Todd Bowles And Nikki Glaser

May 9th, 2024

Bucs coach is a big fan.

Better brace yourself Coach Bowles. Your ears might need burn lotion.

So this week Bucs coach Todd Bowles appeared on the “Rich Eisen Show.” Mostly, Bowles was his normal self which seems to irk several Bucs fans.

Joe gets it all the time, especially during the season, that some fans think Bowles is cold, calculating, heartless with zero emotion and bereft of a personality.

Oh, would they be wrong.

Bowles has a big personality. Almost booming. When he gets to laughing you can hear him from two football fields away. For reasons Joe isn’t quite sure, Bowles does his best to bury his personality when he steps behind a microphone or in front of a camera.

Once in a while in a press conference, usually in training camp, Bowles will slip up and let his personality show. He’s very guarded, however.

(Go to the “Ira Kaufman Podcast” from the combine in Indianapolis and you’ll hear Bowles’ personality.)

Zooming with Eisen this week, Bowles was mostly stoic but he did let his personality show a bit when he got to talking about comedian/actress Nikki Glaser.

Eisen asked Bowles if he watched the Tom Brady roast on Netflix. Bowles said he caught bits and pieces but looked forward to seeing the whole thing because he said he’s a big Glaser fan.

Eisen nearly was at a loss for words with that. Eisen sort of cautioned Bowles he is in for a doozy when she takes the podium.

Joe hasn’t seen the whole roast but did see Glaser’s standup and, well, wow! She did not hold back. It was her typical roast. Joe thought for a second she was trying to out do Andrew Dice Clay’s Vegas act.

It was well beyond R-rated. In fact, Joe isn’t sure X-rated covered it. She let loose. Again, Joe didn’t watch the whole roast, but outside of Julian Edelman and maybe Bill Belicheat — yes, Belicheat! — maybe she was the star of the show. She brought the proverbial house down.

Upon hearing how much Bowles likes Glaser, Eisen, who was at the roast, chuckled and told Bowles, “Well, she had some special ammunition for the honoree.”

She did indeed.

Eisen then advised Bowles when he does get around to watching it, make sure the kiddos are tucked in bed and sound asleep when Glaser takes the stage.

Joe’s not going to link to Glaser because somehow, the interwebs gods will likely find a way to slap Joe in the wallet (Joe once got dinged for linking to a Kate Upton photo from her Instagram — yes, seriously! The gall!). Poke around Twitter or TikTok and you’ll find the Glaser segment. But not here. This here is a family website.

However, you can see Bowles and Eisen discuss Glaser in the video below.

21 Responses to “Todd Bowles And Nikki Glaser”

  1. unbelievable Says:

    Her, Jeff Ross, Tony Hinchcliffe, Andrew Schultz and Kevin Hart all crushed it. She may have been the funniest comedian out of any them to be honest. Either her or Tony or Jeff Ross.

    Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura were straight up awful from the comedian side of things.

    Edleman and Belicheat were both pretty damn funny though! As was Drew Bledsoe.

    I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I was thoroughly entertained and thought it was a great roast. Definitely not something to have on while the kiddos are awake though lol

  2. Mike C Says:

    Everyone is giving her flowers on this, and she deserves more, FANTASTIC performance worthy of Tom Brady.

  3. BillyBucco Says:

    Netflix has the 3 hour roast on it.

  4. Esteban85 Says:

    I think Bowles knows he needs to watch what he says in front of the speculative media and therefore covers up his true personality. We don’t need personality we need the leader he has been on this team for years.

  5. David Says:

    Hart, Hinchcliffe, Schultz, Ross, Glaser… all great. Bert & Tom was original but not great. They are not the right type of comedians for roasts.

    The whole thing was fantastic. Even most the athletes were really good.

  6. Jay Says:

    I’ve Just Seen half of it, but would also say that glaser was the best i’ve Seen so far. The Gronk/Bitcoin part = i couldnt Stop laughing.

    I already saw Bert and Tom, and yes it was not as good as some of the Others = but right know i would say the whole part of this Show i’ve Seen, was great and very entertaining.

  7. Hodad Says:

    She has a new special coming to HBO.

  8. I remember 21 Says:

    Did anyone else think Bledsoe might have been enjoying some nose candy? While funny, he seemed a little off and was licking his lips and sucking his teeth constantly.

  9. BucU Says:

    Ben Affleck was a complete weirdo freak at the roast. I thought he was semi normal for Hollyweird standards. Apparently not.

  10. Beeej Says:

    Brady’s ex is apparently VERY unhappy with the whole thing. Tom is no idiot, I’m sure he knew she’d catch a lot of heat. Very will played

  11. realistic-optimistic Says:

    I know his personality is a big problem for some people, but my negative opinion of Bowles has nothing to do with his personality.

    He’s terrible at his HC responsibilities. At DC he’s fine in my book, but not HC.

    6+ seasons as an NFL HC, and he still can’t manage a game properly.

    – Start using timeouts (effectively)!
    – Play to win (don’t say “No sense prolonging the obvious”)!
    – Stop giving bad players so many starting reps!
    – Stop pretending that we’re playing games in 1950!

  12. Mike C Says:

    Beeej, it is really funny how she thinks anyone gives two f^(#$ about how she feels about it.

  13. Lord Cornelius Says:

    lmao it was awesome. And yeah Ben Afleck came off super weird

  14. Booger Says:

    I have no idea why anyone would even want to watch it? It’s just not interesting to me whatsoever, at all. Could literally, not care any less.

  15. Bojim Says:

    If not moderated out yesterday, I guess the more F words you use the funnier you are. Kevin Hart wouldn’t shut up. Tom and everyone up their looked uncomfortable. I’ve got the most open mind there is but I turned it off. Stopped being funny after 5 minutes.

  16. Joe Says:

    While funny, he seemed a little off

    Bledsoe always looks off. Seen a couple of sitdowns with him. He always seems half out of it — maybe he’s sampling too much of his winery products?

  17. D-Rok Says:

    I saw it and thought of all the roasters, Gronk was by far the most over the top with a ton of x – rated innuendos. I was shocked Belichick showed up but he did pretty good.

  18. WiseCrack Says:


    That was not comedy, that was a circle jerk of a swan song for the NFL

  19. unbelievable Says:

    Yeah, Affleck was DEFINITELY on some nose candy lolololol

  20. Kidfloflo Says:

    Was anybody else peeved that they brought FOUR Bucs to sit on the stage and I figured it would be very Patriot centric ,Tom Nor Gronk even mentioned them!! I mean he played here for 3 years not a hired one year rental and we won the damn super bowl to boot! I felt for those guys…if their in the crowd I maybe can understand it…but to have them sit there and no shout outs?? Not from anybody all night was bush league

  21. garro Says:

    Not interested in whoever this Glaser is or even Todds “personality”.

    Most of the hollywood types have lost their freaking minds and are so far out of the real world I refuse to pay any of my hard earned money or tune in/download anything that makes them a dollar. Either way I never heard of this one.

    Got any Bucs words Joe?

    Go Bucs!