Bills To Interview Bucs QB Coach Thad Lewis For Offensive Coordinator

January 26th, 2024

Bucs QB coach Thad Lewis.

First it was the Raiders. Now it’s the Bills.

Bucco Bruce Arians must be squirming in his recliner.

ESPN reports the Bills plan to interview Bucs quarterback coach Thad Lewis for their vacant offensive coordinator position.

Fans and media love to give QB coaches credit for their pupils’ successes, so Joe will extend the same courtesy to Lewis, who was added to the Bucs’ staff in 2021 by Arians.

Arians publicly labeled Lewis, a former NFL backup QB, as a future offensive coordinator that he would help groom for the role. Lewis was promoted to Bucs quarterback coach a year ago when 2023 playcaller Dave Canales, now the Panthers’ head coach, was named Bucs offensive coordinator.

It’s fair to say Lewis, 36, did a hell of a job with Kyle Trask and Baker Mayfield.

Will Todd Bowles formally interview Lewis for his open OC gig? That’s unclear.

20 Responses to “Bills To Interview Bucs QB Coach Thad Lewis For Offensive Coordinator”

  1. unbelievable Says:

    I can’t imagine why Bowles would NOT interview him…

    Then again, Bowles does incompetent things all the time, so I guess it actually wouldn’t surprise me either.

  2. Popcorn Mike Says:

    Joe I don’t understand, please enlighten me. Bowles has Lewis, Idkiz and 1or 2 more offensive mined coaches on staff that has work with this new offense for a year but yet Bowles has all these interviews coming up with outsiders

  3. Popcorn Mike Says:

    Maybe Bowles not looking in house for his OC in a situation where, if for instant Lewis get hired as a OC somewhere would that be considered a move up of a player that’s under contract and end up sending the Bucs a 4 or 5 round pick this NFL draft?

  4. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Kellen Moore isn’t a horrible option.

  5. A Bucs Fan Says:

    And the Bucs are interviewing Ken Dorsey too!

  6. Saskbucs Says:

    There is always room to learn and grow from new relationships but I wish I had a better idea of the interactions between all these coaches and players. OC / QB coach / WR coach… how do we know who the players actually like? Who they are actually learning from most and developing them best?

    Tom Brady wasn’t learning a damn thing from Byron Leftwich. Is Baker Mayfield excited to have Thad Lewis calling his shots? Canales wasn’t an NFL player but 5 mins of listening to him speak and you feel confident in his leadership. All these candidates I have never heard speak and it’s hard to trust who actually knows what they are doing and who is just part of the club, riding coattails?

    Need a guy like Canales and not like Byron, someone with energy, positivity and gravitas.

  7. Rod Munch Says:

    Well I’m sure the Bucs know him better than anyone, so if they just let him go without even talking to him, that would say a lot.

    In any case, I’d keep the same scheme if I’m the Bucs, and if he’s wanting to continue to run this scheme, then the Bucs should just go ahead and lock him up for the job.

  8. Bojim Says:

    Losing our coaches.

  9. Ben Says:

    The only thing holding Lewis back is inexperience calling plays but having some continuity in the system for Mayfield should be helpful. The whole situation sucks really bc do you give a guy like Thad a chance not knowing his play calling ability but has familiarity with Mayfield, or do you go get an experienced play caller but then change the system entirely which not be great for Baker. Thanks a lot Dave!!!!

  10. Jason Says:

    Seems like Bowles doesn’t want Arians coaches on offense. Just saying.

  11. Boss Says:

    why even have an OC…it’s clear whos offense this is…..

  12. ATLBuc Says:

    Ben Says:
    January 26th, 2024 at 2:57 pm
    The only thing holding Lewis back is inexperience calling plays but having some continuity in the system for Mayfield should be helpful.

    Ben, this was Canales’ first time calling plays, too.

  13. HC Grover Says:

    Escape from Bowles continues. What a disaster.

  14. cometowin2 Says:

    During games when Baker was talking to the coaches it was Thad and not Canales. Seems like Baker is pretty comfortable with him.

  15. JimBuc2 Says:

    Cannot get past Bowled poor clock management, or square-peg-round-hole offensive game plans. Bring in a younger, pass happy HC who understands our roster. The goal isn’t to score one point more than your opponent; no, the idea is to chain-whip them into mewling submission. Get it done Mr. Licht

  16. stpetebucfan Says:

    HC Grover

    “Escape from Bowles continues. What a disaster.”

    I’m trying to give you the benefit of the doubt of not being a troll and respond even though I hope for your sake that is easily one of the dumbest posts in a sea of ignorant posts.

    The average salary for OC’s in the NFL is 1 million dollars!
    The average salary for HC’s in the NFL is 6 million dollars.

    It’s a virtual certainty that Canales didn’t get 1 million this past season.
    It’s also pretty certain that he didn’t get 6 million. He’s young, getting GREAT opportunities…he would take whatever is offered.

    What is pretty certain however is that ratio. 6-1

    So are you really moronic enough to think a guy would turn down an increase in salary of SIX TIMES. Would you leave your job no matter what the effect on your employer if somebody offered to pay your SIX FREAKING TIMES MORE?

    So your suggesting that if you’re earning 100,000 annually (you’d be overpaid lol) that you’d turn down 600,000?

    Every one of these coaches are leaving for more…a LOT more and not just $$$
    How exciting is it for a young dude to get his first shot at HC…do his own thing.
    How about OC…in charge of half of the team. Those are what coaches dream about.

    But you’re so negative and full of hate you embarrass yourself. Most LEADERS are lauded when their underlings move up the food chain…the more who move up the better for the reputation of the coach.

    Do you not ever recall reading posts from Joe and others talking about this coach or that coach comes from (fill in the blank Parcells, Walsh, BB many others) so and so’s coaching tree?

    These coaches leaving…are a freaking SCORE for Bowles not a negative!!!
    They say GOOD things about Bowles.

    Now if a coach makes a lateral move…then you MIGHT have a point.

    I honestly hope you are a troll because that’s the only justification for such a horrid post!!

  17. Mike Johnson Says:

    You never know. When Mayfield rode into Buc Country. Quite few of you laughed. Bowles has not proven to be a great coach. But he is a good coach. Somebody gave Canales a chance. Maybe Lewis gets his shot. Rumors are Mayfield respects the guy and has a rapport with him. Stay tuned………

  18. Dave Pear Says:

    If Todd wanted to throw a football at the ground, he’d miss.

  19. Greg Says:

    Dave Pear read @ stpetebucsfans. post and learn something as it pertains to you as well! Well said @stpetbucsfan. !

  20. Dave Pear Says:

    Greg – your beloved head coach is supposed to be a defensive specialist. That’s where the majority of the roster investment was, including two very highly paid CBs, who prefer playing press man. So Todd plays zone, oversees the worst pass defense in the NFL, can’t manage a game as well as an 8 year old playing Madden, loves to blitz but the rest of the league can read his blitzes – meanwhile he can’t read an opposing blitz if his life depended on it. It’s as if Helen Keller was coaching the team.

    But the worst indictment is, he oversees a team that makes the same mistakes over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. You could have sandlot players if you can’t coach to correct defects.

    Please continue being happy about Todd.

    BTW, he has a losing record as a Bucs HC.

    8-10 in 2022, including the most embarrassing playoff loss in team history.
    10-9 in 2023, including the most embarrassing “don’t prolong the obvious” moment in NFL history.

    He is 18-19 as Bucs head coach.

    He’d be a great real estate magnate. He sucks as a head coach and is obsolete and declining as a defensive coordinator.

    The exodus is here.