Postseason Quarterback Records

January 22nd, 2024

Interesting name on list.

Only two Bucs quarterbacks are listed in the pewter pirates’ top-five passing performances in postseason history.

And neither name is “Doug Williams.”

No, Brad Johnson isn’t on the list. Neither is Shaun King or Jeff Garcia.

No, the two names are Tom Brady and Baker Mayfield. Nice company for Mayfield, eh?

After yesterday’s loss to the Lions, Mayfield owns the No. 3 and No. 4 best passing game in the postseason. Brady is No. 1 throwing for 381 against Washington in 2020 playoffs and at No. 2 with 351 yards thrown against Dallas a year ago.

Brady also threw for 329 yards for No. 5 on the Bucs’ postseason passing leaders list two years ago.

Mayfield ranks second among Bucs quarterbacks for postseason touchdowns (6). Brady has 15 and No. 3 on the list is Johnson with (5).

And to think people really want to run Mayfield off?

72 Responses to “Postseason Quarterback Records”

  1. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    PAY THE MAN!!!!!!

  2. SteveK Says:

    I don’t want Mayfield run off, but I also do t want to pay him $40+ million annually. He’s not worth that. We could get another bargain QB and hedge our bets on them ala Mayfield. Resign Evans and this is a strong place to lure a QB. I’d roll with Kirk Cousins for $20 million before mayfield any bit north of that number.

    And if anyone says, “someone will pay, Baker”. And I say, “good for them, but not for us”.

    I don’t have anywhere near the same
    Confidence in Baker that I did in Brady. He played good towards the end, but also had some clunkers.

    Honestly, I’d rather have TB12 pushing 50 than a 28 y/o Baker, but if the price is right, bring him back.

  3. SteveK Says:

    I don’t see us finding a formula for success if we have to allocate 25% of our salary cap, or one quarter of our team building resources for a good but not great QB. No thanks. Hope he can come to a good deal for us and him
    If not, good luck.

  4. bulldog Says:

    How did Mayfield do compared to Brady in NFC Championships and Super Bowls? Oh … wait …

  5. Brandon Says:

    Uneducated fans say things like, “Pay the man,” not realizing that if you PAY THE MAN too much, you won’t be able to pay any other men.

    Franchise Mayfield if you need to… sign Winfield, Evans, and McLaughlin to longer term deals. Re-sign David and David Moore.

  6. Weebs10 Says:

    I’m convinced (hoping?) we can talk Baker into 25 mil a year for 4 years.

  7. rrsrq Says:

    Nope Doug Williams name is not in the top 5 playoff performances for the Bucs, nope, but my guess if you you look at the Redskins, errr Commanders you will find that name. Unfortunately previous ownership would not do what the current ownership is about to do with Baker (pay the man)

  8. Khan Says:

    Is it possible to bring back Baker, Evans, Winfield Jr ? Bucs will have 48 million cap space as per spotrac
    And maybe get a pass rushers free agency ?

  9. TomBucsFan Says:

    Reload the roster, Resign ME13, AWJ, and Baker. Go Bucs

  10. BucsFan Says:

    Wirfs long term deal should be first and foremost as Tristan is our most valuable asset.

  11. optimisticbucfan Says:

    @brandon – uneducated? Smdh. Who is going to replace Baker? Franchise him? Sure. But you don’t let him walk.

    Cousins will get more than $20 mill.

    I guess will just go over to the QB tree and oick one off. No problem.

  12. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    It’s not hard math. Baker made 4 million in base this year, just add that to the 25 million in dead cap from Brady and there you have it. The money was already invested in the quarterback position so it’s not a big deal to pay Baker 30-33 million a season.

  13. stpetebucfan Says:

    I’m a huge Baker Mayfield fan after watching him this season. Whatever one thinks of his abilities to win you have to admit he’s far more entertaining than Brady. Brady is actually a boring man who has the major ace in the hole…He freaking wins and is the GOAT!

    HOWEVER…Even GOATs grow too old to succeed. Brady stayed two years too long and I detested last season which became more about arguing about Brady’s marriage, where he REALLY wanted to be, was it Vegas or Miami…and again Brady has an incredibly BORING personality. So absent the winning Brady has nothing to offer.

    Baker OTOH is obviously not the winner Brady WAS. He is far more exciting to watch. He’s the kind of guy whose teams love him and whose opposing fans hate him.

    Having said that… I agree with everybody here who does not wish to mortgage the farm like we did for Brady. Baker will NEVER be Brady! People have to forget Brady! He’s gone forever! A more accurate question is can Baker rise to the level of Drew Brees? He’s shown me enough to give him a chance at the right price.

    So are the Bucs trying to repeat their FIRST SB win or their 2nd? Get a talented QB like Brad Johnson and build an awesome defense…or bet the farm and completely mortgage the future on one player’s ability to win? IMHO There is no correct answer to question. It has and CAN be done both ways. Worked with Brady, failed with Jaymiss.

    Given Bowles defensive mindset it seems clear to me that the Bucs are more likely to repeat the first SB than the 2nd. I truly respect Brad Johnson as an awesome athlete. How many guys can play hoops and football at a D1 school?

    Like all here I hope they do not bet the farm and mortgage the future to keep Baker. Get a team friendly deal and the question becomes a moot point.

    Heeeee’s baaaack.

  14. NE Fan Says:

    Any of you so called football analyst that compare Baker to Brady, eat this article. These numbers mean nothing if you don’t win. Baker had just under two minutes to finish the game but threw the int, he has to have the lead to win.

  15. D-Rome Says:

    I don’t want Mayfield run off, but I also do t want to pay him $40+ million annually. He’s not worth that.

    By what metric are you determining this? I’m serious. He currently has a .500 win percentage in the playoffs. That’s better than Dak Prescott, Kirk Cousins, Derek Carr, Tua Tagovailova, Lamar Jackson, and a few other names out there. He hit all of his incentives on a prove-it deal. He is every bit the #1 overall draft pick people thought he could be and this season isn’t the first time he flashed.

    Look at Derek Carr’s contract. That is about the kind of money he will get. I guess some of you don’t remember what happened the last time the Bucs let a really good player walk (Michael Bennett anyone?).

  16. Bucfan593 Says:

    Sad the 2nd and 3rd best playoff performances from a bucs quarterback came on games we lost. I think we should do another prove it year from Todd Bowles and Mayfield. I’m not interested in a long term deal at 40+ million per year. I understand Mayfield may not like that. I would offer him three year with two guaranteed.

  17. Paratrooper Buc Says:

    Baker did well to be “good” but was inconsistent which some will say he is “mediocre.” His stats compared to other qbs show he was in top third. The issue is people think he is “mediocre to good” so he should be paid $20-25 million. Please go do your research. Look how much all 32 qbs were paid and compare that to the qb stats and how well their team did. $20-25 million isn’t enough for Baker. Geno smith got $25 million. Derek Carr got $35 million. Daniel Jones, Dak Prescott and Stafford got $40 million. Kyler Murray and Deshaun Watson got $46 million. Mahomes is $45 million. Jalen is $51 million , Lamar Jackson is $52 million , Herbert is $52.5 million , Burrows is $55 million.

    Let’s just pay Baker $20-25 million is a joke. Oh and I love the people who don’t want to pay Baker $30-35 million but say “franchise tag” him. The estimate for a 2024 qb franchise tag is…$35,952,000.

    I don’t know what he will make but it will be more than $20-25 million and I wouldn’t be shocked if it’s $35-40 million range. The length and guaranteed money is what matters to me. Length of a contract and guaranteed money can kill you like Deshaun Watson, Daniel Jones, Wilson, Kyler Murray, etc. Make it 3-4 max. Dont go nuts on guaranteed cash.

  18. DFW Buc Says:

    SteveK. My feelings exactly.

  19. ocala Says:

    Baker will and should get a huge contract from the Bucs.

  20. 1sparkybuc Says:

    The Packers and the Saints are the only two teams that finished with a winning record that Mayfield managed to beat. I’m not impressed with the win over a deflated Fleagles team, and I’m not desperate to bring him back if it means the loss of any of our crucial free agents.

  21. Defense Rules Says:

    StPete … Agree that we can’t ‘mortgage the farm’ for Baker or ANY player. We played that game & we’re still recovering. To a certain degree we lucked out this year … our division is probably the weakest of all, we had a relatively soft schedule, and we had several guys who played far above what anyone was expecting (Baker Mayfield being one of those). I wouldn’t hold my breath on all of those repeating next year.

    Bucs have some obvious weaknesses, and need to make some significant improvements this off-season to be competitive. Re-signing our key FAs is a good place to start (Winfield, Evans, McLaughlin, LVD and yes, Baker IF the price is right). Also doing a long-term contract for Wirfs is essential IMO. Beyond that we need an excellent draft AND to bring in several starter-quality FAs to fill some key holes. A fun couple of months coming up.

  22. Kevin Says:

    If the salary cap is projected to be $240million, then a $40m contract for Baker is only 16% of salary cap. This is the going rate for QBs. Hopefully he takes a “smaller” contract to bring Mike back, say $35m. But again, $40m isn’t what it used to be due to the rising cap numbers. Let the front office perform some salary cap wizardry and we should be in pretty good shape…now for our overpaid, often-injured, no game changing turnover cornerbacks…we gotta do something about that.

  23. Richard Dickson Says:

    Daniel Jones is making $40 million a year. No way in hell do you convince Baker to take less than that.

  24. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I agree 100% with SteveK.

    Mayfield is streaky…too much so. The makes giving him a long term contract a gamble. Giving him a large contract is just bad investing.

    He proved himself to me this year…more than I expected. And I would like to see if he is worth paying longterm…but it would cost us some great players.

    I hate to say it…but I would rather trade up for a QB, take that gamble, and keep key free agents.

  25. Upstate NY BUC Says:

    3 years, 100 million take it or leave it Bake!!! Lets draft someone or pick some someone to cover the middle of the field, that was ridiculous coverage.!!!!Bowles should be fired for allowing those easy pass completions!!!

  26. D Cone Says:

    With Canales Offense ranking 23rd in the league and third in NFC South I doubt he will get a HC Job.

    Sign Baker and he will continue to do well in an Offense that takes thinking out of the Equation. Doubt it will be enough as both the Falcons and Saints will be more competitive next season.

    Eventually luck runs out. Am amazed that no receivers were seriously injured from a lot of the passes they had to try and real in this season. When a 6’5 receiver has to elevate, fully extend, the ball is at the fingertips, and on an upward trajectory it’s both a bad pass as well as dangerous. It’s only a matter of time with that guy before someone gets clocked.

    Compare him to Brady all you want but at least the Goat would not hang his guy’s out like that.

  27. Bucfan Says:

    Bowels set the team back 10 years. Could have gotten their qb of the future in the draft. The Bucs are in a weak division and will NOT win the division as long as Todd is running the show. Defense is his expertise and look what happened yesterday. 23 points SHOULD be enough to win!

  28. Boss Says:

    baker looked good yesterday and he has developed this year. I don’t know about a FAT contract….but I would like to keep him given the right deal.

    we gotta let some ppl walk. a CB and Evans need to go and then build with that cash….draft OL, WR and CB

    might need to get a vet CB for nickel

    if this truly is a SB ready team we should be drafting for 2024!

    I strongly believe the team would be better spreading evans targets around

  29. Defense Rules Says:

    Paratrooper Buc … ‘I don’t know what he will make but it will be more than $20-25 million and I wouldn’t be shocked if it’s $35-40 million range.’

    I suspect your numbers are very valid, but what’s more significant to me is ‘What can the Bucs AFFORD TO PAY’? If I had to make a guess at this point, I think we could scrape up $25-$30 mil and STILL re-sign Winfield, Evans, LVD & McLaughlin (probably $52 mil for all 4). Just for reference, right now we have almost $49 mil still available for 2024, but with only 34 players signed (and Jensen & Gage are 2 of those).

    But I think we could scrape up $25-$30 mil by restructuring several contracts )Godwin, Vea & Dean come to mind) as well as doing a long-term contract for Wirfs. Big question(s) after that become the 2024 status of Davis, Shaq, Jensen & Gage. We’d actually be ahead is we release them & eat the Dead CAP, but then of course we still have to replace all 4 (and that costs money).

    The BIGGEST question though relates to how much Baker wants for a future deal, AND if some other team is willing to pony up. JL will have his work cut out for him in the coming months.

  30. BucsFan Says:

    Tristan Wirfs is the best LT in NFL for his young age and signing him now to a 10 year deal for 275 million will sound dirt cheap 2 years from now when the LT market goes above 30 million , which it will.

  31. Tony marks Says:

    Huge Baker fan but despite the cllap trap also a buc’s fan. I completely understand those not liking the 40+ mill range.

    Somewhere in the area of the franchise tag sounds about right to me and at that the Bucs have unstoppable leverage. IF he wants multiple years and you want him to feel right then give him incentives and take off a few mill for multiple years.

    40+ is just too much for the organization at this point. Now if he goes down the field yesterday and ties up the game then he could ask the world
    but that didn’t happen soooo

    no. not from the Bucs.

  32. D-Rome Says:

    Mayfield is streaky…too much so. The makes giving him a long term contract a gamble. Giving him a large contract is just bad investing.

    Yet, years ago you were willing to give Jay-Miss a long term deal after a pathetic season where he turned the ball over 30+ times.

    Thankfully Jason Licht doesn’t listen to fans like you or else we would have started Kyle Trask and ended up losing. This team is a few pieces away from being a serious contender. Heck, after yesterday’s game they were a few plays away.

    If Evans makes that catch…

    If Dean hauls in that dropped INT in the end zone…

    The team isn’t far away, but you want to take a bigger gamble on the draft by giving up draft picks to pick a guy who will likely flame out. 🤡

  33. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    So many free agents this year…too many.

    We certainly cannot afford to pay guys early.

    Mike Evans, I hope, will be willing to go year to year at this point. Or two years.

  34. Greg Says:

    Our team structure can’t afford Baker at $40 million. The argument that the Saints paid Carr $40 million is asinine! First, why in the world would we use an example that the majority agrees was a dumb overpay as the reason why we should justify our decision? Second, all of the teams that paid their QB $40 million (and didn’t deserve it) aren’t where we want to be. Saints, cap hell, declining team. No Thanks. Giants, just no.

    I want Baker back. We can win with him. But at his talent/consistency level we can’t CONTEND with him if he takes up $40 million of cap space. $20, I firmly believe so, $25? I think we’re still talking. $30, now we have to compromise something. Line, receivers, defense, and hope that Baker’s skill at QB can score us more points than the talent we can pay to put around him.

    At $40 million, I think our ceiling is an 8-10 win team, and then we’d need coaching, draft picks, and “getting hot at the right time” to have a chance beyond that.

    Yes, somebody will offer Baker $40m. It shouldn’t be us. If we can’t work out a $25-30/yr deal then we probably have to franchise him.

  35. Greg Says:

    People forget that Brady figured this out early. Yes he was the GOAT, but a severely forgotten point of his goatedness, was that he knew a team that put so much salary cap money into one position couldn’t build a contending team year over year.

    I’m not one to tell anybody to take anything less than they can get. BUT, if a player’s higher priority is to winning, then that player has to consider the impact of his salary on the capability of the team to roster a higher quality team.

    Can’t ever expect it from anyone, but when it happens (especially at the QB position) it can change the trajectory of a team dramatically. Plus, a contending Baker very much can make up the salary difference in sponsorships (perhaps better than a losing Baker that’s taking up $40 million of cap space).

  36. ATLBuc Says:

    Mayfield did some good things this season but we can’t under the half of his games that contained some really bad play. Remember losing 6 out of 7. He’s had almost as many dropped interceptions as dropped passes. I appreciate Baker but with his inconsistent play it would be a mistake to give him a big contract. He plays like an inconsistent journeyman and that’s how he should get paid. No more than Tyrod Taylor makes. Plus, Trask is better.

  37. ocala Says:

    It is crazy that there are fans that don’t want to keep Baker. What QB would the Bucs get? A rookie? a current backup QB?
    The Bucs have a QB that just performed as a top 10 QB for the season and only four teams made it further in the playoffs than he did.
    Thankfully the Bucs are not lunatics and will keep him as their QB either with a long-term deal or the franchise tag.

  38. A Bucs Fan Says:

    I don’t think Baker is going to hold the Bucs hostage for money. He’s all about the team and his teammates. No way he leaves for cash. He’s tired of moving and changing coaches. He needs consistency and this is his first real chance at it in his career. I think he’ll prove that by signing for somewhere between 26-30 million a year for the next 3 or 4 years.

    He wants to settle down and finally have some continuity in his career.

  39. Dom Says:

    Brad Spielberg from PFF projected Baker to get 3 years for 75 million. He made this projection a few days ago, and has been really accurate with his contract projections the past few years. I feel like some people here are auditioning to become Baker’s agent lol. I really don’t see Baker making 40M+ a year. Teams aren’t going to looked at Carr, Jones, etc. and say that’s the pathway to success, let’s repeat that. If Baker is going to command 40M+ , I’d rather make a play at Cousins who is the better QB, and will cost just as much if not less than that. Would love to have Baker back though at 25-30M a year.

  40. Dom Says:

    Baker is still young too. He will have another pay day if he plays well after 3 years. If he plays well on a 3 year deal at 75 there will be much more money for him on his next deal

  41. Tbbucs3 Says:

    If you want good QB play, your gonna have to pay for it

    The QB market is at an all time high so all teams paying a high price for good quarterbacks

    What exactly is the answer at QB for the fans against paying Mayfield? Find another Mahomes in the draft? Sorry, NFL QB dont grow on trees and the Bucs have one that just took a bad defense to a divisional playoff.

    Pay the man.

  42. BucFanDMV Says:

    I have no problem with Mayfield coming back at the right price, but as stated earlier we cannot overpay for him at all. Mike Evans and Goodwin are two of the best Wrs in the league, so the buccaneers have to be very careful with his cap number.

    Wirfs, and Winfield are a must here. Evans can help any QB that comes here put-up good numbers so the bucs have to be smart with this.

  43. Let ‘em bake Says:

    Trading Chris Godwin frees up 20 million….not resigning dean…tough decisions may have to be made…( I hope not with Chris)

  44. Josh Says:

    Seriously I don’t want Baker at 40 million either but look at the QB market there all overpaid as crap… 30 or under is the goal and I think he will take it to keep the team together around him..

  45. Canabuc Says:

    I am a huge fan of the team and for the most part was very pleasantly surprised with Baker Mayfield‘s performance. He truly was a leader on the team and you could see that the team would play for him. My concerns and you could see it clearly through the playoffs were on multiple occasions on third down when teams would blitz and he would get sacked for a loss of many yards and get knocked out a field goal position.
    I believe that may have happened at least four or five times in the previous two games. Often it was on blitzes from a corner or some other player. This was not the fault or responsibility of the line but rather on the quarterback to pick it up and check to another play that would get the ball out without risk of a sack.

    Another area for concern was that often he would force the ball for a longer completion when there was an easy completion to White or Otton in the flats for a much shorter game where perhaps that player could’ve broken some tackles and still gotten a first down. This was something that Brady was looking at but Baker has still much to learn in that regard. Baker himself has said that he hast to learn to take the easy completions and yet he still didn’t do it often enough.

  46. lanshark Says:

    Look at it this way – you invested $25M (cap hit) in the QB position before you even signed someone. You found a bargain for $4M that ends up being $6.5M because he dragged your sorry team that was supposed to be 2-15 to the 2nd round of the playoffs. So, you invested $32M in the position last year. WHY do you think you should get away with dropping back to $25M?

    Look around the league… QB’s WAY less talented than Baker, and who DO NOT inspire the kind of leadership he does, are making $40M.

    The good news is that Baker seems to be interested in coming back, and was pretty much quoted as saying he wants all his guys back too – so he’s probably willing to take $30M this season, ramping up as the next few years go by. And that will be a bargain, as he’s just now coming into his prime. I’ve watched him for over 8 years now, and he’s definitely getting better each season.

  47. Drunk Bucs Fan Says:

    People not wanting to keep Baker sound like the same people that hated drafting Trask.

    You know, the ones that think the reasons we didn’t win a third SB is because of that mystery All Pro we decided not to Draft when we took Trask. You notice we never get a name associated with that pick?

    Now it’s “Not Baker, get another guy cheap like him.” Somehow Sam Darnold will take us places Baker can’t.

    And oh yeah, the same conversations were being had last year, but the name was Jared Goff.

  48. Buddha Says:

    Baker is coming back! The GM will figure what’s fair. Rumor has Pittsburgh offering $50 million. Baker does not want to start over again with another coach. He is seeking stability. Those of you pining for Cousins. What is he ever done? No playoff wins, a statue, and on the downside of his career.

  49. K_bassuka Says:

    So Maybefield is good at collecting garbage time yardage like Dak, nice!

  50. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    Yeah, Licht can play some GM games, signing bonuses and back loading contacts to bring Mayfield, Winfield and Evans all back plus have some $ left over

  51. Bucsfanman Says:

    Check the numbers. The numbers don’t lie.

    Who, exactly, would you replace Baker with? And at what cost? It’s a simple question with an obvious answer.

    Yes, we have a lot of FAs to pay but what else is new? QB is the hardest to replace. He will get what the market dictates for a QB of his caliber. It should be the Bucs!

  52. Allbuccedup Says:

    I am not against resigning Mayfield as long it 25 mil or less anything more is a gamble after one good year.

  53. bucsfaninOregon Says:

    At the start of this season almost everyone who was not delusional had the Bucs at 3-5 wins. I expected six max. Instead they made it to the second playoff round. No surprises except the play of Baker. I’ll take Baker with his passion and leadership than Cousins or other truly washed out QB. Pay him!

  54. BucVoyager Says:

    Baker ended up being the best QB in the division and it showed. If you don’t have a QB, you have nothing. Baker is not my first choice but he’s better than nothing.

    Drafting at 26 doesn’t give you a change to do better at QB. Those guys are all going in the top 10. Every once in a while, a great one drops outside of that. The Bucs have no history of being able to fine that diamond in the rough under any GM that we have ever had.

  55. Defense Rules Says:

    lanshark … ‘You found a bargain for $4M that ends up being $6.5M because he dragged your sorry team that was supposed to be 2-15 to the 2nd round of the playoffs.’

    Yes the Bucs did get a bargain at $4 mil plus for Baker, but to say that he ‘dragged our sorry team that was supposed to be 2-15 to the 2nd round of the playoffs’ is ludicrous for any number of reasons.

    No one of any significance projected us to finish 2-15 for starters. Vegas gave us 6 – 7 wins prior to the season. More importantly though, the Bucs’ #7 ranked DEFENSE (allowing 19 PPG) is what allowed us to beat those projections. It kept us in almost all ballgames; Bucs only allowed over 30 points ONCE on the season (only 2 teams did that), and only over 20 points 7 times.

    Our offense finished ranked #20 in the league (scoring 20.5 PPG), and was helped out bigly by the 26 takeaways generated by our defense. Please don’t pretend like Baker created a juggernaut that just ran over opposing defenses; nothing could be further from the truth. He’s credited with ONE 4th quarter comeback (last minute TD in Falcons game to win it 29-25).

    He was a important part IMO of what GREW into a competitive TEAM. But the key word there is TEAM because a lot of guys made very significant contributions. If I had to rank relative TEAM strengths right now, it’d be S/Ts (Kicking & Punting), defense then offense. I’d like to see him back at a reasonable price, but we’ll have to make a sizable number of improvements in various position groups to have a winning season with him at the helm this year (it’s a very tough schedule).

  56. larrd Says:

    I’d like to see the team sign Mayfield for a reasonable, cap-friendly price. If not, give Trask a whirl. I think the Bucs will improve next season, either way.

  57. Defense Rules Says:

    Buddha … ‘Those of you pining for Cousins. What is he ever done? No playoff wins, a statue, and on the downside of his career.’

    I hope you’re not serious, because Kirk Cousins is still one of the best QBs in the NFL at age 35. Not particularly mobile for sure, but incredibly accurate (he sports a CAREER Completion Percentage of 66.9% over 12 years). Started off poorly with Washington in 2012-2014 with part-time duty (2-7), but was 24-23-1 with them for the next 3 years before signing with the Vikings. I’d take his 50-37-1 record with the Vikes any day.

    Guarantee that the Bucs won’t be signing Cousins for $4 mil. His Market Value right now is $39.3 mil. There are however 30 QBs who’ll be on the market as FAs very soon (yes, including Jameis Winston who has a Market Value of $2.7 mil if you want to go really cheap).

  58. stpetebucfan Says:

    @Kevin In an era where the salaries look like Monopoly money and are hard to compare realistically you hit the nail on the head. The millions melt out minds but the % of the cap eaten up is what REALLY counts not the raw salary numbers.

    @Greg Great point about “other” money. When Baker came into the league as the #1 pick, Heisman trophy winner, Browns savior, he made TEN MILLION year for all those commercials. Baker understands that. Reportedly, sadly his family hornswoggled him out of some of those millions.

    Still Baker gambled big time to sign with the Bucs at chump change. He’s not coming back for chump change but I believe $$$ will not be the most important thing to him. He gets it. I predict he and JL will get together and negotiate a reasonable team friendly, Baker respecting, deal.

  59. lanshark Says:

    Defense Rules – All year long I’ve said it was a team game, and everyone trying to blame every loss on Baker was delusional. And I seem to recall a 4th Qtr comeback against Houston – not BM’s fault the defense collapsed in that game. And as I recall Atlanta was another game like that.

    But realistically, the BEST anyone predicted was 6 wins – that was “optimistic”. Most pundits were saying “in contention for first pick in the draft”, which translates to TWO wins, not SIX.

    And yeah, the defense was overall good statistically. But Terrible situationally. What does that mean? It means they looked good on paper, but could rarely stand up when the game was on the line. The stats look good, but the results were worse. As was also true of the offense, at times. Only in the last 4 games or so did the TEAM look good overall.

    Once they got away from the “run first” mentality, and “zone at all costs”… they were a much better team. Unfortunately, they don’t QUITE have the personnel to play that way all the time, though they are close. Draft a good guard or center, find another as a FA, find an edge rusher, and a top tier CB in either the draft or FA. Maybe another DT to spell Vea some. All possible, and keep all the Free Agents (Evans, David, Winfield, etc) that are worth keeping.

    This team could be very good next year, with the right moves.

  60. BakerFan Says:

    Would it be something if Baker goes to the Falcons, Mike Evans joins him and then Nick Chubb, a very good friend of Baker’s join him when the Browns release him.

    There are some night mareish scenarios out there so make sure you get ahead of the game.

  61. Gipper Says:

    If these Tampa “fans” don’t get Baker by now, they never will. He is a tough guy with a rifle arm and great leadership ability. Pretty clear that the entire team responds to him. On the big stage in 2 playoff games he showed what he could do. There is no doubt that Mayfield has what it takes to win multiple Super Bowls.

    Mayfield would have taken Detroit apart yesterday had he had reasonable time to throw. Love the guys who on these pages who complained about him “not reading the defense” yesterday. What’s to read when a defensive end sacks Mayfield without being touched? Mayfield just gets up and moves on to the next play. John Dorsey selected Mayfield 1st in 2018. The same John Dorsey selected Mahomes and built the KC Chiefs. Guess where Dorsey has been lately? That’s right, the Detroit Lions. If Tampa let’s Mayfield go, the franchise will regret it. Sensible people in Cleveland are already regretting Mayfield being replaced by Watson. Therein lies the problem, little in Cleveland is sensible. Browns gave up 3years of #1 Draft picks for a guy who was never going to play another game in Houston. Additionally. $235Million GUARANTEED for a guy who has played 12 games in 2years for the Browns. Things have worked out great for Houston. The Browns will flounder forever until the Haslam Family sells the club.

  62. johnnymoon Says:

    Doug Williams still owns the NFL Record for worst QB Rating for 1 team in the post season with at least 80 attempts ..19.4 He was awful but made up for it with the Skins.

  63. Jeepfred Says:

    I hope Baker leaves. Tampa fans don’t deserve him. He gets the blame for everything. He didn’t lose yesterdays game-the defense did! The On-line wasn’t great either with Mayfield under pressure the whole game while Goff wasn’t. How about receivers making millions dropping passes, body catching instead of using their hands!!!

  64. NE Fan Says:

    Gipper, that’s the problem, he doesn’t know when to pull back on the rifle. Yesterday it led to the Evan’s int and one to Godwin where Mayfield didn’t give him time to cut. Sorry folks, Godwin is too good to be ignored in this offense, elite QB’s would find and use him. Baker is myopic, he struggles to hit those second and third reads. Yesterday, other than Otton, did anyone beside Evan’s have more than two catches?

  65. Chief Says:

    You people that think any starting playoff QB will take less than $30 million/year are not living in reality. Regardless of what many of you think, without Baker this year those predictions of a 2-4 win Bucs team would be true. Trask ain’t the guy. With Baker and some other pieces back this a legit contender. These playoff games prove it. If Dean catches the interception and we make the FG we win that game. Two plays. That’s the difference. None of that happens if Baker is not on this team.

    Baker 4 years, $150 million. $100 guaranteed
    Mike Evans – 3 years, $60 million. $45 guaranteed
    AWJ – 5 years, $110 million. $60 guaranteed
    D. White – Let him walk. recoup $$$ for the cap
    R. Gage – Release and save $11 million for the cap
    L. David – 1 year, $7 million
    Wirfs – Whatever he wants. Cannot let him go.

    Bucs can do these moves and still have room for others and a few free agents. Turn some of the guys already on contracts to signing bonuses and you have even more room.
    But if any of those guys don’t resign, the Bucs will regret it. It starts with Baker. We will not get a better QB that’s playoff tested and ready for a run. If you think otherwise, you simply don’t know football.

  66. Jeepfred Says:

    Nice job moderator. Didn’t like my truthful comment!

  67. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Doug Williams was 4-9 in the first half of the 1979 Divisional home game against Ron Jaworski’s eagles. At the time, it was the best game they had played in their short history, they just beat up on a heavily Favored Eagles. And still Doug was 4-9 passing in the first half. lol Different era of football

  68. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Its a no brainer, to sign Baker, you just cannot mortgage the farm. A franchise tag seems like a reasonable way to pay him, and have money to do other things.

  69. Ugo Says:

    After the last few years he’s had, I’m sure Baker is willing to take a team friendly deal if it means being able to keep some of his weapons. He truly seems to like it in TB and the team likes him too.

    I would definitely try to resign Mayfield, Evans, Winfield and David and attempt to restructure a few people including Barrett and Godwin (the latter so he can keep his good buddy Mike Evans with him).

  70. Gipper Says:

    NE Fan Says:
    January 22nd, 2024 at 1:49 pm
    Gipper, that’s the problem, he doesn’t know when to pull back on the rifle. Yesterday it led to the Evan’s int and one to Godwin where Mayfield didn’t give him time to cut. Sorry folks, Godwin is too good to be ignored in this offense, elite QB’s would find and use him. Baker is myopic, he struggles to hit those second and third reads. Yesterday, other than Otton, did anyone beside Evan’s have more than two catches?
    You watched a different game than most of us. The interception was not targeted to Godwin. Clearly, Mayfield thought he was throwing to Otton who should have been sitting down in front of the zone defense. Otton ran too deep and got behind the linebacker. Basic pass play, TE stays in front of the zone and Mayfield hits him. You have your own ego to protect and need to prove some point about Mayfield. Here is the truth. In 2 playoff games this year the two best performing QB’s by the numbers were Baker and Lamar. Baker even more impressive since he was under non stop pressure yesterday.

  71. stpetebucfan Says:

    What I’ve yet to see discussed is how many teams really NEED a new QB. How big is the market.

    According to the internt five teams could need quarterbacks: The Falcons, Raiders, Vikings, Commanders and Patriots could all be in the market for their quarterback of the future. Bears begin to reload on offense but Chicago can grab a new quarterback with the first overall pick and then target a top-tier edge rusher with its second pick.

    Given the number of supposedly “great” QB’s available in the draft some will surely fall below the 6th round. Salary caps at over 40,000,000 for the top pick drop pretty quickly to less than 30,000,000 after the sixth round and drop to under 20 million around 11th or 12th. IE IF there are that many QB’s in the draft to be had for less than 20million that may depress the demand a bit.

  72. Joe Says:

    Given the number of supposedly “great” QB’s available in the draft some will surely fall below the 6th round.

    Banking on a guy being another Kurt Warner is an excellent way for a GM to get fired.

    In fact, banking on another Joe Montana (third round pick) is a good way to get fired, never mind another Tom Brady (sixth round).