Snap Count Figures Don’t Align With Todd Bowles’ Claim On Chris Godwin

December 5th, 2023

Caught ya!

So, what’s really going on here?

Joe is about to go mental the way the Bucs misuse one of the best receivers in the game, Chris Godwin. It’s past the point of irresponsible. It’s now unethical.

Godwin, who scored the game’s eventual winning touchdown Sunday night in a win over the lowly Stinking Panthers, on a 19-yard end-around run, as been horribly missed this season.

As a receiver, he was targeted three times Sunday. Three! And the first target was the Bucs’ second play from scrimmage. Godwin dropped the ball. So basically Godwin went roughly 58 minutes of NFL football with two targets. Outrageous!

Yesterday in his day-after presser, Bowles was asked (again) about Godwin not getting targets, a weekly issue. Bowles claimed Godwin was beat up and removed from the game often as a result.

“We were subbing him out a lot,” Bowles explained. “Obviously, he’s a little nicked up, so he’s not totally 100 percent. Nobody is, but he is probably banged up more than most.”

Joe cannot guess what is going on with Godwin’s injury status. He sure was healthy enough to score that 19-yard touchdown on an end-around.

And in the locker room after the game, he appeared healthy. Looks can be deceiving, yes. Joe does know Godwin was questionable to play Sunday with a neck injury.

So Joe went to to check the snap counts. Well, well, well. What do you know? It shows Godwin played 52 snaps, 84 percent of the offensive stats.

So much for getting subbed out a lot.

37 Responses to “Snap Count Figures Don’t Align With Todd Bowles’ Claim On Chris Godwin”

  1. Buc4evr Says:

    Wow 84%, so Bowles is simply lying. If I were the Glazers I would be pissed that my #2 wr who I have emptied the bank for isn’t being targeted. Bowles and Canales need to go.

  2. Defense Rules Says:

    Chris has been targeted only 10 times in the past 2 games … and caught only 3 of those. And yet he (35) and Mike Evans (41) are still our best 1st down weapons by a tremendous amount.

    MAYBE there’s something deeper going on physically (like an injured hand?) & he’s intentionally only being used to block & as a decoy?

  3. Leopold Stotch Says:

    I think it’s just Bowles. Canales is definitely being a yes man in this situation. Either that or he’s just as stup… stubborn as Bowles is.

  4. ATLBuc Says:

    Joe! Why are you blaming Bowles? It’s up to the QB to distribute the ball

  5. Fansince76 Says:

    it is because of all the runs up the middle which typically get 1 or 2 yards.
    all those plays could and should be passes to Godwin.
    Bowles will keep running all the way to the unemployment line at end of season!

  6. Falconrap Says:

    As I said in another thread about the offense, the All 22 will show Godwin open quite a bit, and will even show Baker look his way then move on. This is NOT a Godwin problem. It’s a Baker problem. Plain and simple. The QB has to make the throws and then be accurate with them. And like in the other thread, if the Jags and Bengals can move the ball “smoothly”, as Joe said, with their backups, imagine us with our backup, a highly touted 2nd rounder. But, Todd will be Todd.

  7. Mike C Says:

    Wait…… A NFL head coach is full of it??? Noooooooo

  8. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    I think Godwin took a tackle up high in the neck head area a few games back and he hasn’t been rite since. Teams don’t disclose everything these days. Make no mistake we could sure use him that’s for sure.

  9. gotbbucs Says:

    Don’t take anything Bowles says after the game seriously.

  10. Boomer10 Says:

    Does anyone else see Baker stare down the receiver he wants to throw to?
    Maybe it’s because he doesn’t have the time to go through his progressions? maybe he’s a bit ‘hit shy’ and gets rid of the ball to quickly? Or is he limited to his reads by the OC and his play calls?

    I’m a glass halftime empty gal when it comes to Canales – his game plan and play calling abilities.

    Baker is serviceable – he’s an updated version of Brad Johnson with a better arm.

  11. BucU Says:

    It’s Baker, No it’s Bowles, No it’s Canales. Next year hopefully they’ll all be gone.
    This season is an exact duplicate of last year and that does not bold well for you Todd and co. Clean this house out COMPLETELY this next offseson.

  12. BUCS4LIFE Says:

    I don’t know wtf is going on! “ Lucy! You got some splaining to do” this is the craziest sh!t I’ve seen coming outta Tampa Bay in a minute. If Joe don’t have the answers to this madness then who does? The people are restless and we need to know.

  13. Allbuccedup Says:

    Bowles doesn’t have a clue!

  14. Leighroy Says:

    $235,000 per target so far this year

  15. Boss Says:

    In other news. The skyway fishing pier annual passes are now sold out.

    Nice work bowels!

  16. Beeej Says:

    Qb’s develope ‘favorite’ receivers whom they trust above all others. Brady didn’t throw much to ME13, threw TONS to Godwin. I’m also remembering how Baker pretty much ignored OBJ when he was at Cleveland

  17. SB~LV Says:

    Losing aligns with Todd Bowles

  18. Conner50 Says:

    Bowles is just making sh*t up to cover up the fact that he’s a cancer to this team, and that he picked the wrong offensive coordinator. Godwin has played hurt before if he is even hurt, and has produced. They are simply incapable of using there strengths and exploiting defenses. Bowles never should have took over after Arians stepped down.

  19. NE Fan Says:

    So Godwin beat up the entire season?

  20. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Bowles is being a good head coach and covering for his OC and/or QB who are having trouble getting Godwin the ball. Simple as that.

  21. geno711 Says:

    It seems like this year the Bucs are wasting Godwin’s talent.

    I was always in the boat that Evans was better. He scores. Godwin so much.

    But Godwin is pretty solid on keeping drives going down the field.

  22. Since76 Says:

    It’s very simple. Godwin goes over the middle alot in his routes. Mayfield has a hard time seeing over the middle for whatever reason while he’s dancing. Mayfield looks flustered on almost every pass play. I believe the QB isn’t carrying out the game plan week in and week out. One snap at a time.

  23. Bucnjim Says:

    I’m guessing Godwin has been injured all season to the point where it’s hard for him to get open. Even when throws go his way he’s struggled to catch the ball. For his entire career he’s been a first down machine so there has to be a reason they are unable to get him the ball.

  24. HC Grover Says:

    Coach Bozo is not lying. He just is unaware and does not know. Clueless Todd.

  25. Thisisouryear!! Says:

    It’s not just Godwin. Otten was ignored Sunday. Durham had that great catch the week before and neither of them showed up in the stat sheet. It’s sad because our 3rd and 4th receivers are getting more targets than Godwin and the tight ends.

  26. Show Me the TDs Says:

    The Bucs didn’t redo Mike Evans contract prior to the season. Now they can’t afford him. They’re saving Godwin for next year. Seems like such a Bucs move and is as likely a reason as any.

  27. NE Fan Says:

    In 2021 Godwin had 98 catches for over 1000 yds, 2022 102 catches for over 1000 yards 2021 injured during the season plus AB on the team and 2022 coming off injury. Todd got some splaining to do Lucy. Maybe a 14th ranked QB isn’t good enough.

  28. realistic-optimistic Says:

    @Since76, BINGO!

  29. realistic-optimistic Says:

    We could have spent this season evaluating our 2nd round QB (and spent Baker’s 8 mil on another player or two). Alas, we have Bowles calling shots.

  30. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Bowles aka Lovie Dovie 2.oh no is not head coach material…he never was. BA resurrected the franchise…then sadly left this upper decker deuce on the current
    team. Loyalty cuts both ways I suppose.

  31. EternalSon Says:

    Are you speculating the Bucs don’t want to use Godwin?

    That would be an interesting thought

  32. Aubpierce Says:

    I said yesterday Godwin would have to average 13 receptions a game in the next four games to equal what he caught in the 15 games he played last year. What a travesty and waste of talent.

  33. Joe Says:

    Are you speculating the Bucs don’t want to use Godwin?

    What other logical explanation is there?

  34. bucnjim Says:

    I think a logical explanation would be he’s hurt much more than people think and the only reason he’s on the field is because it keeps Mike Evans from being double and triple covered. Teams aren’t worried about anyone else but those two from a big play standpoint. No way Evans gets that open without Godwin on the field.

  35. NE Fan Says:

    Sorry, I was wrong, Baker dropped to 19th. Other than Smith & Stafford, the cast below him is pretty bad.

  36. Duane in Sanford Says:

    Anyone notice that ME13 appeared to be running routes out of the slot on Sunday? I think they switched around the routes in order to get CG going, and it just doesnt seem like he is right. Bowles has the smokescreen up for the snaps because the next question is a tough one. I think CG has lost a half step, and its too hard to get the ball to him currently. Another offseason may improve that step.

  37. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    Baker was focused on getting Mike 1000 yard so that he was not responsible for breaking the streak. Now maybe Baker will look to Godwin, or go through his progressions – doubtful as he is a one read and check down QB. What the film and prove it otherwise. He is average at best.