“I Can’t Go Two Blocks In Tampa Without Someone Asking Me”

February 27th, 2024

Bucs GM Jason Licht opens up .. and shuts down.

Quarterback, quarterback, quarterback, the Bucs need a QB under contract and Baker Mayfield’s deal runs out in less than two weeks.

At the NFL Scouting Combine today in Indianapolis, Buccaneers Ring of Honor general manager Jason Licht seemed extraordinarily at peace with all things Mayfield – as if he knows there is no chance Mayfield plays for another team.

“Baker meant a lot to this team and this fan base and this town, and I think we meant a lot to him. I think it was a perfect marriage,” Licht said. “… He thought it would be good for him and it certainly was. I know he wants to be a Buc. We want him to be a Buc, so that’s usually a good starting point. Same could be said for a lot of these guys.”

Still, Licht was pressed about whether he’d let Mayfield become a free agent. The Bucs have another week or so to slap the franchise tag on him, which would make sure they have a starting QB for 2024.

Licht wasn’t giving direct answers.

JoeBucsFan.com: Jason, barring a freak injury or an act of God, is there any way you would let Baker Mayfield hit the market?

Jason Licht: Like I said. We want Baker to be a Buc, so we’re trying to make that happen.

The Sage of Tampa Bay Sports, JoeBucsFan.com columnist Ira Kaufman, also took a swing at pinning Licht down on Mayfield.

Ira Kaufman: “… … Can you imagine Baker Mayfield not being back with the Bucs? You have the ability to keep him if you have to.

Jason Licht: Correct. We want Baker back. Trust me, I can’t go two blocks in Tampa without someone asking me. And I totally understand it. He’s been great for our team. He’s been great for the organization.

Joe will have more on this subject, but it really struck Joe how relaxed Todd Bowles was today — far, far to at ease for a head coach worried (allegedly) about his quarterback position.

37 Responses to ““I Can’t Go Two Blocks In Tampa Without Someone Asking Me””

  1. ExBrownsFan Says:

    4 years 160 million 100 million guaranteed gets it done. That’s a 3-year commitment at 33.3, with a year 4 renegotiate/out. Its Dak, Daniel Jones, Carr, Stafford money and shows market value respect to a quarterback who got you to the playoffs and won a game and who’s done it before. With the increase in cap, and current marketplace, that’s a reasonable value for the player and the team and let’s you get all the other pieces when signing bonuses,etc are factored in.

  2. Capt.Tim Says:

    5 year, 200 million.
    And we lose the Trask lovers.
    They just wont be able to take it!

    Jason Licht at the Podium” Your Tampa Bay QB for the next 5 years, Baker Mayfield!”
    Lmao. The agonized groans from the Trask lovers/ Baker haters will be a beautiful thing.

    Its the Smart move for Tampa. Hes the guy- so lock him up long term.

  3. Dew Says:

    Bowles also mentioned getting bigger on the o’line. Guard I’m sure but maybe center too?

  4. BucsFan81 Says:

    Meh 3 years 90 million dollar contract with only 60 million guaranteed so that way if he sucks after a couple seasons you can get out of the contract.

  5. Buc king Says:

    I wouldn’t pay him…hes not proven enough for me.
    Sign david Evans Winfield…
    Offer baker 2yrs 50 mil at best

  6. Carlitin1988 Says:

    Baker is our best option for the near future. However i would not break the bank for him if he doesnt accept a contract in the high 30s i would walk away. He did have a decently good year with us but it was not 40 touchdowns 5k yards that he produced either. imo we have as much leverage as he does. He revived his career here with us and landing in another bad situation can have him teetering on the edge of being out of the league or looking for a permanent backup job.

  7. TomBucsFan Says:

    Go Bucs

  8. Lol Says:


    I like that deal.

  9. TF Says:

    Wow can’t go 2 blocks? , he must really be frustrated because I’m sure he can’t go 2 “feet” without someone asking him about on the greatest Bucs of all time (Evans) and his contract situation compared to a QB salvaged from the scrap heap.

  10. Capt.Tim Says:

    Jason Licht is no fool.
    You let a Probowl QB, who just took us two deep in the playoffs, walk in Free Agency- then you gotta leave town!

    There are Teams in the NFL right now, that have spent DECADES trying to find a Probowl QB- that can drag a team into the playoffs.

    Huge contract. Franchise tag. Huge money guaranteed. What ever it takes!
    Jason Licht will not be the GM that loses a franchise QB!
    Aint gonna happen. He aint moving out of that big house!

    Hugh Culverhouse cost us a Playoff QB. And wevall know how he is thought of in this town. We never forgave!

  11. Wes Hall Says:

    4 year 160 million, 75 million guaranteed. Offer Mike Evans the same deal. Then tag Winfield and draft some O linemen and an edge rusher. Put the pieces together and let’s play sum ball.

  12. Exbrownsfan Says:

    Only Geno and Jimmy G are in the 20’s per year. Gonna have to accept that the market value for Baker is in the 30’s. For what its worth I’m a fan but not a fan boy. I agree 40+ per year for ANYONE other than Mahomes is too much and a franchise should just take their chances in the draft instead. All that money on Rodgers, Lamar, Allen, Burrow, Murray, Hurts, Herbert, Wilson, Watson, and none of them can get past Mahomes. It just shows how even when you think you got your guy you have to get the TEAM to go all the way especially against generational talent.

  13. Capt.Tim Says:

    Buc king
    “He not proven enough for me”

    Who the F are you?
    Doubt anyone even remotely important is calling, and asking your opinion!
    Unless its about working a commercial deep fryer in a fast food joint! Lol

  14. Capt.Tim Says:

    Sorry- But Mike Evans isnt the greatest Buc of all time. No Chance.
    That Title goes to Leeroy Selmon. And it aint close.
    Then Derrick Brooks. Hardy Nickerson. John Lynch, Donnie Abraham, Ronde Barber.
    But you are right- He is definitely in that conversation. I sure hope he wants to come back. Want to see him retire a Buc!

  15. Woodenman Says:

    Whoa Capt. Tim who says your opinion is worth anymore than his.

  16. Bamboo Says:

    If he has to walk, he’ll be unemployed for maybe 20 minutes as best. Look around rhe league bozo’s!

  17. White Tiger Says:

    They don’t call Jason “Licht-house” for nothing. He’s not going to give money away, but he also doesn’t have to draft another ex-first round draft pick that ultimately becomes a back-up for the Saints, again, either.

    The fact that the yardbirds would LOVE to upset the Bucs applecart if Baker makes it to free-agency – is also on JL’s mind.

    Baker wants to be here, Licht wants him here, Mike wants him here, figuring out the real value both sides can be satisfied is all that’s in question here.

    Hoping we’re all reading between the lines here – and Baker & Mike are onboard!

  18. RGA Says:

    I have to chuckle when I hear pro bowl quarterback, he backed into the pro bowl as an alternate. Pro bowl is a popularity contest at best. Look at Winfield for Peet’s sake.

  19. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    Imo Leeroy and Mike Evans were/are very close in their ways, both let their football do all the talking on the field and neither really said much. Both key cogs in this storied franchise. 1,2; 2,1, both great quiet leaders. Having said that, having only one player in the history of the NFL to produce 10 one thousand catch seasons in his first ten years of playing is GOAT material because this guy still plays. So that argument of whoever is best is for another day.
    I hope the Bucs can keep him.

  20. Towered Says:

    Licht might draft another kicker, but he has never paid too much for a veteran QB. Heck, it seems like he’s done really well with FA veterans in general. If Baker stays, it’ll be on a contract that limits the risk.

    Mahomes is better than the other guys by a lot. He plays on a team friendly contract. It’s a double whammy to not have a QB as good as him AND pay who you have too much.

    Double whammy I say!

  21. Mac Says:

    I agree Buc king. I would not throw more than 30 a year at him. That is absolute max. I feel 25 -30 is a fair number for both sides. Also would not go more than 3 years on the contract and with guarantee for 2 of them. This a huge decision for the teams future. A horrible long dated contract can truly put this team back to the days of the den of depression for another lost decade. I believe in our brass and think they will prevent that from happening but this truly is a big deal in terms of length/money on this contract.

  22. heyjude Says:

    After reading this, I feel somewhat better about Baker, Mike, and others. Hard to be in Licht’s walking shoes right now. Not much said about Devin White today.

  23. Dave Pear Says:

    So glad Jason Licht is our GM. He has a tough job.

  24. OlBoy Says:

    Does JL envision a superbowl caliber team that can be built around an inconsistent QB? Guess we’ll find out.
    Not sure how the Bucs will pull that one off but hey, it’s a Bucs life.

  25. BFFL Says:

    1 year 25mil. Any more the team will suffer

  26. sdm5821 Says:

    Baker – 4 year deal, 100 million guarante. 15% of the yearly salary cap. For 2024, that’s 38.31 milion.

    ME13 – 3 year deal, 50 million guaranteed. 10% of yearly salary cap. For 2024, that’s 25.54 million.

  27. TF Says:

    Leroy was a beast and I have my memories watching him growing up when football was differant with the 3-4 front. He was responsible for anchoring that 79-80 team. I remember those 2 sports illustrated covers the Bucs had that year. I’m not so sure he would be as dominant with all the more mobile QBs now tbh but he is definately a legend. I see you are old school as all your listed players are defensive guys. I however think Derek Brooks is number 1 and it’s a little closer than you think. Also the book isn’t closed yet in Evans so he has time. When Evans story is finished being written he will be one of the all time under-appreciated WRs but there is work still to be done for stating the Evans debate. 2 more years maybe

  28. Capt.Tim Says:

    Guilty as Charged! Old,and Old school! All defensive players. But until Brady, Bucs have always been Defense forward.
    Absolutely could see Derrick Brooks as all time great Buc. It would be hard to argue against Brooks. I have his jersey( his number, not “his”) from the SuperBowl year.
    I met Leeroy Selmon as a kid. He was so friendly and nice to me- he made me a Buc Fan for Life. Im sure that influenced my call. But also I watched him DESTROY tackles for a long time. Every play he was double teamed- and still dominated. Ive never seen any player do that! Closest was a guy in Green Bay named Reggie White- probably before your time. Lol
    I thought LeeRoy was better than that.
    Like you, I hope Mike still has a few Chapters to add to his career as a Buc. Another ring or two- he might well be Buc#1

  29. WyomingJoe Says:

    Capt.Tim: Mighty nice stuff about signing Baker!

    My original feeling was 3 years @ 35M a year. But from all I’ve read from other sports sites, I think that Baker’s worth has been juiced up to 4 years @ 37.5M a year. And at 2024-2027 that still would be very team-friendly.

  30. Donald G Says:

    Geez Joe What is wrong with you lately

  31. tgoodwin Says:

    good to know Joe-i hope they pay Baker well and a longer contract 2 and of course Evans n ‘the gang’ lol; I am thoroughly enjoying ur combine coverage-great writes-great interviews-great insights-have fun!

  32. Donald G Says:

    Capt.tim I too met Leroy and Dewey and a bunch of 76 Bucs. Had all their autographs Even stood on John Mckays caddy during his speech upon arriving at I think one buck place after beating the Saints for the first win Sadly his trunk caved in Sorry John LOL

  33. bucsnboltsnmanu Says:

    Derrick Brooks is the bucs GOAT.

    AINEC. That said, we should have room for both Baker and Mike Evans.

    Both great players. Mike is a TD machine. We need him.

    I do not understand why people talk about the 1k streak so much.

    It’s nice. It is consistently good, not consistently elite.

    But we need him.

  34. Ha-Ha-Ha Says:

    How long is Todd going to stay around?

    I’d give Mike 6 years, Baker 7, Wirfs 10.

  35. Shane Callahan Says:

    Baker haters need to find a new team before this Okie wrestling coach comes to Florida on a head hunt, lol.

  36. Gene Says:

    Bucsfan81 is stupidly dreaming…it’ll never happen bro, wake up.
    Buc king isn’t even funny as a clown: no BUCs fan cares what you think and they sure aren’t trying to prove anything to the likes of you! 😆
    TF: Licht has already stated how much Evans means here rendering the first part of your comment stupid, useless and pointless(like you said nothing at all) and “QB from the scrapheap” from you just proves that you can be stupid 2different times in one statement. (You win my vote for tard of the year) 🏆(That’s right, I’m all heart and I appreciate your failed effort, not get this man a consolation ribbon so he feels like a winner)

  37. Clay Says:

    Captain Timmy has a very narrow view of the world. I think maybe he gave his brain the “Skyway Jack’s” treatment in a commercial fryer. You can challenge someone’s opinion without being an snobby dick. Try it. It works.