NFC Suit: Bucs Will Re-Sign Baker Mayfield

January 27th, 2024

A man’s wish come true.

The Kyle Trask occult may not like this and the crowd that wants a rookie quarterback to start for the Bucs come September might be irked with this.

But one unnamed NFC personnel suit thinks the Bucs will re-sign quarterback Baker Mayfield. Why you ask? Because the Bucs don’t have much of a choice.

Jeremy Fowler of BSPN did a survey of various NFL sources and got a gauge on some of the hot topic issues and how that will affect teams for the 2024 season.

Per an unnamed NFC source, he/she told Fowler the Bucs’ best option at quarterback is bringing Mayfield back.

Mayfield appeared destined for a career as a bridge QB/journeyman before rewriting the script in Tampa Bay. Not only did Mayfield guide the Bucs to the playoffs, but he threw for 686 yards in two playoff games, the league high through the divisional round.

Teams are only as good as their options at any given position, and Mayfield looks like Tampa’s best.

“I’m not sure it makes sense to go after someone else like Russell Wilson or Justin Fields when I’m not sure that’s a substantial upgrade,” an NFC personnel evaluator said. “Mayfield isn’t perfect, but you can win games with him. He’s streaky, but when he gets hot, he can produce like a top-10 guy.”

So with the guy who guided Mayfield to a career year in 2023 now gone, the 2024 season becomes a mystery.

Which Mayfield will the Bucs be getting and how will he work with a new offensive coordinator? The guy the Browns gave up on? The guy who was cut by the Stinking Panthers? The guy who balled out and got the Bucs a playoff win and dragged the Bucs a touchdown and a timeout away from playing tomorrow?

We really don’t know.

So the Bucs best prepare.

54 Responses to “NFC Suit: Bucs Will Re-Sign Baker Mayfield”

  1. Obvious Says:

    Baker IS our best option WITH Trask at the ready for when Baker goes down. How do I know Baker is going down due to injuries you ask? Simple. He likes to Push his face into the fan and ironically, that’s a Big Part of why I like him and Have become a fan of his… Personally, I couldn’t help it. He didn’t back up or back off AND I LOVE THAT KINDA STUFF! He legitimately Won Me Over…

    However, it’s gonna catch up to him sooner or later and when the inevitable Does Occur, Trask IS our Best option going forward until Baker gets back in shape enough to throw himself right back into the fire and Remind us All why he won most of us over in the first place.

    Hope we get him back. Also, We Do Not need another qb drafted. If one drops in our laps that “seems” WELL ABOVE average, we’ll YEAH we grab him. But We Should Not chase one unless Mayfield leaves. Then we have no choice but to CYA.
    WE NEED LINEMEN! Among other crucial areas of Real Concern before a luxury qb! Besides, it’s true that almost ANY qb can look like a hall of famer behind a Wall of Gorillas that refuse to let you touch there favorite banana.

    GO BUCS!

  2. Steven007 Says:

    I have to ask, linguistically why are we using the term occult? Clearly when people use that term regarding Trask and his fans, it’s the word “cult” that they actually mean. I’ve seen posters use it as well as Joe. Weird. Completely different words and meanings. Occult means supernatural while cult means a small group of people having admiration for someone or something. Very different meanings.

  3. Bojim Says:

    Works for me.

  4. WyomingJoe Says:

    According to unnamed NFC sources, Milton will become the new Cult of Kyle High Priest. Milton will assume all of the duties of the past High Priest, David, who so underestimated Baker’s success this season that he went into hiding and may never return. Milton assured his followers that his ability to spread pure BS about Baker will be unmatched.

  5. Leopold Stotch Says:

    I don’t mean to hijack this into a Trask fiasco again, however it got brought up because of the term occult, so I figure why not. One of the Joe’s has said a few times now, “The Packers sat Jordan Love for 3 years and look how well that worked for them.” This is the exact situation for Kyle Trask right now.

    Two years with Brady, one with Canales, who Joe said completely “fixed” Trask, I don’t understand why Joe(s) and some other fans don’t want to give our second round qb a shot.

    The reason why us Traskies are passionate is because most of us saw him in college. Sure it doesn’t always translate to the NFL, however, he hasn’t gotten a decent shot either. Plus with the whole “sit a few years” thing it’s downright annoying that this is literally what is going on right now. Not to mention that with everything that happened during the off-season the competition was supposedly neck and neck. It’s obvious, however that Baker won, because of Bowles, which fortunately worked out well.

    I’ve pretty much given up on Trask being the future of our beloved Bucs at this point, but it felt appropriate to bring this up now.

  6. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    trask is done here

    we upgraded from him after brady

    baker has led two different teams ti playoof wins.

    two all-time crap teams

    sign him or franchise him and build from there

  7. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe … ‘Bucs will re-sign quarterback Baker Mayfield. Why you ask? Because the Bucs don’t have much of a choice.’

    Sorry Joe, but you ALWAYS have a choice. And you never know IF it was the BEST choice until it plays out.

    I like Baker (primarily for his LEADERSHIP), but the Bucs are in a very tenuous position salary-CAP-wise. Pay too much & we will most likely miss out on another key piece (Winfield? Evans? LVD? McLaughlin?). That’s not how you build a TEAM that’s consistently good.

    I agree with Fowler’s assessment of Baker BTW when he wrote:

    “Mayfield isn’t perfect, but you can win games with him. He’s streaky, but when he gets hot, he can produce like a top-10 guy.” Problem is, ‘streaky’ might get us 11-6, or it might get us 6-11. One could win the NFC South; the other has us watching the winner on TV in January. Still, for the right price, it’s worth the gamble.

  8. heyjude Says:

    Baker is the guy, along with a new backup QB. Trask may go with Canales. Let him go.

    Remember, Baker is the guy the Browns got rid of for a supposedly better QB… Biggest error on them. Our win, their loss.

  9. Obvious Says:

    If you’re being serious, I’m not following your take on Trask. Just not at all. In the end, JL WILL want to see if his 2nd round investment was worth it or not at. That pick is tied Directly to JL job and legacy. I’m sure the Glazer’s will want to see more as well. I’m not exactly sure what the numbers are but I’m sure they’ve got somewhere in the neighborhood of a quarter million dollars I vested in him. Hey I get that to Billionaires 250,000 is funny money, BUT IS IT REALLY?

    I’m not just going to drink the kool-aid with all the lame brain cheap shots on the kid because I (like MANY thousands of others) saw that Trask held his own in limited action and they only gave Trask second and third stringers to work with.

    I know some are DESPERATE to try and convince those whom weren’t following the “alleged” qb competition, but all that even those people have to do is go back and read up on what happened on MULTIPLE web blogs that keep track of ALL THINGS Buccaneers.

    It was CLEAR that Trask as what TRULY equaled as rookie status did that boys and girls. He got training now.

    Don’t be so scared for Baker. He can hold his own without pathetic lies. He’s EARNED the starting job with out lies. You guys at this point are making Baker look bad. The more you desperately try to change history, the MORE YOU screw it up for him. You’ve reached the point where you’re bad for Baker business. You hugs are to the point of embarrassing him. HE’S GOT THIS! Try to have a little more faith in Him.

    He won me and thousands of others over ALL BY HIMSELF.

    And btw, if not Trask, it WILL BE someone else coming for his job. That’s how the business goes. The more you attack the back up qb, the MORE YOU’RE SAYING THAT YOU BELIEVE TRASK IS BETTER! That’s the optics people. You’ve become BAD FOR BUSINESS!

    I’d appreciate it if you’d back off and STOP PUTTING DOUBT IN PEOPLE’S MINDS! Let my QB (Baker) be the QB WITHOUT QUESTION! Don’t you get it?

    Stop bringing up Trask and making Baker look weak!!!!!!!!!! OK!!!!!!!!!!! DUH!

  10. Hodad Says:

    Looking at next years schdule doesn’t matter who the HC, OC, or QB is, we’ll be lucky to win 7 games. It’s really tough.

  11. August 1976 Buc Says:

    I would franchise Baker, and also draft the best rookie QB you can and see if he can beat out Trask in camp or not, and then go from there. You might find a QB and you might not. But Baker is the starter next year already.

  12. heyjude Says:

    Yesterday Baker was named NFL Most Improved Player of the Year – By the Pro Football Writers of America. We need to keep him because many other teams will want him. Get a different back-up QB and build the team around him. Also, retain Evans and others.

  13. Allbuccedup Says:

    Franchise tag is 36 mil thats a little high for Mayfield. Bucs should low ball him, hes still not going to be in that high demand besides us, maybe the Vikings or Steelers. Most teams that need a QB will draft one.

  14. Gofortheface30 Says:

    Obvious – your passionate white knighting of someone who couldn’t beat out Blaine Gabbert for the backup job is pathetic. Your flailing, flimsy defense of Trask is to bring up web blogs of a training camp competition, intimating some sort of conspiracy – and your way of substantiating such allegations is through….web blogs and hearsay which doesn’t hold up anywhere unless you’re a tinfoil hat wearing, Gator fan lame brain I guess? The idea that Trask would have accomplished even half of what Baker did this yr if he started instead is bill burr level funny. You really need to get outside and touch some grass. Call your dr and up your dosage as well

  15. ZavierDeSine Says:

    Mike Evans is the free agent I would be watching, personally, Canales leaving to a team that needs a WR1 and has a easier road cap space wise. Mike Evans is about to get paid and the Buc’s will wish they had paid him last year.

  16. BakerFan Says:

    PFWA Names Baker Mayfield as “Most Improved Player of 2023”

    Kyle Trask “Best Looking At Holding a Clipboard on Sideline 2023”


  17. Allbuccedup Says:

    Mayfield won’t be in high demand like everyone believes. He may draw some attention from the Vikings or Steelers. The Bucs will have room to negotiate. No team(except the Bucs) are going to pay Mayfield 30 mil a year. Hopefully the Bucs aren’t naive enough to do that. He will likely regress next year under a new offensive coordinator. I would offer 2 years 30 mil plus incentives.

  18. Allbuccedup Says:

    Pay Mayfield 2 years 30 mil plus incentives thats all hes worth.

  19. VOT Says:

    We don’t really have a choice here – we are not getting a top qb in the draft and we can’t spend 50 mil a year in FA – Baker is the logical choice, they (all the FA) earned the right to run it back with as many players as possible except Diva White

    I’d even give JTS one more chance to bulk up and learn how to hold down an edge – but be drafting his replacement in round 1 just in case

    Baker, Mike, Winfield, Wirfs, sign them all before you do anything else

  20. YaYa Winfield Says:

    Allbuccedup – you are worth what a team is willing to pay you. If the Bucs offer him $15M per year 6 or 7 other teams would gladly pay him more than twice that amount and we lose him. You don’t sign the checks for any NFL team so your thoughts on what he is worth is actually worthless.

  21. Beeej Says:

    But…. Baker sucked 2 years ago, and….4 teams in 2 years!

    That said, we have Trask for one more year on his rookie deal, and I believe he IS a starting quality QB in this league, I hope the opportunity arrives for him. Anyhow, I see no reason to acquire another QB yet

  22. WillieG Says:

    Imagine what Baker will do after being in the same system for a couple of seasons…..

    Oh wait……

  23. Marky Mark Says:

    Baker got screwed by the Browns in several ways including a reputation smear campaign to deflect from the bad PR by Woman,s rights groups over the Depervert debacle. The whisper campaign to journalists included the bad locker room leader, immature, and can,t survive without a strong running game. Bowles and Ariens knew all that was horse manure but Canales believed it. Canales was desperate for an OC chance after being passed over by Carrol! For a LA Rams guy and said yes BEFORE he knew who the QB was. The whole run first thing was to minimize Baker,s supposed weaknesses spread by the Browns negative PR campaign. Carroll believed it also. The run first thing failed and Canales had no choice but to let Baker rip it. Everyone with short memories was pleasantly surprised how good Baker was. My take is the two saved each other. But Canales is now walking into dysfunction hell. Regardless how it goes Dave can retire rich if he invests well.

  24. Obvious Says:

    Gofortheface You’re BAD FOR BUSINESS

    You prove my point. Did you even bother to read what I wrote? Are you still drunk from last night? You worked pretty hard to look like the fool you are. Buddy, you didn’t have to work so hard to be the JA that you clearly are.
    Son, reading is fundamental…. And YOU are an embarrassment. Did I lie fart? Why don’t you use your glorious wit and your under average brain and read through it again. Any middle schooler can pull it off. Why can’t you? Then again, the way you support Trask….

    So genius, are you talking about my defense of Baker, OF WHICH YOU PROVE MY POINT and let me just say, D.Y.D! Or is it just Trask?
    You’re an EMBARRASSMENT to Baker and YOUR in DENIAL of what any child that can read can testify to. You act like you didn’t READ IT YOURSELF as it was unfolding! And you’re claim that JBF is a bunch of liars along with EVERY OTHER BUCCANEERS WEB BLOG is no surprise!
    And btw honey, who are you white knighting for? I’ll answer that for you until you can learn how to read. Clearly, YOU SUPPORT TRASK! And you are doing a lousy job!

    Learn how to read past the elementary school level and is there are reason that in your point of view that Mayfield isn’t good enough to handle his OWN business on the playing field whiteout Dillard’s like yourself pretending like you HAVE A CLUE!

    Why don’t people like you STOP CLAIMING that Baker can’t hold his own on the playing field? WHY DO YOU KEEP INSISTING THAT KYLE TRASK IS A BETTER QB THAN BAKER MAYFIELD!!!??? You are a somehow Breathing Example of AN EMBARRASSMENT TO BAKER!! BACK OFF MY QB DUDE AND IF TRASK IS SO GOOD WHY DIDN’T HE WIN THE QB JOB! HE DIDN’T MISTER (I think) BAKER MAYFIELD WON THE JOB ALL ON HIS OWN whether Trask out played him temporarily or not?


    You goforthefart ARE BAD FOR BUSINESS!

    I hate to tell you but you’re boy Trask lost one way or the other and I myself am quite happy with Baker as my qb. Don’t G.A.D. if YOU like it or not… YOU GOT THAT STRAIGHT! STOP ACTING LIKE IT ISN’T THE TRUTH! Baker EARNED IT DUDE! Trask WON’T BE the qb if Baker comes back WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!


    STOP SUPPORTING TRASK AS IF HE “EARNED” HIS WAY INTO THE CONVERSATION! And if you support Trask sir, why don’t you come on out and of the closest bud! They say it liberating for those like yourself. And that way you can white knight all you want for your boy Trask and you don’t have to pretend that you support our ACTUAL QB anymore. … You’re Bad for Business

    GO BUCS!

  25. Smitty Says:

    Every time I hear that Baker is a bridge QB it makes me scratch my head.. Especially when someone says that Russell Wilson, Kirk Cousins or Justin Fields would be an upgrade😂.

    Exactly what does Mayfield have to do to prove himself a Franchise QB.. He already has as many Playoff Wins as the Cowboys, Overrated QB Dak Prescott!

    NONE of the Teams Baker played with before went as far as Baker took the Bucs this year, including Cleveland! And how badly do you think Carolina would like him back??

    I only hope Tampa doesn’t make the same mistake Carolina made.. But somehow if they do, I have no doubt Baker will prove the doubters wrong again..

  26. JD Still Says:

    The only thing Mayfield has “proven” is that he is a mediocre, journeyman quarterback , at best. His 4000 yards was only the eighteenth highest in the league, and his 10-9 record , both mediocre , and that was with one of the most elite receiving corps in the league, what happens if you pay him the big bucks and then don’t have the money to pay Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, what they have earned and they walk? You will find out real fast who was responsible for that yardage , and We haven’t even talked about our outstanding kicker,( who won the game for us in Carolina with three field goals when Mayfield couldn’t get us squat against the worst team in the league, then all of a sudden , you realize you’re stuck with Mayfield for the next three or four years , you can’t get rid of him because no one else wants him and you can’t afford to get anyone else, Trask will probably be long gone , like every other decent quarterback before him , going somewhere where they actually know what they’re doing while We are stuck , back in another lost decade.

  27. Saedron Says:

    “The guy who balled out and dragged the team one game away from the playoffs” so which one or the players on the defense are you confusing Baker for. Sigh. A few weeks away and I accidentally clicked back on this now click bait trash. Habits die hard

  28. Allbuccedup Says:

    Yada Yada Winfield your thoughts are totally worthless AS___ LE!!!!!!!

  29. DBS Says:

    For you clowns crying about the kicker. There is no need to mention him. For all the kicking problems this team has had there is no way they will not make him a priority to get back.

  30. Smitty Says:

    JD doesn’t seem to be able to count😂. Baker’s 4000+ Yards was actually 9th this year.. That’s hardly mediocre, nor is taking a team, projected to win 4 games, the Divisional Round of the playoffs.. Just ask an actual Mediocre QB like Dak Prescott what it would be like to get to the Divisional Round😂

  31. Allbuccedup Says:

    Bucs have to sign Mayfield they haven’t been able to develop a QB in their history.

  32. MadMax Says:

    We’ve got our QB people…. Just sign him Jason, somewhere around 3 years 30 per year….he needs to do a Brady and be team friendly so we can get others back too. Then draft O line and a RB since we’re stuck with bowles and his run, run, pass insanity.

  33. Allbuccedup Says:

    Why Bowles is still here is beyond me I mean he looks disinterested during the games but then again as someone said I don’t write the checks so my opinion means nothing.

  34. BakerFan Says:

    JD Still says

    The only thing Mayfield has “proven” is that he is a mediocre, journeyman quarterback , at best. His 4000 yards was only the eighteenth highest in the league, and his 10-9 record
    You don’t know what the hell you are talking about, His total yards was 9th in the league couple that with a run game that is 32nd in the league. They are 13th in Yards After Catch. I don’t believe you know what you are talking about. Now what? Oh it doesn’t matter because you don’t know what you are talking about.

  35. Buc1987 Says:

    1. Evans
    2. Wirfs
    3. Baker

    Evans comes first before Baker…cause without Evans…

  36. Since76 Says:

    Then best available QB that you can get with a good deal. The offense will be at least as good. Probably more consistent. Go Bucs

  37. D Cone Says:

    Joe says:

    The guy who balled out and got the Bucs a playoff win and dragged the Bucs a touchdown and a timeout away from playing tomorrow?

    Game was decided more on his bad decision or throw than a failed called timeout.

    Taking a knee on first down was similar to the kid that whooped another the opportunity of saying ‘I’m done’. Had a timeout been called on first down like maybe 100% of the time ( if there is a chance in hell) Bucs might have got punched in the mouth a couple more times and Lions would have converted,
    Waiting and calling it on 4th down is like the whooped kid saying ‘I give up’ and is let up and starts fighting again.

    Joe should really mention that piss poor decision and throw when he harps on a Timeout that would have not made a bit of difference.

    Maybe a guy has to have had been the kid on top once or twice to understand what actually went on in that last 1:33.

    Sign Mayfield to 3 at 33 per and be happy with 3rd in the Division the next 3 years.

  38. Buc1987 Says:

    I forgot Winny…my bad…Baker slips to 4.

    Might be out of money by then though.

  39. Robbie Says:

    At Obviously 💯 percent on the money, but we’ve got to keep Winfield and Evans too

  40. Conner50 Says:

    Franchise tag Baker where he gets what he wants in 35 million dollars for one year, and Tampa can see if he can be consistent. That way the Bucs don’t give him a long term contract and he fails due to the new OC or the line don’t improve or etc, if he does well like he did this year then give him the long term deal.

  41. Conner50 Says:

    Also enough of this Trask occult crap real Tampa fans just wanna see the team succeed with any qb, especially one that the gm spent a 2nd round pick on. Just crazy that we haven’t seen what trask can do in live game situations but if we got a legit qb winning games it don’t matter honestly as long as he’s ready if he has to go in

  42. Bigbucfan90 Says:

    Find a way to keep everyone except Devin white and we will be fine, we should be playing tomorrow but hey it is what it is we will get back there. Go after the rams qb coach or Thad and for the love of god get an edge rusher it would be nice to get a franchise edge rusher finally that we can say we drafted….. find a way to get Dallas turner.

  43. Shane Callahan Says:

    Canales should’ve waited a few more years for a better opportunity . That organization is a sink hole.

  44. infomeplease Says:

    BigBuc, you mean find a way to sign everyone but DW45, JTS9, RN23, MF71 I think.

  45. BakerBucs Says:

    Allbiccedup.says I had no idea u are the owner or the front office saying what anyone in the NFL is worth what a jackass u b

  46. BakerBucs Says:

    Conner50 I x u r trying to spin things as usual I remember most of the season u were a baker haters all in on Trask nice.try but I ain’t takin the bait buster

  47. Jason Anthony Sturgess Says:

    Why are you people or is it just one person under different names so enamored with Kyle Trask who has accomplished nothing in the NFL & wasn’t even a First Round Draft Pick? It makes no sense. Why would you want Justin Fields or Russell Wilson, etc?

  48. JD Still Says:

    BakerFan Says: you will see many different ways information can be presented to you, many times they are trying to sell you something, but if you use all the data against all the other teams straight up you get the most accurate picture , for example , you are correct , our rushing attack was the worst in the league , 32 d, and if you look at total yardage , passing and running added together, we were 20th, much closer to the bottom of the league than the top.

  49. Conner50 Says:

    Unlike you I’m a die hard Tampa fan not a die hard baker fan boy like yourself. Idc what you think tbh

  50. Oneilbuc Says:

    When Baker go back to being Baker you know inconsistent y’all will be blaming the coaches for every bad game he has. He a good good game against the Jaguars and Packers and he sucked against the saints and Panthers inconsistent. You can win some games but not a superbowl and winning a superbowl should be the only thing that matters or less you don’t mind setting for average to below average seasons. If the bucs over pay for Baker Mayfield our team will suck for a long time . Again he choked against the Lions and know one wants to talk about that. He a 2 minutes to drive the field and score and he threw a pick and lost the game. It will be the same thing next year or worse. I’m not picking the bucs to even make the playoffs next year until they upgrade at some positions especially if they over pay for a inconsistent quarterback.

  51. Allbuccedup Says:

    BakerBut. Hole take your boy and leave town

  52. Whodat Says:

    To all Trask fans. The guy is lucky to be here. He never started a game in HIGH SCHOOL. There is a reason for that. Dude is used to the sideline.

  53. Allbuccedup Says:

    They can pay Maybefield all the money they want but a QB that throws an int on the second play of a 2 minute drill choked!!!!!!

  54. Allbuccedup Says:

    Sign Gardner Minshew for 5 mil a lot cheaper than Mayfield and about the same talent wise. Mayfield vastly overated!!!!