YaYa Diaby Gets Stamp Of Approval From Graham Barton

April 26th, 2024

New Buccaneers rookie center Graham Barton.

Will Bucs outside linebacker YaYa Diaby become the first dominant edge rusher the franchise drafted and developed since Lee Roy Selmon?

Graham Barton wouldn’t bet against Diaby.

The 2024 Bucs first-round pick center told a quick story Friday at One Buc Palace of facing the Bucs’ 2023 third-round pick, Diaby.

At the time, Diaby played for Louisville. Barton, of course, played with ACC rival Duke. It wasn’t one of Barton’s favorite games.

“I faced Diaby my sophomore year, my first at left tackle,” Barton recalled. Barton then shook his head at an unpleasant game.

“It wasn’t super fun. He’s pretty good. But he’s on my team.”

It may not have been fun for Barton and his Duke line got the job done. He goose-egged Diaby that day. Diaby didn’t record a single statistic.

Cool that Barton already refers to the Bucs as “my.” When he arrived to One Buc Palace today, Barton joined in the Tampa… Bay! chant with Bucs employees as he hollered repeatedly, “Tampa!”

13 Responses to “YaYa Diaby Gets Stamp Of Approval From Graham Barton”

  1. Statisticly Insignificant Reader Says:

    Very Happy for Graham and the Bucs!

  2. AL121976 Says:

    Great Pick!!!

  3. Buddhaboy19 Says:

    stout neck on the big fella

  4. Lord Cornelius Says:

    He looks like the superman of offensive lineman or something. An ambassador of pain

  5. Olboy Says:

    ^^ LC gets the coin phrase… Assuming he lives up to it

  6. Boss Says:

    the nucs hit it out of the park with this pick that late in the 1st

  7. Rod Munch Says:

    He looks the part with that giant neck.

    I’d say I hope he works out, but Licht knows offensive lineman, and if he’s taking a guy this high, it’s going to work out very well.

  8. stpetebucfan Says:


    I your lyrics are as good as your nicknames I’m sure it’s excellent.

    “Ambassador of Pain”

    I love that! I hope in the future one day that we are able to add an “s” to it and nickname the entire OL “Ambassadors of Pain”!

    Barton will set the tone in the middle.

  9. Jake been there since the beginning Says:

    Y’all are tuff on this kid man, Hainsey was like the cheese on the McDonald’s burgers. It ain’t real but it’s playing the part. So now we got our guy and I think we have to see a bright side, or Licht does and I think the kid will be a welcome gift like Tristan..

  10. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    Great pick. This kid has all the right attributes to be another Paul Gruber type and anchor the Oline for years to come.

  11. CleanHouse Says:

    Excited to see what he can do! Really, really wanted Verse and am sad about it.

  12. Barbosa Says:

    Shiver me timbers! Barton be the son of John Cannon!! Look at that neck

  13. Hammerhead Says:

    The next Charles Hannah.
    A good pick.