Mike Evans On Baker Mayfield

March 10th, 2024

Good for each other.

So Friday was a celebration of Mike Evans at One Buc Palace. For good reason. The best receiver that ever put on a Bucs uniform will be back for two more seasons and who knows after that.

And while the focus was deservedly on Evans, bubbling under the surface was the status of Bucs pending ree agent quarterback Baker Mayfield.

All signs pointed to his return.

In fact, Joe was pretty surprised Evans re-signed with the Bucs before Mayfield. But as Evans put it in a sidebar with reporters after his press conference, he can get the ball no matter who is throwing it.

“I know I can play with whoever is at quarterback,” Evans said. “I hope it is Baker.”

Evans admitted he and Mayfield have been in contact. He thinks he was good for Mayfield and Mayfield was certainly good for him.

“I feel like we can build on what we did last year,” Evans said. “Hopefully we get him back – he’s a hell of a player. I appreciate [him].”

That’s hard to argue. Mayfield had a career year and Evans damn near had a career year as he turned 30, his 10th season with the Bucs.

Coincidence? Joe doesn’t believe in coincidences when it comes to football.

“I want what’s best for both [Mayfield and the Bucs],” Evans said. “I think what is best for him is to play with me and Chris [Godwin].”

Throwing to a Hall of Fame receiver? Mayfield can certainly do worse.

49 Responses to “Mike Evans On Baker Mayfield”

  1. Lt. Dan Says:

    Reminds me of the old saying..The waiting is the worst part.

  2. Senor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    I would like to see what Mayfield can do in a 2nd year with, hopefully, a much improved running game and an upgrade to the IOline. He is only 26 years old. Baker is the best option for the Bucs and I think we can all safely assume Licht will not overpay. So that is not a concern.

    I think Mayfield has the potential to be Jared Goff if the Bucs put the talent around him Goff has. The Lions have great skill players at WR, TE and RB. That could be the Bucs

  3. Boss Says:

    Like bake…appreciate his year…….just do not be fooled into thinking he is a franchise qb. Seems the Bucs think the same.

  4. K_bassuka Says:

    ME13 has made average and below average QBs look good (Maybefield included) throughout his career, of course he doesn’t mind playing with another QB.

  5. Gipper Says:


    Why don’t you define what a “franchise quarterback” is?

  6. Stanglassman Says:

    That sounds like a old Mike Evans quote from training camp before the season. Is that a recent quote?

  7. Hail2dabucs Says:

    Senor Harry
    Your right . We need to see what mayfield can do with upgrades at center + guard position & it wouldn’t hurt to sign Derrick Henry #22 to help R.white in the run game . The draft should be spent upgrading both trenches & FA should be spent on getting J.whitehead back opposite AW31 & a GOOD running back to go with white..also , these frigging corners we got better start learning how to stay on the field..

  8. Levin Says:

    “Joe was pretty surprised Evans re-signed with the Bucs before Mayfield.”

    That’s because you like many here bought into the narrative that when Evans’ agent said Evans wants to play for an elite quarterback that must mean Evans wants to play with Mayfield! … Because Mayfield is elite! … And so Evans will wait for Mayfield to sign first to make sure Evans doesn’t have to to play with Trask who went to Florida! … I mean who is just horrible despite what Licht and Evans say!

  9. BillyBucco Says:

    So Jamies went to FSU and sucked balls.
    Leave Florida out of it. Has nothing to do with most Tampa fans.

  10. ATLBUC Says:

    That doesn’t sound like he’s expecting Baher to come back. Especially the part where he says he wants…what’s best for the Bucs. That means that Baker is asking too much for the team to be able to afford other free agents. Also consider the fact that Mike gave the Bucs a discount. He could have gotten a lot more n the market.
    Notice that Evan’s first statement was: “I know I can play with whoever is at quarterback,”

  11. Levin Says:

    Mike Evans Says: “They both have big arms. They’re both very mobile. So they’re similar in that regard. Obviously, they’re a little different in size. But they have a similar play style. Really good NFL quarterbacks.”

    Stanglassman Says: “That sounds like a old Mike Evans quote from training camp before the season.”

    First, Trask never practiced or played with the starting offense (i.e., Evans) during his first two seasons, which was confirmed by Licht before the start of the 2023 training camp when he said he was excited to see how Trask would look practicing with the starters for the first time.

    Second, the Evans quote is from AFTER training camp 2023 – which was when Evans first played with and caught balls from Trask – and right before the Jets preseason game (where Trask shined so much that Bowles had to postpone the quarterback announcement he had planned for after the game).

    Here is more from the article (click on my name to read it):

    The players are waiting, as well. Receiver Mike Evans said he’s a big fan of Mayfield and Trask, but he still doesn’t know who’s starting – yet.

    “They both have big arms. They’re both very mobile. So they’re similar in that regard. Obviously, they’re a little different in size. But they have a similar play style. Really good NFL quarterbacks,” Evans explained. “We want to know who the starter’s going to be. Soon, we can just keep working, and they can take control of the offense.”

    Fellow receiver Chris Godwin said there’s an air of optimism around the Bucs’ offense because he thinks the offensive benefits both quarterbacks.

    “I like what Dave Canales is putting together. It’s really cool to see these guys going after it,” Godwin said. “There’s a lot of complex things that happen in the midst of a football game. And I think those are two very capable guys.”

  12. Bojim Says:

    Pretty dam sure that Baker will come back. Waiting is a drag. I don’t think Baker is being a di**. His agent may be.

  13. BakerFan Says:

    It does not matter what any player says about Mayfield because there is always the BucButtholes that come in and reinterpret what ME or any other player says about Baker to back up their hate and narratives.

  14. Marky Mark Says:

    What stuns me is munchie, oniel, marley jarhead all think they know more than evans
    who has caught passes from a heisman winner, the goat, and several first rounders.

  15. Buchen61 Says:

    What’s being reported elsewhere doesn’t line up with the narrative here…sounds like ownership is low balling …

  16. geno711 Says:

    Some dumbell on here was impressed that Baker Mayfield had a game with a perfect passer rating last year that somehow makes him a quality quarterback.

    Other QB’s that have perfect passer ratings for 1 game include past Bucs:
    Tom Brady
    Craig Erickson
    Chris Chandler

    Recently signed QB from last off season:
    Geno Smith

    Guys currently on the market for this season:
    Nick Foles
    Russell Wilson
    Ryan Tannehill
    Kirk Cousins
    Marcus Mariota

    and guys that started less than 30 games:
    Dick Shiner
    Mike Buck
    Bob Lee

    By the way Marcus Mariota’s career passer rating is higher than Baker Mayfield’s.

  17. Buchen61 Says:

    Mike Evans might have caught a lot of passes from a lot of different Tampa QBs but he didn’t catch any in playoff games until Brady and Baker

  18. Levin Says:

    Marky Mark Says: “What stuns me is [they] all think they know more than Evans
    who has caught passes from a Heisman winner, the goat, and several first rounders.”

    Exactly! And Evans said Mayfield and Trask “both have big arms. They’re both very mobile. So they’re similar in that regard. Obviously, they’re a little different in size. But they have a similar play style. Really good NFL quarterbacks.”

    We’re lucky to have Trask under contract. He’ll do as well or better that Mayfield – with far more upside both personally and for the team – should Mayfield bolt for “greener” pastures.

  19. Levin Says:

    “I know I can play with whoever is at quarterback,” Evans said. “I hope it is Baker.”

    He caught himself and tried correcting the message that he’s fine with Trask so as not to offend hot-head Baker.

  20. Just Saying Says:

    I’m pretty sure the Bucs have a $ that they are not going to go above for a qb no matter who it is. They still have a lot of dead money left. They allotted $4m for qb last year and got a decent return but they can’t afford to spend above a certain amount and sign their other free agents. They are not going to handcuff the team for a qb not named Brady and rightly so. Too bad our government isn’t as judicious with our money. Go Bucs and whomever is qb next year, it won’t be Baker if he thinks he’s worth more than what Jason has budgeted for the position.

  21. JD Still Says:

    What a conversation between the owners and builders of the Titanic might have sounded like, “ We have a problem , we only have so much money , and We need to strengthen the superstructure of the vessel but our current Captain wants a kings ransom to drive the boat , now, we do have another pilot with the same skills as the current Captain , maybe even better, and he would be much less expensive and then we could strengthen the ship , but he hasn’t been in charge of a ship this big yet , what , oh what , should we do ? ( and that’s where We are right now!), Sink or swim with Mayfield or Kyle ?

  22. ChiBuc Says:

    Those quotes could have been said by anyone. Typical generic NFL PR fodder

  23. Bucben61 Says:

    So Levin..you know for a fact what Mayfield is demanding??? What are your sources
    When I read your posts all I hear is an unnatural hatred of all things Mayfield..I Don’t believe anything you say and I would dare to say most here feel the same…making statements to the effect that Trask has more upside personally???? Do you know Trask and Mayfield???? ..haters have blinders on

  24. Bucben61 Says:

    JD Stills…you are getting ready to board your flight do you want a pilot with thousands of flight hours or one who’s never been on a plane

  25. DBS Says:

    Son of Trask. Now you know what Evans is saying or trying to say?
    If Baker does not re-sign you can only hope he Trask is what Licht has behind door #2. Stay on your knees praying. He could have someone

  26. Bucben61 Says:

    They allotted $4m for qb last year and got a decent return…. understatement of the year

  27. Tony marks Says:

    Stanglassman Says:
    March 10th, 2024 at 8:39 am
    That sounds like a old Mike Evans quote from training camp before the season. Is that a recent quote?

    Yes back in august before he had played actual games withe Baker and the winner had not be announced. Trask gtoupies will grasp at any thing to counter the multiple points of data that Mike wants Baker

  28. Bucben61 Says:

    It’s amazing how many folks here attack Mayfield on a personal level…it’s cheap and disgusting

  29. Levin Says:

    Just Saying Says: “Too bad our government isn’t as judicious with our money.”

    That’s because the Bucs are playing with the Bucs’ own money and politicians play with other peoples’ money.

  30. Gipper Says:

    Doubtful that ATL signs a 36 year old QB coming off an Achilles year. Baker is a more likely target. In the AFC, Steelers looking at Baker who they remember well from his Browns days. Baker is probably sincere in wanting to come back to Bucs but there is also no doubt that he is competitive and wants to be paid competitively. Tampa got a bargain last year. Go find another bargain or pay Mayfield like the playoff caliber QB he is. He no doubt watched how much time Jared Goff had to operate behind a great Detroit line last year. For once in his career would love to see operate behind a solid line. No, that wasn’t the case with the Browns who were built for run blocking. Moreover, other than Jarvis Landry the Browns never had receivers around Mayfield. OBJ was just a free lancer who ran around waving his hand in the air. . OBJ made that point again this year with Ravens.

  31. stpetebucfan Says:

    Why does nobody consider Baker’s total compensation? Last year he made MORE money from endorsements than his salary.

    Given how high his salary will go this year that may be a stretch but the concept is still the same. How much money will Baker make off the field if he goes to another team.

    Baker has already demonstrated the “off field talent” as a commercial spokesperson. What will determine is true value is his winning and losing and what kind of team ahd characters he plays with. The Bucs give Baker his best chance at “polishing” his spokesperson value especially now that ME13 is back!

    $$$ are clearly not the problem. Structuring the deal to fit through all of the NFL’s arcane cap rules is the culprit.

    Again I support the “cap” in principle and it has created the desired parity. But they don’t have to make it so freaking complicated that even the teams have to employ “cap specialists”.

  32. Conner50 Says:

    Wait a minute I thought Mike only resigned to play with Baker because he is elite right? That’s what Evans said he wanted a great quarterback!? Lmao Mike Evans got paid and he’s the fourth highest receiver so he don’t care if it’s baker or trask. He’s gonna get the record regardless because he’s a hall of famer.

  33. Brent B. Says:

    Baker can get you there. It really reminds me of how Saints fans were absolutely INCENSED for giving Brees a 6 year deal after his poor start in San Diego.

    The guy has incredible feel for leverage in the passing game when he isn’t running for his life.

  34. heyjude Says:

    It would be wonderful to have Baker back and see what the Bucs will do his 2nd season with them. They were starting to take shape. We made it farther then anyone thought, especially the media. in the end, Mike Evans has helped every single QB and will do it again no matter who is the QB.

  35. Popcorn Mike Says:

    Connor50, that’s another one of those old sayings. Believe half of what you see and none of what you here 😊😊

  36. YaYa Winfield Says:

    Wrong ATL! He was guarded with his statements because he didn’t want to hurt his boy Baker’s leverage in contract negotiations with the Bucs. I doubt your that thick that you don’t realize that so I have to assume you’re just a hater.

  37. Robert Says:

    Michael Penix will be drafted by the Bucs. You want to see a monster year by Evans that will do it. Only if Penix can stay healthy. He has an elite arm and is a local boy. Makes sense, and Bruce Arians said as much. Guess who advises the Bucs?

  38. RBUC Says:

    ●1)Evans caught passes from Brady in a SB winning year because bringing Brady to Tampa might have been a main course move BUT doesn’t become a reality without players on the roster like Suh,JPP Gronk,Antonio Brown,Shaq Barrett before the achilles injury, a stable of tough runners like Rojo & Lenny,and others BRADY OR NOT NO SB RING WITHOUT THOSE CONTRIBUTIONS!!
    ●2) Garoppolo had WAYYY more experience than Purdy before he was given a chance to play allowing the TEAM to continue to stack elite players at other positions than QB

  39. mark2001 Says:

    So who in the world can really say that Trask is an NFL quality QB? Not saying that isn’t possible. But to stake the next couple years on it, with Evans and Godwin getting two years older, among others? I’d overpay a little, if it means we really think we have a shot the next couple years…and aren’t just hoping,

  40. Levin Says:

    Bucben61 Says: “So Levin…What are your sources? Making statements to the effect that Trask has more upside personally????”

    1. Huge size difference
    2. Younger
    3. No injury history
    4. Joe attended 2023 training camp and when it was over he wrote – twice – that Trask had outplayed Mayfield in training camp. Joe was there. You and I were not.
    5. Other Bucs websites – this isn’t the only one, you know? – also reported that Trask beat out Mayfield in training camp.
    6. That zero-experience Trask beat out, or let’s call it played even with, a 6-year-veteran, tell us he’s naturally better and smarter.
    7. In the 2023 preseason, despite never playing with the starters unlike Mayfield’s very limited snaps all with starters, Trask looked quite good. Especially the Jets game, where he played basically the entire game and threw gorgeous long balls, causing Aaron Rodgers in the booth to say “Wow!” and forcing Bowles to postpone his quarterback announcement which he had planned to make after the game (it had been decided when Mayfield signed of course).
    8. Mike Evans’ and Chris Godwins’ statements (see them in my post above) that Trask is every bit as good as Mayfield. Again, given the gross disparity in experience between the two, that’s effectively saying Trask is better.

  41. mark2001 Says:

    Levin.. nothing against Trask. But Joe never said he saw enough to believe that Trask was the guy to lead this team successfully in the future. Correct me if I’m wrong Joe. So all your talk about Trask beating out Mayfield and such is pretty unsubstantiated. Not saying he can’t…but please.. don’t distort the reality of the situation.

  42. mark2001 Says:

    I think this is the reason why some clubs try to keep from drafting QB’s from schools with large local support groups. The local fans get somewhat rabid and can’t realistically see the situation clearly, when their guy is in a competition for a job. I don’t like or dislike Trask. But really…he hasn’t really been under fire yet. No Defensive coordinators have had to scheme against him and pick apart vulnerabilities. He may get a chance to show what he has. But so far he has shown nothing under real fire, especially where these talented coordinators have planned for them.

  43. Tony marks Says:

    So David is levin like the last name, a nick name or just one you made up to come back?

  44. Glass Half Full Guy Says:

    So tired of the trope “Evans makes any QB look good”. No. Evans can get HIS yards and HE can look good, but (aside from Brady and Mayfield) these “other QBs” couldn’t lead the team to the playoffs, so how is that “looking good”?

    Mike is a baller. Barry Sanders was a baller. Did Sanders “make his offensive lines look good”? He led or practically led the league in TFL even when he was leading the league in rushing (and missing the playoffs all but once).

    Great players help a team but one guy can’t do it all. Bottom line a team needs a good to great QB, not someone who “looks good” when throwing to a single receiver.

  45. Tony marks Says:

    stpetebucfan Says:

    How much money will Baker make off the field if he goes to another team.


    much more because whether you like to hear it or not Tampa is a much smaller market than most other NFL teams. The ME part is just home talk. IF ME guarantees more success than any other team then answer – how many rings does Evans have?

    He is a great player but you all elevate him to absurd levels.

  46. Buc1987 Says:

    OMG…it’s old already Joe….I’m not doing this again today!

  47. Glass Half Full Guy Says:

    10 straight seasons with 1,000+ yards is damn impressive to be sure but it takes a lot more (obv).

    KC won the SB with ZERO 1,000 yard receivers (we had 2..Evans and Godwin). They won with defense and a very solid, but not spectacular (by his standards) performance by Mahomes.

    Hopefully we fix our defensive shortcomings and bolster our OL. A couple of defensive stops in Detroit could have changed the outcome. We really aren’t that far away

  48. Gipper Says:

    Glass Half Full,

    Thank you. Very sensible and reasonable remarks. Get Baker some help on O line and a running game. Would like a stronger tight end as well for both run blocking and pass catching. Let Bowles figure out how to keep the other teams offense off the field. Had way to many clock eating drives against Tampa defense last year which limits offensive possessions.

  49. stpetebucfan Says:


    Market size certainly has impact! “much more because whether you like to hear it or not Tampa is a much smaller market than most other NFL teams.”

    Tampa is the 12th largest TV market in the NFL. The market is BOOMING! I moved here 25 years ago and things have changed dramatically. IE Detroit used to be three spots head of the Tampa in the Metro standings, they are now 3 spots behind.

    So aside from “market size” and network exposure what drives up Bakers “commercial value”. WINNING! And winning with the right team and the right teammates is even better….icing on the cake so to speak.

    Tampa is clearly the best spot for Baker in terms of increasing his “off field” $$$.