“Night-And-Day Huge Difference”

May 2nd, 2024

Rachaad White

So the seamless transition from the Dave Canales offense to Liam Coen’s might have been a little oversold by the power brokers at One Buc Palace.

That was the message when Coen was hired in January. This week, Rachaad White peeled the curtain back a bit during his BucsGameday appearance.

“I think it’s going to be a night-and-day huge difference. No disrespect to Coach Dave [Canales], but from Coach Dave’s offense it’s going to be a night and day, White said of the new offense following the first two weeks of team meetings.

“Everybody’s been asked for a better run game. So, over the past years, no matter the success of what’s been going on and how far we’ve been making it and the success we have, Coach Liam bringing all that.”

White characterized Coen’s offense as the original West Coast Rams/modern-49ers-style offense. He added that the Canales playbook was more of a spinoff that didn’t include all the West Coast elements.

Regardless, it all ties back to Rams playcalling guru Sean McVay and Niners wizard Kyle Shanahan. The duo was together with Washington more than a decade ago.

As has been heard previously, White also noted “a lot of creativity” in the new offense along with plenty of formations and shifts to study.

Joe’s not concerned. The Bucs have roster full of veteran offensive players with a quarterback that’s been in this system previously.

27 Responses to ““Night-And-Day Huge Difference””

  1. Larrd Says:

    Original West Coast offense without West Coast elements. I understand, I guess.

  2. geno711 Says:

    I always got the slight reference to Canales and McVay. But actually Canales had lots of years of Pete Carroll offense and what 2 years of McVay influence.

    So, anticipate this year will be a lot more McVay influence.

  3. J Says:

    Nice to get some Intel, and that White is excited for the change Definitely see our backs thriving in a WC offense like Rams and Niners.

  4. LouisFriend Says:

    Joe, you’ve got to give partial credit to John McVay, who taught Sean the Bill Walsh West Coast offense. The young kid took the offense and ran with it, but he learned it from one of the original masters. He cites Bill Walsh’s book on it as being his source for a lot of the concepts they use now.

    Someone needs to make sure Coen keeps a copy on his bookshelf.

  5. SB~LV Says:

    were together

  6. SlyPirate Says:

    Remember when we had the 29th ranked scoring offense through the first half the season? The teams worse than the Bucs were intentionally tanking. “My offense takes a long time to learn,” he’d say. Hack Con Artist. Joe so bought it, too.

    I wonder if he didn’t get hired by Carolina if he would have been fired by the Bucs? Can you imagine hiring the 32nd ranked rushing OC as your HC? We should send CAR a gift basket.

    Coen has been an OC and a HC. Look at the points he racked up at Kentucky and with LA Rams. He’s LEGIT. This team is going to be FIRE!

  7. View from 132 Says:

    Why are these modern coaches getting credit for adding some ideas to Bill Walsh’s offense?

  8. Drunkinybor Says:

    I listened to that interview and came away more confused. It sounded like he was saying the run game had success but us whiny fans still thought it was bad. I really really hope he knows this run game is and has been horrendous.

  9. Hodad Says:

    That’s why getting another receiver early was needed. Coen runs 11 personel 90% of the time. We were lucky to get McMillion where we did. The RB from Oregon is a perfect fit too. Now we have Barton to lead from the middle, and help make it all work. Baker already having worked with Coen is huge also. Can’t wait!

  10. Tony Marks Says:

    So looks like we added another florida Qb..LOL…let the games begin

  11. Tony Marks Says:

    by added I mean an invite ( I would think still an interest for Kyle fans).

  12. D Cone Says:

    With 80% red zone scoring success rate in 2023 with Kentucky it looks promising on the surface. 69% TD success rate looks good too.
    When you look closer at the 29 TD’s and 5 FG’s Coen was able to get his team to the red zone 42 times in 13 games or 3.2 times a game. That was good enough to be tied for 81 in college football with Marshall.
    Like everything I will believe it when I see it.
    Coen has watched a McVey Offense and Mayfield can make all the throws. If Coen can’t implement what he has see and Mayfield can’t get to the position and have the touch to make the necessary throws then Bucs offensive output should be right around 3.2 x 7 or 22 points per game.

    Gonna be interesting to see what Canales does now that he does not have to conform to the Todd Bowles Offensive Mindset.

  13. MelvinJunior Says:


    By “HC” do you mean Head Coach? I’ve been a UK-Football (and basketball) season ticket holder since birth, & that’s the first-time, I can remember ever hearing that… Was it High School or something!?:/ HE sure wasn’t ‘lighting up’ any scoreboards anywhere. And, HE did not just decide to leave L.A. all on his own, either. He already KNEW ‘His Services’ were no longer wanted/needed there, and that he would NOT be retained as OC. I’m pretty sure their Offense was around the ‘Bottom-5’ of the League in Total Offense, Rushing, & Passing… Best I can remember. His friend McVay did him a favor, by allowing him to get another job first, and not just firing him. So, he crawled back to a fully, DESPERATE Kentucky Team under Stoops. Where, he proceeded to lead an offense that was well… Extremely, “Offensive.” They were DEAD LAST in the entire NATION in total number of plays ran per game… Finishing Ranked #133 out of 133 Teams. Just Ugly. Soooo Boring & Hard To Watch. I believe most people do give him a pass tho, on his second stint in L.A. (first as OC), due to the injuries to Stafford & Kupp. That’s mostly, understandable. But, last season at UK tho, was nothing but a complete, total disaster. Hopefully, he learned A LOT from it too, because Stoops & Bowels are absolute CLONES of one another. We’ll get to see if he can fully redeem himself… I sure do hope so. The last ‘two seasons’ for him have been pretty awful. I’m of course, rooting for him HARD. There are no excuses.

  14. MelvinJunior Says:

    There was NO pace. ZERO tempo. And, that was a HUGE problem for Leary too, bc he is a ‘rhythm’ guy, & he just never could get into one. Of course, it was all HIS fault, because the offense was just too “complicated” for him… Sound Familiar??? He’s GOT TO Get Baker Off & Goin’ EARLYYYYY. Or, we’ll prob be doomed. 💯

  15. Ed McSherry Says:

    It’s all about the O-line, and a serious effort went into improvement, finally, this year; congratulations to Jason Licht on Barton, I like that “90% Grade” on NFL.com; Powers-Johnson was a full 10% lower.

    The good news is that an already decent existing-pass-protection is sure to get even better; if there’s serious run-blocking this year, it’ll cure all ills that even Canales couldn’t screw up. So, the new O.C. could be successful by default, alone.

  16. Joseph C Simmons Says:

    Whatever they do, whatever they structure, whoever’s concepts they use, PLEASE pass on first down more. That WILL set up the running game and move the chains.

  17. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Players, and playcalling, are more important than plays. We’ll be fine in that regard.

  18. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    I like it.

  19. dirtmcgirt810 Says:

    Laard, you might want to learn how to reaad.

  20. Rod Munch Says:

    Todd Bowles version of the west coast offense…

    1st down – Run up the middle
    2nd down – Run up the middle
    3rd down – Dump off to the RB
    4th down – Punt

    You can see why White loves this offense, he’ll challenge James Wilder for the all-time single season touch record!

  21. Please Says:

    Technically isn’t Sean McVay off the Gruden coaching tree? Therefore we’ve come somewhat full circle?

    MelvinJunior your post is pretty insightful and knowledgeable… and terrifying.

  22. David Says:

    Are we supposed to be able to decipher the second paragraph?

    You would think going to college with rub off a little bit

  23. Marky Mark Says:

    American football is overly complicated compared to all the other sports.

  24. Pete Says:

    American football is actually pretty simple. Win the line of scrimmage and you have a greater chance to win. It appears we’ve upgraded our lines on both sides of the ball. We’ll find out in the fall.

  25. MelvinJunior Says:


    LoL I understand what you mean, but don’t be “terrified.” He’s definitely, been through the ringer by now, so you have to hope that he has learned and is capable of adjusting and changing some things up, etc. One thing that REALLY frustrates me was all of the nonstop ‘WR-screens’ behind the line of scrimmage, etc. While, NEVER throwing any slants. But, the bc biggest thing was just tempo and pace… It was walk back to the huddle (‘huddling up’) EVER PLAY (maybe a guy or two comes off as another one or two come in), then ‘break it’ with about 17-22 seconds left on the play clock, ‘slow-walk’ it up to the line, running the clock all the way down to 00-04 seconds left, before FINALLY snapping-it, & allowing the defense to pin their ears back and then ‘time’ the snap just perfectly, as your OLine has to stand there in their stances just waiting. Then, Rinse & Repeat. EVERY Single Drive & at least 90% of the plays ran. SO BORING & HARD To Watch. That WR-screen play MUST BE 98% SCRAPPED. It never worked at UK in THE SEC and it’s NOT working in The NFL… Definitely, NOT with this Bucs Team. Tellin’ ya too, I have never seen two coaches more alike than Bowels 8 Stoops. It’s really unbelievable. I’m talkin’ 💯 DEAD ON. Both, completely ‘clueless’ about anything to do with Offense, using timeouts, and managing games, especially when on offense.

  26. MelvinJunior Says:

    When Levis was there, they couldn’t run any ‘slant plays’ because he’d throw a 100mph fastball 10-yards with ZERO ‘touch’ – The Receivers NEVER stood a chance. They ‘tried’ a few times early in the season (then again, twowards the end when they were struggling a little that season), but there was ZERO chance. He had no touch, whatsoever. Baker is very similar. They HAVE TO really work on that… Baker HAS TO be able to ‘see it’ (hopefully Barton is a big help there). The ‘middle’ is open A LOT, & they’ve GOT TO get the ball to their ‘playmakers’ in space where they can run with it after the catch. Baker needs to be quicker at reading it and making the decision. It can’t be 130mph bouncing off the Receivers face mask/hands… They have NO chance. Scrap the WR-screen and running up the middle EVERY first-down. We don’t have the team speed to consistently run WR-screens ALL fricken day long… We aren’t the Miami Dolphins & it’s not gonna work anyway!!!!

  27. We Make Custom Teez Says:

    I don’t know how many times Joe has to say, players have to say, Bowles has to say, and Canales has to say that Bowles didn’t have any input on the offense before you “maroons” (Joe’s & Bugs Bunny’s voice) get that silly notion out of your thick skulls. That was all you guys’ golden boy Canales doing on his own… Carolina did the Bucs and us fans a favor!