Buccaneer For Life

February 1st, 2024

Bucs want him back.

Joe has heard Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht refer to Mike Evans, when asked about trying to re-sign the best receiver in Bucs history, as wanting Evans to be a “Buccaneer for life.”

It seems the Bucs have the same hope for a guy on defense that personifies the team.

Lavonte David is one of five critical Bucs free agents this winter. And per Jenna Laine of ESPN, the Bucs want David in the locker room and on the field for 2024.

There’s a strong desire within the organization to keep him a Buccaneer for life. Despite just turning 34, David registered 86 solo tackles during the regular season — 10th most in the league despite missing two games with a groin injury. He played on a one-year deal worth $4.5 million this season, which is significantly lower than his last contract of two years and $25 million — indicating his willingness to work with the team.

This is a no-brainer for Joe. Did David look or play anywhere close to 34? He played more like he was 24. The guy was his usual dominant self.

Hell yes, Joe would re-sign David for $4.5 million. The trick is, does David want to play another year of football? Joe had asked David that in the waning days of the 2024 season and David said he wasn’t sure.

Joe took that more as a bargaining ploy than anything else. Now since the the season-ending loss to the Lions, linebackers coach Larry Foote put out on his Instagram stories feed that David wants to start his own ministry. Foote didn’t offer any more information. You know how jocks and ex-jocks love cryptic messages on social media.

If David isn’t quite ready to begin his life after football, of course the Bucs should be all over getting him back on the roster.

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26 Responses to “Buccaneer For Life”

  1. Leopold Stotch Says:

    Agreed Joe, unfortunately for everyone, Devin White, for whatever reason, did not become the heir apparent to Mr. David. So we will most likely have to try that again. As has been said before, Britt has his limitations. Very disappointing, but hopefully Lavonte is up for it again.

  2. Hodad Says:

    If the price is right sure, but it’s time to find the next David, and Evans.

  3. teacherman777 Says:

    David + Britt is nasty.

    But we need to take Britt off the field on 3rd down.

    Bowles defense needs a SS/LB to play on 3rd down.

  4. bob in valrico Says:

    David’s leadership ,even if he is low key and knowledge of the game (instincts)
    are worth way more than the salary he will get. Who better to mentor the next
    the next David than him?

  5. UGotRobbed Says:

    A true pro’s pro! Reward him!

  6. Hail2dabucs Says:

    This is going to be the consolation prise . We lose Evans but hey kids , David stays on another one year deal .

  7. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Derrick Brooks was 36 when he retired from the NFL…..I was at his last game at Ray J……..the man looked so slow and looked like he was hurting too.

    I want LVD to retire as a Buc but I don’t want him to be limping around like Brooks did…….LVD has been the ONLY constant force since Derrick Brooks and Rhonde Barber retired……..

    If LVD played in a Big Market for media like Dallas or Philadelphia …….he would’ve went to the Probowl almost every year……LVD is so under-rated.

    LVD needs to retire as a Buc!!!!!

  8. Doooshlarue Says:

    I’d like to see LVD stay.
    He’s still playing at a very high levell.

  9. Todd Says:

    He deserves a helluva lot more than $4.5MM…much was a “prove it” deal.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but he “proved it”!

    Give him 3 years, $20MM!

  10. realistic-optimistic Says:

    He and the Licht will keep working out 1-year deals until David is ready to retire. He’s a legend in Tampa regardless of how he’s seen in other markets.

  11. All_da_way Says:

    I think LVD will be back one more year but if he retires that is okay too.

  12. JimBobBuc Says:

    Bring him back with another 1 year contract but give him way more than $4.5M, he’s worth more than that as a player and role model. I wish he had been more effective in motivating White, but White screwed himself over this year and that’s on nobody but him.

    Britt seems to be developing but he’s no LVD. I hope that SVD develops in this off-season as he was very good in pass defense last off-season. These two young guys would really develop around LVD, and by getting stronger.

  13. Conner50 Says:

    Sign David to a two year deal dudes a beast and the leader on our defense

  14. gofortheface30 Says:

    “Did David look or play like he was 34.” That literally does not matter. How many times are we going to see older players get paid in their 30’s then completely fall off a cliff. Business should never ever mix with emotions/feelings/nostalgia. Everybodys little innocent child fanboy is coming out. You don’t pay for what you have done. In fact – David has already been compensated handsomely for his contributions. Yes thank you very much, he will get a statue. But ill be damned if I am going to sign him to a contract in line with the top 5 highest paid players at his position through the age of like 36. But sure lets tie up all of our cap space in our 30yr old guys so we dont hurt the fans’ feelings F IT!! LETS GET NUTS

  15. Easy The Great Says:

    He’s been the best linebacker on this team since he was drafted. He has to retire a Buccaneer just like Mike Evans.

  16. D-Rok Says:

    David can still start his ministry AND play for the Bucs. Obviously, he can’t be a full-time head pastor as there’d be a conflict on Sundays.

    Whatever he does, he will do it well, and I wish him the best.

    Go Bucs ! ! !

  17. Baker Playmaker Says:

    The contract David had was nowhere near 4.5 million. It was all Licht smoke and mirrors. By putting in an easy to achieve improvement in one of seven stats in the year he was almost certain to get one of, it allowed the team to mark it as “unlikely to achieve” which allowed the huge incentive to count against the next season and not the current year that just ended. David made 10 million this last year it just only counted 4.5 against the cap.

  18. Duane in Sanford Says:

    He was our best lineback last season. Regardless of his age, he still produces at a high level, has a track record with this team, and we need him. He will be back. This team has won the NFC South 3 years in a row. You dont maintain that consistency without veterans.

  19. mark2001 Says:

    Sure we want him back. The question is will we pay him enough to keep him here.

  20. Defense Rules Says:

    LVD may have already made the decision to retire and press on with his ministry. Money isn’t the issue though in LVD’s case. Whether or not he wants to go through the grind for another year or two is the real question. And part of that I’m convinced will be based on whether or not he feels the Bucs have a crack at another Super Bowl while he’s still playing.

  21. Defense Rules Says:

    Baker Playmaker … ‘The contract David had was nowhere near 4.5 million. It was all Licht smoke and mirrors.’

    Yup, just take a look at the VOID YEARS.

  22. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I love having him around, but I fully expect him to retire this year. I hope I am wrong, because I want him here…but I also remember how Brooks waited one year too long.

  23. unbelievable Says:

    If he still wants to play, you sign him. He’s barely even lost half a step, if that.

    @Anthem – wasn’t Brooks playing on a broken ankle those last few games? A bit different IMO… but yes, nobody wants that kind of play from their starting linebackers…

  24. Bobby Says:

    In my opinion the Bucs most important priority player is Tristen Wirfs, Baker, Winfield, David then Evans. Wirfs is number one

  25. Bobby Says:

    As far resigning

  26. Daniel Z Says:

    Assuming he wants to play, I think the Bucs need to re-sign him.
    He’s the leader on this defense, a guy that lifts the play of those around him through accountability, effort, and professionalism. Who takes that leadership role if he’s gone? Because I can put a line through pretty much everyone else because they’re too young, get hurt too much, only play half the snaps, or just wander aimlessly on some plays.