Last Call For Baker Mayfield

December 5th, 2023

The Baker Mayfield experiment has reached a critical stage.

Upon Mayfield’s arrival, he was heralded as possibly the next Geno Smith, whose career resurrected to a Pro Bowl level with the 2022 Seahawks while coached by current Bucs offensive coordinator Dave Canales.

Smith, however, has returned to earth this season and some in Seattle are talking about getting rid of him.

Mayfield has sacrificed his body and given his all for the Bucs, but it hasn’t been enough to make Joe think he’s the team’s future at quarterback.

Yes, Mayfield has been good at times but his performance and production have been very average overall among NFL starters, and he’s been inconsistent. Objectively, Mayfield probably has been a tick better than average considering the Bucs have the worst yards-per-carry average in the NFL, but he also has three quality targets, which many quarterbacks do not have.

Regardless, the Bucs sure look like a team in need of a quarterback upgrade if they want to win another Super Bowl.

At best, Mayfield has five games to show the Bucs he’s a quarterback worth building around. At worst, he will cede his starting job to Kyle Trask when/if the Bucs lose two more games before the season finale.

Mayfield says he likes pressure and he performs his best as an underdog. Well, that’s where he is right now. His Bucs career and likely his career as an NFL starter absolutely are on the line.

If Mayfield is the player he thinks and says he is, then Bucs fans should see a heck of a season finish from Mayfield, who did not play well Sunday against the Panthers.

185 Responses to “Last Call For Baker Mayfield”

  1. Canabuc Says:

    If the Buccaneers are smart, they would pivot to Kyle Trask now. Or at the very least should we lose the next game which effectively should knock us out of the wildcard and division race.
    Presently we have less than a 30% chance of securing a playoff spot and with a loss to the Falcons this weekend. It effectively goes to almost 0. At that point I don’t really see any reason to continue giving Baker Mayfield. Any meaningful snaps as he will not be our future quarterback. Either Kyle Trask comes in and shows us that he has what it takes to be a franchise quarterback, or we continue to lose and likely will secure a good enough draft pick that will allow us to draft a potential future, franchise quarterback, or at least allow us the opportunity to move up a couple of spots to do that.

  2. Wombat Says:

    Mayfield has all the throws, but lacks vision. He has had the opportunity at 4 different teams to be the “man”. I am afraid he is the little donut you put on your vehicle to get to the nearest gas station. He isn’t the permanent QB unfortunately. I was in his corner, but alas, he and the Bucs are going nowhere.
    If we beat ATL Sunday, different story. If we lose in Trask we trust. He needs a shot to see if he has any value to this team or we are in the draft for a QB!!

  3. donuts Says:

    On Sunday, the thing that stood out was Baker and his ability to throw a wet ball. His hands looked small, he looked like it took extra to get it out, and he had a hard time with it, which caused several incomplete/inaccurate passes. I like Baker and he has all the intangibles but he is not the QB that will bring regular playoff appearances or a SB. I think Trask should be given the last 2 games…we know this is not a playoff team even if they make it statistically…they will be one and done. We need to see him in regular game action so we can draft properly in 2024.

  4. zzbuc Says:

    Is Baker the answer definitely no,
    is he playing bad? no
    is he playing good? no

    We finish this season, and most probably move on, unless the remaining of the season he balls out, if he does, well…makes sense to keep him.

  5. Why Not Says:

    We know Mayfield’s ceiling and it is about what we are seeing this season. He’ll be a solid back-up who could start and win games, but you’re not going to want him as your starter for an entire season or even build a team around him. I would like to see what we have in Trask. To make any meaningful inferences, Trask needs to start a few games…like three or four.

  6. Bobby M. Says:

    I think Mayfield is serviceable while you try to groom the next guy….this offense does him no favors with an avg at best line, no run game and poor play calls/designs. There’s no reason Godwin should go an entire game without a single reception….that’s play design. The more Bowles attempts to force feed an ineffective run game, the less opportunities for our playmakers to make plays. I’d like to see this offense perform with a legit OC or HC. If we have an opportunity to snag a young QB next year, I don’t want Bowles overseeing his development. Hopefully we get someone proven.

  7. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    Carolina was the last win Baker will see in Bucs uniform.

    It’s over.

    He will not win vs ATL and Trask will be the QB by the time they play NO and Car again.

  8. Canabuc Says:

    Having all the throws in a vaccuum is nice but he doesn’t go through his progressions well. Is too short to see the field well and gets too many balls tipped and batted.
    He is a great backup in that he can will a team to win for a few spot starts. But you can’t count on him leading a team for a whole season

  9. HC Grover Says:

    After the upcoming 2 loss stretch Bowles will get desperate and put Trask in there.

  10. Popcorn Mike Says:

    I am with Joe, I don’t think Mayfield is the franchise QB Tampa needs. I think he’s a bridge QB. He has played decent ball but not impressive. After 12 games it still looks like he doesn’t see the field well. So many games he has his receivers wide open down the field and he throws short to the RB. At first I thought it was me not seeing the field well but, lately several analysts who has played in the NFL is saying the same thing.

  11. Marine Buc Says:

    Let’s be honest. This team barely beat the absolute worst team in the NFL…

    It’s not looking good.

    Baker isn’t bad but he is NOT the QB of the future unless we want another top ten draft pick in 2025…

  12. CHRISTOS Says:

    I think the Mayfield experiment the anticipated results.
    He is not a 2nd or 3rd year QB. He has enough years in this league and he is who he is. I dont know why many fans or media was expecting something else.
    He had 1 really good year and 4 mediocre to below average years.
    He is not the QB that will elevate you, that will make the players around him better, that he will win a few games on his own. He is not.
    He can play decent and if the team around him is really good you can win some games.
    If as an organization, as a team your ambitions are to compete you cant waste another year with this team. I can understand it for this year because you must clean up the salary cap mess but you cant continue down that road again next year.
    We knew when Brady came that we ll have 2 to 3 years competing for SB.
    We got one and it was worth it.
    But we knew after that we must rebuild a team. So build that team and not just stay prisoner of the average. Yes maybe the rebuild will fail who knows but you cant stay mediocre and hope for something.
    This team has not played good football. This team has no signs of progression through the season. Mayfield is not bad but he is not very good either.
    Its time for a new team. Build it.
    Go Bucs

  13. Saskbucs Says:

    Yeah I was all for backing Baker and he has looked good enough at times to win meaningful games, but we need a QB that can elevate the team. Baker needs a team to elevate him. The Bucs aren’t that right now, with a better HC, a better OL and run game we would be heading to the playoffs and Baker could win a playoff game. Lose this week and let’s see what Trask has.

  14. Conner50 Says:

    Start Trask time to see what we got in him, mayfield isn’t the answer. Obviously we need a center and left guard but if he was the answer, he’d be taking charge and the offense would look a little better week in and week out but it’s not.

  15. WyomingJoe Says:

    The Cult of Trask is hard at work I see. First of all, yes, Baker had an off day. Think it had anything to do with the rain?? Yeah, that actually affects ALL games Joe. Just ask Herbert in his game against the Pats (6-0) I believe. Also, funny how no one mentions the fact that Mayfield had three passes dropped in the game (Evans, Godwin and White). Also, the brainiac who mentioned that Baker has small hands and can’t throw in the rain, once again, Herbert has large 10-inch hands and it affected his game because it was raining! Btw, Burrows has smaller hands than Mayfield and Mahomes’ hands are only .25 inches larger than Mayfield’s- so that’s laughable…

    My hope is that Mayfield continues to win and drives you Haters crazy, lol.

  16. Dew Says:

    If we lose Sunday start Trask the rest of the season.

  17. Rod Munch Says:

    “Mayfield has sacrificed his body and given his all for the Bucs”


    He gives 110% on everyplay! He’s the first guy into the building and the last one to leave! He always puts in the hardest work in the room and his determination is unmatched! On the field, his never-say-die attitude shines through, and no one can question his commitment to the game! He embodies perseverance, consistently pushing through challenges!

    Now, was that talking about Baker Mayfield or Bruce Gradkowski?

  18. DBS Says:

    I said a long time ago when we were not putting points on the board . they could get to the Red Zone but not put it in. So let’s try Trask. If not they could put Trask back on the bench. All we kept hearing was Bowles and wins. Well here we are. Look like next to the last pace garbage team and I don’t see us beating Atlanta. So now Bowles do you think it is time to try Trask? You have had enough time to see this team operate the way it has so far.

  19. Duane in Sanford Says:

    Baker is in an unenviable spot. He is playing banged up and not likely get better. The second he takes time off to rest, he is done. Another loss likely sends him to the bench as well. For $4 million, we definitely got what we paid for, and maybe a bit more because he was not brought in to start for this team. Mike has his 1000 yard season. We currently have a not so great draft pick. Lose Sunday, its Trask time, and I suspect ME13 will rest his hammies for the remainder of the season. They teased us to start the season. We knew the season was going to be brutal. Could have been much worse. Really impressed with how Vegas was able to predict these shenanigans.

  20. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    This is from data collected by the PFF tribe (Vegas and Daily Fantasy rely on their data extensively):

    Mike Evans- 61 Receptions, 103 Targets, 68 Catchable, 7 Drops, Catch % 89

    Chris Godwin- 53 Receptions, 85 Targets, 56 Catchable, 3 Drops, Catch % 95

    Trey Palmer- 27 Receptions, 48 Targets, 31 Catchable, 4 Drops, Catch % 87

    Tompkins- 15 Receptions, 22 Targets, 15 Catchable, 0 Drops, Catch % 100

    Cade Otton- 38 Receptions, 50 Targets, 40 Catchable, 2 Drops, Catch % 95

    That’s 16 drops out of 210 catchable balls. WR1-WR4 & TE1 have an average catch % of 94%.

    The drops complaint by Baker proponents is a myth.

  21. Fred McNeil Says:

    We have to start Baker against Atlanta. If we lose against Atlanta it becomes less important. I honestly just don’t see Trask carrying the team on his back to a winning record from the 8 win abyss and Bowlzo has no inclination to help the next coach evaluate the roster so I just don’t see Trask getting a shot this year sans injury. I don’t see Baker melting down enough to get demoted either. Neither do I see Baker carrying the team on his back unless he wins this Sunday. I’d be rather pleasantly surprised if do win, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

  22. WyomingJoe Says:

    Capt’n Munch: I have to hand it to you. You give 110 percent in each comment that you contribute to this site. And no matter that your trolling efforts are irritating and your points obvious, you continue to soldier on! The Cult of Kyle must be so proud of you! I salute you and look forward to you grinding your teeth in frustration over the next several weeks.

  23. Dewey Selmon Says:

    He’s not the problem and he’s not the solution.

  24. Conner50 Says:

    Wyoming Joe just change your name to mayfieldmeatrider

  25. Proudbucsfan Says:

    I actually like Mayfield, he has more heart than most and he loves this game to his soul. Unfortunately he is just an average Quarterback, that’s not to say he doesn’t turn into an elite quarterback in the nfl one day if given time and a chance . Sometimes it takes longer for a quarterback to develop into elite and maybe that’s what he needs. Just as one example Rich Gannon became league MVP in 2002 but it took him many years to develop into that. Baker is just not good enough right now to carry this team or any team on his shoulders. Maybe one day he will be.

  26. pmarcello Says:

    Gimme a fraking Break!. The simple fact i your team is depleted and lack the horse. Yunz place too high a value on your few remaining superbowl vets and to be frank they are fading and the new players are too inexperienced or just not good enouigh. That include your hometoen EC pretty boy. The coaches aren’t stupid they have been in this game for years. If Trask was the snswer they would have him in there no heitation to save their jobs.Their is no rookie out there who can elivate humpty with this roster.
    As for Baker he has shown what flash they have allowed. He had Texas beat but yyour vaunted defense crapped. You look at Stroud and say yeah he elivated the Texans. But you all overlook that the Texans have been drafting near the top of the listfor a number of years and are loaded with young talent ready to blosom. That ia why they surpreised a bunch of tough veteran teams. I aw this for years in Cinncy and Cleveland when the Steelers had Ben to keep them on top. But even Ben came on to a team loaded with talent and ready for championship play. The Bucs don’t have that kind of roster. The Bucs have tried to run to much and the receiver can’t get separation of just drop the ball except ME and even he has had his share of drops. If the Steelers had Baker now they would take the tough AC North division and maybe the whole AFC.Baker will take this division IF he gets any help at allIf not he will be recruited and paid much better by a better team next year. Baker i working hard to stay here but this i a short sighted franchise which is why they have been mostly mediocre through their history except for the Dungy built teams. And Dungy had a Steeler pedigree. You fan are even more short sighted than you organization and forget about the ake Media Gurus they know nothing but hype and the politically correct flavor of the day.

  27. Capt. Tim Says:

    Joe, you sure love to poke the Trask mob!
    Youve seen it. Ive seen it, we’ve all seen it.
    Trask doesnt have the arm to be an NFL QB?
    He was yet another bad 2ndround pick.
    With our terrible line(stennie and Hainsey have been horrible, Feilder too),
    And our “star”WRs not willing to risk the the big hit( both are on coast), Mayfield has been above average.
    Not by alot. But QBs are so bad in the NFL right now-above average will win you the NFC south for years to come

    But if the Bucs decide to go a different direction, it would never be Trask.
    It might be Wolford.
    Trask would be told to fake an injury, to get him out of the game.

    We’ve all seen it. But Keep poking’em. Its Christmas time, and the Trask mob all has visions of their boy starting, covered in heavenly glitter, with a star shining over his head.
    Why crush the lil fellas dreams. Theyll find coal in their stockings soon enough

  28. Dwayne Cone Says:

    My hope is that Mayfield continues to win and drives you Haters crazy, lol.

    Mayfield is .416 with the Bucs and .445 Career. Will get you 7 or 7.5 ( whichever you prefer to use for the Hype) wins in the season and not enough to even win the pathetic NFC South.

    Yeah he played with a sore shoulder Blah Blah Blah. Didn’t seem to be a problem when he out performed Aaron Rodgers on a Christmas Day game but was sure an excuse when he threw 4 Picks. Give it a break.


  29. chickster Says:

    i cringe watching baker play

  30. Bucs'n'Bucks Says:

    Joe finally wrote an article for the Baker Haters. What an awesome way to keep the fans angry and complaining. I hope you get 1000 responses and get your ego all puffed up.

  31. HC Grover Says:

    Bakefield might be a good backup number 2 for Trask. Trask will take the Bucs to their next Stupor Bowl in a couple years after the clean sweep of Bowles and Co.

  32. Dave Pear Says:

    The Bucs best chance to win games if they sit Baker is Wolford.

  33. Rod Munch Says:




  34. NE Fan Says:

    Ranked 19th this week, dropping like a stone. Geno Smith and Stafford are below him but the rest are rookies and throwaways. A leopard doesn’t change his spots, he’s proving he’s the bum everyone thinks he is.

  35. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Trask is already under contract next year. And he’ll cost a lot less than signing a bridge QB. He’ll either be the bridge to a rookie we draft, or a backup to that rookie. Either way, Baker is not part of the equation

  36. Davenport Says:

    What is the point of sticking with a who’s made a career of mediocrity? There is no upside here.

    At least with Trask, there is the potential of least as a future back-up. Right now he’s an unknown quantity. The only way to know the path forward is to let him play.

    This season has not moved the franchise forward and we may be going into the draft without a direction.

  37. Conner50 Says:

    When the falcons win this week I’m sure all these dumbass so called fans will still want mayfield starting. Or want to talk about drafting a qb.

  38. HC Grover Says:

    HAHA Disney Woild…Dont fergit the Poloroid.

  39. D-Rome Says:

    Baker has had a nice season. He’ll definitely be another team’s bridge QB next season. The only way he should come back is if the Bucs make the playoffs or he eclipses 4000 yards with at least 25 TDs.

  40. Buccos Says:

    I like Mayfiled. He has gotten his team to compete every week. I haven’t seen any quit in this team. We control our own destiny. Amen

  41. johnnymoon Says:

    Trask is prob not the answer but I have seen enough of Bale to know he Def is not the answer ..Look once , Look twice than panic.

  42. Buc4evr Says:

    It’s not all on Baker. He could win if he had a decent team. But the defense has been horrible and the offense is barely able to move the ball. Baker is not getting much help so it is hard to determine his abilities. On top of that the coaching has been abysmal. I would imagine that Baker has a ton of problems with Canales play calling.

  43. WyomingJoe Says:

    Dwayne Cone: Thank you for your undying devotion to Mayfield. Glad you finally came around. Hey, I understand that Mayfield has to keep winning to remain a starter- and I think he will. But you don’t understand that he was a successful starter with the Browns, went 11-5 in 2020 and brought them to the playoffs for the first time in 20+ years. And he came within a play of going to the AFC Championship game. He also had a “pretty good” Rookie campaign when he broke Peyton Manning’s record for most TDs by a rookie. So please don’t tell me the man can’t play because that’s just stupid. KEEP WINNING BAKER!

  44. A Bucs Fan Says:

    We already know Baker isn’t the answer. The question is what do the Bucs have in the never before used 2nd round pick who has been riding the bench for the past three seasons. Can he ball? Or was he a waste of a critical resource (like DE or WR) that could have helped the Bucs win it all in 2021?

  45. Beeej Says:

    I don’t see how this team will ever score serious points when nearly every series gets to third down

  46. NE Fan Says:

    Wyoming Joe@ The Browns D in 2020 was top 10, the Offense was 16th with the best running tandem in the league not to mention Baker lost to Mahomes back up after Mahomes got injured. Mayfield had his best season ranked 11th. He had Beckem, Landry, higgins as wr’s. One hit wonder.

  47. Big Ed Says:

    Wow- Trask fans aplenty- In Colts game after Baker Mayield tried qb sneak
    from Colts 1 yard line- hurt ankle- off sides Colts- enter Trask- 1st & goal
    from 1/2 yard line- threw ball into Colt player’s hands ! Lucky for Bucs
    he dropped it-0 for 1 ! Had 4 plays to make a touchdown, 3 plays from 1/2 yard line & 1 play from 6 ! In 2022, he competed 3 passes out of 9 for 23 yards ,With Colts, that makes him 4 out of 10 passes for 23 yards, with 39.6 QBR !
    Enuff said ! Go Bucs !

  48. NE Fan Says:

    Beeej@.did you miss 2022?

  49. Vlad The Impaler Says:


  50. Rod Munch Says:

    BelleGladeBuc Says:
    December 5th, 2023 at 2:22 pm
    This is from data collected by the PFF tribe (Vegas and Daily Fantasy rely on their data extensively):

    Mike Evans- 61 Receptions, 103 Targets, 68 Catchable, 7 Drops, Catch % 89

    Chris Godwin- 53 Receptions, 85 Targets, 56 Catchable, 3 Drops, Catch % 95

    Trey Palmer- 27 Receptions, 48 Targets, 31 Catchable, 4 Drops, Catch % 87

    Tompkins- 15 Receptions, 22 Targets, 15 Catchable, 0 Drops, Catch % 100

    Cade Otton- 38 Receptions, 50 Targets, 40 Catchable, 2 Drops, Catch % 95

    That’s 16 drops out of 210 catchable balls. WR1-WR4 & TE1 have an average catch % of 94%.

    The drops complaint by Baker proponents is a myth.


    Good stats, thanks for posting.

  51. Vlad The Impaler Says:


  52. Capt. Tim Says:

    Trask went to the AFC championship game.
    One snap away ftom beating the chiefs in KC, and going to the Superbowl.

    The man has won on every level. This team is horribly bad and coached, but he still has us within striking distance of an NFC south title.
    With no running game, a miserable Oline, and a terrible defense.
    And alot of our best players( the ones who arent job scared) are already avoiding plays that could get them hurt. They no this team is going nowhere. This coach and staff are gonna get canned.
    They arent gonna risk a summer of surgery and rehab for coach or team.

    Yet Mayfield is still winning. Go on the Cleveland fan page. They are on the verge of a lynching, because the team traded the one QB that could carry that sorry franchise to a championship game.
    All because he played one season hurt, instead of going on IR.

    Welcome to Tampa, Captain Mayfield. Here are the keys to the Pirate ship.
    We’ll getcha a pass rusher, guard and center in the draft. That’ll tighten up that defensive sieve, and get a line that can get white some room to run.
    Because when hes out on his own- hes proven he can play.
    Its when he counts on our line that he gets killed.

    So brighter days are ahead. Look forward to the next 8-10 years of you at the wheel!

  53. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    Mayfield has zero accuracy on the deep ball.
    Trask has a much better deep ball.

  54. Capt. Tim Says:

    Mayfield went to the AFC championship. Obviously not ole noodle are Trask

  55. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    So much disinformation

  56. Vlad The Impaler Says:


  57. MomBucsFan Says:

    Brady only won 8 games last year. Don’t blame B aker! This team and the leadership need a major overhaul. Do not think you are going to have a Stroud taking us to the SB next year!

  58. Capt. Tim Says:

    Havent you EVER seen him play? EVER?
    Trask cant throw a deep ball. Or a deep sideline pass.

    The only thing you like about Trask, is where he went to school.

    The Bucs watch him play everyday in practice. They have seen a ton of him on the field.
    If they are trying to win games, Kyle Trask will never play a snap in the NFL.

    How can you think aguy is a good, just because of what school he went to?
    Thats Crazy beyond belief

  59. Duane in Sanford Says:

    We all lose when we associate Baker and Trask with words like success. Typically, we are the spoiler at this time of year, and there is still much left in the tank. Nawlins is so deep in cap hell, and heavily invested in winning this season that we MUST make every effort to disappoint and shame them. Carolina does an excellent job all on its own. Atlanta is meh, and if they win the south, good for them, because they need a qb as well to get over the hump. Our franchise plays with house money this season. Change is coming. Noone in the NFC South deserves a playoff spot, but one is still available. Its worth winning just because it puts all of the other franchises in the division in a crappier spot. All of these games are important for a playoff appearance, but if we had to have just one win for the remainder of the season, we should hope and pray its against the Saints to crush their hopes.

  60. Bee Says:

    When Trask gets a chance play, if he goes out there and balls out 300+ yds 3 tds then what will the haters say? If Trask outperforms Bake then Bowles should definitely be fired cuz the “competition ” was a sham. That’s was the HC is really afraid of.

    This team is already losing. Nothing to lose at this point to see what the 2nd round pick can do.

  61. MomBucsFan Says:

    capt. Tim, I like what you wrote…the ship is in good hands with you at the helm!

  62. EEK Says:

    Love him as a backup
    He’s been a gamer and could be a solid backup at a reasonable price — there isn’t a huge market for Baker

    I hope we keep him and draft a young QB or somehow land a top notch (TBD) FA QB

  63. HC Grover Says:

    And the band plays Country Road

  64. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Dilfer, King, Simms, Gradkowski, Freeman, Glennon, Winston. What do they all have in common? They all sucked for our Bucs, and Baker is no better than any of them. Move On.

  65. Big Ed Says:

    For all you Trask fans, remember Trask had his shot to make a touchdown !
    With Mayfield suffering ankle injury at Colts 1 yard line, on 1st & goal,
    Trask came in with 1st & goal, at 1/2. yard line, with help from Colts penalty !Threw pass into Colts player’s hands, but dropped it ! Trask had 4 shots at
    a touchdown, 3 plays at 1/2 yard line, & 1 play at six yard line ! Had to
    settle for field goal ! With 3 for 9 passes for 23 yards, makes him 4 for 10
    for 23 yards & qb rating of 39.6 !Go all the way with Mayfield, who, when some of you say Mayfield doesn’t throw the deep ball, he threw one touchdown pass
    for 70 yards, & one touchdown pass for 75 yards, both to Mike Evans ! He
    threw a 65 yard Hail Mary,with 3 uncalled penalties, when all of theoff

  66. Bucsfanman Says:

    Baker can certainly improve. I don’t know what others are watching/have watched but, at QB he gives us the best chance.

    QBs always shoulder a lot of blame, they’re easy targets.

    As to Trask, if he were the better QB, we wouldn’t be talking about Baker.

  67. realistic-optimistic Says:

    If you have no confidence in Bowles/Canales, then how can you trust their player evaluations? Can’t have it both ways.

  68. WyomingJoe Says:

    Danang: I’m afraid that you’re just Capt’n Munch in 4-inch heels.

  69. Statisticly Insignificant Reader Says:

    Have Jason Licht squandered another valued high draft pic? Are the Bucs really going to TOSS a 2nd round pic in the dumpster without a live game evaluation?

  70. WyomingJoe Says:

    Capt Tim: We’ll said. The Bucs don’t deserve loser fans like most of the Trask Cult on this site. I watched the Browns for years and it’s fun to see the Browns fans regretting not keeping Baker. I hope he sticks with the Bucs, but McVay and the Rams are the best option for him.

    NE FAN: ago back to the Pats if they’ll have you, lol,.

  71. Beeej Says:

    “NE Fan Says:
    December 5th, 2023 at 3:19 pm
    Beeej@.did you miss 2022?”

    I think I just described 2022

  72. T. McGee Says:

    Look at what Joe Burrow’s backup QB did last night. AND Trevor Lawrence’s backup did (before a holding call killed his winning drive). Baker had shown nothing. If he wasn’t a top pick, he’d be in XFL. Likeable dude. Plays hard. Not an NFL starter.

  73. adam from ny Says:

    i’ll say one thing…

    when a quarterback is drafted high and sits for years behind the starter absorbing the nfl for years, when his time comes he is usually ready…

    it doesn’t really happen any more…but when i was a kid, qbs were drafted and always just sat for a few years in a system, because they were deemed not ready…

    maybe in the 90s it began where you draft a qb and just throw him to the wolves – (rookie salaries obviously had something to do with the “quick to play” methodology)

    now we’ve had trask marinating for about 3 years now…so next season he should be primed and ready, if they decide to not draft a qb early or keep baker…

    we have a dude in trask who is probably itchy to get out there, and not become the next ryan griffin – lol…

    look at jordan love…the packers are an old school operation, and they have no problem sitting a qb until he’s primed and ready…

    so i do see a window for trask to be our starting qb next year, if a few things play out to favor that decision…that’s up to management and ownership tho…

    the trask gang should sit tight because next season could be his coming of age year in the nfl – or he’s probably off to another franchise…

    if he’s an nfl quarterback, it’s his time very soon – here or somewhere – he should be ready…of course he’ll have to show and prove

  74. Conner50 Says:

    Big Ed
    Rewatch the tape cause you’re incorrect. The first play he came in against the colts was blew dead immediately cause of a false start, he threw the ball anyhow so it don’t matter if it went to the colts player or not. Didn’t have 3 plays at the 1/2 yard line due to that penalty, second snap was a handoff up the middle per usual. 3rd snap was a dime to Godwin but in the back of the endzone well defended, Godwin dropped it. Get your facts straight instead of commenting cause you don’t like the guy for no reason.

  75. realistic-optimistic Says:

    I watched the Browns for years

    See this is the thing. You were never a Browns fan or a Panthers fan. Definitely not a Buccaneers fan. You’re a Baker fan. You will travel wherever he travels. Your perspectives are biased. Most of the posters here are Buccaneers fans above any single player. We want what’s best for the Buccaneers. You want what’s best for Baker. Big difference.

  76. WyomingJoe Says:

    T. McGee: You do realize that both the Bengals and Jags have better O-Lines than we do, right? Remember, alcohol kills brain cells. So slow down…

  77. NE Fan Says:

    Realistic@ don’t blame Wyoming Joe, the air is real thin up in those hills.

  78. Conner50 Says:

    You’re right about WyomingJoe he’s just a mayfield meat rider, he’s not a Bucs fan who’s been watching poor offensive play all season. He is in his mom basement with no job on here acting like a child that has a crush on a guy. Tampa fans have seen enough of mayfield to know he’s not good enough to be a starter, with or without a great oline

  79. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    I like baker mayfield. He’s accurate and has a nice TD to interception ratio. He gets the ball out quickly, and Evans is having a really good year to boot because of mayfield.
    Tampa Bucs are in bad shape not because of mayfield, but because of 2 really bad starting cornerbacks, and an ineffective offensive line. Fix those first.

  80. WyomingJoe Says:

    BelleGladeBuc: When your guys drop TD passes it’s a big deal! I count 3 TD passes that absolutely should have been caught, plus 2 others that good NFL Receivers would have caught. If they did, Baker would be in the Top 3 in TDs thrown.

    Realistic-Optomistic: You’re a very confused individual. And you’re definitely a fake Bucs fan.

  81. Dwayne Cone Says:

    But you don’t understand that he was a successful starter with the Browns, went 11-5 in 2020 and brought them to the playoffs for the first time in 20+ years.

    And had he sat out in 2021 the Browns would have made the Playoffs two years in a Row. No Question. Just like virtually the same team will make the playoffs fielding a Back Up. Defense and a Run Game will make most QB’s look Good. A couple of Backups made Baker look like Scrub last night.

    BTW. PFF graded Mayfield @ 54 and Young @ 59 for Week 13

    Evans made top 5 @ 90.2 but that was all Baker in your book?

  82. Capt. Tim Says:

    Even when its right in front of their druken faces, some “people” dont get it.
    What last nights game proved, is that if you have a great Oline- it makes everybody look good.
    Poor Brice young showed what happens when a great rookie QB has a horrible line.


    Mayfield is better tha half the starting QBs in the League.
    Thats good enough to own the NFC south for the next decade- if we fix the rest of the major problems. And get a good head Coach

  83. UKBuccaneer Says:

    Mayfield is a better Jameis. Give him an o-line and a running game and he’ll succeed. Give him neither and like all QB’s, he’ll fail.

  84. Leo Says:

    Soooooo are we all gonna act like all those dropped passes and the defense getting smoked is in him? Yes it’s about wins in the NFL but easily 3 of the L’s they have aren’t on him or because he didn’t show up and that would easily have them in first place right now but sure….his fault 😅 why is it nobody digs any of the other draft picks but him I don’t see anyone coming down on Kyler Murray or Mac Jones the way people try and trash this dude

  85. adam from ny Says:

    baker tryfield is trying really hard…

    the problem has a lot to do with the talent around him…

    if baker was sitting behind aaron rodgers with the jets this year, he’d probably be rockin & rollin over there…and challenging miami for the division…

    baker qbing a team that’s superbowl ready is a perfect spot for him to slide in behind a starter…

    this here is a team in flux – and baker being the qb is catching a lot of sh!t for it – he hasn’t been that bad – yet he hasn’t had a career year either

  86. UKBuccaneer Says:

    Bee Says:
    When Trask gets a chance play, if he goes out there and balls out 300+ yds 3 tds then what will the haters say? If Trask outperforms Bake then Bowles should definitely be fired cuz the “competition ” was a sham. That’s was the HC is really afraid of.

    And turn it on its head, what will the Trask fan club say if (when?) he fails? Will the blame the o-line and running game (which would be valid – just as it is for BM)

  87. Jack Clark Says:

    Baker Mayfield has played enough games to prove himself. Unfortunately he’s proven himself to be AVERAGE AT BEST and certainly not capable of leading us through the playoffs or even beating a good team. I’m sure Kyle Trask can throw at least two touchdowns a game and turn the ball over at least once. We need to see if Kyle Trask can jump start our paraplegic offense and make our team exciting to watch again.

  88. adam from ny Says:

    mayfield and jameis…

    that’s like comparing apples and oranges…

    smh @ some people up in here

  89. Ed Says:

    He is OK but OK isn’t good enough in a high scoring NFL. You have to have timing, get rid of the ball quickly and be able to move around with your eyes downfield.

    Due to Mayfield’s size and slow speed of progressions he is one click of the stopwatch behind when the WR gets open and he makes the decision to throw it.

    The only passes that look good in my eyes are the bullets he throws from a completely clean pocket with WR already open. Does nothing throwing into tight windows. Overthrows most of his deep balls and isn’t seeing the depth of the routes.

    If 200 yards a game, a couple of picks a game and one to two touchdowns a game is your idea of a good quarterback, you know nothing about professional football. The Bucs are stuck with him so piling on him is stating the obvious but there has to be a path to success and current Buc management and coaching isn’t understanding how to be sucessful.

    Where is GM John Lynch when you need him? Guy has done an amazing job evaluating talent.

  90. Greg Says:

    Baker is what he is. Up and down. He’s been that way since he was drafted. I don’t dislike the guy and I root for him on Sundays. That said, I flatly do not understand the Trask haters. The guy did not get a fair opportunity in my opinion. And regardless, how on earth do we just discard a 2nd round pick without seeing significant playing time? If we drafted a D End in the second round there is absolutely no way he wouldn’t get playing time. NO WAY. The only explanation for people that are going on and on disregarding Trask…Florida State fans? Weird. I just don’t get it.

  91. BakerBucs Says:

    Do any of u dummies think that glasers have any say in who is qb1 obviously if the owner wanted trask in there that’s where he wud b

  92. HC Grover Says:

    A for effort C- for results.

  93. NE Fan Says:

    Wyoming@ dropped passes happen on EVERY team and yes in the end zone. Baker has been lucky, he has thrown quite a few that should have been picks. So when you’re doing your evaluation please consider those as well instead of just an incompleted pass that won’t show up in Munches stats. FYI, Evan’s sits at #20 for receptions, not exactly elite.

  94. NE Fan Says:

    Last point to ponder catch percentage:

    Evan’s 59.2%
    Godwin 69.4
    White 90.5%

    I say throw more to the bottom two instead of making sure a teammate gets his 1000 yds.

  95. Hodad Says:

    The Buc game will not be shown in the Orlando market for the second time in three weeks. Instead CBS is going with Jags Browns even though both teams will be starting backup QBs. The Bucs are no longer relevant in the Orlando market that has to have the Glazers attention.

  96. Mord Says:

    I swear, you could change the post dates for some of these comments to some years ago and do a find/replace to replace “Trask” with “Glennon”

    Backup quarterbackitis

    Not saying Mayfield for the HOF.. but I’m amazed by how much Trask gets idealized here.

  97. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    The Bucs defensive cornerbacks always find a way to lose, and the Bucs o-line is d+. Mayfield is accurate. Want him to be more accurate, get a good line. People need to stop eating those dummy pills, and see what is really going on.

  98. UKBuccaneer Says:

    adam from ny Says:
    mayfield and jameis…

    that’s like comparing apples and oranges…

    smh @ some people up in here


    Their career stats are very comparable. BM slightly better because far fewer interceptions.

    Different ways of being pretty average.

  99. Blue Diamond Says:

    Capt Tim, been about 15 years since I heard something come from you that well, lets me know that you know as much about the Trask kid as you did about a certain Coach years ago. You say Trask is no good and a noodle arm, etc, etc. When have you seen him play? With the scrubs? Certainly not with the Num 1’s
    I read your know it all garbage and just know you write this stuff just to read yourself on JBF. I have a legitimate suggestion for the Bucs Mgmt, unlike ole Capt and his Mayfield nut hugging friend Wyoming Joe, Mayfield has done his best, including runs and over/under throws, so lets make every fan happy and let Trask start 2 or 3 games to see what he would actually look like with the Starters. That would show what he has for “all” fans. I personally feel that he would show the good Capt that Trask is far from a “noodle arm”. And if Trask does show he has an upside, then Mayfield can back Trask up next year.

  100. David Says:

    Baker fans;
    It is over. Baker with his living son have taken us to lowest levels in any sports.
    Is baker bad ? No he is better than the other qb’s in NFC south.
    Is he good ? No. He is just a good back up

  101. Rocket Dog Says:

    Can we get a big running back not some little kid weighting 130 lbs jason needs to go

    .oh i know lets trade are draft pick move down.John chućkie looking for job.Todd doesnt like trask thats the hold up might make him look like a ass clown

  102. BakerBucs Says:

    So let me get this rite baker is on notice for getting 3 TD,’s & the 4th TD was stopped short so they cud just run the clock out that means his time at tampa is on notice what a bunch of a**holes.then I guy with the stats for completion verses attempts it sure seemed to me all the drops were the most important TD drops of most every game evans had way to many critical drops.when they counted the most,to include Godwin cud of had the TD hail Mary catch in his face but forgot to turn around the 4 million $ baker made the exact throws in real time when this team needed them but it’s just baker is below average why dont his G.D. stats for this year show us that result u all keep saying i have seen 4 games with game winning drops by the so called elite 2 in this WR combo let’s remember who the hell got the throws to ME so get his 10th season record it sure wasn’t Trask! Trask cud not even get them in the end zone on the 1 yd line with 2 downs to do it Mayfield brought it 75 yards to the 1 got hurt & bozo trask blew it but he is the answer cj beathard came yesterday of bench & did what he had to Trask cud’t perform from the friggin 1 yd line

  103. steele Says:

    As long as the Bucs are in the dismal NFC South, they will be in the hunt, until they are mercifully eliminated, even though they and the rest of the NFC South are bad teams.

    It’s not so much Mayfield as the Bowles and Team G elephantsin the room. The HC who cannot pull together a team or its various parts, some of which are substandard.

  104. BakerBucs Says:

    David says & u sir r just a loser back up spectator! this site shows why Tampa has always been a crappy franchise u r worse than brownnosers Dawgs I listen to Jake browning last nite with his 1st win in jaguars land he said tht reason he did well is he was set up with an outstanding run game that set him up for success he makes sense but not u bunch of yards on this site if purdy had this team around him I see u success here either good luck with u r next QB I sure he gona be priceless i remember a lot of u jokers bragging up caleb Williams as next QB he is over hyped bs that’s the mentality on this site

  105. Tony Marks Says:

    This article misses For key points

    1) Bucs should be looking for a Qb regardless. Baker has no compelling reason to resign here if he ends strong. Tampa media thinking it s all up to whether Bucs want to sign him are in a dream world

    2) Son Of Mom Trask Kyle sucks

    3) Kyle sucked in the beginning with his MCdonald’s golden arches” passes

    4) Kyle still sucks as he missed his one chance at a TD and would have thrown an int before that

    Kyle is a good backup as even Brady thought – preferably behind Wolford.

    Is time to see what Wolford has

  106. BakerBucs Says:

    So David says so all the QB in this NFC s. R backups OMG every game I have seen this season every QB has had there share of poor play everyone so they all shud b backups according to u r analysis what planet r I on it is not earth in life u prepare for the worst & hope for the best every bucs game this season has keep me in excitement mode isn’t that what it’s all about u go into every game with passion to win so times it isn’t like that u ask for 100% from all & I am sure we get this week in week out most of u people r like doom & gloom I prefer positivity & to have enthusiasm instead of doom & gloom why even bother watching if u r doomed & gloomed

  107. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    If Baker was as good as he talks, Bucs would be in good shape.

  108. Tony Marks Says:

    Jack Clark Says:
    December 5th, 2023 at 4:45 pm
    I’m sure Kyle Trask can throw at least two touchdowns a game

    Thats right! You tell em Jack!! becaues we all know You got Kyle stats to prove it and


    kyle Trask 3 of 10
    yards 23

    average completion 2.3 yards (my maaaan always going deep!)


  109. BakerBucs Says:

    David says it’s over for David says period nobody reads u r posts they r stupid stupid is as stupid does David !!!

  110. Allbuccedup Says:

    Jason Licht Todd Bowles Baker Mayfield its the GMs fault clueless Glazers.

  111. Woodenman Says:

    Mord nobody is idealized Trask I would just like to see him play could not be any worse than Baker but like Joe said 2 more loses and l think we see him.

  112. BakerBucs Says:

    Bluediamond is that anything like blue suede shoes twisting & bobbing Trask has his chance on the 1 yd line that’s all u need to see if u jokers were the owner of this team then u make that decision clearly this is why u r not an owner so shut u r pie hole u guys dont call the shots & guess what u never will so u r opinions don’t mean sh*t

  113. Kidfloflo Says:

    Ar this point I’m all for either QB as long as they get me past my 6.5 season total bet!$

  114. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    Baker loving WyomingJoe – you will never see the light. Baker is average at best, but that is good enough for you clearly. NO ONE is saying that Trask will definitely be better, but we might as well evaluate what we have in him. How is that hard for you to understand. You are clearly not a true fan of the team – and have become a huge troll. Hall a$$!

  115. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    You all have to find it hilarious 🤣 that people who are massive Baker supporters are going bonkers towards anyone anyone who says that Baker is average at best and he’s not the answer for the Bucs at QB on an article where the author stated that exact thing! Anyone who agrees with the author, including the author, is blasted by the Baker Pom Pom wavers. You can’t make this up.

  116. Rod Munch Says:

    WyomingJoe Says:
    Capt’n Munch: I have to hand it to you. You give 110 percent in each comment that you contribute to this site.


    Thank you, that’s very kind of you – and encouraging words like that is all I need to keep me going!

    God bless.

  117. WisconsinBucsFan Says:

    Baker can’t read defenses or see over the line. Captain checkdown and take too many hits just not a good Quarterback! Anybody who does not see this needs to put the bong down and watch a game. Start Trask …….be real hard for him to be worse. Mrs. Mayfield (AKA Wyoming Joe ) knows nothing!

  118. Rod Munch Says:

    Bee Says:
    December 5th, 2023 at 3:34 pm
    When Trask gets a chance play, if he goes out there and balls out 300+ yds 3 tds then what will the haters say?


    They’d probably say congratulations to Baker for having the best game of his career! It only took 6 years, but he finally got to the 300/3 mark! Would certainly be exciting – and I assume it would be because he threw a bunch of one yard passes to Evans who took it to the house.

    Anywho, here’s the deal, it’s all on Baker now. If he can get the team in the playoffs and win an opening round playoff game, then he’ll have a ton of people who will change their mind on him.

    However, if he falls flat on his face and loses his job, there’s literally not a single Baker Boi will change their mind, and they’ll tell everyone how there’s a conspiracy at work to make Baker look bad, and everyone on the team is on it!

  119. BucsFan2520 Says:

    Bucfan1988 Says:
    December 5th, 2023 at 7:28 pm
    Tony Marks…

    Once again, you fail to present the FACTS about attacks numbers..

    He was playing with 3rd string guys last year num-nuts!!!!


    Disclose all info and be accurate !!!

    That’s because the coaches see Trask every day. He couldn’t even win the backup job last year.

  120. DEBucsFan Says:

    The Baker riding in here is ridiculous. He’s gotten to the point where every time he’s about to throw deep i wince like when Winsnone was here.

  121. DEBucsFan Says:

    And to the people saying Trask would be starting if he was better than Mayfield need to be realize that is being decided by either a HC with a .45 win percent or a 1st year OC

  122. SlyPirate Says:

    Marine Buc Says:
    Let’s be honest. This team barely beat the absolute worst team in the NFL…


    Under discussed. The win vs Carolina was pathetic. They are TERRRIBLE and we weren’t much better. Bucs lose Sunday and we can put a nail in the coffin. They’d be foolish not to play Trask the last four games of the season.

  123. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    This is Todd Bowles last shot as a head coach.

    If he fails, he will never get another coaching job again.

    Everybody knew that once the Bucs signed Baker that he was the horse that Bowles was going to ride or die.

    If and when Trask plays this season, that’ll be the end of Bowles as a head coach.

    Bowles knows this.

    So does Baker.

    @RodMunch nailed it.

    The heat is on as Kenny Loggins sang with Baker and Bowles like they are Alex Foley with Lieutenant Andrew Bogomil.

    They both are either gonna save the day or both be run out of town.

  124. Pittbucfan Says:

    Ok y’all. Here’s my take. As a Bucs fan since day 1 (that’d be 1976 for all ya newbie fans) Baker is a serviceable Qb who will play his balls off, spill his guts when he is on the field. I, for one, still believe in the dude. Living here in Pittsburgh, cheering for the Brahns to beat the Stillers, I gained a liking for the dude, and the way Cleveland screwed him over, couldn’t be more in his corner when he signed with us. Still, we need so many parts on this team to be successful. Build a team first. Brad Johnson was great, but no superstar. This defense sucks. Maybe getting an idea now about what we need to get a running game. Don’t waste a #1 pick on a QB now. Caleb, imo is a puss. Sorry. We need a top flight cb or lb now. A good rb as well. Maybe Baker can jell with his coaches and teammates over a few years. Please, a first round QB does not mean the second coming of Joe Montana . Give the dude a better shot. I think the stinking panthers would have a better shot with Baker than the hot mess first overall pick they have now.

  125. Pittbucfan Says:

    Hey Belle, not to nit pick, but “The heat is on” was Glen Frey.

  126. Objective BucsFan Says:

    I am in the camp that thinks Mayfield should start against the Falcons, but if the Bucs lose it is time to let Trask finish the season to determine if he can play in the NFL. If Trask plays poorly it will be time to look for the next QB in the draft.

  127. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    Sorry about that. Apologies to Glen Frey. One of my favorite movies and a great song. I think I’m getting old when I think all the hit movie songs from the movies from when I was younger are sung by Kenny Loggins.

  128. Larrd Says:

    He may be middle of the pack but the pack is pretty tight this year. His numbers aren’t that far off Jared Goff or Hurts or Stroud. Defenses seem to have caught up, some.

    He is fine. Keep Evans and draft the wideout from Washington in round one and he’ll kill it next year.

  129. Pittbucfan Says:

    Lol Belle. I apologize. Just so aggravated by the blame baker s#it. Great song my brother.

  130. RGA Says:

    I’ve said it many times throughout the season, this team goes nowhere with Mayfield. Start Trask NOW!

  131. WyomingJoe Says:

    Capt’n Munch: I always thought that your comments sounded delusional but it’s much worse than that, isn’t it? I can’t quite decide whether it’s paranoia

  132. WyomingJoe Says:

    … or schizophrenia. I’m going with schizophrenia.

  133. WyomingJoe Says:

    RGA: Trask had his chance to show what he could do when Baker gave him the ball literally on the 1-yard line. AND HE CHOKED.

  134. Since76 Says:

    Mayfield has an elite receiving duo and is average on occasion. That’s all you need to know. Time to move on now. I don’t care who you move onto. But try someone else.

  135. Conner50 Says:

    WyomingJoe so far up mayfield’s ass that he didn’t see the dime pass Trask threw to Godwin in the endzone. He did not “choke” nor is 3 plays enough to evaluate any player of any position. Go root for the saints your as bad if not worse than those slime balls

  136. Greg Says:

    The thing is it is entirely possible, maybe even likely, that Trask falls down in a real game. But he was a second round pick. You don’t blow off second rounders. It’s irresponsible. If he goes to another team and does well ala’ Steve Young I am going to be angry. I am already disgusted with the coaches hard headed stubbornness in regards to personnel. JTS, Ryan Neal, and on and on. Last year was absolutely the greatest waste of a season I have ever season. Tom Brady at quarterback and THAT’S THE OFFENSE? Jesus, no wonder he retired. Looking back, I am surprised he didn’t take a page from Antonio Browns handbook and walk off the field. God knows we deserved it.

    In my opinion, the absolute worst outcome would be winning this division and retaining Todd Bowles. I CANNOT wait to see him out of town. And Bruce Arians, thanks for the Super Bowl. But Bruce Arians can move back to Arizona after stivking us with Todd Bowles.

    I simply cannot watch another season like the past two. For the love of God, If nothing else, it’s BORING.

  137. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    Mayfield fans gonna sue when the Bucs don’t resign him.


  138. Keith frye Says:

    You Tampa fans are ridiculous this guy has no interior line at all no running game no one besides evens that gets open consistently hello he gotta be leading the league in dropped passes and is outplaying qbs with a hell of a lot better line te tv wr I mean Brady comes to a loaded ass team win and all a sudden you fans have the nerve to to not embrace this guy Y’all might be worse then the Cleveland fans I swear he will become the greatest bucs qb of all time ever he’s already number 2 and all he needs is one Super Bowl hello this team is trash besides evens and the tackles and Kancey the defense and the wr have blown 3 or more games he beat SF if the fin WR catch the two DROPPED TD’s I pray to god there not gonna listen to you idiots this man has never had any consistency ever the one yr he got injured he was having an amazing yr until the Texans game and then got sabotaged when he should have been embraced for playing with a broke shoulder bum ankle and sprained knee SMFH YOU FANS DO NOT DESERVE BAKER IVE NEVER SEEN A GUY THAT HAS HAD 8 offenses and coaches in 6 seasons but he’s inconsistent HELLO RETERDS LEARN THE GAME OR DONT SPEAK WITH THE 25 at least dropped passes and penalties no line show me ONE QB THATS GOT THIS GARBAGE LINE RUN GAME AND THE DROP KINGS AND LETS NOT TALK ABOUT THE BLOWN DEFENSE GAMES GET A CLUE PEOPLE GOD YOU HAVE TO BE SOME OF THE WORST FIN FANS ON EARTH “To fans that actually can buy a clue the true football fans that don’t base life on fantasy points and know what a all 22 is please get these niece idiots outta here “ haha this team would ruin any qb that comes in the draft WOW YALL BETTER GET HIP BAKER IS THE ANSWER GIVE HIM PNE MORE GOOD LINEMAN A TE A REAL RB AND A YOUNG GOOD WR BEST TEAM FOR 15 yrs

  139. Jeff Says:

    Baker’s not the problem. It’s Clueless Todd’s defense. Terrible head coach. Average D coordinator when that’s all he’s doing. The Head Coach job is too much for him.

  140. Tony Marks Says:

    Bucfan1988 Says:
    December 5th, 2023 at 7:28 pm

    Tony Marks…

    Once again, you fail to present the FACTS about attacks numbers..


    LOLOLOLOL….attack numbers? …..23Yards?? an attack

    “He was playing with 3rd string guys last year num-nuts!!!!”


    Yes you total nitwit. Thats why I referenced Brady WHO WAS LAST YEAR and what is the traskies excuse why in previous years he was he backup to the backup – because Brady wanted it so

    Traskies – never to hesitant to reveal their low IQ

  141. Let em Bake Says:

    The Tampa Bay Times said it best today…Baker gonna get paid. The market defines value. Im thinking Davis in Vegas may make a run for Baker. However, Baker will probably give the Bucs a long look. With a baby on the way, Tampa seems like a nice place to plant roots.

  142. Tony Marks Says:

    LOLOL Rod “IF he be typing he be lying Mush Says:

    They’d probably say congratulations to Baker for having the best game of his career! It only took 6 years, but he finally got to the 300/3 mark!


    Mayfield be so goooood . Bake must have gangster stole a Delorean and Gone back in time because

    Baker Mayfield Dec 5 2020 334 yard 4 TDs 0 Ints 75% completion Score 41-35 against Tennesee

    Mush “you don’t need Running backs in he NFL because its 2023” belly flops again
    I tell ya This mush kid is like a comedy machine

    and one more point


  143. Conner50 Says:

    Keith Frye
    Why would we wanna embrace a 5-7 record with an offense that can’t score more than 20 pts per game if that. Bad play calling or not which I think there’s definitely been bad calling, he should still be finding his man Godwin and be able to throw consistently long downfield passes but struggles. We sucked for a long time why would we want to keep embracing mediocrity like we have now and had for so long. Nah I’m good start Trask, if he is or isn’t the guy we build up the trenches for a rookie or someone else.

  144. Tony Marks Says:

    BucsFan2520 Says:
    December 5th, 2023 at 7:41 pm

    Bucfan1988 Says:
    December 5th, 2023 at 7:28 pm
    Tony Marks…




  145. J.J.swat Says:

    This team has no money to spend on high end skilled position players.
    They got Mayfield for pennies compared to what top end qbs go for
    These days. I personally don’t think he s the biggest issue with this team.
    Think we can all agree on the coaching being maybe the worst in the league
    With an exception of maybe the chargers or the bears. They play soft on
    Both sides of of the ball, bad situational football, and blown assignments.
    Evans, Winfield, and the punter should make the pro bowl. The rookie chancey
    Looks good and white can be very productive catching passes.

    However, the defense as a whole has been very disappointing against teams with
    Far less talent. The run blocking and online execution – terrible. Not maximizing
    Timeouts usage. The biggest let down – corner back play. Both Dean and Davis made
    $$$ on new deals. Dean get burned almost every go or post touted and Davis misses

    Unfortunately since they re in cap hell for another 2 years they will probably ride with
    What they have the next couple years. Hopefully it doesn’t get too ugly.

  146. Steve G Says:

    With Baker it’s always “I play better as an underdog.” As an NFL QB being paid millions to be the face of a franchise, how about full effort and motivation each time you step on the field?

  147. RGA Says:

    Enough already with the Mayfield fans, simply look at the results. He’s not a leader of men, he’s on his fourth team in just over a year, he’s a loser plain and simple. The lowly Carolina Panthers cut him mid season. Who in Bucs nation has any confidence in him. He needs to be benched right now, give Trask a look.
    He’s a backup in this league or starting for an alternative league. He is not a good quarterback.

  148. Josh Says:

    Baker will be a nicely paid starting in QB in the NFL next year. It would be crazy to think that the Buccaneers would pass on signing Baker when he has been a top 15 QB . Go look at QB stats, he is up among all the highly praised QBs. Most comments are asking for Trask or having Tampa Bay start him a couple of games to see what they got. They most likely will trade Trask in off season if they can find any takers and stick with Wofford as backup. They spoke highly of Trask in off season to increase his trade value but there were no offers, not even at the trade deadline.

  149. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I knew Smith and Mayfield were traps. How many times have we seen backups have surprise perfomances for a season, get opportunities, and blow them?

    But…people ALWAYS for it.

    Personally, I believe it is because most fans as short-sighted. They see a year in the past and base everything on that. Good or bad.

    Heck, we went through it in Tampa several times. Fans fall for it every time.

  150. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Josh Says:
    December 5th, 2023 at 11:01 pm
    “Baker will be a nicely paid starting in QB in the NFL next year. ”

    I highly doubt it. Less than 40% career winning percentage before he cam, and has floated around that since coming here.

    He should have been benched already.

  151. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    J.J.swat Says
    “Think we can all agree on the coaching being maybe the worst in the league”

    If that were true, we’d be in line for the first pick.

    But he is certainly top ten worst…maybe top five worst.

  152. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Keith frye Says
    “I swear he will become the greatest bucs qb of all time ever he’s already number 2…”

    I don’t even know how to respond to this…

  153. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    You know what? I could swear so of you are AI bots…

  154. Ex-Browns02 Says:

    “Last Call For Baker Mayfield”. Oh, my!

    Let’s see if the team is able to come together more in Atlanta.

    Go Bucs!!

  155. Hopein1hand… Says:

    @Buccaneer Bonzai: I hear you but methinks they are real humans with genuinely felt thoughts to express/edjumacate us but as Stephen A. Smith says, “HOWEVVA!!” Mayfield has to not just bring his A game, he needs to ball the eff out with his arm, legs and heart in Atlanta. Hurt or not. He knows this better than anyone. White nor Bowles’ defense can carry the Bucs on Sunday. Baker has to make his case or accept who he really is. A win would be a treat but a stomping/statement is what he needs to make it happen. Here’s to hoping he can…

  156. Scott Says:

    Until the bucs have a good running game, no QB will have major success. even Brady couldn’t help the Bucs last season. The bucs have had one of the worst rushing teams the last 10 years.

    I love the Bucs, and I like Mayfield. We need a rushing game, and an online to help the rush succeed.

  157. Obvious Says:

    It seems the bakerettes missed the point of the article.

    It’s not that Trask is a better qb. Though he probably is if it comes down to capabilities and skill set. No it’s not that. It’s things like missing ALL receivers 50% OF THE TIME! It’s the fact that his average is maybe 200 yards a game with MAYBE two scores if he’s lucky.

    Average at best. Last game was what, 48% completion (SLEEPY PUKE) What was it like a 65 qb rating…. (SLEEPY FART)


    Simply put, NO THANK YOU!

    THERE WILL BE A CHANGE AT QB! Mayfield simply isn’t the future. And THAT’S the way it is…

  158. Obvious Says:

    And let’s face it. Without one of the VERY BEST wide receivers in the game, “Mike Evans” what do you people think Mayfields qb rating would be?

    EVERYBODY already knows the answer. It would be the same and PROBABLY FAR WORSE than it was just “last year”! You Remember Right? THE WORST QB IN ALL OF FOOTBALL!

    Without Evans, Mayfield is just another little fella Johnny football……………………………..

  159. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    Josh you’re high

  160. Stanglassman Says:

    Tom Brady had a passer rating of 90.7 with 4,694 yards, 25 touchdowns and 9 interceptions in 17 games in 2022.

    Baker Mayfield passer rating in 2023 after 12 games is 90.6 with 2800 yards 18 TDs 8 ints.
    Baker has had 7 good games a couple of so-so games and a few stinkers. With a good team he could take you to the playoffs, maybe even win a post season game or two. I feel either way the Bucs should draft a Qb in round 1 or 2 depending how the draft falls.

  161. Toad Bowels Says:

    “They were, who we thought they were”

    Shake N’ Bake

    Arians could win with this trio, so could Gruden, but Bucs current coaches are struggling. Wonder if Canales and Toad could win with Patrick Mahomes?

    Is it QB or coaching? I say Toad must Go!

  162. Gipper Says:

    Why don’t all you QB experts ask Mike Evans what he thinks about Baker? After all Evans had the GOAT for comparative purposes. Mike Evans is on pace to have one of his best seasons ever.

  163. Tb bolts Says:

    The walls are closing in on wyjoe. He knows his god baker is on borrowed time. Middy had his (fourth) opportunity and came up well short. Many winnable games this year but middy just couldn’t clutch up. This surprises no one.

    Calling people who want to see Trask get his chance a cult is pretty ironic.. when the guy you post 100 comments a day defending has a piss poor record. Those first three wins were purely from a hungry fresh defense absolutely carrying this team (see ppg for reference)

    Trask came in and we saw something we havent witnessed all year with moxie behind center… a guy who actually looked like an NFL QB. Sat in the pocket and found godwin in the back corner. I’m sure our receivers are wondering where thats been all season. Its almost like a QB who can see is a plus for the offense. Theyre tired of sprinting theirs butts off just to turn around and see the following A. Terrible overthrow
    B. No throw at all because he was panicking and looking for a hole to scramble to C. Mayfield looking them off for reasons only god himself knows and last but not least D. They couldnt see midfield at all because he was beneath the shoulder pads of the lines.

    Excuses were made all season for this guy… RW was absolutely hammered all season and yet now he’s our main offensive option behind ME. Maybe when we see just how unclutch mayfield is in this must win Atlanta game the Bakery club will finally accept the massive L theyve been avoiding all season long.

  164. 76 bucsfan46 Says:

    Todd Bowles and Jason Lecht aren’t going to bench Mayfield. Bowles in particular doesn’t want to loose his job because either way it goes if Trask comes in and wins out then the Bucs coach and GM are going to look stupid because Trask won the job on the field in training camp and they know it.

  165. UKBuccaneer Says:

    How tall is Drew Brees?

    Because you know, short dudes can’t play QB.

  166. Ken Browns fan ..Baker Bro Says:

    Get a RB and a defense you would have 8 or 9 wins ..then you would change your mind on Baker

  167. Usfbuc Says:

    This comment section got interesting. I believe if nothing else our fan base is passionate about the team and winning.

  168. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    Drew Brees played for the Saints and Chargers and had a winning career record for both teams, won NFL MVP’s and a Super Bowl. Those things are why the Hall of Fame is where he’ll end up at.

    How many teams does Baker Mayfield have a career winning record with, won an NFL MVP, and a Super Bowl with?

  169. I'm a Tandyman Bucs Fan Again Says:

    If they lose Sunday you have to give the reins to Trask the rest of the way. Evaluate at the end of the season based on his performance and decide what direction your going to have to go to be in the Hunt for their League Championship in 24-25!!!! J O M O (Just One Man’s Opinion)

  170. Luis Diaz Says:

    HC Grover, Most peaceful and all the other delusional fools: Trask rhymes with Trash. He can’t read a defense even if he knew what was coming. He will be another Josh Johnson

  171. Zabo Zabotenski Says:

    The continuous attack on Baker Mayfield by so called “Bucs fans” is ridiculously disgusting! The Bucs owners and coaches brought Mayfield into this Bucs organization! They knew everything about Baker and they still offered him a contract and he accepted. In his 6 years in the NFL Baker has played under 6 head coaches and at least 5 offensive coordinators. His level of play is well documented and teams are still interested in him. Yet, Baker still gets the blame for all issues surrounding the team he is playing for. Last time I checked, a NFL team has 53 players, 12+ coaches, plenty of administrators etc…and yet one player is constantly getting the blame!!! I am very disappointed to what a former Bucs player (Ian Beckles) has said. “I don’t want my quarterback to be gritty. I want my quarterback to make the throws, to make the right decisions and to lead. We got a guy off the trash heap that didn’t win and is still not winning.” Ian Beckles was a 5th round draft pick out of Indiana who was criticized by coaches like Bill Parcells for being out of shape and not fit to start. He may have been a good player during his tenure with the BUCS, however, not a superstar. For him to say “We got a guy off the trash heap that didn’t win” in reference to Baker is a travesty and he should be ashamed of himself. He was an average player in college while Baker was a superstar in college. Enough blaming Baker for all the misfortunes of the BUCS. The blame should be placed on the owners, coaches, and players collectively and not one player!!! Enough said!!!

  172. Oneilbuc Says:

    Keith. I guess the other 3 teams didn’t deserve him either!! Lol 😂😂 you can go when Baker leaves us bucs fans will be very happy!!

  173. Ken PB Says:

    Baker has certainly puts in his all, and everybody says he’s a great individual. I’ve always rooted for him. Hope he finds ds his niche I believe he really, really wants it.
    Recall that game when he flew out and played for LA w a couple days to learn everything? He’s capable…..

  174. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    These are the Pro Bowlers for the Cleveland Browns when Baker was their QB:

    RB-Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt
    WR-Jarvis Landry, OBJ
    OLINE-Joel Bitonio, Wyatt Teller

    All of these Baker supporters say if only he had a good running back and OLINE he’d be amazing.

    Well folks, he had all of that at Cleveland and still only managed 1 winning season with 3 losing seasons in his 4 years there.

  175. ZavierDeSine Says:

    This is laughingly horrific to me as a fan. All of the people who are acting like the O-Line is not the problem. Buccaneers are running out of excuses, before they have to own the fact that you have a couple of stud O linemen and you have a few that are looking like they are the doorman at a swank hotel.

    When I’m watching the run game, those Backs are running into a wall. Mayfield is running for his life. The fact that he is doing as well as he is, is a testament to the heart Mayfield has. Bite the bullet during the draft and get you a couple of them hog walkers out of the mud West and go from there

  176. Conner50 Says:

    Offense averages 19 ppg, cant get the ball to their second best guy (Godwin), can’t throw deep down the field.

  177. PowerOfPewter Says:

    Yes, Mayfield is average. Is that so bad? Bucs won a SB with an average QB…Brad Johnson. And being average means his potential replacement has equal chance of being worse as he hS of being better. I can’t think of a game the Bucs lost that can be purely blamed on Mayfield. He’s not the pressing problem that Jameis was. If a QB falls into the Bucs lap in the draft, then by all means take him. It’s worth a shot. However, I would certainly resign Mayfield and plan on him being the starter until he’s beaten out. Needs I see higher than QB: DL, Edge, ILB, Safety, Center, LG, TE, #3 WR.

  178. LMACD Says:

    Baker needs 3 more seconds from O-Line blockers. If he’s not rushed, he’s a decent QB, no faith in Trask. We need a solid running QB from next draft. No faith in our coach as well. Love my Bucs but always issues with something, getting tired of that!!

  179. Alan Says:

    So much hate. Baker doing great considering. Has put them into position to win but dropped passes and no defense has haunted the team. Not to mention no run game.

  180. Jmv84 Says:

    If the Buccaneers win against the Falcons Sunday. They will be in the same spot and record from last year. Tom Brady a 7 time Superbowl champion struggled with the same scenario with a awful O line and no run offense.

    I think he has proven he can proform up to the same standards a hall of famer was giving last year. He can be a starter for this team but I think the head coach IMO is the real issue. Great at defense but not as a head coach. We remove him and get some decent draft picks and we can continue to get Baker to his peek performance.

  181. Mr.Objective Says:

    No point to argue. He’s gone. He is underneath Sam Howell and Gardner Minshew. Dude is a 16-18 QB with Rodgers,Cousins and Burrow being out. Numbers are weak even with him getting a ton of garbage yards after the game is out of hand. The analytics are BRUTAL on him. Goodbye. Congratulations on your kid but please leave as soon as possible. I HATE watching you play. 10-22 in his last 32 starts. 210 yards a game and ONE 300 yard game over that span. Team#5.

  182. BigBucFan Says:

    I believe that we have a problem with the offensive line. This affects both our running game and our passing game. I really would like the b
    Bucs to concentrate there because I believe that is the root of the cause.

  183. Shaking my Head Says:

    Only an idiot believes the absolute worst running team in the NFL is the quarterbacks fault. I don’t care if you have Tom Brady in his prime, with no run game whatsoever, he is an average quarterback. Fix the run game and you’ll see Baker excel.

  184. Pappabill Says:



  185. confido75 Says:

    BM is a good QB. Plenty of teams have won the Superbowl with QBs like him. Do we want the next Patrick Mahomes? Who doesn’t! Right now, we have a servicable QB that is at least in the top 15 list for QBs this season. Also, for those screaming for Trask to start, Trask has been slow to mature as a QB. That has been his M.O. his whole career. I’d like to see what the time with Canales has resulted in. Once playoffs are off the table, Trask should get an opportunity. Give the kid a shot and lets see what we have, so we can stop the debate.