Ian Beckles: There Is No Conspiracy With Kyle Trask

February 12th, 2024

Has Kyle Trask fatigue.

Ian Beckles is worn out.

The former Bucs guard is a popular local radio personality and podcaster fatigued by fans who still stomp their feet for Kyle Trask to be the Bucs quarterback and say the Bucs should turn their backs on the best quarterback in the NFC South, Baker Mayfield.

All Mayfield did was bring the Bucs within a timeout and two plays from overtime in the NFC divisional round. Never mind, these people say! Kyle Trask is the next John Elway because… where he went to college (Joe can’t figure out any other evidence to stoke these folks night and day to ignore everything else).

In the latest edition of his podcast “In the Trenches” Beckles had this advice for the folks consumed with Trask starting for the Bucs:

Quit clowning yourself.

“I still hear people calling for Kyle Trask,” Beckles said shaking his head. “And that’s OK, that’s fine. But don’t you have to ask yourself, up to this point, if the kid could play we would have seen him? You’ve got to start thinking about that, can’t ya?

“You just can’t keep on doing that [calling for Trask]. It’s a long time. How stupid would they look? How stupid would the Bucs look if they put him out there and he lights it up? They’d look stupid.

“You had that cat on the bench that long? And who was in front of him the whole time?”

Joe will be the first to admit former Bucs offensive coordinator Dave Canales used some sort of magic pixie dust on Trask. Joe couldn’t believe the strides Trask made from OTAs to training camp, as Trask started at a very low rung.

Joe stated all last offseason and into minicamp and through training camp after the Bucs signed Baker Mayfield that Todd Bowles didn’t trust Trask and his nine NFL pass attempts with his career on the line. Be real: Had the Bucs posted a losing record this past season, the Bucs would have a new head coach right now (and very likely would be drafting a quarterback in the first round).

Bowles’ defense has gone against Trask for three seasons in practice. There must be something that spooked Bowles (if you discount the trust factor) otherwise Trask would be a starter by now.

And the way Mayfield played sure backed up Bowles’ decision.

Will the Trask zealots heed Beckles’ advice? Joe sincerely doubts it.

64 Responses to “Ian Beckles: There Is No Conspiracy With Kyle Trask”

  1. Posey99 Says:

    The problem is Joe, you’re wasting a 2nd round pick if you let him walk. Assuming Trask would be worse or better than mayfield is silly it’s unknown until he plays. Bowles went with the less risky decision in mayfield… imagine that lol

  2. Obvious Says:

    Let’s put it to rest. Let’s put him in a real game and find out. After that, (if he really is that bad or good) ALL that TRUTH will be self evident once and for all…

  3. Hammerhead Says:

    Unless you are Drew Brees all QBs need to be tall to win a Superbowl.
    Baker isn’t Drew.

  4. Big Red Says:

    I’d rather start Trask and draft / sign another QB than give Baker a long term deal worth more than 15 mil per year.

  5. Leopold Stotch Says:

    It’s not just where he went to college, Joe. It’s what he did during college. And admittedly, that doesn’t always translate well into the NFL. The point is, he put up record numbers in the de facto conference of college football. The horrendous defense, and poor time management of Mullen was the difference between the Gators winning a conference championship. The other thing that hurt his stock was he opted to play in the bowl game, where darn near every starter opted out.

    What I don’t get is that there is so much controversy with him. Is it because he went to Florida? I had to deal with Jameis and his crab legs, eat a W, multiple issues with women at college and in an Uber, but I still supported him, because he was a Buc. Once a player is in the NFL, I mean sure you can still get in a jab or so, but ultimately I don’t really care a whole lot as long as he plays well.

    We invested a second round pick in him, and he’s essentially become another Christian Hackenburg, except, he’s actually shown more than that guy. I mean during training camp it was supposedly either tied or Trask had the upper hand. It was still a competition publicly until Wolford went down. So again, that’s why the Cult of Trask is upset. And for the record, I’m all for signing Mayfield, but I can be disappointed that my guy isn’t going to get a chance with my favorite team.

  6. DeRobbins Says:


    forgot Russel Wilson and Joe Theismann

  7. Dave Pear Says:

    The point is – the people who are paid to coach Trask, evaluate Trask, play with Trask, have all kept him on the bench behind a half-armed wheelchair Baker and got close to the promised land. Before Canales the dude couldn’t even beat out Blaine Gabbert. No not because Brady wanted Gabbert in his ear – Gabbert would have been available for ear work even if 3rd string.

    Nope. Unless there is a conspiracy that no one has articulated other than “it exists” – Trask simply sucks as a NFL level QB.

  8. Leopold Stotch Says:

    Oh come on, was my comment that bad?

  9. Joe in Michigan Says:

    It’s probably more about Trask having a 30% completion percentage in real games than the Bucs “saving face”.

  10. Dave Pear Says:

    Of course there’s a conspiracy! #2 is better!


  11. Dave Pear Says:

    If you say “his” name you are moderated. So it’s simple. Don’t mention “him” and “he” goes away!

  12. stpetebucfan Says:

    “where he went to college”

    AMEN!!! After the Fameis Jameis debacle and now the Traskers I hope the Bucs NEVER draft or sign a QB from FSU or UF!!!

    “Let’s put it to rest. Let’s put him in a real game and find out.”

    Wow! Yeah that’s the ticket give him ONE game to shut up the Traskers or risk the entire season on ONE GAME. Tom Brady had bad games! Mahomes has had bad games. ONE game is meaningless!!! The desperation runs DEEP!!!!

    And the “clowning” continues…right through the second comment about height.
    First Baker is a whisker under 6-1…an inch taller than Brees and two inches taller than Russell Wilson. But it’s simply a “feeling” not a fact that short guys can’t play as well as tall guys.

    NFL scouts love tall quarterbacks. But are they excluding shorter passers merely because of their height?

    Statistically, shorter quarterbacks have done just as well, if not better than the taller quarterbacks, when given an opportunity to play in the NFL, cleveland.com found in analyzing passer ratings and winning percentages over the last 20 seasons.

  13. Obvious Says:


    What exactly scares you so much about Trask? You’re trying to say that if Trask played in “one game” that the season is at stake? Well, yes you just did. You seem terrified that Trask will indeed show up and be seriously impressive and therefore it will what? Be a Risk to Mayfield of continuing to be the lead qb? That is exactly what you’re saying. The rest of your statements make that clear.

    I’m not as convinced as you are! I’m of the belief that Mayfield has something Special that Trask simply does not. Even if Trask is indeed more accurate. DOESN’T MATTER st. pete! There are PLENTY of qbs that are taller. There are some that are more accurate SURE. BUT THEY STILL DON’T HAVE WHAT MAYFIELD HAS!

    It hard for me to understand the fear here because I WAS on the other side of this coin and I was marching around “insisting” that Trask get his shot to lead…..

    I no longer feel that way. EVEN THOUGH Trask is a few inches taller. EVEN THOUGH Trask was winning the “alleged competition” on “some days”. YEP I WAS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FENCE! But NOT ANYMORE! WHY you ask? Why aren’t I in fear like the REST OF YOU? Well, because Baker Mayfield has intangibles that Trask DOESN’T HAVE! Mayfield is a LEADER OF MEN “TO A HIGH DEGREE” unlike Trask and probably 90% of ACTIVE first string qb’s much less all the back ups and hopefuls that exist.

    Seriously. Think about it st.pete. You’ve got NOTHING TO FEAR! Because Mayfield has a UNIQUE ABILITY TO GET THE “ENTIRE TEAM” BEHIND HIM to FIGHT TOOTH AND NAIL WITH HIM! Do you really believe Trask is going to be able to inspire the troops to “punch above” their weight class like Mayfield can? I would say a definitive NO! How many qbs that you can think of that can inspire a team to “fight for it” like Mayfield can? Patrick Mahomes? Hmmm…. NOT! Tua? NOT! How about Burrows? That stick in the mud? H3LL NO!

    So STOP living in fear. No need my friend. Mayfield doesn’t have any competition in a CRITICAL ABILITY. “INSPIRING LEADER OF MEN” IS Mayfield’s Special Power that Bowles either got lucky with or simply understood from the get go and CHOSE Mayfield to lead his troops from the Very Beginning whether Trask had a better arm or not. It’s an intangible that is hard to describe UNLESS YOU SEE IT WITH YOUR OWN EYES….

    Have No More fear Mayfield supporters. No need at all.

    AND YES, Trask IS ALSO A BUCCANEER AND DESERVES TO SHINE THE BEST HE CAN FOR ALL OF US “JUST IN CASE” Mayfield does get hurt. Don’t we want the best backup possible if Mayfield goes down from injury? For me the answer is a RESOUNDING YES!

    Trask WILL get his shot to lead a team! It may or may not be the Buccaneers but Trask deserves his shot at life to. And you DON’T HAVE TO BE IN FEAR OF IT!

    So “have some faith” in Mayfield. He deserves YOUR confidence…

    GO BUCS!

  14. Hodad Says:

    What Ian said is probably true about Trask. What Baker fans need to admit is Baker will never be better then .500 QB. Bucs have no choice but to sign him. There’s nothing better in FA, and no rookie drafted at #26 will out play Baker either. We’ll be good enough with Mayfield to win every Sunday, so the season will be fun. Expect to win half those games.

  15. Falconrap Says:

    This topic continues to be toxic, and I’ve about had enough banter about it, but I have to say that Iak Beckles is a moron. He’s always been a moron. Why was Brock Purdy sitting on the bench as the number 3 QB? Clearly the coaches “knew” he wasn’t good enough to be a starter, right? Steve Youn? Clearly we thought he sucked and traded him to San Fran. I mean, seriously, the league is littered with several dozen examples of teams not really knowing what they had until the backup got a chance to play. Some teams made big mistakes in this area. You could see last night what a third string QB did and also what a franchise QB brings you, all in one game. Baker isn’t a franchise QB. So we’ll sign him for $30+ million a year and he’ll go on to have similar seasons for the rest of his contract and we’ll continue to sit here and watch two other teams play for the Lombardi every year.

  16. Falconrap Says:

    Geez the typos. My kingdom for an edit function. Clearly should be IaN Beckles and Steve YounG. Couple of missing letters there. Doh!

  17. Marky Mark Says:

    If you are a college football fan and love the Gators than just stay in that lane and cheer the Gators. I know Gator fans who refuse to follow pro Football. Trask does need game time. With his job on the line Bowles went with a 5 year vet, a Heisman winner, and an 11-5 season with a playoff win over the Steelers. Turned out to be the right choice. Trouncing the Eagles saved his job. The answer to game time is the UFL. I dont think the Rock will ever agree to be a minor league but I do believe he would be open to FIFA style Player loans. The Glazers own Man United. They know how this works.

  18. garro Says:

    Beckless should stick to fishing. Those snook he says he catches may believe his BS.

    Go Bucs!

  19. Marky Mark Says:

    Falcon trap. You clearly have the gift of claravoyance. Who will win the Kentucky Derby? The answer is to send KT down to the UFL in a FIFA style player loan.

  20. Ted Says:

    I am a lifelong Gator, I really hope the Bucs let Trask leave town. If he never plays a down in the NFL or goes on to play meaningful snaps for another organization, just end the tiresome relationship. Trask is neither as good as UF fans preach about or as terrible as Joe and the mob cry about. He is an unknown commodity that takes up way too much energy and conversation in our community. It was not his fault that he was picked in the second round, but he is consistently criticized like he selected himself and is to blame for the Bucs picking him so early. It’s just time to move on and let everyone direct their anger at something else. Trask has a nice nest egg and a master’s degree to begin his second phase in life if the NFL doesn’t work as everyone claims he is garbage and not an NFL player.

  21. DBS Says:

    What you saw last night is what you see when both of those QB’S are under pressure and taken out of their game. It wasn’t until the defense was worn down and one gave it up. Don’t make it out more then it was. How many QB’S had it been for Mahomes? He is human. The Bucs showed how you handle him. Put Purdy under pressure limit his run that’s what you get.

  22. go dawgs Says:

    Kyle who? oh yeah the guy who couldnt hit a wide azz open chris godwin in the endzone against the colts.. hes right where he belongs, as the bucs backup. time to move on lizard fans.

  23. Marky Mark Says:

    Falcon trap you are completely missing the lessons from Purdy. The Niners drafted a 7th rounder from small college. They also drafted a first rounder from a big college who is out of football or on the bench behind Dak. Your Boi fits the latter not the former. Second rounder from a big college bust like the Niners guy now with Dallas or sitting at home.

  24. Brandon Says:

    Hammerhead Says:
    February 12th, 2024 at 1:44 am
    Unless you are Drew Brees all QBs need to be tall to win a Superbowl.
    Baker isn’t Drew.


    Russell Wilson, Joe Theismann… I could name others but if you're going to be lazy, so can I.

  25. Allbuccedup Says:

    Why did the Bucs waste a second round pick on a perennial backup QB? That is a Licht/Arians blunder.

  26. StormyInFl Says:

    “Allbuccedup Says:
    February 12th, 2024 at 7:24 am
    Why did the Bucs waste a second round pick on a perennial backup QB? That is a Licht/Arians blunder.”

    Yes, it was. It was a mistake then, and it is one now. That pick should have been used for secondary, ol or dl help. The team was all in, and an ego pick like Trask instead of someone who could provide more immediate help was a colossal blunder.

    As for wasting 2nd round picks, I’m a huge Licht fan, but he seems to overthink it way too much here (Aguayo and Hall for starters).

    The only people who “need” to see Trask in a game “to know what they have” are the members of his fan club. Regardless of Todd Bowles, There’s been people on staff that know QBs and offense – Arians, Tom Moore, Christensen, and last Canales who also didn’t see anything. “Sitting behind Brady” doesn’t mean a damn thing – Tom Brady isn’t known as a mentor. Garapolo is probably the most successful Brady backup and he was a colossal, fragile bust for the 9ers and now Vegas.

    Btw – about the Steve Young comment; The Bucs dumped him because they had the first pick in the draft (Testaverde) and Perkins had something against lefty QBs. Dumping Young probably saved Hugh Culverhouse a couple of shekels too.

  27. Iron Wombat Says:

    Yeah he was a wasted pick. It would have been nice had they chosen someone who could have contributed over the last 3 years. I think he only makes the team this year if his deal is fully guaranteed.

  28. Jeffs grandpa Says:

    Trask brigade charge

  29. Usfbucs Says:

    Uggh. Said from the moment we signed Baker he was the starter except for one condition. Baker would have had to play like absolute trash and Trask was going to have to play like the Messiah in preseason and practice. Even then because Bowles is who he is Baker might still get the start. Well neither of those things happened so Baker was the starter.

    If TB ran Trask out there with no experience and he was terrible then he would get roasted. The same thing happens in normal jobs all the time. People are passed over for a person with more experience for a position. It doesn’t even really mean the person with more experience is better just that you kind of know what to expect from them. Regardless of what some people think the Bucs and Baker had a good season last year so they are going to try and run it back with Baker.

    To the people who hate KT, just stop, you all are the real reason we are still taking about our backup. It was never about where he went to school. Stop using his few snaps as your evidence that he is terrible. The facts are that you don’t know just like the rest of us don’t know. Maybe the coaches know but who knows if they actually know. There are examples of good/great players who sat the bench and only got a shot because of injury or a new team signing them through out the NfL history.

  30. Marky Mark Says:

    Sign baker and pick a small college star QB in the 7th round.

  31. stpetebucfan Says:


    “Interesting that you do not apply that important consideration to our 2021 second-round QB who (unbelievably) still has not seen the field with the starters.”

    Ethan your mistake is arguing from the general…all short QB’s…to the specific..ONE backup QB.

    The point of the Cleveland.com study was not to analyze any individuals but the overall results of shorter QB’s.

  32. Mike C Says:

    He also could have been JTS…. having alot of ” talent ” in the qb room is hardly a waste of draft capital, even if it is unused.

  33. stpetebucfan Says:


    Your man crush on Kyle is creating specious posts.

    IF Brady wanted Gabbert over Trask there were two possible explantions. Playing Trask might threaten Brady’s starter status if Trask showed him up. Of course nobody believes that!

    2nd. As you correctly pointed out he wanted the best chance to win another SB.
    This assumes that in case Brady missed a game or two he wanted the BEST possible replacement to keep the playoff run going. IF Brady thought Trask was the better QB he would have lobbied for him.

    I do not know if Trask is an NFL quality QB. He MIGHT be…might be the next Rich Gannon or Kurt Warner who when given a chance will excel.

    Somebody posted yesterday we shouldn’t trash Kyle and hope that he’s the real deal in case Baker goes down. I AGREE with that. I think the vast majority of negative responses about Trask are not directed at Kyle but rather his RABID supporters. Frequently…most of the time…they make their points by slamming Baker! The old saying…”You don’t make your own furniture look better by destroying your neighbors.”

  34. Tony Marks Says:

    Obvious Says:
    February 12th, 2024 at 1:41 am
    Let’s put it to rest. Let’s put him in a real game and find out. After that, (if he really is that bad or good) ALL that TRUTH will be self evident once and for all

    Pure lies. If he doesn’t play well but throws a few good passes ( as any Qb can) the cry will be he has a higher ceiling and we just need to develop him

    It will NOT end if he gets a game. You all want him to get several and risk the entire season for your beloved.

    Tired of it and everyone in authority at the bucs has basically confirmed

    Kyle Sucks.

  35. bucnjim Says:

    I think there is a simple answer that everyone is overlooking. The NFL has evolved into a RPO league where at minimum the QB has to get out of the pocket and scramble when he has to. Trask is not a runner or even a scrambling QB. He is your basic pocket passer that D lineman love.

  36. catcard202 Says:

    Traskcan was taken to be a cost controlled BU QB & understudy of Brady to run the Arians/Leftwich OFF…And as stated before…If he was worth his salt, he would have shown enough to beat out Gabbert in YR2…or would have shown the Bucs brain trust he had the chops to be QB1 when Brady walked away…But he just hasn’t be worthy of seeing the field.

    It is what it is.

  37. Bucfan Says:

    If they play Trask and he balls out that just shows how dumb Bowles is as a coach. The other reason is Trask was drafted by Ariens. Bowles wants to get rid of all Ariens players just like Gruden got rid of all Dungy players so it’s my team not his. Trask will never get a fair shake in Tampa as long as Bowles is the head coach.

  38. Why Not Says:

    I think the situation with Trask is just bad timing. Trask was drafted when the Bucs had Brady and a short window of opportunity to win a Super Bowl. There was no way Trask was going to leap frog Gabbert while the Bucs were in the Super Bowl hunt. After the debacle of the 2022 season, Bowles needed to win in 2023 to keep his job. He was not going to roll the dice with a quarterback who had no starting experience, so Mayfield was the safe bet….and it worked! Unfortunately for Trask, the Bucs will sign Mayfield to a long term deal, so short of an injury, he’ll remain in second place. When Trask’s contract is up, he needs to follow Baker’s lead and go bet on himself by finding a team that is looking for a quarterback. That will most likely mean signing with a bad team, but it will give him a shot, which is all a person can ask. I think Trask’s body of work in college and the improvement he made this past off season suggests to me that if given a chance, he can be successful. It just won’t be in Tampa. He should sign with the Browns or Steelers.

  39. go dawgs Says:

    Ethan, i can just picture you curled up in the fetal position wrapped in a gator blankie as you read and then have to post to defend a backup quarterback…

    you definitely have issues dying on this hill man…

  40. go dawgs Says:

    ethan, if trask would of placed the ball in a better position godwin would of easily got 2 feet down…haha

  41. Tony marks Says:

    Ethan Says:
    February 12th, 2024 at 8:35 am
    Brady wanted another Super Bowl with the Bucs (it’s the only reason he came here), Brady was not going to tolerate a competition between a rookie and his veteran backup, and Brady got what he wanted.


    So in other words Brady thought Kyle sucked too and lessened his chances if he was injured during the season to win a super bowl.

    SO the coach consiracy theory is disproven. The GOAT thought Kyle stunk too.

  42. 76 bucsfan46 Says:

    Well I’m happy with Baker but that competition was rigged from the get go. Trask was clearly winning in camp but Bowles was never going to let his job rest on a guy with no experience. If I was Trask I’d get as far away from Bowled as possible.

  43. Birdie Says:

    Hammerhead,Mahomes is only 1″ taller than Mayfield.

  44. Glass Half Full Guy Says:

    I have nothing against Trask and I’m also a little curious to see what he could do in an actual game HOWEVER the nonsense of “we’re wasting a 2nd round pick” is dumb logically because he’s a QB. If he was a 2nd round safety, sure, you could insert him into a game here and there to see how he does but you can’t do that with a QB. There are only 17 games and each one is important….too important to “show the fans what he can do” when the coaches already have evaluated the sh*t out of him for years.

    And conspiracy theories are for nitwits. They fail to see logic and rely on emotion and want to “know things that nobody else knows’ because they’ve somehow obtained inside info or some crap. These guys probably still think the Apollo 11 moon landing was fake. Yeah, NASA fooled the entire world, including our Cold War nemesis the USSR who was locked in the “space race” with us and even they bought it. We fooled the world so well that we did it 5 more times just to push our luck? (Would have been 6 except for Apollo 13’s malfunctuon). Yeah, that makes sense. Totally logical.

    “B-b-b-but he was great in college!” Yeah but 90% of the guys he was playing with and against in college have never and will never see an NFL starting lineup. Big azz difference.

    And Trask is the next Dan Marino and his talent is being suppressed because……? Yeah and the Earth is also flat.

  45. Ethan Says:

    @ Tony Marks (and all the other idiots)

    So you all think Tom Brady, who came to the Bucs solely to win Super Bowls, and won his first season here with veteran Blaine Gabbert as his backup (56 NFL games/48 NFL starts experience) would tolerate a competition between Gabbert and a rookie with zero experience in the NFL? LOL. You gals are exposing yourselves as dumber than rocks.

  46. Papabear Says:

    WOW just Wow. Team Trask is acting like team Tebow. I’m a gator through and through but some people take that too far. It’s not his time and I don’t think his time will ever come here in Tampa because we now have Mayfield. Stop being sore losers. Mayfield beat Trask, plain and simple. Trask had his chance and lost. Mayfield is the better QB. If you think Trask is better that’s your opinion and it DOES NOT MATTER. The only opinions that matter are the coaches. That’s there job. They eat, breathe and live football everyday. They ARE the experts, not me, not you, not even Joe. So let them do their job, if they are wrong they will be fired. Mayfield is my quarterback and he WON that right. He and Trask had a competition for the starter and Trask lost. He had his opportunity with the bucs and got beat by a better QB. Stop letting your feelings for your college team affect your judgement for your pro team. It’s Bowles job, not anyone else. It’s Bowles opinion that Mayfield is better and that’s the opinion that matters. So let it go, Trask lost to Mayfield, he had his opportunity to compete with Mayfield and LOST. He lost. Get over it

  47. go dawgs Says:

    So to understand Ethan’s logic, Graham Mertz will be the next Brock Purdy?

  48. WillieG Says:

    If Trask is as great as people think he is, a general manager will trade a high draft pick for him, one the Bucs can’t refuse. That hasn’t happened so I can only assume the Bucs’ assessment of Trask is accurate.

  49. BucaneroJim Says:

    Pretty hard to tell the Baker cult from the Trask cult and vise-versa. Hey its OK!… some men swoon over boys with black hair and some redhead boys. Relax… no need to be so insecure and hate the other guy’s man crush.

  50. Tony marks Says:

    Ethan Says:
    would tolerate a competition between Gabbert and a rookie with zero experience in the NFL? LOL. You gals are exposing yourselves as dumber than rocks

    according to you verified nitwits Kyle is demonstrably an elite franchise QB because wait for it – he showed it in COLLEGE ( against mostly players who never made the NFL – but stilll failed to win the championship in his last go round)

    SO why would Brady want a vastly inferiror Qb instead of a super player who he saw lighting it up in practice every week to be put in rather than lose games and miss making the playoffs should he be injured?

    umm simlpe because Kyle didn’t light up even a short candle on a kid’s cup cake – Brady is an expert on QBs. You not so much. So your boy flaked out to more than just the coaches.

  51. BakerBucs Says:

    Hammerhead says that is the worst statement which puts u in the knucklehead class purdy & mahomes are 6’1″” u r really stupid so being taller than 6’1″ makes u a superstar moron take that hammer to u r own head u r a moron

  52. BakerBucs Says:

    Bucanero says just a question r u a Tinkerbell cause buddy u sure r an embarrassment.this is not LBGTQ+ site plz move on

  53. BakerBucs Says:

    The thing with Dan Marino never won a Superbowl so not all great qb’s r ment to win a Superbowl look at Josh Allen is it a jinx or what Kelly went to 4 SB zero wins if I was Allen I wud b looking for a trade west

  54. BakerBucs Says:

    Man if that competition was rigged between Mayfield and Trask it surely was a really good rig job I need them to give their opinions on my next lottery # picks

  55. BakerBucs Says:

    Big red says u r very stingy with someone else’s money 15 mill is a top WR money not QB money & Trask ain’t getting 15 mill ever unless he sits on the bench for 7 yrs that might tally up to 15 mill don’t kid u r self then browns fans r in full remorse mode with that treasonous event in Cleveland 2 years ago

  56. BucaneroJim Says:

    BakerBucs… it is a Bucs team site – not a Baker site – not a Trask site. A little tired of you boys in love with Trask or Baker hating on each other. Tinkerbell?… aren’t you brilliant.

  57. OlBoy Says:

    I’m just here to see what we have in Trask…
    And to read the comments. Hahs

  58. UKBuccaneer Says:

    Are we still using those JBF training camp quotes? Why don’t we use the JBF preseason quotes that commented on BM outplaying KT against better opposition?

  59. Oneilbuc Says:

    I have expected that Baker will be our quarterback so the only way to win a superbowl with Baker is give him a good running game and don’t let him have to throw 40 times a game. If the bucs can do that and play good defense we probably can win a superbowl with Baker Mayfield. They can not put the game in his hands to win at this point of his career. But to act like you can put the offense on his back has been the problem I had .

  60. JD Still Says:

    Tampa Bay is amassing quite the reputation for incompetence with the way it has historically handled it’s quarterbacks ( no quarterback has lasted more than a few years no matter how good or bad they were) , some very good to great quarterbacks have tried to figure out why, Steve Young tried to figure it out , couldn’t, and went on to San Francisco and became a Hall of Famer, Doug Williams tried to figure it out , and couldn’t, went on to Washington and made history in the Super Bowl, We even had the Greatest of All Time and Hall of Famer , Tom Brady , come in and try to figure it out , couldn’t , and retired, then on the really bad management side, We threw massive amounts of money at “Crablegs” Winston , and got nothing from it but embarrassment , now , We are on the verge of doing the same thing with Mayfield, “ the Mediocre” , while never even giving Kyle Trask a chance to show his worth , but fortunately for him, this is his last year in , quarterback purgatory, where he will now be able , to escape ,much as Young and Williams did , he also , never being able to figure out the problem , as all those before him could not do in this organization, which is now crystal clear to everyone, You can’t fix stupid!

  61. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Beckels is blind. I say that cause the last sentence literally says who was in front of trask. Um Let me introduce you to the GOAT. Tom freaking Brady was in front of trask sorry but trask is t starting over Brady. I will say I know nothing bout trask and I just want a QB who can be successful that’s said trask was neck and neck with baker in the off-season and baker really got the job like joe said bowels didn’t trust trask inexperience to bakers. If you’re looking at the future is BM the future ? 28 years old. As he gets older he won’t be able to get away like he did a great job this past season and in past he’s had missed games cause if injury so I personally don’t think he can play as long as some of the greats just cause if his style of play so maybe he gets us a few more years to find a QB for the future but how dumb will the Bucs look if trask goes on to a diff team and does good cause ge actually gets a opportunity

  62. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    Is Baker on the roster?

    Trask is on the roster. I know that.

  63. Bengh Says:

    I think the timing is not in favor of Trask. First, there’s Brady era, no doubt no one will argue that the GOAT is QB1. The problem came when Brady retired, the coaches had no confidence with Trask that’s why they signed Baker. The “QB competition” between Baker and Trask during off season was staged in favor of Baker, that’s why they signed him in the first place. Besides, Baker has more experience than Trask and had more stats to begin with than Trask. The only chance for Trask (as QB2) to be QB1 is for QB1 get injured during a game, wherein the coaches have no choice but to play Trask.

  64. BucaneroJim Says:

    Sorry, Joe and to your advertisers, worthless site due to unpredictable moderation. I give up. Gone.