Dave Canales Trying To Poach Brad Idzik

January 26th, 2024

Bucs receivers coach Brad Idzik.

This isn’t one bit surprising. In fact, Joe thought former Bucs offensive coordinator Dave Canales is a little late in doing this.

J.C. Allen of SI.com reports the Stinking Panthers want permission for Canales to hire interview his buddy Brad Idzik, the Bucs’ receivers coach, as the next offensive coordinator in Carolina.

From what Joe read yesterday in the wake of the former Bucs offensive coordinator getting hired as head coach in Carolina was that Canales was going to remain the defacto offensive coordinator and playcaller. Sort of what Chucky and Dirk Koetter with the Bucs.

Canales, of course, brought his close friend Idzik with him to Tampa Bay from Seattle last offseason. Idzik is the son of former Bucs assistant general manager John Idzik.

19 Responses to “Dave Canales Trying To Poach Brad Idzik”

  1. BucFanDMV Says:

    I am really interested in seeing the offense in Carolina with Dave having full control because we know that was not the case here.

  2. T. McGee Says:

    Trade him for a first round pick.

  3. Popcorn Mike Says:

    I mentioned that yesterday. Idzik came over with Canales and replaced Lewis then Lewis moved to QB coach

  4. gotbbucs Says:

    Depending on how experienced of an OC we hire, I would expect the offensive staff to get shaken up quite a bit. The less experience, probably less shaken up.

  5. Knothead71 Says:

    That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking. I don’t follow any teams other than the Bucs but I am intersted to see Carolina’s offense next year.

  6. sasquatch Says:

    This was predictable. They’re besties. Wonder what Idzik wants to do. I mean, stay with a playoff team or go to work for the worst owner in the league?

  7. Allbuccedup Says:

    Do we get a extra 3rd round pick if he goes to the Panthers?

  8. LUVMYBUCS Says:


  9. BucsFan81 Says:

    Just going to put this out here. None of this probably matters because Bowles is going to have to win the division plus probably several playoff games next year to not get fired. He is going to have his work cut out for him and the 2024 opponents are really good teams. So I don’t think Bowles will be here after this year. He got lucky this year I don’t see that happening again. We will have a complete new coaching staff in 2025.

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    This is what happens when you cheap out and give your OC a 1 year contract.

  11. ATLBuc Says:

    Knothead71 Says:
    January 26th, 2024 at 2:01 pm
    That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking. I don’t follow any teams other than the Bucs but I am intersted to see Carolina’s offense next year.

    Bowles already said the “we will be playing against ourselves” when we play Carolina.

  12. HC Grover Says:

    Escape from Tampa Bay……Thw Bowles Curse

  13. Proudbucsfan Says:

    Hey Joe, did we deny the Idzik interview ? I know that the team doesn’t have to let them if the coach is still on contract.

  14. stpetebucfan Says:

    Perhaps Idzik is the next great OC. Perhaps. IF he is the loss will be that Carolina got him instead of the Bucs.

    As far as losing a position coach it’d be hard to name a position group that NEEDS a great coach LESS than the WR’s. One HOFer and another uber talented experienced guy. ME13 and CG14 probably teach Palmer and other young receivers more than the coaches anyway. If not they’re certainly capable AND they’re BOTH GREAT human beings comfortable in their skin who would easily share their knowledge. It’s not like having a human boil like AB in the locker room.

  15. FortMyersDave Says:

    Grover, the escape from Tampa line is funny as a slant on Bowels but going to Carolina in 2024 is like going to Cleveland during their 1 and 31 run pre-Baker, working for Culverhouse back in the Creamsicle days. Tippet will anchor that team as the laughing stock of the league for a long time. The Bucs may be real ****ing bad with Bowels but they will always be no worse than 3rd thanks to Carolina. Canales took the coin for family security but you have to be insane if you think he will have the time to turn around that franchise before Tippet starts meddling and then fires Dave and his GM buddy. You go to Carolina for the coin, not to win. Reminds me of why someone would coach for Dan Snyder, Culverhouse or his contemporary, Bill Bidwell.

  16. Since76 Says:

    The offense didn’t play well in a lot of games last year. Bucs haven’t lost anything that can’t be replaced as far as coaching

  17. OlBoy Says:

    Man I hate to say it but I’m much more interest in what Canales does with the Panthers than what Bowles won’t do for the Bucs.

  18. Dave Pear Says:

    The Bucs drops went way up. Get another guy. Bye Idzik.

  19. garro Says:

    Stop the bleeding!

    Keep our guys and get the staff solidified quickly screw this waiting around and doing the slow search stuff. The blood is in the water and other teams are hungry!

    Go Bucs!