Tom Brady In Line To Call Week 2 Bucs Game

May 16th, 2024

So FOX announced its “America’s Game Of The Week” matchups in conjunction with the NFL schedule release yesterday.

No, the Bucs weren’t assigned one of those seven hyped games (see below).

Of course, Tom Brady is now a member of the No. 1 FOX game broadcast crew with Kevin Burkhardt and Erin Andrews, and that group is destined for the America’s Game Of The Week.  But there is none in Week 2, and that appears to be the first — and perhaps the best — opportunity for Bucs fans to hear Brady call a Tampa Bay game.

In Week 2, the Bucs head to Detroit. It’s a FOX game and a rematch of the tight divisional round playoff game last year, one the Bucs lost by one score.

On paper, that appears to be the most interesting matchup of the week among the FOX slate of games.

Week 4, Eagles at Bucs, seems to be a possibility for Brady, but FOX has the Patriots at the 49ers on that day, which Joe suspects will be where Brady lands

Aside from being two huge-market teams (Boston and San Francisco), Brady probably already requested that game given his ties to the clubs and his parents living down the road from the Niners’ stadium.

So if Joe were Todd Bowles, would Joe trust Brady in pregame production meetings where teams often share secrets and game plans? Absolutely not.

As competitive as Brady is, Joe still thinks there’s a tiny part of Brady that doesn’t want the Bucs to win a Super Bowl this year without him. Joe thinks that’s why Brady wouldn’t say the words “Baker Mayfield” or “Todd Bowles” on his weekly podcast last season.

And yes, Joe listened to every episode.


  • Dallas Cowboys at Cleveland Browns (Week 1)
  • Baltimore Ravens at Dallas Cowboys (Week 3)
  • Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys (Week 6)
  • Kansas City Chiefs at San Francisco 49ers – Super Bowl LVIII Rematch (Week 7)
  • Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers (Week 9)
  • San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers (Week 12)
  • Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles (Week 17)

31 Responses to “Tom Brady In Line To Call Week 2 Bucs Game”

  1. Bucs 95 Says:

    What about week 10 49ers bucs 🤔

  2. Durango 95 Says:

    Besides the way he once played the game there’s not much to like about Brady.

  3. heyjude Says:

    I would love to see Brady in line to call one of our games along with Burkhardt and Erin. We have many games on Fox, so one would think we could have him for at least one or two. Agree with Bucs 95, the 49ers game on November 10th could be a good fit. It’s home too.

    Uncertain if he can call Raider games since he is part owner?

  4. gofortheface30 Says:

    Appreciative of Brady and that whole experience during the moronic economic shut down but I’m still a Peyton guy one million percent. Would be much more of a cooler hang, more authentic, funnier, doesnt concern himself with botox and hair plugs, more successful in his business ventures, and frankly had a higher peak. No one, not even Brady had anywhere near the level of responsibility that Peyton had. Peyton WAS the offense and called the plays. You think if Peyton was aligned with Belichick and the Pats he wouldnt have also won 7 as well? If so, then you’re being intellectually dishonest of the highest order

  5. BucsFan55 Says:

    Thanks for the SuperBowl TB12

  6. RVATom Says:

    I really enjoyed Brady as a Buc. But watching him on TV he doesn’t appear to be an entertainer or relatable. I like Greg Olsen, the Mannings and a couple other NFL guys that have made the jump to broadcasting. Brady would be interesting to watch from the technical aspect if he is bought in. If he is half assing it the guy will be terrible. His on screen personality is just sorta flat.

  7. Lord Cornelius Says:

    This is definitely the best schedule since the SB season we’ve gotten in terms of the bye week / time and travel distances between games / and still getting prime time games. LFG!!

  8. Boss Says:

    This outta be good.

    Brady roasting the playcalling up the gut and secondary playing 10 yards deep while blitzing.

  9. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    Getting water boarded would be more enjoyable than listening to those Brady podcasts. Terrible.

  10. Buccaneer rick Says:

    IMO he is a P.o.s. Old guy that is to stuck up to acknowledge a team that also helped him win another championship I’m not saying he didn’t do his part but damn all we needed is a quarterback with good enough vision to not constantly throw into double or triple coverage

  11. SB~LV Says:

    Yawn… I doubt Brady will like the TV gig , maybe a year or two

  12. The Truth be Told Says:

    I do find it interesting that all through last year Bucs season I did not see one quote attributed to Brady regarding the Bucs team or the play of Baker Mayfield.

  13. BucU Says:

    Nice to see the NFL is still woke as ever condemning the commencement speech of the Chiefs kicker at a Christian college. That just can’t keep their moronic mouth’s shut. He was on his own time in the OFFSEASON. The NFL had no business making any comment at all but they can’t help themselves.

  14. Larrd Says:

    Four Cowboys games, two Packers games. They should make everyone wear 60s or 70s uniforms, too.

  15. D Cone Says:

    From the booth it is expected the commentators at least appear neutral.
    Even in his first year of retirement Brady was already preparing to be the best he can be in week one snd implementing that requirement.
    Brady just got what is to be three consecutive 3 year 115 million contracts fully
    guaranteed plus one. 37.5 million a year to not go thru OTA’s or take one snap.
    Don’t think any second tier QB’s got that great of deal.

    One thing for sure is Brady will have a better read of the defense before every play and what adjustments need to be made to beat it.

  16. Boss Says:

    I hope he shows no mercy

  17. PSL Bob Says:

    Enough with the Cowboys already! They’re featured in 4 of the 7 matchups listed above. You’d think they were America’s team or something.

  18. Bojim Says:

    He helped get us a SB which we appreciate. Probably a dick in real life. Don’t care.

  19. SlyPirate Says:

    What’s going on with the TB12 haters at the top of this thread?

    TB12 made the Bucs the hottest team in sports, won us a Super Bowl, recruited Gronk, and gave us probably the most fun 3 years in Bucs history. He ranks #1 or #2 in practically every QB stat category in team history.

  20. CleanHouse Says:

    He wouldn’t mention them because they both suck.

  21. Buc1987 Says:


    Brady won us a SB.

  22. darengibo Says:

    Yeah, I scroll right through the crazy hating on TB12. An AMAZING 3 year run!

    As for announcing, would have loved to see him and Gronk do what the Manning Brothers do.. set up like when they did Tommy and Gronky!!

  23. heyjude Says:

    I was just thinking the same thing darengibo! Gronk and Tom in the booth. That would be fun. Maybe they could have some beers and drinks too. It has become somewhat boring and stuffy at times. There needs to be changes.

  24. ATLBuc Says:

    32 teams in the league and t6he choking Cowboys are there 4 times. Since it the regular season they will probably win three of them

  25. View from 132 Says:

    If he talks less than Collingsworth, I’m in favor of it.

  26. unbelievable Says:

    So did Greg Olson get demoted just like that?

    Wild if so.

  27. heyjude Says:

    Unfortunately, Greg is number 2 now. I feel bad for him. He took a big pay cut too. I like him. He resembles the actor that played Dexter. Never can get it out of my head when watching him. 😱

  28. Joseph C Simmons Says:

    I 100% guarantee that a Bucs fan who cheered him on during our Super Bowl victory will turn on him when he’s even a slight bit critical of a Bucs play, player, or coach during the telecast.

  29. BucsBeBack Says:

    Why would the Pats vs. 49ers game be competitive?

    Brady really doesn’t mouth the names of Todd & Baker on his podcasts? What does he say instead?

  30. unbelievable Says:

    Yeah I will never understand the Brady hate from Bucs fans. Are ya’ll just still salty that Jaboo was a bust?

    The guy came here and did EXACTLY what we all hoped he would do– helped us a win a Super Bowl. If not for a defensive meltdown, we may have been back in the SB the following year too. And he had a positive effect on many teammates in terms of their drive, preparation, game knowledge, etc.

  31. stpetebucfan Says:

    Tommy Boy is officially on the record claiming he’s a PATRIOT for life. So much for thanking anybody in Tampa for his 7th SB!

    I loathe the Patriots. So that means I’m now free to loathe Tommy. He deserves what he got for that greedy move taking the ROAST for a reported paltry by Brady standards and chump change for his ex wife…20 million.


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