Baker Mayfield Talks To Joe

February 7th, 2024

Bucs free agent QB Baker Mayfield on the set of NFL Network at the Super Bowl Media Center at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas Wednesday.

Mere seconds after Bucs free agent quarterback Baker Mayfield stepped off the NFL Network set located at the Super Bowl Media Center at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Mayfield was kind enough to give Joe a brief moment.

Background: As Joe documented earlier, Mayfield is going through the carwash that is the Super Bowl Media Center. Just about every TV network outlet imaginable, cable or traditional, has a setup here. And they all want to talk to the same folks, Mayfield included.

Mayfield didn’t even have time to stand or sit and talk to Joe as his handler was trying to shoo Joe away and drag Mayfield to his next scheduled interview. So to appease Mayfield’s handler, Joe agreed to walk and talk with Mayfield.

JoeBucsFan: I know you just got off the air with NFL Network so Joe doesn’t know how much you have left in you. So what would you say is the percentage you return to the Bucs?

Baker Mayfield: Everything will happen as it is supposed to. Being in Tampa and knowing those guys — loved it! I can’t say otherwise. I can’t fake that. And I’m not going to. They have the upper hand when it comes to it. For me, I’ve gone through a lot of sh!t to this point. So I also have to do what is best for me in the future. But I also want to win. So there is a lot of balancing of the options and trying to weigh those things out.

Joe: If you come back, what are the chances of Mike Evans coming back?

Mayfield: (smiles) Pretty high.

So there you have it. Sounds like if the Bucs offer Mayfield a fair deal, he’s inclined to return.

Now Joe knows there is a video floating around social media of Steve Young and Mayfield on a hot mic after a TV appearance this morning purportedly discussing Mayfield’s return to the Bucs.

Joe has listened to the audio several times and cannot make out anything definitively. Joe did run with former Bucs quarterback Steve Young — yes, run — as Young was rushed off to another TV interview. Young told Joe that Mayfield felt “confident” the Bucs could bring back several key pieces of the team’s current free agents.

Again, Joe thanks Mayfield for a brief, unscheduled moment of his time because his handler sure as hell didn’t want him to talk to Joe.

49 Responses to “Baker Mayfield Talks To Joe”

  1. Derek Says:

    Good stuff

  2. CallTheSaltTruck Says:

    Without a crystal ball, or having Licht sitting across from you with the ink drying on the contract, I don’t think it’s possible to get a better response. Mayfield and Evans are coming back as long as they don’t ask for the moon, and Mayfield’s willing to take a discount because he likes it here. At the same time, the organization, I think, will make sure to take care of him, too. It feels like both sides have a lot of respect and desire to win.

    One think I will say is Mayfield’s candor is pretty much second to none here. It’s one more reason I’m a fan of the guy.

  3. Steven007 Says:

    I agree that Baker’s candor is definitely commendable. Particularly in a sea of coach and player speak. Nice job. Joe.

  4. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Both are coming back. Hopefully before the 19th.

  5. BakerFan Says:

    There you go, team friendly interview. Another words bring your best offer

  6. Joe Says:

    Derek, Steven:

    Thank you! 👍

  7. D-Rome Says:

    I hate Super Bowl week. It’s the one week of the year where I stop listening to sports talk radio or sports shows on TV. Everyone is shilling something and the interviews are largely terrible. F the corporate handlers.

  8. stpetebucfan Says:

    Scroll Alert

    I want to talk about money! First Baker clearly is sending a signal that he’s willing to negotiate and he’s not trying to drive up his price! That’s great. Maybe he gets it.

    Now whether it’s Baker or ME or any pro athlete, why do we assume they will simply go for the top $$$ and not consider things like their families, schools, and most importantly the QUALITY of the situation? Why would Baker want to go to Charlotte and David Tepper? There are other similar bad jobs for Baker.

    Put money aside…the Bucs represent the VERY BEST opportunity for Baker’s career even IF ME takes a hike. That’s one player, he knows the rest, he and his wife are already close friends with Tristan Wirfs and his wife, that’s the guy that is literally protecting Baker’s backside. Wouldn’t any right handed QB love to have an LT like that? He knows the coaches, owners, trainers,’s his home! Does he want to start yet again?

    Now here’s the scroll part. I root for the people not just some Madden image on the screen. I want to LIKE these guys and respect them for more than just their talent.

    Can somebody explain to me how the difference between 3 years at 25 million versus 3 years at 30 or 35 million works. NO not the math the freaking reality!

    Baker is worth 25 million ALREADY! Seriously does he really have to worry about his retirement? EG…if somebody is earnng 100K a year..decent…he moves up to $250,000..good his lifestyle improves. Guy moves up to ONE million a year and his lifestyle is dramatically impacted. Move up to five million a year and what changes? The number of Mazeratis, houses? He can already fly on NetJets at 250,000 within a two year period or get more hours at 500,000.

    Now move him to TEN million…maybe his own plane? He can purchase businesses. Move to Twenty million and what?

    Follow up. IF he gives up 5-10 million annually and has to live on a measly 25 million where is his style crimped? What can’t he do at 25 million that he could do at 35million? He can have more POWER! He can have bragging rights. But how does his lifestyle change appreciably?

    This is about Bucs cap space (nothing to do with Glazers being cheap they spend the max and would spend more if the NFL let them) versus…what?
    NOT Baker’s NEEDS. It’s about power, ego, and bragging rights. Which QB is judged most valuable by $$$? That’s all STUPID SPIT!

    Quality of life will remain the same for Baker whether he signs for 25 or 35 million a year. He’ll be secure for the rest of his life whether he signs another deal ever again. He’s a great pitchman and can haul another 10 million annually IF he plays well.

    IF he plays well depends a BUNCH on where he plays, his coaches and teammates. Baker wants to WIN. I just think he will do whatever it takes to stay a Buc.

    Think Baker’s agent was happy when he said as much today in the brightest lights? If Baker goes…again Que Sera Sera. IF he stays and gives the Bucs a “hometown” discount and wins…his team and this entire town will LOVE HIM!

    Again as the Beatles sang…”money can’t buy me love”.

  9. ocala Says:


  10. Dave Pear Says:

    All you Baker haters should consume a large quantity of opioid and sleep for a few months. You’re gonna hate what’s coming.

  11. Dave Pear Says:

    PS – congrats, Joe. Way to score! Seriously, awesome to grab that interview, and good luck scooping future ones!

  12. ExBrowns fan Says:

    I agree. I think Baker wants to win but more importantly after Cleveland and Carolina he wants to be wanted. The longer the commitment, the more money can be pushed in the future so guys can be signed now. Bring a fair offer that shows a commitment like other teams do to their franchise QBs and the team discount will be there.

  13. ExBrowns fan Says:

    I agree. I think Baker wants to win but more importantly after Cleveland and Carolina he wants to be wanted. The longer the commitment, the more money can be pushed in the future so guys can be signed now. Bring a fair offer that shows a commitment like other teams do to their franchise QBs and the team discount will be there. Then you restructure down the line or pay out and move on

  14. ExBrowns fan Says:

    Great job Joe Love the site

  15. Carolina K Says:

    This guy is a DAWG

  16. m milligan Says:

    Good commentary, loves tampa and the team, playing in a sht division where team can win, knows with a good draft they can play with anybody and take it a step further.
    He’s more than aware he is in this spot because Bucs took a chance on him and nothing can replace TEAM

  17. stpetebucfan Says:


    That makes sense. Baker wants love, respect, and security. Licht needs to push some money down the road again. It seems like a good match.

  18. Usedtocould Says:

    Joe=alpha, animal, jackhammer

  19. Popcorn Mike Says:

    Good job Joe. Now can you get more on this supposed OL coach Carberry. His resume doesn’t look to good

  20. OlBoy Says:

    Joes i was gonna give you crap and say something like oh damn joe choked like Aaron rodgers. You should have just asked him who does his lawn. ”

    But, I can’t cause those questions and his responses helped to fill in some of the what ifs of the off season.. glad you got to talk to him. Thx!

  21. Joe Says:

    Thank you for the kind words guys. Sometimes, you have to be a bulldog with options for these corporate types. 🙂

  22. Zzbucs Says:

    Great Job Joe!!
    Those are the great things that Makes JBF exciting!!
    Not what Florio or Peter King has to say.

    Way much interesting is what the the Joe’ or the sage Says!!


  23. Lakeland Steve Says:

    Good job Joe, it has to be tough to get an interview like that on the run t that Circus.

  24. heyjude Says:

    Great job! That was perfect!

  25. Chris Says:

    Whiskey for his men and beer for his horses

  26. Joe Says:

    Good job Joe, it has to be tough to get an interview like that on the run t that Circus.

    Perfect description. “Circus.”

  27. Rod Munch Says:

    Here’s a question I’d love to hear someone ask him: Why teams should trust him when the history shows that QBs that are busts, then suddenly have a ‘big’ year, they almost always return to the mean. Why would he be the exception?

    Also, I’d ask him about being 18th in QBR and 20th in scoring, and last in scoring amongst the 9 (there were only 9) QBs that started every game – how will he improve, what does he think he can do better, and what is his ceiling.

    These are hard, but fair questions, that I’d love to hear him answer – not in a confrontational way, but in that I’d genuinely like to know what he thinks and how he’d respond.

  28. Ugotrobbed Says:

    Way to go Joe! Good stuff!
    Go Bucs!

  29. BigBucsFan Says:

    Much respect for Baker Mayfield one hell of a stand-up guy. Was excited to hear about him having the opportunity to be our quarterback in Tampa. Now excited about the opportunity of him as our future quarterback, connecting with Evans on the outside in Godwin in the slot…… Let’s go Buccaneers!!!!

  30. Ex-Browns02 Says:

    Keeping fingers crossed here that the Bucs can keep the chemistry together. Coen hiring was a smart move. He says his decision was a “no brainer” — and this is for many reasons, but a big one is that he doesn’t have to re-build the wheel, but only keep tuning the engine. If our core remains together there will be a lot of offensive-stakeholder collaboration leading into next season — and sky’s the limit! Go Bucs!!

  31. Capt.Tim Says:

    Great Job Joe! Couldnt have been easy!

    I hope Jason Licht signs Baker Mayfield to a long term contract. Im talking 6-7 years. Let him know this is home.
    We sign him to 2-3 years, and his price will be astonomical at that point.
    Tie him up for the long term now, dont worry about QB for a loooong time.
    Then sign ME for the rest of his career.
    Lock up McLaughlin, Winfield Jr..
    keep Lavonte David.

    Then, with 3-4 upgrades, this team will be winning NFC South Championships for years to come.

    Thanks Joe

  32. Let ‘em bake Says:

    Rod… “when QBs that are busts”…. A Bust is a player who flames out of the league early for failure to live up to the hype. Jamarcus Russel. Ryan leaf. Matt leinart. Johnny manzel. Rg3. Josh Rosen..Brady Quinn…danny wuerffel. Rob Johnson. Byron leftwich. Vince young. Joey Harrington. Cade mcnown. Andre ware. Heath Schuller. Todd marinovich….do you see? You can call baker anything you want, but “bust” is imprecise language. Be better , Rod☺️

  33. Marky Mark Says:

    Rod Muncher. Your assumptions are wrong. Baker has never been a bust. When healthy and in a reasonably stable environment he had been a success. This year was not an over achievement but a progression. Also give examples of QBs who have fallen back to earth after an over achievement year.

  34. Marky Mark Says:

    Joe ask Baker about being first in playoff TDs and 3rd in pass yards.

  35. sunbunny Says:


    pretty sure that his family stole a significant amount of his money. he has a kid on the way, and football isn’t going to last forever. he could have a career-ending injury at any time. sure, there’s a good chance he will have a career after football bc of his oversized personality, but there’s no guarantee.

    im sure that he wants to earn as much as he can, and this is going to be his best chance at getting a large contract. who are you to tell him how much he needs for himself and his family for the rest of his life? tom brady was able to take a discount in his later years because he had a lot of other income sources and a wife that was worth half a billion dollars.

    there’s a huge difference between the first major contract and the last contract after a 20 year career. come on man.

  36. JK Says:

    It’s a day that ends in Y, so of course the Throbbing Rod Muncher lurks in his cloak of sheer stupidity

  37. BAKERSBucs says Says:

    Rod the munchkin says i just looked it up again he was 11th on qbr man its always the same with you u make up u r own stat # ‘s I am sick of going back to look up u r twisted stats just to b a negative jackass u r mission accomplished I wud say most on this site wud like to b optimistic ( jackass bad)optimistic good.i wud alo say he had2 very good years not 1 & I cud name many accomplishments this year but I don’t have to we all know the facts.look up something good for once in u r crappy life

  38. BAKERSBucs says Says:

    Ron munch says why tf wud joe on the run ask him such ignorant questions this was a positive week not a nasty negative Nancy nonsense we r trying to sign the guy not send him to Atlanta you r a 1St rate jackass

  39. Jack Clark Says:

    Baker Mayfield may be a sorry as quarterback but he’s a good guy

  40. Esteban85 Says:

    Thanks for hustling Joe

  41. Dave Pear Says:

    Joe – I like bulldogs. Only if they’re from Georgia, then not so much.

  42. Dave Pear Says:

    Oh my – what I meant was I don’t care for bulldogs from Georgia. Only on the third Big Storm.

  43. TomBucsFan Says:


  44. Glass Half Full Guy Says:

    Props to Joe for keeping his sanity in that circus. I haven’t seen too much coverage but it looks “extra circus-y” with a Viva Las Vegas weirdness to it.

    Smart of Baker to be there as a non-participant to get some extra coverage as a FA. He’s saying all the right things and honestly. I caught the “hot mic” clip on the Kay Adams set with Steve Young. What I could make out sounded hopeful.

    BTW, any in-person Kay Adam’s sightings Joe? Saw her on Seth Myers the other night and wtf. She looked horrible. Not just scrawny but anorexic. Never thought it was possible for her to NOT look good. Hopefully it’s just from the stress of 2 weeks of SB madness, otherwise get her a sammich asap!

  45. SlyPirate Says:

    THERE IT IS!!!!

    Licht and Baker have had the conversation, “It takes 52 to win.” $30Mx3years with an option for 4. 75% bonus ($10M cap hit). Everyone is back.

  46. Keith Says:

    Still the haters as I’ve said all yr baker carried this team he wasn’t the reason for the losing streak if ya recall Atlanta Houston Indy Baker had the lead with 47,56,and 120 remaining and 38/10with terrible run game online and bottom defense hello dude will get minimum 40 a yr Daniel jones Kyler Murray Jalen hurt Lamar Jackson Russell Wilson Baker is 10 times better then any of those 40 million and especially predators desaun Watson so please stop with the bs 25/35 million 5yrs 200million is what hes bout to get and that will be cheap by next sr

  47. garro Says:

    So Joe let me get this straight. You have credentials that keep all the Riff Raff fans out …like me… but you still don’t get access to any of the players for the team you cover? You have to get pernission from some goffer/”handler”?

    Am I missing something here? The local press who in most cases have clearer idea of what is going on with a player and team than Ricky Eisen, can’t talk to said player without further schmoozing some lackey?…Wow this is one crazy world these days. No small wonder with this crap going on and being the norm.

    If I’m Baker i’m sending him for a cup of coffee!

    Go Bucs!

    Go Bucs!

  48. Crickett Baker Says:

    I think Mike’s contract has been redone so many times that MAYBE Greeny is the only one who understands what he is already getting if he re-signs. Certainly, his agent can’t figure it out. That’s why it is taking so long. The Bucs need to see how re-signing Mike affects the entire team. The other thing is all the extra work they have had to do with the great coach exodus. Can’t figure out players while the coaches are in such flux.
    GO Bucs! Slaughter Panthers.

  49. GhostofBrady Says:

    Rod Munch Says:
    “Why teams should trust him when the history shows that QBs that are busts, then suddenly have a ‘big’ year, they almost always return to the mean. Why would he be the exception?”

    “Analytics” – guessing future success with recent examples. Tannehill, Tua and Geno Smith were all recent reclamations that also came back the next year with good seasons. Tannehill even had a good 3rd year with Tennessee.
    We will see with Geno and Tua next year on their 3rd year running the West Coast Wide Zone offense. I would say for each of those, none had much success prior to their redemption and introduction to this superior offensive scheme. Baker had two pretty good years out of five before cooking this year. He more than any of those others project sustain success within this good system. Will that last 3 or 4 years? Not sure. But certainly the prospects look good next year and maybe following year for Baker coming back from a divisional round playoff. He may flame out in a few years but the money is on next couple of years.

    The alternatives to Baker also do not project higher success rate for the $250M the team will spend regardless of who is QB. Would you rather spend $250M on the team next year and in 2025 with $25-35M of that each year going to Baker or waste (no division, no playoff victory) that $250M next year by going with lower-tier $10M available QBs like Wentz, Dalton, Mariota, Fields, Ryan Tannehill, etc.? We would be lucky if Baker took a 3 year deal with 4th year option so if he does track like Tannehill, we could move on after 3rd year. Taking a rookie QB at pick 26th is basically sacrificing next year when we just made the divisional playoff round. We have no draft capital to move up to pick one of the top 4 draft QBs.

    I will say taking a stab at Russell Wilson would be the one option I could see as a better option available to the market right now then paying Baker a fair deal ($25-35M guaranteed annual average, $40M non-guaranteed annual average). Even with all the B.S. going on with Sean Payton, Wilson still had nearly a 100 QB Rating. I think he has 2 good years left too and we’d be getting him at a deep discount. It’s a coin flip for me if Wilson would do better compared to Baker on the field. Certainly cap-space, we would be getting at least Baker 2023 pay scale for a couple of years for top 15 QB play.

    Just be warned – if we did that, Baker will take a discount to go to Atlanta. That would be doing another Deshaun Watson on him. Zac Robinson and he were cooking 2 years ago. They did a number on Denver on Christmas day with no first string WRs and depleted line. Atlanta has potentially way better young weapons than Tampa. Baker taking snaps in Atlanta with Zac Robinson coaching him would be a nightmare for Tampa to repeat as division winners and at least one home playoff game.