Bucs Playoff Tickets For Less Than $90; Game Not Sold Out

January 14th, 2024

Perhaps it’s the rainy weather forecast for Monday night at The Licht House, or maybe it’s the slumping Eagles and the nosediving Bucs offense?

Whatever the reason, ticket demand for Monday’s playoff game in Tampa isn’t exceptionally high.

This morning, tickets for the game on the resale market are for sale as low as $85.00. That’s below face value and darn low for a postseason game. Also, there are hundreds of never-been-sold tickets in the 200 level of the stadium via TicketMaster.com starting at $170.00 each plus fees.

Joe believes the Bucs’ significant decline in play over the past two games is a major factor. Those performances left a percentage of fans in disbelief less energized.

Monday’s current kickoff forecast is 68 degress with a 64 percent chance of rain.

66 Responses to “Bucs Playoff Tickets For Less Than $90; Game Not Sold Out”

  1. Not Says:

    Yeah baby !
    I sold mine at $400 per seat lol!😂

  2. Weebs10 Says:

    Hope you sold them to Bucs fans.

  3. Bucfan Says:

    Perhaps the Glazers may finally realize bowels needs to go. The ONLY reason the Bucs won the NFC south is the division is lousy!!!!

  4. Tdub23 Says:

    Disappointing but not surprised with this fan base.

  5. Rusty Shackleford Says:

    I might go, but OTOH, Eagles fans are notoriously psychotic. They are the Antifa of NFL fan bases.

  6. Joshua porter Says:

    I would say alot of it has to do with the weather. Cuz bucs fans know we can’t run the ball and Canales is going to be to scared to throw the ball.

  7. Rusty Shackleford Says:

    Eagles fans are scaring away a lot of fans. Fights and confrontations are not worth it.

  8. Admiral Redbeard Says:

    Local fans need to step up and support the team! I wish I lived closer, I would definitely be there.

  9. Rusty Shackleford Says:

    @Admiral: I work in Orlando and if I hadn’t had some molars ripped out the other day, I would drive over and go.

  10. AMI_Chris Says:

    With HDTV and surround sound, the home experience is great right now. Back in the 70’s and 80’s, nothing could beat the in-stadium experience. Now, going to the game seems like an enormous hassle.

  11. Bubby Says:

    It’s predominantly the game time. I typically take my kids, but that’s obviously not an option to start the week. By the time you get out of the stadium and on your way home, it’s well past midnight.

    So, I’ll scrape up a couple buddies, although not too many are interested. I’m finding out this team hasn’t earned a lot of time and energy from the casual fan.

    Monday night (2nd straight year in the playoffs) is made for tv.

  12. Wayne perez Says:

    I’ll be there with my paunchos

  13. Please Says:

    Tdub23 – you going to the game?

  14. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Pay attention, Glazers

  15. Please Says:

    Admiral Redbeard, unless you’re deployed or under 14, why don’t you come down and support from wherever you are?

  16. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I remember paying $5 for end zone tickets around the 1978/1979 time frame. No fees or Ticketmaster during that time…lol.

  17. Tony Marks Says:

    Some short sighted dim wads will celebrate this but having a bandwagon Tom Brady fan base

    is exactly how relocation talk gets re-energized.

  18. realistic-optimistic Says:

    No sizzle with B & B

  19. Please Says:

    Tony Marks, we paid for the stadium 100% and would do it again. The Glazers are not going anywhere.

  20. Not Says:

    Great question !

    Hey TDub23 , are you going to the game ?
    Or just talking ?

  21. Mort Says:

    This fan base sucks. It’s why you’ll eventually lose the team. The glazers are gonna move to London.

  22. Rusty Shackleford Says:

    After the Bucs built the practice warehouse and One Buc Palace and….as long as RJS can be renovated (it was built in an era that makes it easier) the Bucs will go nowhere. Besides, there are not many markets that can support an NFL team anyway.

  23. Jeff Says:

    Blue collar town can’t afford tix. Also, Monday night is hard for people that have to clock in at 8am or earlier the next day. Finally, Bucs fans are savvy enough to know this game will not end well.

  24. T. McGee Says:

    Let’s not pretend the tickets are cheap. Add in outrageous parking, very outrageous food and drink, a family of 4 is still at $500-$1000 for a 3 hour game. To see the NFL equivalent of the Mountain West “champion”

  25. ModHairKen Says:

    Ticket demand has zero to do with economics and 100% to do with expectations.

    Bowles still over 60% no or little confidence.

    The Dallas game last year is fresh.

    That’s why if Bowles does not win, he’s gone. Anyone think the Glazers have not gotten word out to the top candidates?

  26. Allbuccedup Says:

    Bill Belichick here we come!

  27. Mark Plant City Says:

    Morale will not improve until the Glaziers reconsider the no smoking policy at Ray Jay.

  28. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Is it surprising when the home fans of both teams boo their own teams? Raymond James is always a home game for the Iggles

  29. Why Not Says:

    I sold my tickets to my season ticket neighbor, so there will be Bucs fans in my seats. I hate Monday night games, and I live in Orlando, so the drive is not worth it. If the Bucs lose Monday, I would be shocked if the Glazers don’t fire Bowles. They will struggle to sell tickets next season with Bowles as coach. I’ll be there though (except on Mondays). 😁

  30. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    All you NFL fans need to read T. mcGees post. Nothing but the truth.
    Until fans nationwide boycott the games in order to force these billionaire team owners to lower their prices on the game experience it will already be too expensive for many fans,
    and until the Bucs develop their own superstar qb instead of getting feel good story middling qbs, the owners will always have a hard time filling the seats in Ray Jay

  31. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:


  32. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Guess I was incorrect on the mod algorithm

  33. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Owners make money whether there is anyone at the stadium or not.

  34. NJbucs23 Says:

    Eagles fans from up here in Philly area aren’t even going down. There is like no hype from anything about going down to game.

    I have no interest in going down and it’s not even expensive.

  35. PanhandleBuc Says:

    Making the drive down tomorrow morning! I’m hyped and glad a fellow Bucs fan sold me their seats at face value!

  36. Curse of Gruden Says:

    Section 315 will be rockin’! Eagle fans beware.

  37. Day1BucFan Says:

    I am a Bucs fan living in Seattle so I’m not flying to the game but a playoff game that isn’t sold out is why franchises leave cities. Say hello to your San Antonio Buccaneers! FWIW i did pay $550 for 2 tix in end zone vs steelers on 12/31. Go support the team!

  38. Fansince76 Says:

    It is disgusting that the game isn’t sold out!

  39. aleyz2020 Says:

    I remember back in the day when local radio stations would give away tickets to help fill the stands. And that was when there were 90k seats to fill in the “BIG Sombrero”! And tickets were a lot cheaper, too! I haven’t heard of that happening in quite some time around here. ???

  40. tbc 1 Says:

    will be going but hate the thought of being in the minority and early this fall all i can remember were the eagle fans yelling loudly tampa bay sucks and that is when I knew even though I like going and being a season ticket holder will more than likely not be one after the season ends. The team has said they will enforce brokers but when asked about there left over tickets not much more was said.

  41. David Says:

    TB/BM will all comes to end in Tampa with a loss to Eagles.

  42. Oneilbuc Says:

    The bucs has to move on from these mediocre players like Baker Mayfield and coaches like Todd Bowles. The fans know we will never win a superbowl with those types of players and coaches. If they want to fill the stadium next year they have the let go of Baker Mayfield and Todd Bowles and bring in a new HC and draft a quarterback in the first round. If they bring Baker and Todd Bowles back next year the stadium will be empty again. Baker Mayfield fan base lives in Cleveland and Oklahoma. Most of bucs fans especially the ones live in Tampa are tired of mediocrey and they’re not going to waste their time and money on a mediocre team that refuse to move on to the future of the bucs.

  43. orlbucfan Says:

    The Glazers are not moving the Bucs to London. They try that one, they’ll get nuked. They spend more time over there than they do here. What do expect out of trust fund kids? Bucs win tomorrow night. So, the complaints start up about ‘improving’ RJS? Really easy solution to that problem. Food for thought. GO Bucs!!!

  44. Darin Says:

    The customers have spoken.

  45. McBucky Says:

    This team won on talent alone. If the players actually had a coach with a vision, they would have dominated the division and they’d be considered a shoe in for the win tomorrow night. Because Bowles is such a lackluster personality, no one knows what to expect tomorrow.

  46. BAKERSBucs says Says:

    Bucfan says u r a lousey nasty no good for nothing fan it’s guys like you that make fans like me sick of knuckleheads with bs big mouths the real reason therer a few tickets left is its a monday after holidays I bet if it was p,she’d today sunday it wud of been sell out the other reaso. Is who the heck wants to be at a game with the likes of a!!holes like you that is for sure

  47. BAKERSBucs says Says:

    David says if that happens wud u plz leave this site with that dirtbag oneilsays

  48. BAKERSBucs says Says:

    How ignorant u retards are to say something as stupid as saying the fans r not coming because Todd Bowles is the coach what a class of total morons

  49. mark2001 Says:

    Why should it sell out? Since Philly was the darling most of the year, the refs will probably do their best to put the game in the bag for Philly. Seems unless your team is the chosen one, you are playing 12 guys or more against you most plays, especially in the playoff games. They need to revamp the way the game is officiated and penalties are levied, or the game might go the way of Professional Rassling.

  50. Oneilbuc Says:

    Jordan Love is better than Baker Mayfield and this is his first year starting and he’s played better than Baker Mayfield!! The real bucs fans understand that we ain’t winning a superbowl with Baker Mayfield or Todd Bowles. The only people that believe we can win with Baker Mayfield is his fans!!

  51. Boltsfan17 Says:

    Mediocre team coupled with a terrible economy.

  52. Thisisouryear!! Says:

    I’ve got my tickets!!!! Let’s GO BUCS!!!!

  53. maccafan Says:

    Yep, Jordan Love is better this year, but Baker beat him at Lambeau with a “perfect game”. Let’s see the differences between Baker and Love the 1rst year. Love got to sit behind HOF QB for years and learn. Love has excellent young offensive minded head coach. Love has a very good running game, not the worst in the NFL. Love has excellent young receivers. Baker’s first year, he inherited a team that was 1-31 the previous two years. Baker threw 27 TD passes in 14 games as a rookie in only 14 games, that was rookie record at the time.

    This year, Baker has basically no running game to support him. Love has 4 more TD passes than Baker and 1 more INT. Love has thrown for 115 yards more than Baker and Baker has very slightly higher completion percentage. Both of them have 9-8 record this year. In other words, really not that much difference. To his credit, Love was awesome today!!

  54. Michael Says:

    Typical Bucs fans, seen it on and off since 79’. It’s why I’ve separated myself from negativity in my life, enjoy the moment 😀🏈👍🏻

  55. Greg Says:

    Going to games sucks these days. I had season tickets for 40 years and it just became an expensive hassle. Much better experience in front of the 80 inch TV. Much better.

  56. AlwaysABucsFan Says:

    Shame the game isn’t sold out but I get it ..agree with several of the posts as to reasons..Monday night game when folks have to work on Tuesday….no hassle to stay home and watch ( and no crazy parking expense, food and drink expense) however I think the owners and NFL need to understand that they are making it nearly impossible for normal fans to attend games…just too expensive..and the NFL should be ashamed to try to further squeeze $from hardworking fans by putting playoff games exclusively on streaming platforms…ugh .

  57. mark2001 Says:

    Bolts…terrible economy? Where? Must be unique to Florida. Inflation has been a problem for some time. But everything else looks pretty good.

  58. mark2001 Says:

    I mean, man , if you can’t afford a playoff ticket for $90, you are P poor. I don’t know how you make playoff tickets, or even a ticket to a good concert, cheaper than that now days.

  59. Mark Says:

    I know why there not sold out, because they denied home tickets to Philly fans, as Hulk Hogan would say ohhh yeah!

  60. JTHV Says:

    212 for three fiddy each week. 85 is a get me in ticket.

    The Glazers should hire the Lightning sales staff, been stealing from Tampa fans for 8 years including the 2 without fans because of China virus.

  61. JTHV Says:

    Be the Thunder dumbass

  62. garro Says:

    “Bucs Playoff Tickets For Less Than $90”

    Less than 90?
    Wow Lets see buy groceries for the kids or Buy a ticket to the taxpayer funded stadium and get ripped off for parking and concessions as well as the inflated ticket? Forget about buying any fan gear.

    All while having all kinds of PC crap blasted at you from the Glazers PR people.

    I guess some have become conditioned to accept being ripped off.
    Not this fan. Love my Bucs but despise what they have turned the game experience into whle gouging the average fan to the point of extinction.

    Go Bucs!

  63. Tye Says:

    If Harbaugh or any respectable guy were HC this stadium would be packed… bowels I’d a detriment to winning and needs to go…

    He won 3 NFCS titles on a row…
    By default do to a weak schedule and weaker division…
    One of the worst hc in the league!

  64. flogrown Says:

    Look like the Baker hype machine has failed.

  65. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    The Glazers will soon demand a new, domed stadium…..and they SHOULD.

  66. Itzok Says:

    Nothing like receiving a nice invoice for your playoff tickets from the bucs to then see seats below value on the secondary market