Does Devin White Have One More Gem In Him?

January 12th, 2024

Yeah, Joe clings to hope sometimes, such as the hope that Bucs sacks king Shaq Barrett isn’t washed up after a 16-game, 4 1/2-sack season.

Joe also hopes the Bucs will throw the ball more against the Eagles on Monday because, well, the Bus are the NFL’s worst rushing team (yards per carry).

Joe also has a little hope that Devin White might have one more gem left in his legs/heart after 82 Buccaneers starts spanning five seasons and six playoff games.

White has had a rough season and was a no-show last year against Dallas in the playoffs. Still, he’s a 25 year old player loaded with raw talent — and he’s been a star on big stages in his Bucs past.

Maybe, just maybe, White can dig deep Monday night in his chase for a new contract. Joe wouldn’t bet on it, but Joe sure wouldn’t be surprised if White made a couple of big plays. The ability is there. But where is the hunger?

A few guys on the Bucs defense have to step up and play to their potential Monday, Joe believes, for the Bucs to emerge victorious. Will it be the slumping starting cornerbacks? Perhaps it’ll be declining Vita Vea?

Maybe Lavonte David has one big F-U game ready for Pro Bowl and All-Pro voters?

Is it time for rookies YaYa Diaby and Calijah Kancey to introduce themselves on the biggest stage?

Joe’s already penciled in All-Pro safety Antoine Winfield, Jr. for a big game, but he’ll need a couple more guys along for the ride.

30 Responses to “Does Devin White Have One More Gem In Him?”

  1. Upstate NY BUC Says:

    Someone needs to get Sapp and Ronde in that locker room pre-game,and get these guys pumped!! show the pick six in the locker room!!! We all know Bowles won’t!!! Please don’t disappoint us!!! Go Bucs!!!

  2. Jack Clark Says:

    Devin White is a great blitzer and run stopper but terrible in pass coverage, he’s no every down linebacker like Lavonte David and definitely a rotational guy

  3. Rod Munch Says:

    I hope Bowles completely misusing White for most of the year helps tank his market and he’s back with the Bucs on a cheap deal.

    The guy is a monster when he’s used correctly, then he’s blitzing up the middle on every play he’s messing up the other teams run game and gets pressures and sacks. When he’s not used correctly, he’s failing around in space playing a zone defense, where he’s completely wasted.

  4. Allbuccedup Says:

    Should use White in Shaqs place. Shaq was vastly overpaid after one great season and has been going downhill ever since. As a whole the Bucs have the same starters for the last four years or so. The nfl is taking a toll on the older players.8

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’ve got a good feeling about our defense……White included.

  6. Citrus County Says:

    Take a close look at White’s thigh pad. It appears to say “GET MINE”.
    That says it all to me.

  7. AZBucsFan Says:

    I second Upstate NY Buc’s idea. If you aren’t ready to play after watching a recap of that pick 6,’re probably ready for a rocking chair.

  8. deuceswild78 Says:

    Not worried about defensive side… we are going to need a sustained attack to keep them off the field or we know how that story will end. That and turnovers is what killed us the 1st beagles game

  9. realistic-optimistic Says:

    @Citrus, it says “Get Live,” which is his brand. Get Live 45

  10. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Joes

    “such as the hope that Bucs sacks king Shaq Barrett isn’t washed up after a 16-game, 4 1/2-sack season.”

    Shaq isn’t washed up but he needs to become a rotational player along with JTS.

    If the Bucs are able to keep both Mayfield and Mike Evans our 1st round pick should be an OLB/Edge Rusher…

    Shaq will be highly over-paid in 2024 but most of it is guaranteed money due to Shaq restructuring his deal over the past several seasons.

  11. Hammerhead Says:

    The Bucs D and WR’s are their strongest units with an advantage. The Eagles biggest advantage is their OL.
    The Bucs have the most difference makers in Winfield,White, David and Evans.
    Still a home game.
    Like the Bucs chances.

  12. Dave Pear Says:

    Short answer is – NO.

  13. Dave Pear Says:



    No freelancing against Hurts.

  14. unbelievable Says:

    If we run the offense through Evans, Godwin and White (in the passing game), we have a chance. If we’re running up the gut for half our offensive snaps… zero chance.

    On defense we need pressure. Blitz White. Press coverage. Running stunts with Vea Kancey and Diaby. If Bowles sits back in zone, we’re effed.

  15. Miller5252 Says:

    Sure could use a big game from White, especially if David plays cover and White spy’s old Jalen. Vea just needs a game where he’s doubled all the time.

    2 biggest things for the Bucs to win…. 1. Stone hands receivers and TE’s have to catch the ball. Otton is less than a drop a game and Palmer is lucky to catch a cold. 2. Those high paid corners need to be in man coverage and right in the WR pocket at the line. No 10 yard cushions! The high paid corners stepping up is the most important thing for a win.

  16. Cover deuce Says:

    He doesn’t (because he’s not good)

  17. BillyBucco Says:

    White looks slower this year to me.
    Not sure if he put on weight hoping it helped with tackling or what.
    He just doesn’t look like he is flying around like he did when McCaffrey told him he is the best LB in the NFL.

  18. Defense Rules Says:

    Rod … ‘I hope Bowles completely misusing White for most of the year helps tank his market and he’s back with the Bucs on a cheap deal.’

    Bowles misused White? How about White abused his position as a captain of this defense? Devin’s all about the money it appears, and handled several situations very poorly. Bowles & the Bucs have moved on from him, but just haven’t told him yet. No contract for him.

  19. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    Devin white has one thing you cannot teach. Speed. He’s a very fast linebacker. For those that do not know any better. Fast is good in nfl.

  20. Citrus County Says:

    realistic-optimistic Says:

    Thanks for the clarity.

  21. AMI_Chris Says:

    Hope is not a strategy.

  22. dbbuc711 Says:

    No way do I ser Devin getting a big contract from anyone next season. He just hasn’t shown enough every week to warrant it.

  23. Buccos Says:

    Devin White is going to have a huge game. Playing under the lights. He will be making his case for his bag next year with a national audience. He can make up for his whole season in the playoffs this year, starting on Monday night

  24. Hammerhead Says:

    Fully expecting White to be told by his mentor to do what needs to be done
    David helps the Bucs and White to victory.
    No doubt.

  25. RuKa Says:

    I would be happy if Devin just sticks to his gap and doesn’t screw-up his assignments. Give me that…. Is all we need from him

  26. Rod Munch Says:

    How did I miss that after the Eagles loss earlier this year, that White had this to say…

    “We’ll see them again. We in the same (conference). We’re going to the playoffs. I’m saying that right now. I know this defense can carry us to the Super Bowl.”

    I’m sure that got posted, and I somehow missed it, but what a great prediction.

    The idiots who have no idea what they’re watching, that think he’s lazy or not an incredibly good LB when used correctly, at the very least you should love his heart – right? Of course not, because you’re morons who are the same idiots that hated McCoy because “he’s soft,” even though you literally have no idea what that even means.

  27. garro Says:

    I think we have a whole different idea about what costitutes a gem Joe.

    Go Bucs!

  28. Tony marks Says:

    “Maybe, just maybe, White can dig deep Monday night in his chase for a new contract. ”

    I say he will. national stage and win or go home. The one way to put some millions on a new contract (wherever that is) after an uneven years is to show up in the playoffs

  29. orlbucfan Says:

    DW better have a lights-out game. He needs decent film for his resume if Licht and Co. say–see ya. I’m concerned about Canales, and BM being hurt. All this Canales being considered for a HC job is a bunch of BS. He can shed the greenhorn label for good Monday night. Go Bucs!!

  30. Front Four Says:

    I’d be surprised if D White shows up. If Britt is healthy I’d start him.