“He Wants To Get Market Value”

February 20th, 2024

One well connected NFL insider has been talking to Baker Mayfield.

Before Joe gets to to that, remember that a year ago Mayfield said publicly that he would not “just go chase a check” in free agency. That led him to Tampa Bay and a low-budget, one-year contract.

The Bucs got one heck of a value in Mayfield, including two playoff games and their quarterback in the Pro Bowl.

Now it seems Mayfield wants that check.

ESPN NFL super insider Jeff Darlington, the pride of Seminole High School, said on TV recently that he’s talked to Mayfield and “he wants to get market value.”

Darlington asked rhetorically, “What is that market value?” Great question! Darlington added that he thinks Tampa is a perfect fit for Mayfield and he would like to stay in pewter and red.

But, you know, money.

Joe wonders if the Bucs would dare to play a high-stakes game of chicken with Mayfield and risk losing him. Mayfield has bet on himself before, and it’s not unrealistic to think he might force the Bucs into slapping him with the franchise tag, a roughly $35 million deal for 2024.

69 Responses to ““He Wants To Get Market Value””

  1. BakerFan Says:

    But but but it is Tampa, he needs to give a home town discount

  2. BucVoyager Says:

    Can’t be mad with a man that proves his worth and now wants to be paid. He may crash and burn somewhere else but having that bag for your family is worth it. Bucs fans may not like it but that’s life.

    Anyone who says they wouldn’t leave their current job for a life changing sum is lying.

  3. SlyPirate Says:

    Yes, he had a solid year.
    Yet, he’s had a lot of bad years.
    Is any GM really going to give Baker the bag?
    I don’t think so. Too risky.
    They don’t have Evans and Godwin.

  4. Ethan Says:

    9-8 in the NFCS(ewer) wasn’t that great. Lots of other journeymen quarterbacks could have done that (and better).

  5. BucfaninMi Says:

    I’m sick of all the clickbait. Not saying JBF is. But everybody thinks they know. They don’t. There’s nothing else to write about. If you read/ listen to any of it, nobody will play for the Bucs! It’s just a bunch of noise.

  6. Bucswin? Says:

    Enough. Isn’t it time for some endless mock drafts..

  7. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    100 milski 3 years. 200 milski 5 years. Afterall with inflation, if I were the Bucs I’d sign him 5 years. Done deal.

  8. Joe Says:

    If you read/ listen to any of it, nobody will play for the Bucs!

    LOL! 🙂

  9. Vegasbuccaneer Says:

    Fire 🔥 tb

  10. Dr Says:

    While it’s hard to blame Mayfield for wanting market value, hopefully he’s mature enough to realize that a solid fit which extends his career by even one year likely means at least five times more than the premium he might get on going a place that doesn’t last as long.

    My concern is that the Glazers may feel like they can field and sell tickets for a team that doesn’t spend up to its salary cap. That’s a recipe for Penix, Trask, and Woolford next fall.

  11. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    He played for $4 mill last year – bet on himself.

    He won. $35 mill is market value at minimum

    If you let Baker walk then you also let ME walk and start over.

    Good luck with that.

  12. Pickgrin Says:

    “Market Value” is somewhat of a sham regarding QBs because too many teams have signed decent or mediocre to not very good QBs for WAY too much $…..

    Examples of overpriced QB cap hits in 2024:
    Jimmy G. – $28.3M
    Geno Smith – $31.2M
    Russell Wilson – $35.4M
    Derek Carr – $35.7M
    Daniel Jones – $47.1M
    Kyler Murray – $51.4M
    Dak Prescott – $59.4M
    DePervert Watson – $63.97M

    If Maydfield’s demands are higher than about $30-$33M per year for a multi year deal – then hit him with the $31.1M Transition Tag or the $36.29 Franchise tag and make him PROVE in 2024 that he can be consistently good for 2 straight seasons and is truly worth something north of that….

  13. Mike Johnson Says:

    Wouldn’t it be something if the Bucs lost both Mayfield and Evans? Can’t blame them for wanting that paper.

  14. Bucc o Bruce Says:

    Let’s be real, Evans put up these numbers with multiple QBs. We need him. We don’t need Baker

  15. Obvious Says:

    Honestly, Personally, I’m getting quite tired of the Mayfield conversation AS WELL AS the Evens conversation. IT IS PLAYED OUT! I’m going to just off the cuff take a guess at the percentages on the articles concerning those two.

    With that said, I’m starting to feel like joining the crowd that wants to go ahead and let BOTH of them try their hand at free agency and if they are indeed blind to expensive and refuse to leave room for others ( AND I MEAN BAKER MAYFIELD FOR THE MOST PART), and what they stated is UN TRUE concerning NOT BEING GREEDY so that weapons can be purchased (WHICH ISN’T AN OPTION TO ACTUALLY COMPETE) then See Ya Later…..

    I Absolutely WANT both Baker and Mike back! That’s the first thing I’m going to put on the record. “HOWEVER” this is a “TEAM SPORT” and without a “TEAM”, You Can’t Win! Great for the “I LOVE MYSELF SO MUCH kinda guy BUT….. NOT GOOD FOR THE ULTIMATE TEAM SPORT…
    Banging the table and marching up and down while demanding EVERY PENNY and FOR GET the “TEAM” then YOU ARE NOT THE RIGHT GUY…

    That’s how I feel about it and NOTHING is going to change that for me. It’s just TOO EASY TO GIVE A LITTLE BACK TO THE POT to MAKE SURE I’ve got the talent I need to be successful for MORE THAN a year or two at best.

    Mayfield HAS NOT EARNED HIS STRIPS! At least Mike Evens HAS and it make his last shot. And even with THAT as FACTS, I’m still not willing to give Mike an incredibly and ridiculously high salary as it “sounds like” he is “demanding”!

    And if we need to reinvent ourselves to get to what WE ALL (actual Buccaneers Fans that is) want MORE THAN ANYTHING…. And THAT’S to be a GENUINE DYNASTY!

    We had a good run BUT if the aging stars or the desperate “could have been if he wasn’t SO GREEDY” guys can’t look to that, WELL THEN WHY SHOULD ANY OF US LOOK TO THEM???

    I say ENOUGH with the Over Micro Managed Mayfield and Evens story’s and enough with the KEEPING US IN THE POOR HOUSE DUE TO UNADULTERATED GREED!

    If Mayfield and Evens (I like one very much and ABSOLUTELY LOVE the other) can just not have to get every single penny they can get their hot hands on, and just take what they know is a lot and yet leave some on the table for the good of the team then let’s do it. Otherwise, I personally won’t be reading another story on either one of them UNTIL it is a know fact that they either did or did not sign.

    I appreciate the hard work that the Joe’s put into the articles BUT I’m getting (just like in Jerry Maguire) Baker and Mike ” LASH” ….

    Would love to talk about something else for a change until I know that they are either WITH US or not.

    GO BUCS!

  16. Obvious Says:

    O, sorry.
    The Percentages of articles on just two men compared to all articles written…

    AT THE LEAST 90%! I’m burned out on them….

  17. Big Red Says:

    If you can’t get him for 15 million a year, let him go play for somebody else. It’s a business. A bunch of backup QBs would put up similar numbers with our offense. Perhaps the thing that stood out the most was his ability to break away from some sacks and keeps a few plays alive but it wasn’t enough to amount to 20+ mil a year.

  18. Bojim Says:

    Then the tag will get him market value and another season to prove himself. And he wants Evans. I think it will be done.

  19. beeej Says:

    “Obvious Says:
    February 20th, 2024 at 10:50 pm
    Honestly, Personally, I’m getting quite tired of the Mayfield conversation AS WELL AS the Evens conversation. IT IS PLAYED OUT! I’m going to just off the cuff take a guess at the percentages on the articles concerning those two.”


    it’s frikkin FEBRUARY

  20. BillyBucco Says:

    Well said Obvious.
    That’s exactly why I turned that page a couple weeks ago and am a strong advocate for letting them both go and rebuild.
    I have said it on here and other sites I won’t name, but you can reload for a while but eventually you just want that NEW GUN.
    IM teady to do it NOW for 2 major reasons.
    1. We gave drafted really well lately and are already ahead of most curves with the you g upcoming talent on this team.
    2. The amount of money we could have in FA would easily be top 3 after we clear space. The talent we could bring in would help other areas of need tremendously.
    If the rookie QB doesn’t work out this year, you ate still building your team so that next year its either a higher QB or a team ready to go get one of the good ones. I actually think we would be better than Houston by adding to the trenches in FA and drafting QB, WR and RB/TE in the first 3 rounds.

  21. Oxycondomns Says:

    Anyone looking for a prove it deal this year?

  22. Guymandude Says:

    But what about sacrifices being made to keep his receivers in town as well? At some point, greed wins I guess…

  23. BillyBucco Says:

    Well said Obvious.
    That’s exactly why I turned that page a couple weeks ago and am a strong advocate for letting them both go and rebuild.
    I have said it on here and other sites I won’t name, but you can reload for a while but eventually you just want that NEW GUN.
    IM teady to do it NOW for 2 major reasons.
    1. We gave drafted really well lately and are already ahead of most curves with the you g upcoming talent on this team.
    2. The amount of money we could have in FA would easily be top 3 after we clear space. The talent we could bring in would help other areas of need tremendously.
    If the rookie QB doesn’t work out this year, you ate still building your team so that next year its either a higher QB or a team ready to go get one of the good ones. I actually think we would be better than Houston by adding to the trenches in FA and drafting QB, WR and RB/TE in the first 3 rounds.
    3. BONUS: The schedule is already ridiculous next year and I doubt we make noise even with Baker and Mike. Everything is screaming for the Bucs to take their lumps this year and try to hit on one of these QBs. Trade up if you really like a guy who falls to 15. Maybe they like Pratt in the 3rd. Who knows but this is the year I would do it.
    Im sure Bowles is fighting against it, but BA has the most logical assessment and Im sure Licht and CO. still respect his views. I don’t even care if they they take 2 QBs in the draft. Anything is possible if we move on.

  24. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Market value for him is around $25m/year. I could live with that.

  25. BillyBucco Says:

    Also for the Baker hasn’t hit his ceiling yet, what would you say that ceiling is? No way its 5,000 and 50. He has a strong arm when he winds up, but doesn’t throw OFF PLATFORM lime the true elite.
    Mahomes, Burrow, Allen, Stroud, Love, Herbert, even Murray all have that trait.
    Baker DOES NOT.

  26. Tye Says:

    It would be REAL interesting to know how Baker really feels towards Bowles as HC…. IF he wants a chance at chasing Sb rings, TB will be keeping the Bucs from any chance…. That and Arthur Blank is sure to pay up for a qb that can win in this league…

  27. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    What two QBs has Mike Evans made the playoffs with?

    the GOAT and Mayfield

    Evans isn’t winning you crap on his own. Sorry to break it to you fanannoys.


  28. BakerBucs Says:

    Ethan says oh yah then why didn’t they do the same thing he did all I know is that guy got the perfect passer rating & very few guys do that let alone in green bay so take u r post & shove it David we all know u r really David

  29. MelvinJunior Says:

    There is noooo way in hail I’m re-singing Baker Mayfield at FULL “Market Value+” with no Mike Evans. If Evans ‘walks’ then I’m 💯 NOT breaking the bank for Baker… I’d go up to 3yr/$100Mil WITH Mike, or A LOT less, without. No Mike equals “adios, good-luck to ya, Bake.” It’s very loooong odds to begin with that he goes ‘back-to-back’ and has another career year next season anyway, much less being THAT (lucky) healthy, & starting all 17-games, in the first place… The chances of that EVER happening are much closer to being ‘ZERO-to-1’ with no Mike Evans. Kinda puts Cohen in a bad spot, but let the rebuild begin… There are cheaper options (Browning)… We’re only denying and delaying the inevitable anyway!!!! Get a jump on the rest of this HORRIBLE Division… Build the O-line (JPJ-Oregon C with Wirfs and co.) and the overall talent level for the next young draft-pick (on a rookie contract) can step right in… Have it set-up where he can succeed and we have tons of cap room, etc.

  30. BakerBucs Says:

    That perfect passer rate baker got in GB is 1 stat Brady will never get

  31. BakerBucs Says:

    Melvin jr well junior u r not & never will sign baker Mayfield to anything or have a say on anything to do with baker plus u have no money jackass so I will wait for Licht to tell us what is happening u & I r,100% garbage I’m bored with u r recent post go to bed u suck

  32. BakerBucs Says:

    Tye says did u know bowles was the DC & winner of SB 2020 rite in Tampa why do u guys continue to post absolute garbage with terrible facts that don’t add up that’s probably how u r pay check looks doesn’t add up

  33. BakerBucs Says:

    True elite QBs go to the playoffs o think baker been there couple times do u r homework graduate to the next level.this site has 1st class morons on it WTF

  34. GhostofBrady Says:

    Obvious Says:

    I humbly disagree. Baker did…
    1) Break the rookie TD record on team that drafted with 1-31 record previous 2 seasons, 4-32 previous 3 seasons, Hue Jackson as his freaking coach and Freddie Kitchen as his running back and then OC. On a team with Jarvis Landry and a bunch of WR#4s. He also won 7 games that rookie year, more than previous 3 years combined.
    2) Took arguably the worst team in NFL history to first playoff victory in nearly 3 decades.
    3) Won second playoff game in 6 seasons. More than a host of other QBs who are paid top 15 money right now.

    He should have gotten his after-rookie contract a few years ago when he won that playoff game in Cleveland. Every other QB who won a playoff game after 3 years cashed. Heck, Kyler cashed and he just made the playoffs. But the Browns are the Browns to pay $260M for a deviant who played 12 games in two seasons over Baker for $30M a year. Baker got paid a poultry $6.7M last year which is almost the least pay for non-rookie deal QB in league. He WAS the reason the Bucs rose a top 8 team in league. Without him, no way team did what they did. On another average team in the McVay offense, he takes that team to the playoffs.

    I’m one to believe in obvious deduction and inferences. Evans is not a long-term player due to his age. No way he gets franchised. Do you want Winfield on your team 100% for the next 3 years? Why would you franchise him then? You would only be pushing a much bigger contract negotiation next year if he balls out again as you expect.

    It’s all smoke and mirrors this talk of franchising Winfield. They will pay him $20+Mil average annual next 3 year rather than do a one year $18M franchise that will cost them dearly next year and 2-3 more years to come to keep him.

    The obvious thing to do is transition tag Mayfield. Basically give him $31M for another prove it year. No team is going to give the Bucs two first rounders for 29 year old Mayfield. Then Bucs have all the leverage to dicker him down half-way between Geno and Carr deal. That gets them off the Daniel Jones numbers. Baker will probably eat it and do the 2-year $60M guarantee with a 3rd year for $45M non-guaranteed. Basically 2 years guaranteed at $30M per year and a fake 3rd year to make the annual average top 15 at $35M. Which is a hardball way to probably pay him fair market for his age and league perception not actual achievements. Baker could sit out all offseason in disgust but he’s not built that way. He needs team success to vindicated himself to the Cleveland jerks.

    His agent really does suck for bad negotiation skills with Carolina and the Bucs. Baker should fire these clowns. Bowles would have paid him more to have any shot at keeping his HC job. NO OTHER QB on the market last year would have saved his job. Should have said $4M no franchise tag… or $8M with no tag/trade conditions.

  35. GhostofBrady Says:

    GhostofBrady says:
    “The obvious thing to do is transition tag Mayfield.”

    I meant “The obvious thing to do is non-exclusive franchise tag Mayfield”. I do not know why I typed “transition” instead of non-exclusive.

  36. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    BakerBucs, you do know behavior like that just makes you look bad, right?

    Baker Mayfield did okay this year…and he had one really, really good game.

    Credit where credit is due.

    And I do think he at least earned the right to make more money than he was.


    1) The truth is, he was only good in less than 40% of the games…yes, it is a team sport…during the other 60% of games, the defense stepped up (for part of them). That is why we ended up with the record we/they had.

    That said…Spotrac places Mayfields value at around $27m/yr. Personally, I think thats about $7m too much, but…in a team friendly deal with low guarantees? I could accept it. I could even accept $30m if the team has a way to dump him after a year if he regresses.

    I would also be willing to let some other team take that risk with a long term deal.

    The smart thing would be to franchise him. Make him prove it again.

    2) The cap issues are very real. I realize man NFL fand have trouble seeing beyond the current year, but take a few minutes, head onver to Spotrac, and see how much dead cap the Bucs are facing in 2025 (next year). It is downright ugly.

    Our cap issues are about to get a lot worse.

    The Bucs may want to pay guys…but that doesn’t mean they can.

    3) Mike Evans. That guy has team for a decade. He has restructured nearly every year after his rookie deal. He was a big contribution to getting a second ring. And he still plays at a high level.

    The team wants to do right by him…and I support that.

  37. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    GhostofBrady, smart thinking.

  38. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “No team is going to give the Bucs two first rounders for 29 year old Mayfield.”

    You are right, of course…but wow…if only that would happen! An extra first rounder this year and next?

    Could do a lot with that!

  39. GhostofBrady Says:

    Two first rounders for Baker would give enough ammo to trade towards a top 3 pick next year and draft the next franchise QB in 2025 on a rookie contract for 5 years to come. Or they could earn a top 3 draft position by having Trask be their QB. Tank like Houston. Trask to me is another version of Jeff Driskel or Davis Mills or Sam Howell. He’s not built like Jalen Hurts, Trask being another version of a Hurt’s second round QB pick a false dream. There’s a reason every team in the divisional playoff round with exception of San Fran had a first round QB starting.

    But is it worth it? 2-3 years of terrible football in Tampa for maybe a rainbow in the end. When you got a top 15 QB on a team that has potential to rule the NFC South for 2-3 more years and possibly have a deeper playoff push. It’s quite a dichotomy and pretty fun (and sometimes disheartening) to discuss and argue over :).

  40. Formerbrownsfan Says:

    Big red says” similar numbers with our offense.
    Baker and Evans was your offense. Couldn’t run worth a crap, couldn’t pass block very well at all. Lmao

  41. Defense Rules Says:

    Market Value is a term that we throw around quite a bit, but I’m not sure anyone can actually define … as in put a ‘definitive’ number of it for any given player. I tend to take others word for it. For example, Spotrac lists Baker’s Market Value to $27.1 mil based on a 4-year contract. Absolutes are a little nebulous it seems, so a ‘range’ (say $25-$30 mil) is probably more realistic. Makes negotiations a little easier I would think.

    CBS Sports did an analysis of available FA QBs about a month ago (‘2024 NFL QB market: Top free agents, trade targets, cut candidates, projected landing spots, contracts, more’). Kirk Cousins was listed first, and they had him re-signing with Minnesota. Logical to me (Vikings staggered after Cousins went down with injury). They had Baker Mayfield listed next, re-signing with the Bucs. Their write-up made good sense to me …

    ‘Baker Mayfield … TB • QB • #6 … CMP% 64.4 … YDS 3907 … TD 28 … INT 10 … YDS/ATT 7.32

    ‘After a roller-coaster ride from the Browns to the Panthers and Rams, Mayfield has exceeded expectations in Tampa Bay, controlling the ball better to keep the Buccaneers playoff-relevant in a post-Tom Brady world. His career resume still suggests he’s a QB you compete with rather than build around, but at 28, he’s young enough to warrant another starting gig. Like the Seahawks with surprise breakout Geno Smith in 2022-2023, the Bucs could be motivated to reward him while retaining long-term flexibility. Mayfield, meanwhile, figures to value continuity after years of bouncing around, though staffing changes could affect that.

    Projection: Re-signs with Buccaneers on two-year, $54M deal ($27M per year)’

    I like the way CBS Sports phrased it … ‘His career resume still suggests he’s a QB you compete with rather than build around’. Bucs aren’t in a position currently to draft a franchise QB (Penix is not the answer in my book, but to each their own). We’re still rebuilding far as I’m concerned, and we’re not ready to compete for another Super Bowl. For a reasonable price, Baker COULD be a valuable piece in the puzzle, and allow us to keep improving AND competing. And he MAY grow into being that franchise QB who’s been so elusive to our beloved Bucs. HOPEFULLY he sees it the same way.

  42. Beeej Says:

    Baker believes in himself enough to BET on himself–it could be a 25-ish thing with incentives (the kind that means he’s prolly in a pro bowl) to get him to 35

  43. Ethan Says:


    Mayfeld’s QBR for 2023 ranked 18th of 32 quarterbacks. Perfect my rear end.

  44. covertwo22 Says:

    25-30mil for 2-3yrs. 30mil is stretch! He’s not the type of QB that can win without weapons. In order to surround him with weapons, you need the cap space to pay said weapons.
    I also think anything over 55mil for 3yrs for Evans is insane! Let him walk and spend that money on a comparable WR, Oline help and another solid RB. A solid run game would help Baker and any WR’s.

  45. HeavyE Says:

    So we will pay Baker, a one year wonder over ME13, who has consistently performed over the last 10years, no wonder we can’t win or win! Trust in Licht My A$$, this Organization is the WORST!!!! & let’s not forget about our outstanding DB’s also, way to go Licht, and the list goes on………

  46. 76 bucsfan46 Says:

    Jacoby Brissett more than likely has a better season than Baker. And he’s, available in free agency.

  47. Gipper Says:

    Baker has nothing left to prove. The prices for NFL starting quarterbacks are insane. Baker will find a team that will add to the insanity. If he moves on, that is just the way it goes. Most professional athletes are mercenaries and they know what most of us know when we leave an employer. In 3 years after you leave, most won’t even remember you being there.

  48. White Tiger Says:

    You don’t have to like it, but you’re all driving up the list count on every Baker Mayfield-related article @Joe posts.

    It’s amusing to watch.

    You’ll only have to wait about a week, maybe a little longer, and then you’ll be right back here arguing why the Bucs should not have re-signed Baker Mayfield.

    I’m R-E-L-A-X-E-D, Baker, Mike, AWJ, and LVD will all be re-signed. Then we can start the endless mock-draft season for a few weeks.

    I can wait. It’s all good – I mean, if you like the chance of winning more games than you lose…and don’t mind seeing #6 throw some more of those pretty arcs towards #13, for a few more years.

  49. Chuckys Bucs Says:

    His own family took him for a ride and lost millions. Im sure hes better off than most of us but money is a bigger factor for him because of that situation. He wants/needs a big pay day

  50. Franklin Says:

    Let Baker walk, sign Drew Lock to a 2 year, 5 mil a year deal and sign ME and the others. There really isn’t anything special about Baker.

  51. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    For the last time…restructuring a contract means NOTHING. It actually benefits the player as his weekly salary is converted to a SINGLE BONUS. Nothing is deferred. They are getting a lump sum up front. The team can then spread that lump sum over X years. Evans isn’t doing anything special. SMDH.

    Read more and post less.

  52. Jprewitt Says:

    For those saying “let Baker leave, other QB’s would put up similar numbers”. Do you recall that he was the Pro bowl MVP? After all you got him for 4mill this past year so if you the Buc’s get him for 100mill over the next 3 years the cost average over the 4 year tenure would still make him the lowest cost starting QB in the league. I would expect 120 for 3 and cost average it out to 31mill and even with inflation you would be getting a steal. Remember the reason he was ran out of the browns was because he was forced to throw far and often with a bum shoulder. As far as his time in Carolina…the HC was fired and I don’t believe Payton, Tom, Patrick or Jesus could of got 3k yards in that offense. How many systems has he played in now with how many OC’s?

  53. CB123 Says:

    Remember when Jameis wanted +$30M/yr and we signed Brady instead? How’d that work out for him?

  54. Allbuccedup Says:

    Workout a contract with Winfield, tag Evans and let Mayfield test the market I believe jes going to find out hes not worth what hes asking.

  55. Gipper Says:


    Hey Allbucc you are not paying attention. A poster here put up 2024 salaries of about 10 NFL qb’s. Mayfield has a better playoff track record than most. Moreover, he has superior passing skills than most. Mayfield is going to get really big bucks from some team. You are going to get Trask and your right to write uniformed and stupid comments forever in this bog.

  56. Oxycondomns Says:

    Thing with baker he is a leader of men makes him more valuable then mike if they can only keep 1

  57. D Cone Says:

    All depends on Supply and Demand. Not what a person thinks he’s worth.

    Would Mayfield have been as successful throwing to guys named Douglas and Bourne with the Pats and not Evans and Godwin? Enough for them to pass on taking a QB at 3 and making him an offer?

    Would the Bears be willing to move on from Justin Fields and make him an offer and draft a kicker at #1?

    Raiders would get rid of a QB on their roster that took a team to the Super Bowl, is 33 wins over 500 @ 57-24 and scheduled to be at a discount in 2024?

    Going rate for a 2014 Ford Fiesta is 4500 to 6000. Maybe there’s a Sap out there that will pay 16 Grand. Doubt it.

  58. CrackerBall Says:

    I have to imagine that Mike Evans is watching VERY closely on how we reward Baker Mayfield for his solid play. Why would he want to suffer through some sub-par QB play should Mayfield decide to leave?

    I would fully expect Mike Evans to leave as well…

  59. Wes Hall Says:

    Love to listen to all of this mumbo jumbo. All season long it was Baker can’t do this , Baker can’t do that. All of you non-believer wanna be coaches have turned in your whistles for executive jobs and financial security positions to determine what Evans should get, Baker should get, and Wingfield should get. Lord help us cause all of you non-believer wedge heads couldn’t pick a winner in a one horse race. Your goat is GONE, long Gone. Remember how we struggled before The Brady years. Either make the effort to sign all three or let them go. Their all gonna get their payday. Also Baker had better numbers than Brady’s last year. MORONS.

  60. Usfbucs Says:

    If we can’t bring back ME and BM then we will also lose LVD. Then we are in full rebuild mode.

  61. Usfbucs Says:

    For ME if we aren’t bringing back BM who he has good numbers with then might as well go play with any QB on any team.

    For BM if we can’t bring back ME then maybe he goes and finds another team who has a better equipped offense.

    For LVD I think he will stay a Buc as long as he thinks we have a shot at the playoffs

  62. Jeremy Goins Says:

    Wtf is taking the BUCS so long to do this? I have been reading these articles for multiple weeks now. It’s not like these guys have anything else to do. Freaking get it done already, sign them or let em walk. It’s not that hard. Sick of all these dumb articles and all you jack in the boxes that always have something dumb to say. Go BUCS!!!!!

  63. Agroyboy Says:

    I’m sorry. He’s not worth 25 plus mil. I hate letting Mike leave. But I dont see either coming back. I fell Winfield Jr mote important then baker.

  64. BakerFan Says:

    Jeremy Goins Says:
    February 21st, 2024 at 5:17 pm
    Wtf is taking the BUCS so long to do this?

    These contracts don’t work on JoeBucsFan time frame. In fact some things won’t get done until after June 1st because of salary cap hits and savings.

  65. Paul Murphy Says:

    Give him $28.5 million for four years (all guaranteed). By then Evans will be gone and new draft picks must establish themselves for Baker to get one final contract which allows him to break the bank as they say.

    If he says no give him $31. million for two years only (fully guaranteed) which allows you three more drafts to find his replacement.

  66. NCBuc Says:

    Well BakerBucs…… Brady has had that perfect passer rating at least 3 times. So what exactly are you talking about? The Baker crowd never cease to amaze me

  67. Mike in Austin Says:

    Wait, what? A man wants to get paid full market value for his services?

    Fire up the press, boys. This is truly newsworthy.

    There is not a mentally healthy person on this planet who doesn’t want to get AT LEAST full market value for their work, or their money for that matter.

    On the flip side, how does this sound as the title for the next article? “Bucs hope to get a bargain deal on their next contract with their starting .”

    Hello, hot take.

  68. tbc 1 Says:

    let Trask be our number one so next year we can be number one…in the draft

  69. Marky Mark Says:

    Give him stock in the Glazers other football team.