Todd Bowles Wants Fans Louder Against The Saints

December 25th, 2023

Todd Bowles is feeling it. He’s gone from NFL head coaching’s death row just weeks ago to a private room at Bern’s Steak House after a pardon by the football gods.

Bowles and his Bucs were 4-7 after starting 3-1, teetering on the brink of humiliation entering a home game against the Panthers.

A week later, Bowels was a one play from losing in Atlanta — a 4th-and-1 Rachaad White run at the Falcons’ 45 yard line with 2 minutes remaining and the Bucs trailing 25-22. White had just failed running on 3rd-and-1. The season was on the brink as the Falcons’ dome was loud as hell.

The rest is history.

The Bucs haven’t lost in December after beating Carolina, Atlanta, Green Bay and Jacksonville.

Next up is the slimy Saints at The Licht House. With a win the Bucs will clinch their third consecutive division title and Bowles wants a home field advantage. He called out to fans on the Buccaneers Radio Network yesterday to not just come out Sunday but to be louder than they were against the Jaguars.

Saints fans don’t travel in huge numbers, but they are a loud bunch. Traditionally, they don’t bring enough numbers to force the Bucs offense into a silent snap count, which sadly happens at times in Tampa.

Joe expects to see a boisterious New Year’s Eve crowd on Sunday afternoon. There’s lots of excitement for the Bucs around town. Bowles may not have won over the fan base yet, but the team sure has collectively.

If the Bucs extend their winning streak to five games, Joe suspects loving chants directed at Todd Bowles might break out for the first time.

25 Responses to “Todd Bowles Wants Fans Louder Against The Saints”

  1. Rover Says:

    Born and raised Louisiana resident here. Lifelong Bucs fan. Will be in the building with some Saints fans. All they care about here is division championships. Please don’t embarrass me, Todd! Finish the job! Go Bucs.

  2. Ben the GA Buc Says:

    Looks like me and my son are coming down for this game. Do you think there’s a good chance this game gets flexed to 4 pm?

  3. SB~LV Says:

    Saints and Falcon fans have always travelled well to Bucs games even when the Bucs were NFC north in the Ole Sombrero days

  4. Dave Pear Says:

    Todd and his football teams have been a cure for insomnia – keep the chains off of Canales and Mayfield, play more press man on defense, cut the zone bust and cover zero receivers defense, and maybe Bucs fans will return with something to be loud about.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Fans can’t be loud if the aren’t there…….need to go to game and not sell tickets to Saints fans….

  6. Jack Clark Says:

    I like what Baker Mayfield is doing for our team, but I don’t like his fanboys. But who cares? Tom Brady won us a Super Bowl and I’d be happy if Baker Mayfield won us another one too

  7. Bojim Says:

    I’ll be screaming here in Charleston. One of the bars here is owned by a Bucs fan. Should be a friendly crowd.

  8. Another J Says:

    It was a beautiful sight watching all of the Jacksonville Jaguars fans leave at Halftime.

  9. Capt.Tim Says:

    The Coach has earned it- we should give it to him!

  10. G-Buc Says:

    Todd is letting lose! We might actually get to see his personality.
    I think fans may be surprised!

    Just win baby!

  11. JD12 Says:

    Next week SHOULD be playoff vibes at Raymond James if folks don’t sell their seats. Get loud, wrap up the division and keep the momentum going. Coach isn’t wrong to call out the fans since most home games have been 65% opposing fans.

  12. BucU Says:

    I’m gonna need a Xanax to survive that game.
    Big implications!!

  13. Mike C Says:

    I was screaming my head off in the rain against Carolina when this run started, I am going to completely lose my mind to clench three division titles in a row!!!!

  14. orlbucfan Says:

    This sucker is being played in Tampa on New Year’s Eve. New Orleans and Tampa have been natural rivals—GOM—locations since Tampa was founded. NOLA is the older franchise. Plus, there’s a lot of pirate lore, voodoo/mystical history, etc. mixed in. I envy the fans attending. Talk about tail-gating and parties. New Year’s Eve. It will be wicked, and Bucs will win. 5 in a row. I will be listening, that’s for sure. Go Bucs!

  15. BucU Says:

    I wanna stomp the Saints.

  16. Mike Johnson Says:

    Bowles is right. Scream and yell the roof off of Ray J against them Ain’ts. Lets whip’em good and send’em, Limpin back to New Orleans.

  17. BillyBucco Says:

    Pressure on Purdy causing problems.
    Aint no MVP to me.

  18. steele Says:

    Even sooner than I expected, it is time to declare the Todd Bowels Bucs…Super Bowl contenders. Given the ridiculously bad play we have seen today.

    Chiefs absolutely pedestrian. All teams inconsistent. Purdy giving the game away as badly as Trevor Lawrence did. Niners are vulnerable.

    This mediocre Bucs team with all of its problems picked a perfect season to be mediocre. Every other team is close, give or take a few streaks, a little of this or that.

    Once upon a time there were great teams and dynasties. No more. Just every season down to luck, timing and matchups.

  19. Ed McSherry Says:

    “Bowles flaws”

    1) Plays “Beat the Clock” waaay too early.

    1a) Plays “zone, pull-back” defense when the pressure on the pressure should be kept on opposition quarterback.

    3) Gets too “comfortable” with a lead (not enough of one) and goes straight-to the run-game; which may be okay if there is one, be he does it when there isn’t is the problem; keep targeting Chis, and or mix it up with Palmer.

    Ya, definitely, winning cures all (go Bucs!!), but, it causes unnecessary white-knuckle, post-two-minute-warning time for the fans.
    He’s getting better, but there were too many subtle signs of “the old Bowles” to be near confident in his decision-making and various football-theories, imo; so, for now, I’m more in the: “the players are winning it despite “Bowles coaching Flaws,” camp.

    Okay, happily, with the significant lowering of penalties-called, that, can go the coaching.

  20. BuxfaninTX Says:

    If the Bucs win thee division again, Todd’s going to be the coach for a couple more years

  21. Particular set of skills Says:

    Have bren there screaming for years. My apologies to whomever sits in front of me. I will be there Sunday doing my part. As always….. Diehard to the end. Love and support my Bucs, flaes and all. But it sure beats what this team was back when they were truly awful.
    Lets send the Aints home and secure the playoffs & division at home! Go Bucs!

  22. garro Says:

    I should not be, but I am. I am surprised at Bowles playing the fans card.

    Shades of Warren Sapp stirring up the crowd before a goal line stand play.

    But if it helps us humiliate the Taints I’m all for it!

    Go Bucs!

  23. garro Says:

    Shades of Warren Sapp exorting the home crowd to make more noise on a critical goal line stand back in the day!

    Go Bucs!

  24. unbelievable Says:

    Bucs have always had one of the weakest home crowds. Even during seasons when the team was good or great. I used to yell at fellow fans in the stands to get louder. It was frustrating. Heck I think the Bucs fans that were at the Chargers game in San Diego a few years back were louder than the entire home crowd normally is at Ray Jay.

    And that’s why we have never had any real home field advantage, like most teams do.

    Doubt that changes this weekend, but for the sake of our team, I hope it finally does.

  25. aleyz2020 Says:

    Once upon a time the local radio stations would give away tickets to the game to ensure the home crowd dominated. But, then again, that was back when when we played the “The BIG Sombrero” which had about 25K more seats. Nowadays there’s more yankees living here than natives!