An Imminent Robert Hainsey Trade?

April 26th, 2024

Tampa Bay waved a white flag on center Robert Hainsey last night.

Joe thinks the Bucs might do it again on Saturday.

In March, the Bucs signed young veterans Ben Bredeson (Giants) and Sua Opeta (Eagles) in free agency. Bredeson, 26, has starting experience at center and guard. He was an early fourth-round pick in 2020 and the Bucs are paying him solid money on a one-year contract. Opeta, 27, is a guard. They are sure to compete to start at left guard.

So after drafting Graham Barton in Round 1 to play center last night, the Bucs now have a lot of bodies on their interior offensive line and there may be at least a couple of teams interested in Hainsey at center.

Whatever you may think of Hainsey, he’s made 37 starts at center through the past two seasons, including playoffs, under highly experienced quarterbacks.

A team with concerns at center might be eager to cough up a late fifth-round pick or a sixth-rounder for Hainsey.

Joe thinks Buccaneers Ring of Honor general manager Jason Licht would pounce on that opportunity, especially considering Hainsey is in is contract year and Licht probably would love to use that pick on a developmental offensive lineman.

And Joe wonders if Hainsey’s representatives might tell Licht that their client would welcome a trade. Why exactly would Hainsey want to stay on a team that just brought in three interior lineman?

71 Responses to “An Imminent Robert Hainsey Trade?”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Nope…..would rather have a versatile vet backup for a year than a 6th rounder…….a 5th is another story.

    Falcons got an F for the Michael Penix pick….not surprised.

    If they were thinking of drafting a QB @ 8…..why spend all that money on Cousins?

  2. zzbucs Says:

    Why would they?
    The three new OL, won´t be expensive, so as Mauch and Goedeke…..Hainsey isnt expensive either, most of them can play different positions, so their is depth, and let them compete and se what happens.

    With all due respect Joe, not sure if makes any sense.

  3. AL121976 Says:

    I would be ok w this. Maybe Licht could possibly get a 4th for him and a 6th

  4. Marine Buc Says:

    Trade him for what exactly?

    A cold ham sandwich and a Coke?

    He was the worst rated Center in the NFL last season… Just keep him and let him compete. He is fine as a reserve/depth guy just not as a starter.

  5. First Name Greatest Says:

    As Baker would say “Gotta get your weight up!”

  6. MadMax Says:

    He!! NO….Keep Hainsey! He plays with too much grit and heart! I love the guy, he just isnt strong enough for a starting Center.

    What if we move, and this is stupid, but Barton is a Left tackle….leave him there and move Wirfs to Center….just for shts and giggles….you never know, it might work LOL.

  7. QBKilla Says:

    I think a couple of cases of Budweiser for Hainsey is sufficient.

  8. Dave Pear Says:

    Sounds like one of the Joes took some imbecillin.

  9. Booger Says:

    This is actually, a good take that makes perfect sense. Since, there are several teams left who all desperately, NEED C/G help… HE can play them both, and for cheap. Very Experienced. I would want quite a bit better than a late 5th-6th Round Pick, though… Maybe, they could dangle him in order to move-up from their #92 or #125 Picks, or even a 4th if the other top three C/G’s are already off the board. I wouldn’t want to lose him for just a late 5th tho, unless one of the top RB’s are still available there, such as Ray Davis. He could also, be used as ‘bait’ at the trade deadline too, for some more draft capital from a contender who’s desperate for help there, due to injury, or whatever.

  10. A Bucs Fan Says:

    I don’t think trading him is the answer here. He’s intelligent and a versatile back up with the ability to spot start due to injury. He is not strong enough to be a fulltime starter. That’s his draw back.

  11. Booger Says:

    Barton’s arms are too short to play the Tackle position in the NFL.

  12. Pickgrin Says:

    Hainsey is as good as gone next year anyway. If we could pick up a 5th rd selection for him, I would do that in a heartbeat.

    Its gonna be a loooong painful stretch for Jason Licht between pick #125 in the 4th and #220 – the last pick in the 6th rd.

    Bucs are probably best off keeping Hainsey for this year though.

    If we don’t draft another IOL on day 2 (I hope we do) – then Hainsey will likely compete with Opeta and Breteson for that starting LG spot.

    At worst – with 37 games under his belt – Hainsey represents a solid to good swing backup for Center and both Guard positions.

  13. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I don’t see it happening. Hainsey may not be starting center quality, but he is backup quality. With his demotion, he will be cheaper for us…and he can play guard as well.

    I think they brought in 2 guards because they did not foresee Barton falling to us.

    We still need depth at guard because if they move Hainsey to guard and Barton suffers an injury, they’ll need Hainsey to move back over for a few games. That means they’ll need one of these guys to step in.

    Neither of them are very good…otherwise they would not have hit the market.

  14. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Hainsey gets this year to prove he can come back stronger and play guard.

  15. Mike C Says:

    Worst starting center is probably a decent backup for cheap money still, teams would give a 6th for that, most 6th round picks don’t make it.

  16. Olboy Says:

    I don’t see how you get anything worth more than his backup status for the next year. Another team would have to be really hard up to trade for him as a starter. Id prefer we keep him or push the trade value to a fourth end this year or next.

  17. Ben Says:

    If the option to trade is there, or even a package deal to move up via draft pick and Hainsey, why not? I think he is valuable depth, but he is as good as gone next year so why not try to trade him and replace him with another C. Part of me thinks Jason took Barton over JPJ because it provides flexibility for them later in the draft. I think they have another guy in mind for C, if he isnt there they play Barton at C.

  18. Anon Says:

    Teams don’t trade for backup centers.

    They’re not as easily impressed about that one time you thought you saw him open a hole in the run game from the press box.

  19. Booger Says:

    The question is… What do the Bucs do IF “JPJ” is still sitting there at #57!? I’d been thinking this could be a possibility, ever since I saw that JPJ was sinking like a ROCK… After seeing Chad Reuter ( had him at #50 in his mock draft from like, 2-3 weeks ago.

  20. Letsbucinggo Says:

    Package Hainsey and Tyron for anything!

  21. BUCman Says:

    No, they should definitely not trade Hainsey. You need a quality backup at the position. Bredeson will probably be your starting left guard and Opeta is nothing more than a backup guard. No way you trade Hainsey. If anything they could still draft a developmental guard later in the draft.

  22. Booger Says:

    Yep. That’s why I said, I’d soon keep him for a 6th. But, if you’re talking a 4th or helping to get ‘your guy’ by moving-up from #92 or #125… Orrrrr, a contending team ‘desperate’ for C/G help at the trade deadline. Then, I’m just like, Frasier Crane. “I’m Listening!”

  23. SB~LV Says:

    Wild speculation, but that’s what we do
    He is also , young, experienced and a known quantity

  24. Pickgrin Says:

    Anon Says:
    “They’re not as easily impressed about that one time you thought you saw him open a hole in the run game from the press box.”


  25. gotbbucs Says:

    Heavens yes, trade him if you can. $3 million savings.

  26. Ryan Smith Says:

    I’d rather keep him. Never know what could happen in TC and he’s a good smart teammate, just not strong enough to be a great starter.

  27. Olboy Says:

    Anon, that was funny.

  28. geno711 Says:

    Why does Joe think the Bucs would consider trading him. He has talked to front office personnel who say that they like Hainsey.

    Plus, the eagle eyes of Joe has clearly seen all the holes opened up by Hainsey.

    Certainly, the bucs must be noticing that superior eyesight.

  29. Buchen61 Says:

    I say keep him he’s versatile can play multiple positions on the line as can Barton Mauch and Brederson……damn what an online we are putting together…we can dominate

  30. SB~LV Says:

    I would not make this hypothetical trade for a late pick, BUT I would consider a trade for sending Hainsey and swapping picks into higher 2 or 3 rd round picks

  31. Beeej Says:

    Got to be awkward sitting on the bench after you’ve been a starter for a couple years

  32. Buchen61 Says:

    Let’s nail it and grab top 3 RB off the board tonight…I’d sell my soul to the devil for Jonathon Brooks or Trey Benson

  33. Idroolpewter&red Says:

    I say keep Hainsey. You never know when Logan Hall might roll up on another IOL’s knee. Just sayin’.

  34. SlyPirate Says:

    There is value in depth.

  35. Buc4evr Says:

    Keep him this year, until they see what Barton has got.

  36. Conner50 Says:

    I like Hainsey as a depth piece but if we can get a nice washer machine for him I’d consider it

  37. Durango 95 Says:

    if they could land a 5th rounder for him it would make no sense to pass that up. If he’s in his contract year he’s going to be gone after this year anyway.

  38. Cobraboy Says:

    Hainsey sees his film. He should not be surprised.

  39. SB~LV Says:

    We still have the 2024 season to play and he has been a 2 year starting center, he has more value on the roster than a no name late round pick!

  40. Fred McNeil Says:

    I’d keep him unless I was offered something unrealistic. He’s good depth.

  41. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Nah. I suspect they’ll keep him as depth, mentoring.

  42. Duane in Sanford Says:

    Worst kept secret. We all saw it last year, and it was amazing that there were some that just wanted to play hopium for an edge rusher that just wasnt there. No clue as to why we would trade him for a 5th or 6th round pick. Dude still has good value as a backup for this team. Calling shenanigans.

  43. IE Buc Says:

    If Zach Fraizer falls to to the Bucs in the 2nd round, draft him and trade Hainsey.

  44. David Says:

    I assumed they would keep him to compete at guard and he adds versatility as a back up, Plus. He’s not that expensive.
    But if there is interest in him and they can get more value than what he offers, go for it

  45. DvaderZ51 Says:

    There is absolutely no reason to send Hainsey packing. He is a versatile IOL that is more suited to play guard that has filled in at center fairly well. I for one don’t remember any bad exchanges or errant snaps last season. It is a completely different experience having to snap the ball and block than just block. He may may not be the right guy to be our starting center, but his at minimum an experienced back up that gives us much needed depth. Besides, at this point he is the only IOL we have that has experience with our team at center. Just my 2 cents.

  46. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The only reason I could see them drafting JPJ or Frazier in the 2nd is if they plan on Barton playing LT.

    Not impossible, I suppose. That would probably give us the best OL in the NFL and the youngest.

    But I don’t see it happening.

    We have other needs to address.

  47. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Booger Says:”Barton’s arms are too short to play the Tackle position in the NFL.”

    They said the same for Luke Goedeke and yet he did a brillant job at Right Tackle last year. The length of arm is overrated. Sure it might make a small difference, but really doesn’t mean much. Power, skill and lateral movement makes a bigger difference for the OL.

  48. ModHairKen Says:

    Move Wirfs to Center? Delete your account.

  49. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The fact that this is a contract year doe NOT mean Hainsey is gone next year.

    It means he has a year to prove he should stay…and there is a realistic chance of him doing so.

  50. MadMax Says:

    I know Mod lol…day drinking guy right here

  51. Cobraboy Says:

    Bonzai, I think you meant LG.

    I would be ecstatic ig they grab a real C in the 2nd, especially the kid from WV.

  52. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Any team that needs a Center will probably find one they like in the Draft. Hainsey will probably be the Bucs backup Center.

  53. Usfbuc Says:

    Some funny posts here.

  54. Cover deuce Says:

    Yeah man totally why would Licht want cheap veteran depth anyway?

  55. Booger Says:

    “AlabamaBucsFan” & “Buccaneer Bonzai” – Everyone has said that Barton’s NFL Position will be somewhere on the ‘interior’ Offensive Line, whether it be C or at G. EVERYONE. I am not an “O-Line Expert,” nor do I pretend to be. So, I’m going strictly, by what all of the ‘experts’ have said.

  56. Darin Says:

    Good luck Licht.

  57. ThatAintRight! Says:

    I wouldn’t trade him he’s still a solid fill in and backup and tbh imo Graham Barton won’t even be playing C. He’s listed at C doesn’t mean he is a C. He’s probably going to be playing LG for Tampa Bay. Robert Hainsey as of right now imo is still the starting C. I mean camp battle will tell who wants it’s more and who shows out I think. Lot of talent on this young Bucs O line. Nothing to be upset about here.
    That being said I do think Zach Frazier could be the answer at the end of rd 2. He would be expected to start at C for Tampa Bay next to Barton and then this O-line would be complete. It’s not a huge need though when looking at Tampa Bays other needs so I wouldn’t demand it or force it if he’s there when Tampa Bay picks next. This is still a pass happy league very much and we still do not have a true #1 CB. Wouldn’t even be shocked if Tampa bay traded up to get Kool Aid McKinstry. We also still have needs at pass rusher opposite of YaYa and I would not be mad if we tried looking for one although it may be too late now for that. Slot WR/RB could be in play. Still a few defensive guys I really like.

  58. Daniel Dream Says:

    Joe in Michigan is correct. Why would a team trade a pick for Hainsly now during the draft when they could just draft a rookie right now and have them for cheap for the next four seasons? That doesn’t make sense. It at some point closer to the season a team became in need of a center or something it could possibly happen, but I seriously doubt it’s a possibility at all during the draft. Personally I’d keep him and have him complete for the final G spot because he might be successful starting at G, unless we were to draft another interior lineman- at which point it might make sense to trade him since his contract is expiring ifa team has an injury or something and is desperate for someone who could start at center. Howeve4 that’s a whole lot of speculation and ifs, so as things stand today I’m in favor of having him complete at LG. Still, a lot can change in the draft…

  59. Daniel Dream Says:

    Thataintright!: I could be mistaken, but I read that our FO has already stated they drafted Barton as C. I wouldn’t worry that he wasn’t playing C for the last 3 seasons: he’s a natural C. He’s just good enough to play every position on the line. It’ll help him at C that he pass blocks well and has experience in college pass blocking the best edges, but his best position is at C. He was like All-American at C his freshman season. I think its always been his most natural position, so he won’t be making a transition so to say, as some offensive lineman out of college do. He was ready to be drafted as a C after his freshman season, to be frank, and I’d think the experience at LT has only made him better.

  60. Ugotrobbed Says:

    So, just watched the Barton pick again from NFL Network last night. After the pick Charles Davis said part of the reasoning for the pick was, “Jenson might have to retire”! Talk about the national media being clueless about the Bucs! Some of them seamed to be confused as to who the Bucs center was…I thought BSPN were the clueless ones!

  61. Tony Marks Says:

    I have no idea about next years draft but this one is still chocked with value. We could do with another pick or at least moving up within a round.

    I would see Hainsey getting interest more as a sweetener to a deal rather than by himself but for something more valuable . Hainsey to me is still competent enough to not give up for a 6th

  62. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Booger says. “I am not an “O-Line Expert,” nor do I pretend to be. So, I’m going strictly, by what all of the ‘experts’ have said.”

    I am actually a professional armchair, beer drinking, large screen expert at judging new players coming out of college. Been doing this my entire adult life. I Probably could be a professional flag football coach.

  63. MadMax Says:


  64. BakerBucs says Says:

    Because of cousins goes down again they need a solid backup in oenix he throws an absolute drop in long pass

  65. 941Boltsfan Says:

    No freaking way! He’s played damn good at a position he wasn’t drafted to play. Even if he doesn’t win/earn a job starting on the line, he is a damn good Swiss army knife with the tools to be great.

  66. HC Grover Says:

    Get him out.

  67. Booger Says:

    “Daniel Dream” – I really don’t see it happening during this draft either, & said that it would only be possible, IF all the other top three or four Centers are already off the board and taken… I don’t believe ANYONE ‘thinks’ this is happening in the 3rd or 4th Round.

    “ThatAintRight” – I don’t believe Frazier has much of a chance of still being there at our #57 pick… I would love to be wrong.

    “AlabamaBucsFan” – I have been doing the exact same since I was 7 (but you could also add EVERY ‘drug’ to speak of to go along with the many beer)… I am 47 somehow, now!

  68. Scotty Mack Says:

    Makes zero sense for the Bucs or the team trading for him. If he is only worth a sixth or seventh, why wouldn’t they use one of their remaining picks on a Center?

  69. Scotty Mack Says:

    Besides, if they are truly worried about re-signing him, it means his value is far more than a 6th or 7th.

  70. Esteban85 Says:


  71. Daniel Hammond Says: