“Didn’t Miss An O-line Dinner All Year”

February 12th, 2024

“Blaine, I couldn’t do the Average Joe tough guy stuff any longer.”

Did the 2023 Bucs roster respond better to Baker Mayfield than the 2022 Bucs did to Tom Brady?

It sure smells that way. On the Ira Kaufman Podcast, Joe referenced learning last week in Las Vegas about how some players soured on Brady — and why — during the 2022 seaosn.

Joe also learned more about Mayfield investing in personal bonding with Bucs teammates. Offense, defense, it didn’t matter.

Mayfield himself told The Ringer that he “didn’t miss an O-line dinner all year.” Typically, Bucs O-linemen would hit the town for a savage feast every Thursday night. Joe knows Rachaad White was a regular attendee and, apparently, Mayfield was, too.

That’s not the kind of bonding Brady was engaged in. Of course, inhaling massive plates of meat and telling stories on a weeknight doesn’t win football games, but it can bring a team together and generate more consistent effort — conciously or subconciously.

Mayfield also told The Ringer that whether or not he gets re-signed by the Bucs, he plans to take his Tampa Bay offensive line out for a fancy boating event on his dime, making good on a Christmas promise.

Bucs players know Mayfield will sacrifice his body, time and money on their behalf. That means a lot to a lot of players, from veterans to the many youngsters on the Bucs roster who were big fans of Mayfield when they were kids and he was dominating on the college football stage.

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27 Responses to ““Didn’t Miss An O-line Dinner All Year””

  1. Onetrickpony Says:

    BM impresses me me with his team attitude

  2. Hodad Says:

    Mayfield looks like he doesn’t miss any dinners period!

  3. garro Says:

    And this is reason to bash Brady Joe?

    That sir is a low blow.

    Go Bucs!

  4. Marky Mark Says:

    Bakers new leaf was a combination of desperation to save his career and mistakes he made with the Browns. Baker never tried to be friend with OBJ and that did him in.

  5. Marky Mark Says:

    Brady was distracted by his divorce.

  6. It's Corn Says:

    Brady is a sociopath, so once he decided he wasn’t going to keep playing after that season there was no reason for him to invest in caring about personal friendships to help himself.

  7. Mike C Says:

    And weddings, movies, heath preservation…..

  8. Since76 Says:

    The theme on this site board every time Mayfield had a bad game was the o line was at fault. Guess dinners didn’t improve anyone’s play on the field. Maybe breakfasts???

  9. stpetebucfan Says:

    “And this is reason to bash Brady Joe?”

    Brady was a hired gun. He was NOT the good guy who rode in to save the franchise. He was however a very EFFECTIVE hired gun for one year. And any SB is worth the drama and bad play that followed.

    So yes we all appreciate that 2nd SB but THAT IS IT! Why all the unconditional Brady love? I’m not talking respect that was earned…I’m talking “love” which he NEVER earned. After two years Brady was trying to figure a way to play somewhere else. His “heart” was never in Tampa!! He said immediately after retirement he’ll always be a Patriot. I appreciate that honesty and yes N.E. fans have every reason to return the love.

    Some Bucs fans here however seem to suffer from “battered wife syndrome”.
    You may be into Tommy Boy but truth is he was never in to you that much.

    Reporting or posting the TRUTH is not disrespectul or unwarranted.

    Tom Brady led the Bucs to their 2nd SB. I’ll always appreciate that. But he got his 7th to show up BB and build his legend. IE it was a FAIR BARGAIN for both sides and neither owes the other anything. IF Brady had shown any love for Tampa I’d perhaps feel differently.

  10. gotbbucs Says:


    Well said.

  11. BUCman Says:

    You can’t underestimate the importance of this kind of bonding. Team chemistry is everything. Mayfield gets a gold star in that department.

  12. Sacker58 Says:

    I hope the bucs sign Baker to a deal with intention at some point drafting a franchise qb.
    While Baker did well this year ,will.after he gets a deal remember what got him the deal.
    Play hard brother !!play SMART!

  13. Spicoli Says:

    stpetebucfan I get what you are saying, but to say he only had one good year isn’t an accurate statement. Yes, we fell short of the SB in Yr 2 but he had arguably the best offensive season we have seen in our Franchise’s history.

  14. Lakeland Steve Says:

    Who the hell cares if Brady is a sociopath, a psychopath or an empath. He got us a Super Bowl and that’s all that counts. Thank God he came to Tampa Bay and gave us some of the best football ever played here.

  15. Bradybucs Says:

    Brady loves the Bucs organization. Brady’s second year he threw 43 tds for 5300 yards should of won mvp. Gisele said AND Gisele sources said Gisele was not happy to move to TAMPA. She did for her husband. What do you think Brady’s home life was like while he was in TAMPA. Gisele constantly nagging him to retire. By the second year Gisele was done with Tampa she wasnt living there she would just fly in for games. Brady was trying to keep the Bucs together with crazy Antonio Brown antics all the while his marriage was falling apart. Your right Brady wanted out after his second year he did all he could with Tampa. He also wanted to save his marriage. He fake retired wanted to go to MIAMI BUCS held Brady hostage so it was either play or retire he played. This made Gisele mad she was determined to get even with Brady. She did and she purposeley waited until season was about to start. 49ERS WANTED BRADY THIS YEAR AND THEY WOULD HAVE WON LAST NIGHT WITH BRADY. SADLY BRADY IS DONE TAMPA SUCKED ALL OF bRADY’S FOOTBALL LIFE OUT OF HIM. NOW HE IS A RAIDER HAVE FUN WITH A UNDERSIZED COCKY MAL CONTENT BAKER MAYFIELD AS OPPOSSED TO CLASS ACT BRADY

  16. Dom Says:

    These Brady Mayfield articles are the most ridiculous articles on this site. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard a single teammate not named AB in Brady’s career say he’s a bad teammate and most have praised his leadership. bUt bAkEr dRiNks bEeR wItH hIs tEaMmAtEs is the type of mouth breather analysis that easily amuses people that don’t know ball

    This fanbase shows no respect to the guy that helped lead this team out of a 13 year playoff drought and the greatest offenses in franchise history. I have a feeling most of the hate and disrespect comes from fans probably hating him and the Pats before he came down here. Bucs fans are so used to seeing bad QB’s they don’t know how to act when they finally got an elite QB. It’s unbelievable

  17. Bucs'n'Bucks Says:

    Apples and oranges. There’s no denying that Brady brought life and the spotlight back to Tampa and the Buccaneers. Mayfield is continuing that in his own way. Try rooting for the team. You might be surprised how much fun it is.

  18. JK Says:

    He’ll be having his team dinners in Pittsburgh from here on out.

  19. GottiDog052084 Says:

    @Marky Mark
    From an ESPN article a couple of years ago…..

    “The craziest part of this whole situation is that they’re friends,” said one source close to Mayfield. “Maybe it wasn’t perfect. But it was never strained.”

    Only a couple of weeks ago, the two were together playing video games. On Labor Day weekend before the start of the season, Mayfield and Beckham Jr., along with Landry and tight end Austin Hooper, flew to Big Sky, Montana.

    Beckham flew to California for Mayfield’s wedding in the summer of 2019. And during their first training camp, Mayfield repeatedly sought out Beckham’s mother to give her a hug.

    “This has zero to do with anything off the field, which is why it’s all so perplexing,” said another source. “I don’t know of one [incident] that’s ever [come between] them off the field. … this is all about the field.”

  20. Larrd Says:

    There’s no reason to criticize Brady or Baker. Both played very well in Tampa, both exemplified teamwork and leadership, and both seem like good dudes who make a lot of friends. We don’t have to pick between them, no matter what inside dirt the pundits dig up and manufacture.

  21. Big Red Says:

    Brady as a Buccaneer was legendary. Maybe Jason Licht shouldn’t have drafted a backup QB in the 2nd round and got him a TE or some OL help. We should have also let AB rest and just pay him is incentives / restructure deal to give him the money just to keep him in line for the playoff run.

    Mayfield is a good bridge. I wouldn’t hitch to it for longer than a few years because you always want the next Mahomes… Brady… Rodgers… Manning… Lamar…

    I’d say Baker’s arm talent on par or superior to Lamar, but Lamar scrambling dynamic is other worldly.

  22. ATLBuc Says:


    I agree bro! I still resent him for running off BA. He’s one of the best coaches we’ve had here

  23. TF Says:

    I’m forever grateful for the Brady SB title and getting a chance to see the greatest play the position. And him bringing Gronk along for the ride. Joe I also do not understand the subtle dig at the man. The coaching sucked! And Let’s not take for granted or underestimate his personal home life struggles. The man went through the hardest year of his ENTIRE life. That divorce no doubt soured Brady in Tampa. Those personal memories, explaining it to his children etc. How in the world can anybody remain focused and want to stay in Tampa. He is forever going to associate Tampa Florida with his divorce. He was PLENTY social the first couple years. I’m okay with him not having a Thursday get together his last year. He was trying to save his marriage.

  24. Wild Bill Says:

    Ho-hum. Brady is very old news. He had a great super bowl with a lot of help from other Bucs and too soon the magic was gone. That last season was a sad ending.

  25. stpetebucfan Says:


    Your name says it all!! LMAO

    “What do you think Brady’s home life was like while he was in TAMPA. Gisele constantly nagging him to retire.”

    It doesn’t matter what I think or what YOU think…neither of us know. YES Tom made a deal if he won another SB he’d retire. While you Brady suckups want to blame it all on Gisele…what is so evil in a woman wanting the man she loves to NOT end up with CTE or some gruesome injury like Alex Smith which can happen on any ONE play in the NFL.

    Giselle…again according to “sources” wasn’t the heavy in the breakup. Tom should have never promised he’d quit if he won the 7th. Tampa had nothing to do with it and if Brady is stupid enough to rely on a psychopath like AB it’s his own dumb fault.

    “BUCS held Brady hostage so it was either play or retire he played.”

    So you think Saint Tommy has no need to honor his contractual obligations?
    WOW. You’re like a Swiftie…blind love. I simply do not get it.

  26. Debbie⁴ Says:

    Don’t forget it takes a team effort to win. This last year was a year to pay for our SB win with our cap space problems. We were lucky to get a qb who is invested in winning, and maintain a relationship with his teammates. We were predicted to lose the year, but we won the NFC South! I am grateful to Brady who breathed life into our team during Covid, and showed his teammates that it is always possible to be great. I am grateful Baker worked hard to fit in and lead. I am grateful for those who stayed with the team instead of the money grab and reworked thier contracts multiple times, so we could continue to win. I am grateful to the Bucs, I enjoy watching the games.

  27. Shane Callahan Says:

    Marky Mark- Baker vacationed with OBJ. They were great friends until OBJ’s dad started bashing Baker. People just talk about things they know nothing about.