Winning Legal Tampering

March 21st, 2024


Did the Bucs win free agency? Well, Bucs AC-DC-loving general manager Jason Licht sure kicked tail in keeping his valued free agents, that’s for sure.

So much so that James Palmer of the NFL Network slapped Licht with the label of “Mastermind of Money.”

Joe cannot (yet) give the Bucs an A+ because there is still a massive hole on defense. One player short of an A+ let’s say.

The way Licht was able to own the legal tampering period moved veteran NFL scribe Dan Pompei of The Athletic to type that no team dominated the three-day period (remember, free agents could not sign until 4 p.m. last Wednesday) like Licht and the Bucs.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers did as well as any team by retaining so many of their big-ticket players: Baker Mayfield, Mike Evans, Antoine Winfield Jr., Lavonte David and Chase McLaughlin.

The boat parade can still happen. The way Licht was able to negotiate (“coerce” is a loaded word) and coax his valued free agents to stay home was downright savvy.

Now if Licht can bring in — oh, Joe doesn’t know; perhaps Haason Reddick? — Joe will personally help pay for a deposit for Licht’s boat for an afternoon cruising the Hillsborough River.

Yes, Joe has confidence Licht can still reel in Antoine Winfield and Tristan Wirfs.

35 Responses to “Winning Legal Tampering”

  1. Leopold Stotch Says:

    I really don’t think we’re going to get Reddick. Trade value will be too much for Licht to stomach and then we’d have to pay him, otherwise it’s a one year rental. Plus his age is a factor. On top of that, we have Ramirez, Watts, Gill, that are unproven and hopefully (I used it on purpose, I know it’s a slur to you) they can contribute as well as a draft lick coming in April. One other thing is Todd can scheme up a lot of blitzes without the OLB’s that the thinking is, it’s not necessary to add external help. The last season where I’d say our OLB’s were good was ’21, the last two years we’ve been what? Top 5? Top 10 in sacks without major contributions from our OLB’s. I sure would like to sign one, but I’m not holding my breath.

  2. sweti_yeti Says:

    And there it is…

    Perhaps Joe doesn’t realize that continuing to call for Reddick isn’t going to make it happen. I’d say it’s pretty clear, based on every shred of reason and evidence from this front office, that it’s not happening. They’re not even sniffing the situation.

    Perhaps spend some time researching Edge players in the draft that actually might happen? Maybe, instead of the daily b!tchfest over something this front office is CLEARLY not going to do, try doing a daily feature on a draftable Edge guy that they might actually be interested in. I know, research and watching some highlights is very time consuming. Much easier to whine about something that IS NOT HAPPENING.

  3. Oddball Says:

    Who’s Handsome Redneck?

  4. OrlandoBucsFan Says:

    I’m begging and praying for an edge rusher !!! Please !!🙏

  5. OrlandoBucsFan Says:

    I don’t get it. If JL knows that Shaq is gone wouldn’t he want to fill that void on the team ?

  6. Todd Says:

    Joe, how much would Reddick cost to sign?

  7. Cory Says:

    I would expect a powerful edge rusher out of the draft? Maybe with the first round pick? They always seem to be hungriest when they are new!

  8. BillyBucco Says:

    The more I contemplate the draft, the more I see value trading back. I think teams like SF at the bottom of the 1st or any team at the top of the 2nd like the Cardinals with 11 picks will have some guys they can’t pass on. If we come out of this draft with 6 or 7 players in rounds 2-4, we will be ready to roll. Only if a coveted player on their board falls, should they use that 1st round pick, and I can’t even think of a player who could fall that I would truly COVET.
    From the looks of their interviews at the combine, they did a LOT of work with guys I see in the middle rounds. I think Licht and company NAIL this draft.

  9. Lt. Dan Says:

    “Haason Reddick?” At this point in his career Reddick (29 yoa) smells like an expensive one year rental. No thanks.

  10. StormyInFl Says:

    The only way they should trade out of the first round is if no one else they could use has a first (or even high second) round grade on them and whoever wants the pick overpays for it. That first also comes with an extra year of leverage/team control that has significant value, too.

  11. Defense Rules Says:

    ‘Joe cannot (yet) give the Bucs an A+ because there is still a massive hole on defense. One player short of an A+ let’s say.’

    I pretty much feel the same way Joe. But I’m confident we’ll be able to replace Devin White before Game 1. That is who you were talking about, isn’t it?

    OK, given your history I know better. But I don’t see replacing Shaq as being as tough as you’ve made it out to be. And I certainly wouldn’t be coughing up $20-$25 mil a year for his replacement.

    Bucs generated 48 sacks last year, with 14 different players contributing to that total. That put us tied at #7 ranking with the Jets, 49ers & Chargers so I’d say that we did reasonably well. Our top sack producer, Ya Ya Diaby, only had 7.5 sacks on the year; not a whole bunch for your top producer.

    1 – Diaby: 7.5 sacks – 8 QB Hits – 12 TFLs – 515 def snaps
    2 – Winfield: 6 sacks – 8 QB Hits – 6 TFLs – 1100 def snaps
    3 – Vea: 5.5 sacks – 9 QB Hits – 8 TFLs – 607 def snaps
    4 – JTS: 5 sacks – 7 QB Hits – 7 TFLs – 579 def snaps
    5 – LVD: 4.5 sacks – 5 QB Hits – 17 TFLs – 957 def snaps
    6 – Shaq: 4.5 sacks – 9 QB Hits – 3 TFLs – 515 def snaps
    7 – Kancey: 4 sacks – 12 QB Hits – 10 TFLs – 577 def snaps
    8 – Nelson: 3 sacks – 6 QB Hits – 7 TFLs – 409 def snaps
    9 – White: 2.5 sacks – 9 QB Hits – 5 TFLs – 894 def snaps
    10 – Gaines: 1 sack – 5 QB Hits – 0 TFLs – 473 def snaps
    11 – Gill: 1 sack – 0 QB Hits – 1 TFL – 62 def snaps
    12 – Russell: 1 sack – 1 QB Hit – 1 TFL – 71 def snaps
    13 – Watts: 1 sack – 1 QB Hit – 1 TFL – 45 def snaps
    14 – Hall: 0.5 sack – 1 QB Hit – 2 TFLs – 543 def snaps

    To date, everyone except Shaq (4.5 sacks), White (2.5 sacks) and Gill (1 sack) are on the 2024 roster. We’re only missing 8 sacks from those 3 guys. And the biggest producer on last year’s roster (Diaby) only had 7.5 sacks total. We’ve added Whitehead (he should get some sacks) and surely we’ll add at least 1 high draft pick to replace Shaq.

    What I’m seeing is that replicating 48 sacks shouldn’t be all that difficult for Todd Bowles. What I think we should be much more concerned about is CONSISTENTLY putting pressure on opposing QBs, and IF we can do that, surely our INTs will increase considerably (we’ve got some ball hawks back there).

  12. Defense Rules Says:

    BTW, the Bucs defense was on the field for 1081 def snaps last year. Only 6 of those 14 sack contributors (Winfield, LVD, White, Vea, JTS & Kancey) were on the field for 50% or more of those. Some guys ‘contributions’ did not match the playing time they got (Shaq, White, Hall & JTS being prime examples?). Two of those are now gone, and I suspect that Hall & JTS won’t be used as much this year UNLESS they up their game considerably.

  13. BigMacAttack Says:

    If you’ve learned anything about Jason Licht, it should be the word, patience.

  14. Beeej Says:

    I’d have loved to grab someone like Reddick, but that would be yet another $20+ million salary every year

  15. Beeej Says:

    Reddick. Why can’t I type this guy’s name without the mod program zapping me?

  16. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Bowles and Licht like tacklers – that’s not who Reddick is – Bucs will draft some power and speed at OLB and/or DLine and they’ll get sacks by committee as DR points out

  17. SlyPirate Says:


    A lot of picks (9) and not too many holes (C, G, MLB). More than enough to for holes, upgrades and depth. This team is surely to improve short-term and build towards the future.


  18. Berniemac13 Says:

    Joe, I get it, you would like to see them trade for Hassan Reddick. But please just give it a rest, maybe J.Licht and crew think the price is too high, maybe they feel like it would cost too much idk. But maybe try and find something else to talk about. Starting to sound like you don’t

  19. Bobby M. Says:

    There could be other guys become available once teams get through the draft. If I remember correctly, wasn’t Michael Bennett a practice squad guy initially? We may have one already on the roster. Time will telll but I’m more concerned with upgrading the o-line/run game. Consistent offense will win our division….the defense is built to simply bend but don’t break….its not shutting anyone down on a weekly basis. Kind of a pointless endeavor in today’s NFL where the rules grossly out favor the defense.

  20. Zman Says:

    Reddick wants 20 to 25 mil a year with a new contract. No way we have that cap space. Plus he’s 30. He’s making 14 mil this year. He will get more than 14 mil with his new contract. Much more. It’s not the pick we give, it’s the money. That is why the draft is vital, i.e. JTS and Hall, just to name a few.

  21. Cobraboy Says:

    Reddick is waaaay too spendy for the Bucs.

    Besides, why would the Iggles send him to a major conference rival?

  22. J Says:

    Sweti_Yeti, create your own site and STFU if you don’t like the content. You’re respected here about as much as a hemorrhoid would be.

  23. EternalSon Says:

    LOL oddball

  24. JimBobBuc Says:

    I’m not convinced we got better with Bredeson and Opeta, so I think we need to draft early (R1 or R2) for a good IOL or find a high quality guy in the league. Being last in rushing is getting really old, and our play-action game is being hurt badly.

    I’m with Joe on the pass rush, but looking at @DR’s sacks from last year, who contributed the least? Don’t forget an early round DL3 as an option to replace Hall and attack the QB head-on.

    I’m not in the camp of drafting a big back unless we run John McKay’s I formation with Kieft as FB.

  25. Let em bake Says:

    That is a deep dive , dr. Well done.

  26. Cometowin2 Says:

    DR should be given his own weekly if not daily column. Doubt anyone deserves it more. Maybe an internship. What say you Joe?

  27. Capt.Tim Says:

    Defense rules.
    Thank you, that was alot of helpful info.
    One name that was missing? K J Britt.
    I believe he is a better Lber than Devon White in every category but one.
    Pass rush

    Id give Jason Licht an A+ SO FAR. But we arent done.
    What have we done to improve?
    One thing- signing Jodan Whitehead.
    Also, we cut and replaced our depth at Cb and interior Offensive line.

    But improved?

    We have 3 starters to replace
    Shaq- nothing so far
    Stennie/Feiler- nothing so far
    Ryan Jensen- Nothing so far. Hainsey was meant to be a Backup. Not a starter.

    Also need to replace Devon White as a Pass rusher. Britt is better at everything Else.
    Im fine With replacing Carleton Davis with Zyon McCollum. Davis and Dean got
    Paid, then quit on the team. Im hoping Josh Hayes takes Deans spot this Summer.

    So yes. Licht gets an A+ for keeping what we had.
    Now- Time to replace what we’ve lost!

  28. Capt.Tim Says:

    Those guys are backups,. They are better than the guys we signed them to replace. But not starters. Like Hainsey- they are meant to back up the Starters.

    Who we still need to sign

  29. Cometowin2 Says:

    Replace Logan Hall, Shaq, Hainsey and the two guys at LG with STARTERS. We already replaced Ryan Neal. A true RB1 would be nice and another CB. Do this and we can take on everyone!

  30. Jb™ Says:

    Everybody needs to settle down. This is Joe’s M.O. leading up to the draft. Remember when he spent 2 solid months (probably longer) claiming daily that we HAD to draft Johnny Manziel? This what football fans do. Joe’s a fan, just like us! That’s one reason I enjoy

  31. Defense Rules Says:

    Capt Tim … ‘One name that was missing? K J Britt.’

    That list of 14 was the guys who had sacks. Britt had none so he didn’t make the list. Interestingly he’s the same size as Devin White (6′ & 235 lbs) but a LOT slower (White 4.42 sec in the 40, vesus Britt 4.76 sec in the 40). That’s a HUGE difference & I’m not expecting a whole bunch of sacks out of Britt (although in his 160 def snaps last year he did manage to get 1 QB hit to go with his 0 sacks & 0 TFLs).

    And just for the record, I’d also give JL an A+ thus far. We’ve still got holes (every team does at this point), but we’ve made incredible progress this off-season bring back our Top-5 PLUS signing a lot of other very good players. It seems doubtful that we’ll add any more FAs now, however, we MIGHT pick up 1 or 2 after the Preseason cutdowns (some talented players always seem to get cut then because of money).

    Bring on the draft. Having 4 picks in the Top-3 Rnds is nice. I see us using those for a DE/OLB, a Center, an ILB and hopefully a beastly RB. Beyond that, we can always use depth with our Rnd 4-7 selections.

    My HOPE BTW is that Bucs will find a suitable replacement for Devin White before Training Camp starts. Personally I view that position as a MLB, and that’s smack dab in the center of our defense. Britt isn’t starter material IMO; he’s a very good tackler from what I’ve seen, but speed (or lack thereof) kills.

  32. Capt.Tim Says:

    Defense Rules,
    That was my point. Britt can Improve Whites performace in run defense, and even in Coverage(white was a nightmare), but e wont match White as a pass rusher- Whites only remaining virtue.
    We need to replace both Shaq’s and White’s talent as pass rushers.
    Jason Licht needs to GET BUSY!

  33. Defense Rules Says:

    Capt Tim … Britt reminds me in some ways of Kevin Minter; he was solid but just not fast enough to consistently start in Bowles defense.

    Looking at Walter Football’s rankings of Guards & Centers, I think there’s a Center we MIGHT want to grab in Rnd 2 (assuming we can nab a DE/OLB in Rnd 1). Check out Zach Frazier from West Virginia. Good size for a Center (6’2″ & 314 lbs), projected to go in Rnds 2-3.

    Walter Football ranked him #6 among Guards, but he actually played more Center in college.

  34. Capt.Tim Says:

    I like Zack Frazier, also. Hes got the skills, and the brains to read defenses and call line sets

  35. Capt.Tim Says:

    Check out Tanor Bortellini from Wisconsin.
    Wisconsin knows how to coach up O Linemen