Receiver Greats Pick Bucs To Lose To Philadelphia

January 12th, 2024

This surprised Joe.

The Bucs have a stud duo of healthy receivers in Chris Godwin and Mike Evans, thousand-yard receivers that can take over a game.

The reeling Eagles, the Bucs’ opponent Monday in the playoffs, have A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith. Brown is nursing a bad knee and Smith is banged up with an ankle hurt two weeks ago.

Edge Bucs, but it’s not enough to convince former Bucs receiver Keyshawn Johnson and Hall of Famer Michael Irvin that Bucs can win Monday.

Johnson is a non-believer in the Bucs and thinks Philadelphia will be able to pull itself out of its deep hole enough to beat the Bucs 20-17. “I feel like the magic carpet ride for Baker Mayfield ends,” he said on FS1 today.

Irvin joined Johnson in believing the Eagles will find a miracle they haven’t seen in weeks, including bad losses to the sad Cardinals and the woeful Giants the past two games.

“I’m expecting the Eagles to show their championship macho, whatever they have in them, and rise up and win this game,” Irvin said.

This annoyed Joe. No Xs-and-Os or matchup reasoning from these guys (and they’ll often provide it), just a strong feeling that Philadelphia will shake off enough funk to survive a trip to The Licht House.

50 Responses to “Receiver Greats Pick Bucs To Lose To Philadelphia”

  1. Tb bolts Says:

    Its hilarious that joebakerfan thinks bakers going to go from scoring zero tuddys against the 2 win panthers… to lighting up the iggles in the post season the following weekend. Get real dude. Enjoy the show

  2. Onetrickpony Says:

    It’s all on Bowels and his run,run,run.

  3. Lt. Dan Says:

    Let’s just be real. Even if the Bucs win v. Philly, they won’t be doing any real damage the rest of the way. All my beloved Bucs are doing right now is moving farther away from a decent draft slot and running the risk of keep Coach Bowles (the defensive genius) in charge of this team for another mediocre year.

  4. Barry Says:

    I’m headed to Tampa for the game from Colorado! Go Bucs!! I ended up with a couple extra tickets, and I reached out to some relative in Philly, their response. I’m not going all the way down there just to see you get killed!!

  5. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Tb bolts: Are you really dumb enough to think one game determines what a team is? You can’t be this dumb, right?

  6. Tb bolts Says:

    Oh no joe in michigan. This is going off of buckners anemic performances all season long lmao. But you already know that. You can’t be that dumb, right?

  7. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Tb bolts: Putting your hatred of Baker aside, if you looked at his stats without a name to it, you’d say he had a good year. If you look at the games the Bucs were expected to win at the beginning of the year, and the games they did win, AND made the playoffs, you’d say that’s a pretty good year. Of course, you’re TOO DUMB to put your hatred of Baker aside and see the facts.

  8. Not Says:

    Girls , stop fighting !

    Keyshawn never picks the Bucs. His opinion is worthless. He must have an axe to grind against the Glazers . As I noted before , this is a former Buc who never shows any pleasure in having been a buc, perhaps he’s ashamed.

  9. Weebs10 Says:

    To be fair Keyshawn always picks against us lol

  10. Bosch Says:

    No X-O’s or matchup analysis needed. If both teams bring their A game, the Bucs are outmatched.

  11. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Tb bolts: CJ Stroud had zero TD’s vs. Carolina. So, by your “logic”, Stroud is terrible. Right?

  12. VATom Says:

    The hard to believe part is that the Bucs just started passing the look test a few games back. Now Baker is hurt. The arrow has been pointing down on Offense the last couple weeks. Thats just reality. Teams double Evans, also somehow double Godwin AND pack the box. That’s a little sarcasm to point out Canales is still learning. They get a little one dimensional. Historically, they also don’t come out fast and they tend to get owned by ohysical line teams.

    There is hope. Maybe the D stymies the Eagles, gets some short fields? Maybe Mayfield’s ribs have sufficiently healed. We are at home, but that hasnt helped too too much lately. Hurts is, well, hurt and he may very well be one dimensional too. Only able to run or handoff. If White plays well and smart and takes good angles…well, I like that matchup when he is at his best and spying on a confused QB.

    Gonna be fun. Prob gonna be frustrating and kow scoring. I’ll be rooting for the Bucs. But I am not expecting much.

  13. Tb bolts Says:

    The fact is baker lost winnable games with his garbonzo play. baker had two great games this year… but he should be thanking chase mclaughlin and the defense for keeping his career alive. No one who isn’t a baker worshipper thinks he’s a good QB. You think he played well against the saints and panthers? Two clinching games where you want your QB to show up? Nope. Nothing but garbage. Your stats mean nothing. He isn’t clutch and you better pray his team carrys him monday. Or you’ll have to post your excuses through watery eyes

    200 yards 1 touchdown 1 interception. Thats bakers trademark stat line. Congratulations

  14. Saskbucs Says:

    Lt. Dan, it’s hard not to agree with you. Wouldn’t you rather be optimistic though? On any given Sunday you know, an improbable run could always happen. I don’t care about the draft slot, I do care that Bowles is outta here though so it is a pickle. I would just rather have high expectations, say damn, they sucked, see ya Bowles on Monday night rather than I told you so, watching all game with the expectation they will lose.

  15. Carolina K Says:


    I know you were hoping for some type of analysis, even an attempt. I rather listen to Shannon Sharp break down film than those two 😂

  16. donuts Says:

    Damn tb bolts you sound like Baker stole your lunch money 20 years ago and you real hangry. Baker has done a good job this year; not great, not perfect but that is rare like FL cool air in July. I will predict 2 Bakerman TDs; ME13 or CG12 will get loose. Eagles D is that bad. Sadly, I do see eagles getting the W and the end of the Bowles era. Its a Bucs life.

  17. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Tb bolts: Wrong again! 28 TD’s, 10 INT’s doesn’t add up to 1 and 1 per game. Nice try, though. 😂

  18. Lt. Dan Says:

    @Saskbucs – I get you about being optimistic. I’m normally a “glass half full of beer guy”. Coach Bowles just has a history of being average. That is who he is. Let’s move on already. Here’s to Todd Monken or Ben Johnson.

  19. Dave Pear Says:

    Most sane football fans agree with them. The Bucs head coach just slipped his way to his second winning season of all time, in which he has handcuffed a demonstrated hood passing offense that can be explosive, meanwhile overseeing a defensive decline with his famous zone bust and cover zero receivers coverages, while telegraphing every blitz so it gets picked up.

    If he gets locked in a closet and the assistants call the game to their positions of strength, there’s a chance.

  20. Buc4evr Says:

    I got an idea let’s run it up the middle no matter the down or distance. Philly’s defense will collapse. lol..

  21. Bobby M. Says:

    9 pts won’t cut it vs playoff teams….Anyone that watches our games can see the offense is lacking. We haven’t scored on an opening drive all season, we’ve declined offensively the past few weeks against very below avg teams. Eagles defense might be suspect but they can explode for 30 pts….

  22. BillyBucco Says:

    How quickly you guys forget the shear genius from the SB run, by none other than T Bowles.
    If I remember correctly he played way more man vs NO and when we finally took down that juggernaut with Brees still playing, the belief crept in through a blowout SB win.
    Some in Philadelphia think Philly is in for the same defensive genius this game.
    Bowles has added some wrinkles this week so don’t be surprised if the Bycs surprise you.

  23. #99 the big fella Says:

    Tb bolts , Go crawl back under that crap pile you were hiding under.. you can’t be a bucs fan ..Have you ever posted anything good to say? Absolutely hate so called fans like yourself.

  24. Jeffs grandpa Says:

    I don’t understand how people watch that shizz show

  25. Pewter power Says:

    Anyone picked the panthers to have a better record than us has no credibility KJ!!! He’s just mad he looked dumb for picking the saints to win the division

  26. m milligan Says:

    Good banter, LMAO TB bolts, ur bad news, Dr Negatory
    Don’t know, probably agree with donuts
    Would love to C D take charge, don’t recall that D effort described above but only remember Houston game last drive fold up.
    They can do this, seen BM light it up too many times before. Turnovers/Pts off TO’s gonna be the key.

  27. Marky Mark Says:

    This is just playing into Bakers hand. Keep piling on the doubt the harder he plays

  28. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Correction: Stroud had a rushing TD vs. Carolina. No TD passes.

  29. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    I’m ok if the Bucs get man handled and lose a tough fought game. Afterall, Philly is a tough opponent.
    I am not ok if our corners get abused like worn out lost hookers like they did last year against the cowboys at home, on Monday nite; in front of a national audience.

  30. Bucs'n'Bucks Says:

    Bucs win!! Haters just gonna have to deal with it.

  31. Rayjay1122 Says:

    MeShawn Johnson would not pick the BUCS even if his head was in a vice and he was having his fingernails pulled off one by one. He hates everything BUCS.

  32. IrishTony Says:

    Oh wow we’re definitely going to win now with Keyshawn “the malcontent” Johnson picking against us!

  33. Bojim Says:

    No worries. Winfield ends the game with a pick 6. Just like Ronde.

  34. unbelievable Says:

    Why is that annoying?

    Have the Bucs shown even once this season they can rise to meet a challenge? Match another team’s physicality? Dominate a bad team instead of playing down to their level?

    I’d argue you could only answer yes to 1 of those questions, the last one. And it was only once, against the Jags.

    9 points against Carolina.

    Throttled by New Orleans.

    Barely squeeking out a win vs Atlanta.

    I know divisional games are usually competitive, but come on. You don’t need X’s and O’s to think the Eagles have a much better chance of getting back on track compared to the Bucs.

    I hope more than anything I’m wrong. Would be nice to know whether Mayfield can even throw a ball this week.

    Bojim Says:
    January 12th, 2024 at 7:57 pm
    No worries. Winfield ends the game with a pick 6. Just like Ronde.

    I would LOVE THAT!!!!!

  35. WyomingJoe Says:

    You Haters never give Baker the credit he deserves for his play this year. Face it, he had better stats than many of the so- called “star” QBs in the league and it’s driving those Haters crazy. I say good! LOL

  36. Lakeland Steve Says:

    I know Bakers hurt, he hasn’t practiced all week and he has had two poor ballgames the last two weeks so the Bucs can’t win, right? I think if there ever was a game that Baker Mayfield was going to play lights out and fool everyone it’s this game. No one thinks the Bucs can win, they play in a lousy division, they haven’t had only a couple of quality wins and oh that’s right that Mayfield guy is QB. It is Monday night Prime time and the Bucs and Mayfield can show the world everyone is wrong.

  37. m milligan Says:

    I’m with u, They can win this game.

  38. Dave Pear Says:

    How quickly you other guys who use the 2020 run as proof of Todd’s genius, forget that:

    1. Todd almost let Taylor’s Heinekens beat him. Per usual, Todd couldn’t call a coverage that included covering a tight end.

    2. Against the Saints it took Todd 3 quarters to figure out that Brees couldn’t throw it out of his shadow before he started playing press man.

    3. Against the Packers, Todd was one scared Lafleur decision away from blowing yet another lead.

    4. The Chiefs had a bartender and a waitress playing OT. Mahomes had a bad wheel, and still he hit his guys in the face with passes, 5 times. Any of those get caught, closer game. All of those get caught, Chiefs might win.

    5. The Rams playoff game. Yeah boy, Brady leads a furious fabulous comeback for the ages, and of course Todd calls the famous cover zero especially not Cooper Kupp defense, wherein no one blitzed or covered anyone either.

    Todd’s defense will do the obligatory let the opponent score on their first drive by playing the “bend don’t win” defense. Then he’ll be sure Canales plays to protect the ball. And by the end of the first quarter, Bucs are down 3 scores.

    It’s Todd’s M.O. sad but true.

    Hello Todd Monken or Pete Carroll or Mike Tomlin, or anyone else but Catatonic Todd.

  39. m milligan Says:

    Ain’t that a bitch, sad but true

  40. BradyGronk Fan Says:

    Eagles are just too banged up. They’ve been playing badly and losing to lousy teams. Hopefully Baker has healed enough cause if he can make a couple accurate deep throws that connects, then the Bucs should win.

  41. Let em Bake Says:

    AJ Brown melting down in real time in Philly. Took all his Philly content off his social media. Bum Knee, still no practice. A cancer in the locker room at this critical juncture can not be a good sign. If Bucs can some how get out the gate early Monday, we may see some quit in the green uniforms….

  42. Rick Says:

    Dave is 100% spot on. Well said.

  43. Dano11 Says:

    Does no one remember 2002? Real bucs fans should be used to not scoring. This defense has the capability to shut teams down. Especially with David and Winfield. Talk about heart. Kill them with screen passes and throw it in the slot since we cant run the ball up the gut (aka A-Train). Kill the clock, kick field goals, and then Flippin win. 49ers are the only team that we need luck with

  44. Dave Pear Says:

    For added pain I just rewatched the comeback against the Rams in the playoffs, only to watch Bowles’ ineptitude at the end — and that game was only a foreshadowing of his ineptitude against the Falcons and Texans this year. Oh, and three yards from the Falcons again. The dude is too smart for his own good and would rather be known as the “exotic” guy than simply a winner.

    Congrats Todd. You’ll never be known as a winner because you can’t. But have fun in your next career with the exotic thing.

  45. garro Says:

    Those two highly suspect low character guys think we are gonna lose?

    Wow you are really digging deep into the bottom of the barrel Joe!

    Go Bucs!

  46. BucsBeBack (Artist formally known as: BringBucsBack) Says:

    Dave Pear, sad but true! How do these folks forget so quickly?

  47. orlbucfan Says:

    Hey Pear, get lost and take bolts with ya! bolts, this is a NFL football site, not ice hockey. I want the Bucs to win cos I’m a fan. I also want them to win so I can laugh at all the negative frauds on here. MeShawn J was an egomaniacal ahole when he played for NY. Who cares what he thinks. I sure don’t! Go Bucs!

  48. Dave Pear Says:

    I want them to win too, Oralbuc, hence why I’m calling for Todd to be locked in a closet. Your roses and cotton candy act is cute, but some of us who have been around since the beginning have seen enough bad Bucs football to call it out when we see it. You can accept the horrible coaching. Good for you.

    A real fan doesn’t swallow a turd because someone calls in a Snickers.

  49. Oneilbuc Says:

    We need to draft a quarterback in the first round!! I don’t care about if they bring Baker Mayfield back or not. The bucs need to draft a quarterback in the first round. We ain’t winning a superbowl with Baker Mayfield or less we have the 02 bucs defense. The Texans went from worse to first with CJ Stroud we saw what happened last year when they brought Brady back he was washed up and BL became the scapegoat. It will be worse next year with Baker Mayfield so draft a quarterback because Baker will get hurt next year.

  50. Dave Pear Says:

    Oneilbuc – you should apply at One Buc Place. I’m sure Jason Licht would really appreciate your input.