Todd Bowles Leadership Praised

February 12th, 2024

Yeah, a lot of Bucs fans don’t like Todd Bowles’ visible-to-the-public leadership style and they’re no fans of his locker room presence seen on YouTube after team victories.

Grumpy-hater syndrome is part of that phenomenon, but others just simply don’t feel leadership from Bowles and think it’s missing from the head coach.

Rachaad White tried to set the record straight last week on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

“He leads us the right way. I say the biggest thing about him is he always has poise,” White said of Bowles. “He’s very like poised. He’s very like in the moment. He’s very one of them guys that, you know, they always say ‘never get to high, never get too low.’ That’s the best way I can describe him. He talks. He has passion about the game. … enthusiasm about that game. I love Coach Bowles a lot. He’s a great leader for us.”

The Bucs won the NFC South and were an uncalled timeout away from chances to tie their divisional round playoff game in Detroit and force overtime.

Bowles certainly was doing plenty right in the realm of leadership, and benching captain Devin White late in the season seemed to be a bold and successful step, one praised by Warren Sapp and others. The Bucs entered that Lions game winning six of their past seven games.

Bowles now has an even bigger challenge in 2024. In Year 1 of the Bowles regime, he had built-in excuses, starting with a late start to the job three weeks before the NFL Draft. Then there were Tom Brady’s mysterious absences. In Year 2, it was a new quarterback, a new offense and the team stuck with limited salary cap room and 13 rookies.

In Year 3, assuming Baker Mayfield returns, Bowles will no longer be an underdog. The seasoned Bucs will be favored to win the NFC South and the pressure will be on Bowles to meet or exceed last year’s standard.

He’ll have to lead the Bucs as established favorites.

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32 Responses to “Todd Bowles Leadership Praised”

  1. Lt. Dan Says:

    “…an uncalled timeout.” Just a snippet of the ineptitude. And while were on the subject – the “defensive genius” and “defensive guru” monikers. Give it a rest please and quit trying to convince fans that what we see happening on the field is not really happening on the field.

  2. TombsEN Says:

    Lt. Dan… definitely sound like Lt. Dan from the movies lol, the Bucs are missing key pieces on the defensive side of the ball but still had a respectable defense. The team just did not have the pieces to shut down the middle of the field against Detroit but they had a good year overall. I really do not understand what some of you “fans” want…..

  3. Duane in Sanford Says:

    He pushed all the right buttons at crunch time during the turn around, but you get the feeling it was his poor leadership style that got him there in the first place. His default position on every question is to lie and gaslight. Its a regular deal with the fans, and now it seems to have worn on CGs wife.

  4. Alanbucsfan Says:

    The 49ers were a Nick Bosa protecting his Edge away from winning the Super Bowl

  5. RBUC Says:

    To me it’s obvious what they want! So my comment doesn’t get deleted let’s just say a TOTALLY under qualified OC that tells the fan base everything they want to hear as long as he looks like what they approve of he can be lying to them every time he steps to the podium,he’s adored! Bowles makes no excuses making meals out of straps is criticized EVERY DAY ON THE JOB!!!

  6. BucU Says:

    I’m no Todd Bowles apologist but he got the job done and far exceeded expectations from this team. Every year everybody has to prove themselves including Bowles. But as of right now he couldn’t be any safer.
    Now sign Baker and Evans!

  7. Popcorn Mike Says:

    Yes I am not crazy about Bowles but I am not all out against him either. I think he did a decent job this season just keeping the team together and at least winning 9 games and that was with a OC who had never called plays he deserves some credit. And all this crap about that time out, so he made a mistake, damn, if Mayfield hadn’t threw the interception on Tampa end of the field, the game would have been a whole lot different also

  8. Ramon Says:

    Lt Dan.
    Nice post
    Its not that the Body of his Coaching this year was bad. It was NOT, in fact, he did very very well down the stretch. The PROBLEM IS, DURING THE MOST IMPORTANT GAME OF HIS CAREER…he purposefully left his ballz at home, where they celebrated JOB Security after the Iggles game. The Lions game was just the cherry on top,…no NEED TO CALL THE FKING TIME OUT!!!

    What happens on his “next” biggest game of the year. Sometime next year, will he turn into a coward Head Coach…again? I just don’t know if he will CALL the TO next year. I want to believe that he WILL, but his last action on the field of play, SAYS OTHERWISE, there’s only one way to “unprove” it to me, unfortunately, I don’t think-after the people that he failed (team, org, and entire FAN BASE) that he should be afforded the Priviledge to continue on as HEAD coach by the Glazers. I doubt they are…uhm….pleased about that, and DOUBT HIS BRINKMAN’FKN’SHIP!!! Goo Bucs, move on from TBPCHC!

  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The Bucs won the NFC South and were an uncalled timeout away from chances to tie their divisional round playoff game in Detroit and force overtime.

    Sure spin it that way or….

    An uncalled time out…..after an opposition missed FG or failed 4th down conversion…….a miraculous 70 plus yard TD drive in 25 seconds, a 2 point conversion and then a win in overtime…

    Now, that’s more like it!!!

  10. Marky Mark Says:

    Strong and silent type.

  11. BillyBucco Says:

    Im glad someone else noticed Bosa’s lack of backside integrity.
    What are the chances of him making those tackles anyway.
    That’s why misdirection is so key to an attacking defense who swarms.
    My problem with Bowles is his 3-4. It becomes a 5-2-4 MOST of the time and his whole philosophy becomes WHO is coming and WHO is dropping back, unless he blitzes.
    What Detroit runs as a 4-2-5 would pay huge dividends for THIS TEAM.
    That’s why I have been a proponent of D White being used wrong his last 2 years.
    He needs to be flowing FORWARD not BACKWARDS. With MORE guys on the line, they have to drop. We end up getting JTS covering Deebo Samuel.
    5 guys on the back who can FLY forwards or simply contain makes ZONES work easier.
    I like Todd Bowles as a leader, but in a passing league, unless you can get pressure with 4, you are going to lose, not just with Tom Brady or Mahomes.

  12. Allbuccedup Says:

    Hopefully he learned this year and doesn’t revert back to the old Jets Bowles. We have a good foundation to keep building. But I am suspect of the new coaching staff I mean we did lose a lot of coaches.

  13. BillyBucco Says:

    I would be surprised if SF isn’t looking for a new D Coordinator next year.
    At one point KC hadn’t scored a TD in 16 straight drives and Wilks comes in on the final drive with 5 guys 10 yards deep.
    Bowles plays this scared “Prevent” defense too.
    I always say it doesn’t PREVENT anything but a quick score.
    That’s why Kyle called a TO and said this is BS.
    Bowles is way too controlling in key moments.
    Coach them up and let them play.
    You have to trust your players in moments like that, but it is much easier said then done.

  14. BillyBucco Says:

    One more thing and I will shut up.
    I have to believe it was a coaching mistake by the 49ers to take the ball 1st in OT.
    Ot was almost like they didn’t know about the new OT rules.
    Of the same exact plays were called and executed SF probably wins.
    KC had a 4th and 1 in field goal range.
    They don’t go for that when having the ball 1st. You punt and play defense.
    Having that extra down won them the game and that is why with the new rules, you take the ball 2nd and defer.

  15. RC Says:

    Not quite the leadership level of Dungy, but I think he is good. Has to be paired with an OC for success. This team did exceed expectations, many act like they should have won the Super Bowl. No. We stand in a weird place. Got some good pieces, missing some too. I think we have more key pieces than we are missing. However, if you lose Baker and ME13, do you think we will still win the South? We also need to upgrade O-Line, and Linebackers, maybe even a corner or two (since neither can stay healthy). A better RB is a need too.

  16. dbbuc711 Says:

    No the bucs won’t be favored. There will still be those who will favor the Saints or Falcons. Mayfield and/or Bowles will never be good enough.

  17. Jeffrey Becker Says:

    if he would just admit when he was wrong i could like him. i could see past his stubbornness and way too late adjustments. i could forget he’s not tricky enough, sneaky enough, creative enough to win in today’s NFL. all those negatives are possibly offset by his true leadership skills – every player i can remember loved him and would play to the end for him. but when you won’t admit you should have managed the final few minutes better, used you timeouts more wisely, abandoned your initial game plan sooner, etc, that puts me in a bind. you can’t fix something if someone won’t admit it needs to be fixed.

  18. Bojim Says:

    Mich better than expected last season. Kudos.

  19. heyjude Says:

    Todd Bowles did a pretty good job this season. Everyone counted us out.

    Like others have said, next year will be a harder time for him if Baker, Evans, and others leave. Hoping that does not happen. Many coaches make big mistakes. I also think the 49ers should have never went out there first after the coin flip, and a couple of other things that went the wrong way. Not knowing new rules for OT is a biggie.

  20. Buc4evr Says:

    Bowles had a good season despite his continued mistakes. The Bucs will never make it to the SB with Bowles at the helm. Sorry that he is still HC as I don’t things will be getting much better.

  21. Lakeland Steve Says:

    I really am not a huge Todd Bowles fan but you have to give him his due. The Bucs turned it around, win a playoff game and had the chance to win the divisional round against Detroit. The team believes in him and played hard for him. If ain’t broke don’t fix it seems like a good rule for now. Let’s see what next year brings and re-evaluate the Bucs next year. It they are in the playoffs again then maybe me and a few others misjudged Bowles.

  22. It's Corn Says:

    I don’t like how he can’t seem to give a straight answer to simple questions, as if he’s required to find a way to lie.

  23. Gipper Says:

    Bowles did a good job with a team with major holes in both O and D lines. With not much imagination, this team could have finished 11-6. The defense turned victories into losses. Can’t point to any games that Tampa was completely out of. In short, they played competitively the entire season.

  24. Hearty Dickerson Says:

    It speaks volumes when White has to clarify Bowles “talks.” And his “not too high, not too low” speak is just a polite way of saying he’s a zombie.

    I think I speak for a lot of Bucs fans when I say it feels like this past season was Bowles’ and Baker’s absolute ceiling. It just feels like we’re going all in for mediocrity.

  25. stpetebucfan Says:


    ” In short, they played competitively the entire season.”

    Exactly with talent forecast to finish last in the NFL South.
    2 wins from S.I….6.5 from the smart money in Vegas.

    NOBODY predicted a division title and first round playoff victory.

  26. RiggedNFL Says:

    The Taylor Swift bowl was an absolute joke. WWE Football is what we got.

    Scripted to the very end. It’s not a sport any longer, it’s a fake soap opera.

    The NFL had to have a Dynasty team to keep the money flowing.

    If you think this year was nauseating, just wait until the next season.

    I bet the fake narrative and won big. That’s the only reason to watch anymore.

    Both of the Superbowls Tampa won were scripted.

  27. FrontFour Says:

    Bowles’ leadership held this team together during that mid season losing streak, turned it around showed up in the playoffs. All the arm chair GM’s want to throw the guy over the side, but against pretty steep odds he outperformed expectations and critics.

  28. SlyPirate Says:


    Since we’re going to keep him, please-please-please hire a coach to provide end of game strategy.

  29. RumDude Says:

    “…and were an uncalled timeout away from chances to tie their divisional round playoff game in Detroit”

    That’s revisionist history, but hey, it’s your story, make it up anyway you want to.

  30. Brandon Says:

    Players constantly sing Bowles praises but our know nothing fans hate him. They don’t realize that the mark of a great leader is one their employees respect and will perform for. The players believe in Bowles and that means a great deal more than what some supposed fans and their not so hidden agendas think.

  31. Brandon Says:

    The lowest of the low IQ fans saying the NFL is scripted somehow believe that dummies like Antonio Brown, angry roster bubble players, and players suffering from CTE can take part in scripting the game and not spill the beans to everyone. That’s beyond comprehension. I suppose kickers booting 50+ yard FGs in the snow are part of scripts too… thankfully the script says they make it because otherwise I’d say there was no chance.

    BTW… why would the Pats have gotten in trouble for stealing signals and Brady worry about deflating balls if the games were already pre-decided? I’m just surprised that after Antonio Brown’s meltdown against the Jets that he didn’t let it leak that he made it all up. I just feel bad for all the players that tear their ACLs and suffer CTE all for the purpose of following the script.

  32. Statguy Says:

    He has gotten better and is starting to making it his team