is not old news. Joe’s not referring to fans at large. –Joe
    He’s also on his podcast commented on the Bucs having a good season. In a video of him trading cards with a kid, the kid had a Mayfield card and Brady commented on how his was having a good season. Brady also mention Otton on his podcast and gave him a compliment. I think we’re reading too much into Brady and his relationship with the Bucs.
    Joe listened to all the podcasts and didn’t hear that. Specifically, the current Bucs as a team being discussed was steadily avoided, even when the playoffs came and the team was thriving. There was no Bucs-Lions discussion. Yes, Brady had Gronk on the podcast and Joe referenced this, but they did not talk about the current team. Again, Joe could have missed something. However, the Cowherd example was the focus here because it was a direct question about the Bucs — asked twice — and it was dodged completely. Appreciate your passion. –Joe

  2. heyjude Says:

    Good podcast! I saw the Russo video of Stephen A in the tunnel too. Totally agree about all their marketing and this is an example. Very true, it is all about the brand, entertainment. And everyone is talking about it.

    Hoping for a great year for Mayfield, Bucs, and we fans. If Mayfield does it again and/or wins the SB, show him the money. Don’t think there will ever be a cap for QBs either. Owners need to give up on that fantasy.

    Always respected Brady-the Goat. There seems a lot may have went on. However, I am still waiting to see if it’s about something else. We don’t know if he is still privately talking to Evans and others. I am assuming yes. We don’t know if he is in the mix with Gronk about doing something in Tampa. I think Lavonte, Donovan Smith, and Jensen were at the roast. Others may have decided not to go. Still hoping Brady will be in the booth for some of our games. Maybe he will write a book about all of it in the next few years.

    Mayfield was the right choice as our QB after Brady. He will do even better this season. We are still relevant. Tiring of the hype about the Falcons. We do have the better roster. Cousins will never be the goat, and he has no SB rings.

    Can’t wait to see the mini-camp training schedule too!

    Thanks for the nugget, it was a good laugh.

  3. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    It wasn’t a good thing for Atlanta when Sherman showed up.

  4. James Says:


    I refer you to Greg Auman’s post on X on 1/2/24:

    Tom Brady, talking Bucs on his @SiriusXMNFL “Let’s Go” podcast: “The Bucs, who I watch a lot, they put together a hell of a season and they’ve got a chance to win the division playing against Carolina. That’s certainly one I’ll be watching.”

    But you know what? Let’s see if he does any Buc games for Fox, especially if we are contending in November all. That will certainly be telling.

  5. Ward Says:

    Both Lavonte David and Donovan Smith were on stage for the roast. They sat with the comedians. I think Shaq Mason was with them as well. So was Ryan Jensen. Speaking at the roast was what was referenced. –Joe

  6. Dave Pear Says:

    Good catch James. Sometimes a narrative is too tempting to let go of. Conspiracies are all the rage.
    What James referenced is great. Joe asked for examples, and Joe appreciates the reply. But look how weak that example is. Not exactly something Joe thinks could be used to refute Joe’s presentation. –Joe

    Frankly, the dude won us a Lombardi and if not for injuries and defensive coaching blunders, probably wins a second. He dumped the Horsefaced Commandant. He’s no doubt calculating what to say when but to totally cancel his 7th Lombardi is asinine.