The Market For Baker Mayfield

December 25th, 2023

Sure, Baker Mayfield has a Christmas wish for the Buccaneers to finish 10-7 and thrive offensively as long as they can.

But he’s also wishing for something else.

That would be a free agent market.

Mayfield’s low-budget contract ends after the season and he will make a fortune as a quality starting quarterback under 30 years old, assuming he plays well in the Bucs’ final two regular season games and more than one team wants his services.

Of course, the Bucs will want Mayfield to return as their starter if he finishes strong. But what other team consider his services?

Joe is looking at the marketplace, factoring in reality of contract situations and team operations, and thinks Mayfield could get serious interest from Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Las Vegas.

Kirk Cousins is old and injured and his Vikings contract is running out. The Steelers’ offense has major issues. The Falcons could have won the NFC South if they signed to Mayfield in March. The Raiders are always a wild card and it appears Jimmy Garoppolo will be released.

Injuries, performance and coaching changes could have more teams interested in Mayfield, but Joe will stick with those four for the purposes of this post. guru Mike Florio has been mentioning for weeks that Mayfield could play himself into the 2024 franchise tag, which would cost the Bucs about $35 million for one season. It was about $32 million this year.

Joe could live with that decision, if the Bucs made it. Hopefully, Mayfield would be ok with it, too. Players seem to hate the franchise tag, but Chris Godwin and Bucs sacks king Shaq Barrett handled it with class.

85 Responses to “The Market For Baker Mayfield”

  1. Buddha Says:

    Baker does not want to have to learn yet another offensive system with annoying playoff team and all the competition are teams on the decline.

  2. Bojim Says:

    Only 35 million? Wow. I’d take the tag for that.

  3. SB~LV Says:

    FT sounds like the best option to me, of course all the options are calculated risks for both the Bucs and BM .
    It’s a negative for BM to have to deal with a new locker room and coaches and a big plus for his personal development to stay in Tampa.
    Of course after the tag year he would be free again and if he and the Bucs have a successful 2024 his market value would increase.
    I think it’s the best bet to keep him although his game does have flaws, it was a wonderful win yesterday but the defense contributed greatly.

  4. Cover deuce Says:

    Zero chance they’re going to tie up $35mm in un-restructurable funds in one guy. Winfield is getting the tag bc $17mm is a lot easier to work around when it comes to getting the other guys extensions.

  5. Defense Rules Says:

    I’m up in Atlanta for Christmas & some talk up here about signing Baker for next season & beyond. Makes sense; they’ve got the salary CAP space (we don’t), have several great young RBs & have a pretty decent defense. They’d just need to beef up their OLine & add 1 or 2 WRs and they’d be in position to win the NFC South crown (with a new HC IMO).

    Bucs have too many other higher priorities (Wirfs, Winfield, Evans?) and too little salary CAP room to be paying huge $$$ for Baker or any other QB. He won’t come cheap next year since so many other teams NEED a decent starting QB.

  6. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    He’d get more on the open market

    the tag is a great way to make sure it’s not a one yr wonder

    do it

  7. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    This ownership group does have a solid reputation going for it, and in Florida there are no state taxes. 2 big considerations.
    If it were my decision, ii wouldn’t dally; but it’s not mine to make.

  8. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    In todays NFL, a really good QB is the top priority.
    Unless you have a future legendary player on your roster.
    Then it’s 1 and 1a. You decide…
    Alex; who is mayfield, and evans?
    Correct: and you win the daily double!

  9. Smashsquatch Says:

    Another year in a friendly system playing under the tag, or a 5th team in less than two years? He’s not going anywhere, nor should he want to.

  10. adam from ny Says:

    if we just won 2 more games within that heavy 6 out of 7 midseason losing skid, we’d be say, 10-5…

    just 2 more wins in that bad streak…if we only played average to sh!tty and went 3-4 during that span…we’d have one of the better records in the league…

    it’s all here say, i know……but i’m just thinking “what if’s”…

    maybe try to keep this group in tact as best you can for next year…

    plant a tree and watch it grow…

    baker seems to have found a niche here…….possibly…

    maybe roll with it for a few years…

    he has a great rapport with evans, rb1 is growing into the position fast, godwin’s knee injury seems behind him pretty much, palmer is showing signs of life…

    seems like the defense is worse than the offense these days…and that’s on coach…

    i know it’s still a long hard mull, but baker might really need to stick around for a bit more than a 1 year pitstop…he brings a lot to the table…he’s one feisty guy on the field

  11. NE Fan Says:

    If you had Joe Flacco Bucs would already be in play offs.

  12. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Why in the world does anyone want the Franchise tag on him at 35m???? That’s insane!

    Just work let the season and post season play out.

    If he takes us to the Superbowl, then he’ll have earned top dollar. If he only wins one more game during the season and is one and done in the playoffs, then he deserves a lot less.

    If he wins in the playoffs? Somewhere in the middle.

    I think Baker Mayfield like it a lot in Tampa, and he doesn’t want to leave. The Bucs believed in him. He finally feels like he’s found a home.

    If he loses from here on out? a $10-15 million deal.
    If he wins the final two games, but loses in the playoffs? $15-20 million
    If he wins the next two games and wins in the playoffs? $20-25 million
    If he gets us to the NFC Championship, $25-35 million
    If he gets us to the Superbowl? I doubt we’d be able to afford him, but probably $35-40 million.

    Win the superbowl? Well. who knows?

  13. adam from ny Says:

    you ready for this…

    i say realistically sign “bad azz baker” for 3 years 100 mil…

    i say pay the man 100 mil over 3 years…

    i think he takes it and stays, plays, and ballzzzzz


    it’s like getting him for 4 years at 104 to 108 mil…
    (i think he had some incentives built into the contract – and might actually hit some of them)…..
    thus equaling about 26 – 27 mil a season over the 4 year span…
    sounds fair to me

  14. Oneilbuc Says:

    They can not over pay for Baker Mayfield you don’t want a Ryan Tanahill situation in Tampa. Baker Mayfield has been playing good but we can’t over pay for him . We have other players to pay like Mike Evans, Wirs, Winfield and David if he wants to come back. And if Devin White keeps playing like he did yesterday what you do with him? Now he can go but this is a crazy situation and then you got hope this is not just one good year with Baker Mayfield that’s another question ❓

  15. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I think giving him a contract is how it should be done, not the tag (unless its to buy time to get the contract done).

    I’ve been down on him all season, but he earned props now. He has been shuffled around a lot and all he really wants is a team to trust him. I suspect he’ll understand if Jason Licht says “We think you are worth more, but with our cap issues, this is the best we can offer. If things work out, we can offer more on the next deal.”

    Give him a no-trade clause to entice him. Incentives.

    The no state taxes really do not make that big a difference to players, otherwise we’d have always had them trying to join the Florida teams.

  16. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    4 years at $108 million with incentives, assuming he doesn’t self destruct between now and then, seems fair to me.

    Might even get 4 years at $100 million if you add in a no trade clause…just because he wants a long term home.

  17. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    He’s not getting less than the tag

    Book it

  18. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Oneilbuc Says
    “you got hope this is not just one good year with Baker Mayfield”

    This is a very valid concern. It was my worry all year…that even if he played well, it could be a one-year-wonder type of situation, like Fitz had twice in his career.

    I don’t like the fact that Bowles lied about a QB competition…but that’s not Mayfield’s fault. I think he has played well enough for a contract. The size of that contract should be determined by results…and budget.

    I do think Mayfield will be a little flexible, given what he has been through.

  19. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The cap is the main hurdle.

  20. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    We need another year to fully get it under control.

  21. adam from ny Says:

    bonsai –

    a team is going to snatch him up for 3 years 75 mil after this season with no questions asked…and that’s a lowball number…

    now does baker genuinely feel like he’s found a home and niche in tampa?

    hopefully so, and hopefully we can snag the on field madman for around 30 mil per moving forward, as salaries for quarterbacks never seem to decline…

    once settled in, he seems to have shown he’s a starting nfl quarterback just outside the top 10 guys in the league…having a qb floating around in the 10 to 15 best in the league ain’t a bad thing…

    also he’s awfully cerebral and brings that contagious fighting spirit…he’s a very spirited football player…

    i know we are riding high right now, but all in all, he has definitely grown on me…and it’s quite obvious he has grown on the guys in the locker room…


    a few new commercials in the off season about how he lives under the stadium, fixing the pipework and stadium’s underbelly with the staff, and we have the remaking of a potential nfl star…

    give the man a comfy boiler room with a sink and shower – maybe throw in a hot tub for good measure!

  22. Beeej Says:

    Signing a quality QB for the 30’s would be a steal–

    Burrow $55 mil
    Herbert $52 mil
    Jackson $52 mil
    Hurts $51 mil
    Wilson $48 mil
    Murray $46 mil
    Watson $46 mil
    Mahomes $45 mil
    Allen $43 mil
    Stafford $40 mil
    JONES $40 mil
    Prescott $40 mil
    Rodgers $37 mil
    Carr $37 mill
    Cousins $35 mil
    Goff $33 mil
    Tannehill $29 mil
    Geno, $25 mil

    Baker is superior to SEVERAL dudes on that list

  23. Bubby Says:

    He likes it here and has played well. Retain some of his targets and improve the line in front of him and I don’t think it would be too hard to reach an agreement. I also don’t think he will have quite as many options similar to this year.

  24. adam from ny Says:

    beej –

    i snag bad azz baker @ 3 year 100 mil quick fast

  25. adam from ny Says:

    the only thing that’s not gonna change, or is workable with baker moving forward, is the batted ball situation…

    it’s just a constant due to height issues…

    also i think if canales runs more plays in the future (meaning next season, with an expanded playbook) where baker is rolling out more often, it will make this offense that much more lethal

  26. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    I think he wants to stay put, comfortable in the system and has coaches who want and appreciate him. Maybe $30 m, with a team friendly out after 2 years if he regresses? Who knows?

  27. Mike Johnson Says:

    PAY DA MAN!!!

  28. adam from ny Says:

    and by the way, half the quarterbacks coming out this year in the highly touted “big qb draft”, are going to be busts…

    hear that clearly…..half…….maybe even more…

    you’re lucky if you get 1 superstar out of the entire group…
    and one good starting qb…and maybe a couple back ups…the rest will all bust…it’s just how it goes

  29. Gipper Says:

    Love to hear from the Baker Hate Brigade. “Need to see a little more. Too short. Can’t pick up secondary receivers. Need to see how he plays in playoffs. A journeyman” and so it goes.

    Baker’s stats for first 6 years in the NFL are nearly identical to Brady’s first 6 years. Baker accomplished this notwithstanding playing for a horrible Browns team and part of last year with the inept Panthers. He requested a trade from The Browns after they double crossed him and requested his release from Carolina. Those of us who have followed him know he has a strong arm, great field presence, and is a natural leader. All the rest of the noise is just nonsense from “fans” pretending to have some insight. Not saying Baker is Brady just making an honest statement about first 6 year stats. Given time to throw, just like all successful QB’s need, Baker will never disappoint. Drew Brees is the appropriate comparison for Baker’s future with a team that can protect him.

  30. Davenport Says:

    Slow down boys. Baker is on a hot streak, but career-wise, he’s still a low % passer and incredibly inconsistent.

    Since Bowles & Canales seem to be given another season, 2024 remains a crap-shoot. I am all for keeping Mayfield next year but lets stop the talk of a big-money, long term deal until he proves it wont blow up in our faces.

  31. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Baker Mayfield 26 Tds 8 Ints
    Pat Mahomes 25 Tds 13 Ints

  32. Let ‘em bake Says:

    Don’t be shocked if he signs a daniel jones level deal. Back loaded. Heavy signing bonus ( not counted against cap) . The new concern is going to be keeping Canales. The head coach youth movement is strong. Offensive head coaches all the rage. Mcvay. McDaniel. Shanahan. What if Atlanta takes a big chance on Canales as hc? Then, baker followes. He knows this man has saved his career. My guess is Canales, a grateful and humble man, would stay one more year in gratitude to Bowles and Licht . Get ready yo hear Canales head coach banter this off season.

  33. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Remember that “fake QB competition?” in August? LMAO!

  34. Since76 Says:

    Way too much money. Bucs are strapped already. If baker loses key players around him they will struggle on offense. Hes played awesome these last two games, but bucs can’t lose good players to keep him. Let’s see how he plays the rest of the season. I really like what Ive seen for this two weeks. But I need to see more than two games. I hope he balls out all the way and forces hard decisions.

  35. Gipper Says:

    Davenport Says:
    December 25th, 2023 at 10:56 am
    Slow down boys. Baker is on a hot streak, but career-wise, he’s still a low % passer and incredibly inconsistent.

    See what I mean? Davenport, you should have read my post at 10:54…..You fit right in.

  36. Buc1987 Says:

    My mama says keep Baker.

  37. NE Fan Says:

    TTbucs@ I am pretty sure Mahomes schedule is a bit harder than the Bucs. Now we’re comparing Baker to Mahomes. The lack of football knowledge on this site blows me away.

  38. BA”s Red Pen Says:

    The Bucs have 25 million in dead cap for Brady (that goes away after this season) plus the 4 million for Baker for a total of 29 million invested in the starting quarterback position this season. Pay Baker 2 years with a club option for a 3rd at 29 to 31 million plus incentives then draft a quarterback in the first round.

  39. Boss Says:

    If only the rest of the world worked this way. Slightly above average getting top percentile money. I know it’s supply and demand….but I doubt anyone is giving him a long term high dollar deal at his age, with his history and having a few good games. Let him test the market or take a team friendly deal. He’d be wise to take the deal.

  40. adam from ny Says:

    things went haywire for him in cleveland – and odell was probably a part of that – he kinda brings issues where ever he pops up…

    he gave carolina a shot, that didn’t work out…but that franchise on a whole has been an unsettled mess for quite some time now…so bad there, they literally traded away anderson, moore and mccaffery…making it almost impossible to succeed there…and it’s no better now…i’m sure teams are looking to pluck from their defense this offseason…total mess there…

    then he goes to la, and things sorta start working out for him, but he was just a fill in for superbowl champion matt stafford – so the movement continues for him…

    now he’s finally settling in with the bucs – we might just have gotten lucky by pulling the first pick in the draft off the scrap heap for a revival – and he’s still young af

  41. BucU Says:

    Baker is not going to want to go to a new team again.
    New city. New coach. New teammates.
    I think he’s had enough of that.
    He’ll take a significant discount to stay in Tampa.

  42. Marine Buc Says:

    If Baker continues to play well the remainder of the season – 3 years @ $90M – $45M guaranteed.

    Bucs will have the ability to cut Baker after year 2 if things don’t go well…

    It would be nice to have the QB position settled so the Bucs can focus on defense and O-line with our higher draft picks.

  43. Jack Clark Says:

    NE Fan Says:
    December 25th, 2023 at 10:21 am
    If you had Joe Flacco Bucs would already be in play offs.

    Uppity NE fan, The Bucs have twice as many wins as the sorry as Patriots. How about them apples? 😆

  44. SlyPirate Says:

    I disagree. Bucs are only competing against themselves. Few teams have an Evans and Godwin. Baker is a career failure. I would give $100M over 4.

  45. Popcorn Mike Says:

    Mayfield seems to be very durable at least this year That to me is a good thing with a starting QB. As far as contact wise, I think the Bucs and Mayfield will agree on a decent but not breaking the bank type contract especially if he keeps playing like he has. I think Mayfield has grown a bit in the NFL and wants to find a place like Tampa to settle. On the other hand I think Tampa will be pleased to sign a 28 year old QB who’s not injury prone with at least decent skills if they can agree to a contract that works for both sides

  46. Oneilbuc Says:

    Also look at Joe Flaco this year he’s been playing good also but you can’t give him a long term deal. That’s why I say still draft a quarterback and snig Baker Mayfield to a 1 year or 2 year deal but not long term. I still don’t like the one read than throw but he is serveual though!!

  47. adam from ny Says:

    what’s going on in cleveland is a mirage…flacco is a game manager, yet they have him slinging it because of a lack of a running game…flacco is throwing ints like it’s going out of style rn…
    wake up – it’s a mirage…they are the minnesota vikings of last year – best record on an average at best team – they’re most likely a first round out…def a 2nd round out in the playoffs…that team is going nowhere without chubb and watson

  48. adam from ny Says:

    bleaker tryfield is the answer………………yes 🙂

  49. #99 the big fella Says:

    NE Fan, I see your back to your insults when you don’t agree with what real buc fans post. You did not stay gone long! Why did you come back? Not sure why you are even here, you are not a bucs fan only a Brady fan. I don’t even think you are a patriots fan. You obviously hate the buccaneers. I think you would crap on any quarterback that’s not Brady. That being said,Merry Christmas

  50. #99 the big fella Says:

    Merry Christmas to all the Buccaneers Fans !
    Hope you trolls got coal ! You know who you are!

  51. D Cone Says:

    Pickett, Ridder, O’Connell, and Fields all have Passer Ratings just down the list from 6 QB’s that are making over 300 million this year combined. All have been making young mistakes that are expected. None have had the opportunity to have a season to learn from even an average QB worthy of starting. Next year I don’t see any of those going anywhere.

    Cousins and Minnesota will make a nice deal and he will be their QB next season. After all he has the third best passer rating and is still 23 in yards and only 8 games played.

    Winfield will get franchised unless he asks not to be and goes to Minnesota.

    As far as Mayfield he has played like he should be overpaid like Carr, Garrapollo,
    Went, and the rest this season. Contract years all player over perform. Upside there is Tampa will get White playing lights out these last few weeks.
    Unfortunately the market is about Demand and Timing and for a QB who depends on timing to succeed 2024 will not be good for him in the market.
    Bucs are going to have some hard choices in 2024 and I can’t see them giving a walk on / 1 yr Free Agent a big contract and have 4 year starters enter the portal / Free Agency. Demand is going to be higher for more players than Baker after this season.

  52. m milligan Says:

    Oneil, bucNEER, NE,
    STFU, fans now HUH
    Bucs gunning down Pokes, knocked off by 49ers
    great season

  53. m milligan Says:

    watch out for rams

  54. Glass Half Full Guy Says:

    If I were Mayfield I would hate the franchise tag option. He’s finishing up a “prove it” year and he’s done just that and then some. Moving to another team would suck unless it was crazy money and many years guaranteed. Even then, the starting over crap has got to be getting old for a guy who hasn’t even hit 30 yet.

    You can bet there will be interest from at least 4 teams if not more but career-wise it’s better for him to stay put, even if he has to give a “hometown discount” to the Bucs.

    If he just “follows the money” and lands on a bad team with bad coaches, he won’t thrive and his future market value will be right back to where it was last season. Then what happens? He’ll be around 33 years old and need another “prove it” contract? His bank account may benefit in the short term by switching teams, but long-term it’s not a wise choice.

    If the Steelers keep Tomlin and can get a good OC, that wouldn’t be bad but most good teams already have their QB1.

    If the Bucs don’t sign Mayfield to a “fair market price” contract, they’ll have a gaping hole to fill at QB with no proven, viable option to fill it. If they do that, what’s the point in keeping Evans and others around? Hoping a draft pick can be good before we lose Evans, Godwin and others before they’re free agents again? Will Trask miraculously rise from his backup role like a phoenix and prove his cult right? Don’t bet on it.

    If Mayfield isn’t their “Plan A”, they’d better have a helluva “Plan B” or they may as well let Evans walk and start the full rebuild, and nobody wants to suffer through that.

  55. lanshark Says:

    A creative GM can make Baker a deal that is high on signing bonus (does not count against the cap) for 2024, and make a 3 year contract that has a low base with incentives for 2024, and rises to ~25M/yr in years 2 and 3. Its been done before – Cleveland’s GM (before the Depervert Watson fiasco, which was a Haslam deal) was very good at structuring contracts like that.

    So, give him a 3 year contract, with $15M signing bonus, $10M base contract in 2024, then a $30M contract in 2025, and $35M or $40M in 2026… that would just about work out for all involved. With no-trade clause, and an option to buy him out in 2026 if desired.

    Then, find and develop a late round QB with potential in this year or next year’s draft… use this year on an Oline stud, and a couple high round CBs

  56. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Glass Half Full

    “If Mayfield isn’t their “Plan A”, they’d better have a helluva “Plan B”

    I agree 100%.

    If not Mayfield then who? The only decent free agent QB available this off-season is Kurt Cousins and he is coming off a busted AH injury.

    The Bucs probably won’t be drafting until pick #20 or so.

    If we draft a QB at #20 it will be either Bo Nix, JJ McCarthy or maybe Michael Penix…

    I highly doubt any of these options will be better than a healthy Baker Mayfield and Cousins will want to be paid around the same as BM.

    I would rather just keep Baker for at least the next 2 seasons.

  57. Buc Wild Says:

    Winfield will have to be tagged. His contract will be outrageous.

  58. Mark hardt Says:

    As my broker says past performance does not ensure future performance. That works both ways. Some guys regress such as Deshaun Watson. Other guys such as Baker and Flacco get better. I think the rest time to heal helped Unkle Joe. Mayfield used the bad last year to reflect on his miStakes both on the field, in the locker room, and in public relations. He has corrected almost all those mistakes. Now a soon to be Dad he is a completely changed man from the flag planting incident in Columbus. And he still has that rocket arm and scrambling ability.

  59. catcard202 Says:

    Baker has been serviceable…But not spectacular…Let him walk if he won’t take a Geno Smith kind of deal…Regardless, Bucs need to draft a QB or 2..The 2024 Draft will easily be the deepest QB class in decades.

  60. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    baker will be calling his shot unless we tag him

    he’ll get $40 mill per yr easily

  61. Oneilbuc Says:

    M. Millgan. I’m a bucs fan first I wouldn’t lose any sleep if the bucs moved on from Baker Mayfield. You will follow him to the next team and I will still be here rooting for my bucs . But I can give him credit when he’s playing good but I still don’t think the bucs should give him a long term deal. And I still believe the bucs should draft a quarterback in the first or second round. Baker Mayfield is not the bucs future in my opinion. And the question still remains can you win a superbowl with Baker Mayfield at quarterback? And I still believe that Evans, Wirs, David and Winfield should be snig first before the bucs even think about signing Baker Mayfield.

  62. Chief Tbird Says:

    4 years, $140 million is minimum he will get from any team. You guys that think you’ll get him for less than $30 million a year are crazy.

  63. Capt.Tim Says:

    I pointed this out a couple weeks ago.
    Unlike Mahomes, Mayfield has accomplished his stats with a terrible team.
    NO run game, bad Oline, shaky defense.
    Every team has noticed this.
    What would Baker accomplish with a great line and a great Running game?
    Tennessee seems like a spot.
    But there are lots of others.

    We are gonna end up in a bidding war. And we can be out bid really quickly.
    We dont have the money other teams have.
    Just please, not Atlanta or worse, New Orleans.
    That would be hard to see.
    Our Rookie QB getting curb stopped by The Baker led Saints.
    Nightmare scenario

  64. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Chief

    Supply and demand…

    With only one decent free agent QB (Cousins) and 4-5 QBs drafted in round one it will really depend on how many teams will be looking for a new QB in 2024.

    – Atlanta
    – Washington
    – Vegas
    – New England
    – Pittsburgh

    Four of these teams (maybe all 5) will be drafting their starting QBs.

    The Rams and Giants still owe a slew of guaranteed money to Stafford and Jones. So I doubt there will be any change with those two teams.

    Another team will probably sign Cousins.

    It seems to me that there will be a limited market for Mayfield’s services. This will help the Bucs to keep his price tag somewhat limited this off-season.

    Not to mention Baker will want to stay in Tampa where the weather is warm and the taxes are low.

  65. Chief Tbird Says:

    @marine Bucs – there will be at least 4 or 5 teams that would see BM as a good option.
    Regardless of how many teams may want him, his agent will put his stats up this year side by side with the qb’s making $45 million plus per year and want similar $$$.
    $35 million a year will be the floor in the negotiations.

  66. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Chief

    Like I stated above:

    “If Baker continues to play well the remainder of the season – 3 years @ $90M – $45M guaranteed.”

    Seems like we are on the same page. A few million here or there won’t make a difference.

    I’ve been saying all season: “if Todd Bowles stays, Dave Canalas and Baker Mayfield will stay”…

    If we win 10 games this season – everyone should stay.

  67. Defense Rules Says:

    How about running a poll sometime Joe to see how JBFers view what the Bucs’ PRIORITIES will be this coming off-season in terms of player re-signings. It’s nice to talk about ‘paying Baker big bucks’, but whether that’s the smart course of action is really based on competing priorities, such as …

    o Wirfs (Bucs could exercise his 5th year option, but that would still be expensive ($18.6 mil), may not sit well with Tristan & we’d end up eating the full amount in 1 year in terms of CAP hit).
    o Winfield (Bucs could franchise tag him, but again that may not sit well with Antoine & again we’d end up eating it all in terms of CAP hit).
    o Evans (Mike’s had a fabulous year, is a UFA & will be looking for a significant pay bump & long-term contract).
    o Mayfield (anybody’s guess right now what his Market Value AND asking price will be if we win these last 2 games & do even reasonably well in the playoffs).
    o McLaughlin (easily forgotten, but he’s a MUST RE-SIGN to a long-term contract IMO based on his performance this year).
    o LVD (Lavonte is the heartbeat of this defense & is still playing at an elite level).

    Bucs have 33 players under contract for 2024 (including Jensen who MAY never play again but who has a huge Dead CAP for next year), and we only have $47 mil to pay with for re-signings, free agents & our draft class. We can open up some more by restructuring a few veteran contracts, but almost surely we’ll have to release several vets to scrape together enough for re-signing our priority players.

    Conundrum on the horizon?

  68. Doc Says:

    We have seen all of this before with Mayfield, sign a young quarterback and sign your receivers and offense linemen.

  69. firethecannons Says:

    honestly Mayfield is good but if he makes the Bucs pay much then forget it–draft a young un in the draft as this is a good year–we may need to trade up.

  70. Tb bolts Says:

    I wonder what his value will be after he plays a good team and completely implodes.

  71. Danfan Says:

    I’d think Baker would get at least $20m per year based on his performance so far this year, and assuming he can sustain something close to his recent level, for the remaining 2 regular season games, and into how many playoff games Bucs reach. Jimmy G is on ~$24m a ywar for 3 years, with his injury history and recent turnover issues.

  72. Danfan Says:


  73. Gipper Says:

    2023 Stats thru 16 games
    Mayfield Mahomes Stafford Prescott
    CMP% 64.3% 66.9% 62.0% 68.4%
    YDS 3598 3938 3648 3892
    TD 26 26 23 30
    INT 8 14 9 7
    Rating 96.2 91.7 93 104.2

  74. Charles Wills Says:

    I hope the Bucs bring Mike Evans back in 24 this is one guy the Bucs can’t let go.

  75. BAKERSBucs says Says:

    Another of opinions here that is good but personally I think he owes the glazershis full attention he didn’t want to go to another team b backup & then takeover for the qb1 concussion protocol then prove his worth we already new he was very capable from his playoff run in Cleveland I’m sure Bowles & the glazers r smart enough to know they had a good situation rite here in Tampa baker is having their 1st baby & he ain’t going anywhere u will know this for sure as soon as u know they bought a new house in Tampa if they haven’t already

  76. BAKERSBucs says Says:

    If the haters say we can’t beat the top tier teams then way has all the so called top tier teams lost to the low tier teams this year that is a fact no fiction here,I am willing to bet this year sb champ ain’t the top tier team

  77. BAKERSBucs says Says:

    So when u guys say keep him for 2 years does that mean just use him like a moron when u r finished with him do what Cleveland did stab him in the back ouch! That is a terrible idea in that case I wud advise him to run far away wtf

  78. adam from ny Says:

    i’m tellin’ ya…

    3 years 100 mil…

    and a basement penthouse under the stadium…

    a luxurious basement penthouse…it’ll be the first one that ever exists

  79. Fred Says:

    No QB playing today is worth 35 million.

  80. Zoocomics Says:

    I don’t care about the stats, Jesus, everyone is flashing stats and comparing this person to this person to this person, this guy really passes the eye test for you all? After 2 games? Hell, Brock Purdy should be looking at $50M/yr payout based on his season performance, given so much of the Baker chatter on these and other boards who think Baker is $30M/yr… Don’t we all like Baker because we didn’t overspend for him and in brutal cap depleted season? Before GB, we would’ve fired everyone if we would’ve dropped $35M on this guy, and now he’s had 2 great consecutive games, and his price-tag is over $30M…I just don’t see it guys.

    Paying QBs $35M+ is killing this league and/or cap. Usually it was a skill-player position that would throw out a gaudy number and then it would get exposed and crush the market in that position, i.e. RB. I don’t care who his stats are better than this year, I don’t think he’s worth $35M/yr…I’m sorry I just don’t see it.

    I like Baker, I like that we’re winning, but we’re going to hate this guy if he can figure out a way to beat great teams and we’re paying him franchise QB money.

  81. Gipper Says:

    Zoocomics Says:
    December 26th, 2023 at 7:08 am
    I don’t care about the stats, Jesus, everyone is flashing stats and comparing this person to this person to this person, this guy really passes the eye test for you all?

    Hey Zooie,
    I think John Dorsey, the guy who picked Mahomes for the Chiefs and Mayfield for the Browns has a little stronger “eye test” than even you. Finally, most of us are judged in the real world by our production. Maybe not you who prefers “eye tests.” Sorry if stats confuse you, but they remove the subjective nonsense from the uninformed.

  82. Franklin Says:

    30+M for BM is a joke. You guys all got TB glasses on.

  83. vadertime Says:

    I’ve been unimpressed with Baker until the past 2 games against Green Bay and now JAX. He had been inconsistent even in previous wins, but these last 2 games seem to show that he is in a groove. If this continues for the final 2 regular season games and we can make into the playoffs, then give him a fat contract. I did not think he was the Bucs future under center, but I am reluctantly coming around. He is still young and had has many good years left in the tank as long as he stays healthy. Staying healthy is going to be paramount since Baker likes to tough it out and run with ball when the opportunity arises. If he doesn’t get injured, he could be the answer for Tampa for the next many few years. If he does really well in the home stretch, he might want a big contract. We won’t be able to afford him, Evans and some other elite players who will be entering free agency. Bowles still needs to go. Go Bucs.

  84. Andy Says:

    I see all you negative Tampa fans are as dumb as the Clowns fans…smh..26 tds.only 8 ints..and until a few weeks ago..a running game that was non existent..oh yeah..learning another new system..what more do you people want from this kid ??? It’s sickening to hear and read all the negativety..I get it in Cleveland. They hated him from Day 1 because most if those idiot fans are Ohio St fans..and they never got over when he planted the Oklahoma flag at the 50 yard line at the Horse shoe..he helped lead a team that had lost 33 of the previous 36 games and in 3 short years led them to a victory ..on the road..against their hated rivals..The Squeelers..and they ran him out of town for that..that…but the hate here in Tampa…why ???? SMH…

  85. Student of the Game Says:

    Andy, I’m with you. None of these complainers look at the film closely enough to see what’s going on in a game. Lineman gets beat and pass is blocked..Baker is too short. Receiver drops a pass, Baker can’t find 2nd receiver. NO running game, Baker has happy feet. I can tell you this, if Bucs don’t secure Mayfield for 24 you can bet Evans is gone.