Todd Bowles Names “Best Thing” About The Offense

December 21st, 2023

It’s always interesting to hear a defense-first head coach talk about his offense. You never really know what he’s going to say.

“Run the ball” usually is heard, but not always.

This week on the Buccaneers Radio Network, Todd Bowles was asked about the evolution of his offense, as well as playcalling Sunday against the Packers and overall.

Bowles talked about unity and confidence.

“I really like the chemistry, in that everybody’s on the same page. The plays don’t necessarily always work, but they’re on the same page and they can bounce back from adversity,” Bowles said. “They can bounce back from 2nd-and-long. They can bounce back from 3rd-and-long and still make plays and be confident we can run our offense. And that’s the best thing about it.”

Joe sees the confidence in the offense. There’s no look of doom if the Bucs land in 3rd-and-14. And against Atlanta, they even dealt with a 4th-and-the-season-and-jobs-on-the-line successfully.

The current swagger of the Bucs offense is usually what’s required to win a playoff game.

24 Responses to “Todd Bowles Names “Best Thing” About The Offense”

  1. Beeej Says:

    What I noticed Sunday, as opposed to months earlier, is that our offense looked more like ’20/’21 Bucs, as opposed to Woody Hayes and 3 yards and a cloud of dust

  2. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Man I’m starting to believe lol.

  3. Since76 Says:

    I’ll wait till the offense looks good in more than 1 game out of the last 5. They did look good last week though. We will see if it’s a one game wonder. I hope they continue to play well. Sorry I have my doubts.

  4. SB Says:

    When you have been fans as long as we have you are Supposed to have doubts.

  5. PSL Bob Says:

    SB, you other fans often lament the dreary history of the Bucs, but when you look at the success of teams that have won all the marbles, the Bucs have done pretty well. Only 10 teams have won more than 2 Super Bowls, the Steelers and Patriots at the top of the list with 6 each. Five teams, including the Bucs, have won 2. Another 5 teams, including the Eagles and Bears have only won a single SB. That leaves 16 teams, half the league, who’ve never won the big prize. Half of the no-win teams have been to the SB but were not victorious, including the Bills and Vikings who both went 4 times. Can you imagine the pain those fans feel? Sorry, but I’ll take the Bucs and be happy about it, even when they’re having a less than stellar season.

  6. orlbucfan Says:

    SB Says:
    December 21st, 2023 at 10:26 am
    When you have been fans as long as we have you are Supposed to have doubts.
    Man, if that ain’t the truth!

  7. Gipper Says:

    The way the Bucs and Mayfield have handled 3rd and 4th down this year has been impressive. Hope they can keep it up. Feel real good with Godwin and White in 3rd and 8 situations. If they can keep it up Bucs will run the table for next 3 games.

  8. not Says:

    Repetition, thats what creates confidence in any position. You don’t have to think about what you are doing it when you regularly experience it, whether you are balancing a tire or doing a prostate exam , right ????
    So being in third and long ALL THE TIME, our bucs are now use to third and long. They don’t think twice about third and long !!!!!
    That was Todd’s secret sauce for the first 14 games.

  9. Ultra ClodHopper Says:

    I think the best thing is them utilizing Jeff Tedford’s Chris Sims’ “speed in space” philosophy with Rachaad White. Those are some exciting plays

  10. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    Since 76 and SB, I also have been a fan since day 1 of the franchise. I also can’t get all jacked up about this offense scoring last week against a bad defense. Let’s see how the next 3 games shake out. Regardless, Bowles is not the answer going forward.

  11. BillyBucco Says:

    Whether Bowles is a problem or not remains to be seen, but he definitely isn’t the ANSWER!!!!
    This team playing better offensively doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with Bowles.
    Canales might be the ANSWER, and hopefully things are about to click.
    I like the looks of the offense when R White actually runs routes DOWN FIELD.
    NO WAY a LB can cover him.
    That TD play pass to White had D Moore wide open for an easy TD as well.
    Don’t look now, but White is in the top 10 rushing.
    His receiving yards almost makes him a top 5 back down the stretch.
    Let’s go tear Jax a new one Bucs!!!!

  12. Hodad Says:

    Not to belittle winning three in a row, but look who we beat. Atlanta, Carolina, and G.B.. Not exactly the three best teams in the league. Hey, better then losing to them, but ya get no applause for beating them either. Still waiting for that signature win.

  13. Buc4evr Says:

    Second and Third and long worked because Green Bay’s defense is a mess, much like ours. Will withhold judgement until I see how the offense performs against the Jags and the Saints. Hope Canales has learned how to use our WRs to the max.

  14. Thisisouryear!! Says:

    The offense looked totally different last week against the pack than the rest of the season. Fantastic!!! But the defense shows major concerns. If we want to win a playoff game or 2, we need to be able to get a couple stops when needed.

  15. Proudbucsfan Says:

    The way Baker Mayfield played last Sunday leads me to believe that Canales and Bowles had him in handcuffs. Up until then I saw a lot of hesitation in Mayfield all season, it seemed like he was scared to pull the trigger on tight window throws and one step receiver separation. They took the handcuffs off and he played beautifully, I really enjoyed watching him sling it, although I’m not sold on him yet I think he needs to let it go for the rest of the season consistently and if he does then he’s our franchise Quarterback.

  16. Proudbucsfan Says:

    It also seemed like Canales went back and watched film of our 2020 & 2021 seasons and took a page from the no risk it no biscuit offense. I’m also a life long fan so it’s going to take a lot more than one game to convince me. Let’s go Bucs

  17. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    Best thing about the offense is Mayfield’s perfect rating doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The line did an excellent job, the receivers were awesome, Canales called a great game plan. Takes a team

  18. Bojim Says:

    I felt confident when the offense was on the field Sunday. Not so with the defense.

  19. Gipper Says:

    Have been saying before the “perfect Mayfield rating” a lot of good things about him on these pages. Usual response on these pages has been condescending criticism of me and Mayfield. When I say that Mayfield got a horrible deal in Cleveland after a bad shoulder injury, I have been pilloried by so called “fans.” Incidentally, those that really stuck it to Baker were the Browns owners, the Haslam’s. Perhaps, the Haslam’s, have been the worst owners in the history of professional sports. There chief contribution to the Cleveland football scene is to make late, despised, Art Modell, look saintly.

  20. Lakeland Steve Says:

    I’m ready to jump on the offense has turned the corner bandwagon but given the Bucs history I think we need a larger sample size. The Jags can really test this offense and then we have the Saints on ten days rest and those are always tough games. If the Bucs can finish the season even close to what we showed in Green Bay then I think we could really look forward to a playoff run. But like I have said before you never are quite as good as you look or as bad as you look.

  21. infomeplease Says:

    Buckeyebuckchuck said “Best thing about the offense is Mayfield’s perfect rating doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The line did an excellent job, the receivers were awesome, Canales called a great game plan. Takes a team. Diddo!!!! I Would enjoy a repeat this Sunday !!

  22. dbbuc711 Says:

    They need to not let the past 3 games go to their head and think that all they need is to show up and the win is automatic.
    Too many Bucs teams have done that in the past.

  23. AtlBuc Says:

    During our last super bowl season, the offense was struggling also. The, during the second half of the KC game the offense started clicking and the rest is history! Let’s hope the offense keeps on clicking.

  24. AtlBuc Says:

    Bowles finally took the reins off of Canales. That’s why he was crying. He was crying for joy because he got to call his own game without Bowles hand in it. That’s why he said that Bowles trusted him