Aaron Stinnie Gone, Never To Be Forgotten

March 16th, 2024

Left his mark on Bucs franchise.

So the Bucs yesterday traded starting (?) guards with the Giants without trading starting (?) guards.

In the span of a handful of hours, the Bucs and Giants signed each other’s guards. Bucs free agent guard Aaron Stinnie signed with the Giants and the Bucs signed Giants free agent guard Ben Bredeson.

Depending who you talk to, both are borderline starters.

Despite the Bucs believing Stinnie had become expendable, that doesn’t mean he didn’t make a significant mark on the club. Without Stinnie, it’s possible the Bucs may have not won the Super Bowl after the 2020 season.

In the first playoff game against Washington that postseason, starting right guard Alex Cappa broke a foot/ankle. He was lost for the season.

Just when the Bucs had to face a road gauntlet as a Wild Card team to reach their season-long and life goal of winning the Super Bowl, the Bucs would have to do so and protect their immobile quarterback Tom Brady with a backup right guard.

Stinnie put those worries to rest. Convincingly.

Stinnie played so well that only a true hater would kvetch. Joe can’t recall his name being mentioned once as the Bucs rolled over the slimy Saints, the Packers and the Chiefs to go through a murderer’s row of Hall of Fame quarterbacks and become world champs.

Never hearing an offensive lineman’s name called in a broadcast is the ultimate honor of love except for calling out incredible blocks.

So even though Stinnie walks away from the Bucs to go to a joke of a team in the Giants, Joe will never forget how Stinnie rescued the Bucs from disaster at the ultimate critical time.

Thank you, Aaron!

27 Responses to “Aaron Stinnie Gone, Never To Be Forgotten”

  1. Rover Says:

    Thank you, Stinnie! Ran thru 3 Super Bowl MVPs to get to the football glory!!
    Go Bucs!

  2. Derek Says:

    Not sure what the logic was in letting Stinnie and Leverett walk. They always seemed to be pretty solid. Now we’re taking a flyer on two guys from other teams..

  3. SlyPirate Says:

    Aaron Donald retiring because Calijah Kancey is about to emerge.

    There can be only one.

    (If you don’t know the connection, you’re not a real Bucs fan. Google it.)

  4. Dew Says:


  5. MadMax Says:

    Stinnie was awesome that year. Dont know what happened afterwards. That was a magical year for a lot involved and yes some regressed.

    Now we need a Jackson Powers – Cooper DeJean draft!

  6. Dave Pear Says:

    Well and proper tribute Joe. Cheers.

  7. heyjude Says:

    Ditto, Dave Pear. This was a well done tribute to Aaron Stinnie. Best wishes to him.

  8. Bucs Guy Says:

    Thank you. I believe injuries got the best of Stinnie in the following 2 years after the SB.

  9. Hodad Says:

    Forget an edge rusher at #26, there won’t be any good ones left. There might be a big nasty center we can draft tho, we need to do it. Teams don’t let good O linemen go. This draft has some good O line talent. Bucs need to find their next Jensen, Hainsey ain’t it. I hope they don’t screw Mauch up like they did Marpet, and waste a year moving him to center. Leave him next to Goedeke. He held his own at guard, but also got owned to many times. Let him grow into a RG. Draft a center, and be done with it.

  10. Vanessa Anne Says:


    “Joe can’t recall his name being mentioned once as the Bucs rolled over the slimy Saints, the Packers and the Chiefs to go through a murderer’s row of Hall of Fame quarterbacks and become world champs.

    Never hearing an offensive lineman’s name called in a broadcast is the ultimate honor of love for incredible blocks.”

    Joe(s), I can’t either, but I distinctly recall a Bruce Arians press conference after one of those playoff games in which he praised the heck out of Stinnie. Something along the lines of “Stinnie did fantastic”, or “Stinnie played a helluva game”. I forget his exact quote, but he’d been asked directly how he thought Stinnie had played when he subbed for Cappa after one of them.

    Frankly, I’m having trouble understanding the logic of letting Stinnie and Leverett go and immediately signing new, fresh free-agent blood to replace them.

    Clearly, the powers that be at One Buc Place have a larger-picture plan the rest of us (or at least I) don’t know about. But still, Stinnie and Leverett were solid backups and rotational players that know the system. There’s something to be said for that kind of institutional knowledge when you’re looking to repeat as a playoff contender.

    @Bucs Guy made a good point about Stinnie’s injuries and that may be part of it.

    Joe(s), keep up the great work. -V

  11. 2023 Surprised the Hell out of me Says:

    If licht lets them leave , Theres more to the story…. he knows O.L.

  12. PbnJ Says:

    Dear Derek,

    Stinnie 30
    Leverett 27

    Bredeson 26
    Opeta 27

    Op is months older than Leverett, but this still overall got the team younger while possibly addressing scheme issues. This is absolutely speculation on scheme but it would make sense as to why Jason Licht, Master of keeping the band together, has chosen to switch up some backup vocals.

    Stinnie & Leverett are holdovers of the no risk it, no biscuit offense. Having a year with Canales and following close in those tracks with Coen, the style of player may need an adjustment?

  13. bucnjim Says:

    Could have asked for this. Sometimes players have reasons for trades and they request them. We’ll never know though!

  14. Capt.Tim Says:

    Thanks Aaron and Nick.
    Good luck in the future

  15. adam from ny Says:

    stinnie was an absolute rock when filling in during the 2020 run…

    he was a rock solid trench-meister

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Thanking all these different players for their help in winning the Superbowl…..we are reminded that it’s a team sport….of course they all helped

    Shaq, White, Stennie, Lenny……and let’s not forget Tommy.

  17. Bigbucfan90 Says:

    I liked stennie but if Jason licht is picking up these people then you have to have faith. The man is normally spot on. We also get younger in the position as well. Stennie will always be the man though he will always be remembered as a buc!

  18. pewter941 Says:

    We got rid of some average guards to sign another average guard.

  19. Bobby Says:

    Thank you Aaron Stinnie!

  20. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    We got the guy Aaron Stinnie replaced on the giants! So we got better!


  21. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I withdraw my previous statement.

  22. Todd Rolls Says:

    I think stinnie as a very solid player

  23. ^^mtn^^ Says:

    Personally, think the Bucs upgraded with both moves

    Since, ’76

  24. Buccos Says:

    We lose on Super Bowl starter and get one back in the same day

  25. Nprbuc Says:

    Let’s stop all the worrying about edge. In Licht we trust!

  26. David Says:

    He was a great back up and had a good stint during the playoffs but he’s not a starter and he’s 4-5 years older than the guys they replaced him with so far.
    They have definitely upgraded, gotten younger, and are probably spending a little less money
    Win- win-win

  27. Realreem Says:

    Thanks Stinnie for the memories. I know he just turned 30 but I don’t think he started playing football until like the 11th grade. So this year will be 14 yrs of football with 7 of those in the NFL. Not to bad Stinnie not to bad