Former NFL Agent: 3 Years, $100 Million Fits Baker Mayfield, Bucs

January 30th, 2024

Joe would wager lots of cash that Pro Bowl quarterback Baker Mayfield returns for the 2024 season.

But what will the Bucs pay him if he’s not slapped with the franchise tag?

Former NFL agent and current CBS analyst Joel Corry chimed in with his take on WDAE Radio today. Corry said what should be a good fit for all parties is something between Geno Smith money ($25 million per year) and overpaid Danel Jones money ($40 million), so the middle ground is about what the slimy Saints paid their QB last offseason.

“To me, there’s a compromise deal. It’s a Derek Carr-type deal,” Corry said. “Derek Carr on paper is $37.5 million per year, but when you look at the strucuture of the deal, that’s misleading. There’s $50 million in the last year of the deal. It’s really $100 million over three years, at best. It’s $60 million in cash over the first two years. It’s structured where he’s got a low cap number the first year, about $ 7.2 million because he’s got a $28.25 million signing bonus.

“If you can get Baker to buy off on a team-friendly structure with a cosmetically-inflated average, which would really be in the low 30s, that would be a compromise.”

Joe is in line with Corry. Why, at 28 years old, would Mayfield not be looking for a contract worthy of a quality NFL starter in his prime?

With the franchise tag for a QB projected to be $35 million for the 2024 season, that probably represents the Mayfield ballpark.

As Corry said, 32-year-old Carr is looking at about $100 million for three years, and he just led New Orleans to a 9-8 record like Mayfield did. And Joe assumes nearly everyone in Tampa knows Mayfield is better and younger than Carr.

49 Responses to “Former NFL Agent: 3 Years, $100 Million Fits Baker Mayfield, Bucs”

  1. Dewey Selmon Says:

    I’m good with 3 years, Keep the numbers as low as possible the first 2 years and cut him if he sucks and you want to get rid of him. You will have dead cap space but if he signs an extension or new contract the cap costs can be finagled. it also frees up the franchise tag.

  2. Zzbucs Says:

    I think it’s a lot of money, again I like BM , not sure if he is worthq that much.

  3. Legendary Scout Says:

    Derek Carr > Baker

    In basically 4 more seasons of play time, Carr has 19k more yards 112 more TD only 33 more int, 4 more 90+ rtg seasons and 2 more 100+ rtg seasons

  4. Boss Says:

    No, just no.

    He is not worth that much. If this team is so built for the defense to win the game why should we pay high end money on a gamble that had on good year?

    20-25 mill a yr if it’s 3 years. Only way he should get 30plus is if he takes all the risk on a 1 year contract……and I don’t think even that would be smart.

    He’s good but not that good. He is no threat to take defenses apart.

    Give trask a shot on his last contract year….. or most anyone else who is semi capable and I bet they leave it all on the field as well.

    I would sign him before mike though.

  5. RiggedNFL Says:

    There’s 30+ million down the crapper per year.

    When the pressure is on and the opponent is above 500, that money is completely wasted.

    He’s going to make more money than Brady did with zero titles.

    Par for the course at One Suck Place.

    The NFL is completely rigged.

  6. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    We’d be lucky to get that deal.

    I’ll take it though.

  7. Marine Buc Says:

    Like I’ve been saying – 3 years $90M – $45M guaranteed – 4th year option @ $40M (non-guaranteed).

    Bucs will be able to let Baker go after year two if things don’t go well.

    If things go well the Bucs will have Baker for four seasons and Baker will make $130M.

    I would not give Baker a fully guaranteed contract.

  8. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I could live with 3 yr/$90-93M, the other $7-$10M would be loaded with incentives.

  9. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    $50M guaranteed

  10. okiejim Says:

    99 percent of NFL quarterbacks are only as good as the teammates he has around him and Baker is not the exception. Give him a quality line, running backs and receivers and 12-13 wins a season but if he runs for his life and has to throw 40-50 times a game, it over! Put the fanchise tag on him and if he fails to meet expectations, it is one and done.

  11. Let em bake Says:

    Said it in October… carr deal. Great minds think alike😂

  12. All_da_way Says:

    That seems a bit high to me but we shall see.

  13. Marky Mark Says:

    Nobody knows nuthin till bidding starts.

  14. Beeej Says:

    Even Geno has several million of incentives on top of his $25mil

  15. Popcorn Mike Says:

    3 years $100 million is not that bad as long as it’s not all guaranteed. As we all watch this pass season, Mayfield was a little inconsistent but played decent ball, he was durable and he’s only 29 years old I am not a GM or NFL office personnel person so I can’t said exactly what Mayfield should or shouldn’t get.

  16. D-Rok Says:

    LOL. No.

  17. Jonzee Says:

    Play the man and stop listen to all these couch potatoes fan/GM and Madden playing QB….I wish I could come to all of your jobs and tell your bosses what to pay you. That Shyt is UnAmerican as hell… Baker played his ass off and would have been better if Canalas would have pushed the ball down the field…
    We should have beat the Lions and would have beat San Francisco also…

  18. D-Rok Says:

    Spotrac has him around 23 mill per year. I say, 25 mill per year max. Does he HONESTLY think he can garner more money than Brady?


  19. BakerFan Says:

    I think there will be other suitor(s), so decisions will have to be made. Who knows they may already have a verbal agreement or they may have already made a decision of a low ball, take it or leave it. I think there is too much turmoil on this team, if he moves on I don’t blame him. Will just have Bowles left and he has one foot out the door and the other is on a banana peel according to some of you.

    Even read a story today that would send Godwin to Patriots for a CB and 1st round 2025. That would free up a lot of cap space and they would draft a new wide receiver.

  20. D-Rok Says:


    Good point about Godwin, and the potential trade. According to Spotrac, Godwin holds the highest cap hit on Bucs, at 11.18%. His cap hit is highest on the team at ~27mill.

    Methinks Godwin will be a valuable receiver in any system, so let’s hope he doesn’t get traded in your potential scenario given.

    Man he’s a great football player, so I’d rather he stay on the Bucs!

  21. beeej Says:

    Brady actually made around $32 mil/ year (which was walking around money for him)

  22. Marine Buc Says:

    It’s all about supply and demand…

    What is the demand for Baker Mayfield?

    What is the full supply of QBs (both free agents and draft picks).

    There are probably 6-7 teams who are looking for starting quality QBs.

    It only takes one interested team to dive up his price… I just hope the Bucs get the chance to match any legit offers.

  23. Marine Buc Says:

    If Baker leaves then the Bucs should draft a QB with pick #26 –

    – JJ MCCarthey
    – Bo Nix
    – M. Penix

    Might all be available.

    Plus – sign R. Tannehill or G. Minshew for the same deal that Baker got last season and let them compete for the QB1 job.

  24. Conner50 Says:

    Wouldn’t pay him more than 25-28 million a year.

  25. Bojim Says:

    Canales will probably take him too.

  26. Don'tBmad Says:

    Move on Baker, the market will pay you 40+ million a year and Tampa is 🤏 close to being a dumpster fire. JJ is Dallas is talking and so are the Broncos. Go to greener pastures and leave these clueless casuals to their misery

  27. Matt Says:

    The NFL cheat code are QB1s on rookie deal

    The path to purgatory are average QB1s on big deals. They aren’t good enough to not have an elite roster.

    You only pay market rate for top 5 to top 10 QBs.

    Let Baker walk and draft 2 QBs and hope one is decent.

  28. ExBrownsFan Says:

    4year 160 with 100 million guaranteed. That’s more guaranteed money then Daniel Jones, the same as Derek Carr, but less than Dak and Stafford with the same big time quarterback years and total value. I really think Baker is looking for a team to commit to him and $100 million guarantees at least 3 years.

  29. LocalHorse Says:

    Not a penny over 25 a year. They will blow this team up after the 24′ season, so they need the cap space to restart.

  30. Bucs'n'Bucks Says:

    Sounds like a good deal. Maybe add a few minor performance incentives for good measure. Most importantly, sign him now before other teams bud to drive the price up ( whether they really want him or not.)

  31. Bucs'n'Bucks Says:

    Sounds like a good deal. Maybe add a few minor performance incentives for good measure. Most importantly, sign him now before other teams bid to drive the price up ( whether they really want him or not.)

  32. WyomingJoe Says:

    The more I read this BS about how little you peabrains would pay Baker, the more I realize that your opinions MEAN NOTHING! Baker’s teammates think so highly of him that they made him one of their captains after being on the team for only a few weeks. The Bucs GM, HC and former OC all thought he was great for this team and all wanted him back.

    Baker wants to stay on the team and accomplish great things. So he’ll agree to a team-friendly deal, but not something that’s an embarrassment!

  33. stpetebucfan Says:


    “In basically 4 more seasons of play time, Carr has 19k more yards 112 more TD only 33 more int, 4 more 90+ rtg seasons and 2 more 100+ rtg seasons”

    In basically 4 more seasons has reached the playoffs just once. Derek Carr has a record of 0-1 in the playoffs in his career.

    Baker has reached the playoffs twice already in FOUR LESS YEARS…and has a 2-2 record unlike the WINLESS Derek Carr.

    Stats are for losers!

  34. David Says:

    20 to 25 mill a year.

    But… With all the coaches leaving, many, without even a promotion, it is seeming less and less likely Baker returns, which means more chance Evans walks.
    Getting a real bad feeling here and a lot of it is pointing back towards Todd Bowles.

  35. Pickgrin Says:

    The problem with all these comparable deals is that NONE of those QBs are worth anywhere near what they are getting paid.

    I laughed at the Saints for paying Carr $37M per year…. and now we’re talking about signing Mayfield to a similar deal????

    If the Bucs have to pay and guarantee Mayfield anything north of $25M per – then its a bad idea. We won’t be able to field a good enough supporting cast if we pay too much for the QB position…

    I’ll say it again.

    3 years – $25M per with incentives up to $30M. $50M Guaranteed.

    That deal was good enough for Tom Brady even though he could have easily asked for double that amount and gotten it.

    Good enough for the GOAT = good enough for Baker Mayfield.

    I like Baker and have supported his signing since day 1. For $4M guaranteed he was easily our best option at QB for 2023 heading into the season. Baker bet big on himself and the dude balled out. Flat out. Nobody can deny that. His top 10ish stats this year are indisputable. And beyond that – He displayed the IT factor of a true leader. A baller. A guy who will duck his head and put his body at risk for an important 1st down…. A guy who will fire up his teammates and headbutts in celebration so hard that even his big ugglies are reluctant to get near him after a huge play… LOL

    But we also saw within this “successful” year plenty of glimpses of Mayfield being inconsistent. Numerous games and even halves of games we won – Baker Mayfield was not getting it done. Not seeing wide open receivers – missing throws – holding the ball too long. These things happen to every QB sometimes – but we saw way more inconsistency from Baker this year than you would expect from a “top 10″Quarterback – and this was a “career year” to boot…….

    $25M with incentives and we can afford to bring back Evans and LD54 and make another legitimate run at the NFCS and playoffs…

    $30-35M+ and we can’t. Its as simple as that – just like the simpleton used to say…

  36. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    @pickgrin – Last time bro I am going to call you for your stupid Brady comparisons. Brady had ALREADY MADE $300 MILLION DOLLARS PLUS ENDORSEMENTS. Brady could have played for free if he wanted and did defer salary until this year. SMDH. Do you understand how dumb you sound?

    Yes? Then stop asking Baker to take Brady money.

    If you don’t understand…ask the Joe’s for help.

  37. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Derek Carr – Overpaid
    Daniel Jones – Overpaid
    Geno Smith – Overpaid

    All three missed the playoffs after receiving their big contracts.

    There’s a lot of nonsense being spewed around here about a mega contract for Baker. I realize some actual Bucs fans like him (headscratcher). But most of this noise is coming from the Baker nomads that arrived on this site this year.

    Dude had 4-5 quality starts this season. He had at least 10 bad starts, and a couple so-so games. He is not worth 30 mil per season. He’s honestly not worth 20 mil per season, but I’m not stupid enough to think he won’t get that much. There’s always a foolish team willing to overpay. Don’t be that team, Licht.

  38. New Fan Land Says:

    I’m here because I’m a Mayfield fan, but I understand his limitations and inconsistency. I think there is a way to get him to click, and Canales may have found it. You can’t guarantee he’ll have it next year, though whoever has him has to pay him like he will.

    I don’t agree with breaking the team for one player and I believe Baker also doesn’t.

    Front load a 3 year contract and give him performance incentives out the ass on all 3 years. If he blows this year, it’s one year wasted and low cap hit after you cut him.

    Hoping he comes out the same Baker we saw down the stretch. He was exciting to watch again.

  39. David Says:

    I say 4 years 130 mil 30 for the first 3 years ( 90 mil total 45m guaranteed) and have the 4th year kick in if he plays 65% of the snaps the first 3 or he wins 2 playoff games then 40m yr 4

  40. Jeffs grandpa Says:

    Exactly what I said but only guarantee $68 million

  41. Oneilbuc Says:

    This is the only fan base that thinks Baker Mayfield is a franchise quarterback lol 🤣. Think about this one this fan base is celebrating a 9-8 record as if we won 11 or 12 games. Not to mention a quarterback that choked against the Lions on the final drive. Then the fan base is hoping that our division sucks just to make the playoffs because if it don’t be a bad division we know we ain’t making the playoffs. This is why our franchise will never be considered a top franchise because our fan base settles for mediocrey. Right now we can’t even get a OC because they don’t trust Baker Mayfield as their quarterback. Who settle for being a quarterback coach than a OC with a strong possibility of being a HC the next year or 2.

  42. Allbuccedup Says:

    Agree with Connor50.

  43. Conner50 Says:

    A lot of baker super fan boys on here saying he’s worth 35-42 million a year which is nuts. Carr got overpaid,so did geno and Daniel jones, so why should Tampa continue the trend. If he can’t be happy with 25 to 28 max a year then let him hit the market, we’re gonna need the cap space next year and so on anyhow. He’s not elite or a guy who’s able to pick a part defenses week in and week out. He’s good enough to win when the team is all playing well but he’s definitely not no 30 plus million a year qb.

  44. Pickgrin Says:

    optimist prime – Thank God you have called me out for the last time…..

    Because I will not stop asking for Baker to take “Brady money”. Its what needs to happen. Its the only way Baker can get reasonably compensated and still have enough talent to win with.

    Baker Mayfield is not a QB that can play well nor win NFL games without a strong supporting cast. 2022 was proof enough of that. He sucked out loud playing for Carolina.

    The Bucs $ situation is what it is. We are paying off over $100M in Brady era debt for at least 2 more years and absolutely cannot afford to pay top dollar for a QB at this point.

    Mayfield made $32M playing for Cleveland and was reportedly making $10M per year in endorsement $ for a few years. So I’m pretty sure he’s going to be OK financially even if his career was over tomorrow.

    Guaranteeing Baker $50M over the next 2 years is a HUGE commitment for the Buccaneers that seriously limits our ability to resign our good players, fill other needs and improve the team with free agents. But Mayfield has earned a good contract and you need a good QB WITH a good team around him if you have any hope of winning a Super Bowl in any given year….

    $25M with incentives up to $30M is more than the Bucs can afford for a QB right now but we’ll figure out a way to make it work. Any more than that and the whole thing just becomes untenable.

    Licht needs to draw a line in the sand at this figure.

    Baker then needs to decide if its worth it to stay “home” for $25M+ with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin and Rashaad White catching his passes…. perhaps even revive the progressive commercials at RayJay with continued “success” and earn even more….

    OR – he can chase the money – go play for the Foreskins for a couple years at $36M per – win 4-6 games a year- watch his QB stats fall to the bottom of the league (again) – and be miserable professionally (again) in yet another bad situation…..

  45. mark2001 Says:

    So funny. How quickly we forget the Jameis experience. We are experienced…and should know the only reason we don’t resign Baker is if we will lose too much by doing so. Starting over is a crapshoot.

  46. ExBrownsFan Says:

    In regards to the overpaying comments, they’re all overpaid. Look what all that money for Lamar, Josh, Kyle, Joe got you this year. The question is what’s the market price? I don’t like paying $25,000 for a new Chevy, Just like no one likes paying 30 million for one guy, but that’s the marketplace. You got to do your due diligence, fancy contract structuring, and roll the dice on someone. Baker’s already in your top 15 career passing leaders in Tampa Bay history in one year., with a playoff win. Again The market will decide and you’ll have to find a fair deal, franchise him, or move on. Or maybe you prefer to start over again with Trask and hope some more of us nomads keep buying tickets to the game when the team is below 500. I hope they at least wear the creamsicles.

  47. Rappin Reporter Says:

    Conner50 needs a new team to bash as he’s not happy with Baker at all. If Mayfield had the team the 49ers had he’d be in the Super Bowl….Baker is a talent and can produce as good as any. I’ll take an energetic, clean QB any day. Pay him!!

  48. GhostofBrady Says:

    Every team spends about $250M for all players each cap year. That is the great neutralizer in the NFL. 22 players on the field means $11.3M average per player. The QB touches the ball about 40-50% of every play. 7 of the 8 divisional playoff teams had first round QBs. Paying a veteran QB money equal to 3 players on the field($35M annual) is a wise investment.
    For those who want to run it with unproven young players, the only divisional playoff team that did not have a first round QB were the 49ers. Brock Purdy would not survive on any other team. That offensive scheme and the teammates (Ayuik, Deebo, Kittle and McCarthy) made him. Just ask Jimmy Garoppolo. Purdy is on a 7th round last guy in draft rookie contract. That is after the 49ers sent 3 first rounders to Miami for Trey Lance. They suck at picking QBs and got lucky they found a perfect fit for that offense. That luck is very unlikely in Tampa. We are more likely to draft a Trey Lance then Brock Purdy at 26th position in the draft.

    $50M guaranteed is not enough. A franchise tag is $35M, why wouldn’t Baker just take the $35M and bank on free-agency next year for giving up $15M more in guarantee? The market will be ripe for him to bank big-time. The franchise tag helps no one. The Bucs would be on the hook in $37M total in cap space in 2024 to tag Baker because his 2023 incentives go against 2024. They have a team that can win now.

    The NFL Agent in the article nailed it. Invest in Baker a little and he will invest in the team. Pay him 4 years with guaranteed $75-$100M and $120-150 total. Make the average look larger than it is with a big pay raise in 4th year and voided years. The Bucs can cut him after 2 years take $10-20M dead cap in year 3. While having cap space for 2024 and 2025. Baker also gets to look good with Top 10 QB money on annual salary basis. If it works out, Baker will restructure for more money, more years and kick more money in future cap years. If it does not after two years, you cut him and it’s no different than franchising him twice except the team had cap space to move around for the next two years. That should be enough to retain Evans, Winfield, Godwin, Cage to for the next two years. While drafting for the future DEs, LBs, WRs and a guard in the next two years. Take a rider on a QB in late rounds. Any QB in 3rd-5th round are waste. The Bakers, Goffs, Strouds, Loves, Lamars and Josh Allens are the norm. First rounders leading their teams into the playoffs and beyond the wildcard round. We have a first round with playoff winning experience that has potential. Lets not waste that on gambling on another QB now.

  49. Mobucs Says:

    I’m one of those first-year Bucs fans brought over by Baker from Cleveland. No need for speculation about that. But I want to talk money. How much do you think you have to pay for a playoff/champion QB? I say $30M is a good neighborhood to start in. If you don’t think Baker is worth it, find someone else who is. Then Canales or someone else can give Baker his money.