Ira Kaufman Talks Jason Licht Rhetoric & Team Glazer, Rookie Minicamp, Roster Health, 300-Level Fans, Night Games, Schedule Respect & Much More

May 15th, 2024

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Sage of Tampa Bay Sports comes strong — 36 hours after hip replacement — in this highly loaded podcast with Joe. Enjoy!

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7 Responses to “Ira Kaufman Talks Jason Licht Rhetoric & Team Glazer, Rookie Minicamp, Roster Health, 300-Level Fans, Night Games, Schedule Respect & Much More”

  1. J Says:

    Braswell was listed at #9 on the Freaks List the year before, and last year he was ranked 21st.

    As a two-time member of Bruce Feldman’s heralded “Freaks List,” Braswell was clocked at 21.9 miles per hour, squatted 705 pounds and vertical jumped at an astounding 38.5 inches. His athleticism leaves onlookers salivating and warranted a spot on the esteemed list.

  2. ModHairKen Says:

    Feel better, Ira!!’

  3. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    Nice work men.

  4. Ol' Boy Says:

    Hey the lion still hunts! It’s great you are out and about and sounding in good spirits, ira. I’ll be listening for an squeaky noises in the upcoming podcasts. You rest, you rust!

  5. JimBobBuc Says:

    Way to step up Ira! I hope day three goes well for you!

  6. Funderstruck Says:

    take it easy on my alma mater! As for Samford’s pedigree with NFL QBs, you don’t have to go back too far; don’t you remember when Devlin “Duck” Hodges was the rage for a hot minute in 2019?! lol

    Also, the Dawgs were rolling right along in the 2022 Div II playoffs until they ran into Cody Mauch’s team in ND! Hiers was hurt but they tried to play him anyway. Compelling early, but we were quickly road-graded.

  7. Zoocomics Says:

    No one will read this but maybe the Joe’s?

    I just wanted to comment from this particular podcast that at least “one” of you guys, the Joes, nailed the fan stadium concerns. This discussion gets brought up on other Bucs sites, and the question recently was asked to one of these sites regarding talks on upgrading the stadium with more shade coverage, etc…they were oblivious to the reasons why fans want something new and/or upgraded, it’s the result of being in the press box too long imo. Granted their point was accurate in that the Glazers are banking right now, and why would they spend money with what would appear to be an unnecessary expense.

    As one of the Joes pointed out, the weather is brutal early in RayJay and it lasts well into to Oct. Who cares that the stadium has nice big screens now, eventually we take refuge in the tunnels, or if you have enough money the Club area for A/C…what does that mean for the 12th man? We either sell out to opposing teams or we’re not in the stands making an obscene amount of noise for the opposing teams.

    Week1 at Minnesota last season I was there…yes, I know it’s a different location and fanbase, context is certainly key, but stadium is amazing, there was not an empty seat in the house, not one was bailing early for A/C, barely any opposing Bucs shirts/jerseys were present, and the noise was uncomfortable when Tampa was offense.

    I think what’s missing from the owners mindsets are the second and third order effects and/or benefits of having a great stadium experience. Even during bad and/or down seasons, I think fans will show up simple if the game day and/or stadium experience is really good. No one wants to watch a crap team while getting a sun burn at 1 pm. Additionally, more of an enclosure, even if it’s partial probably generates more noise as well.

    The problem? The Miami semi roof had a some rich donors that contributed to it. I read up on the cost of that thing and even considering time-inflation price, I think it cost as much as Joe Robbie stadium to build. Thanks for your time guys.


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