“I’m A Real Problem To Deal With”

December 3rd, 2023

No lies offered.

It was a cool moment in Bucs history. Mike Evans had just surpassed the 1,000-receiving yards mark in the fourth quarter. When it was announced on the public address system at The Licht House, the crowd rose as one and gave Evans a round of applause.

The JumboTron quickly flashed a “Quiet Please” graphic. The Bucs, after all had the ball in a close game, fighting for their playoff lives.

Before the crowd reacted, Evans, the greatest receiver in Bucs history, knew he had his 10th straight 1,000-yard season. Evans already owned the record for most consecutive 1,000-yard receiving seasons to begin a career. He just stretched it to 10.

The only man in NFL history who had more was some guy named Jerry Rice.

Evans began the day needing 150 yards to extend his record. His 75-yard touchdown catch-and-run put the Bucs up for good and turned around the game, one that would have had far-reaching ramifications had the Bucs lost.

Evans said he knew he broke the record because all his teammates were talking about it. Evans’ numbers were flashed on the JumboTron and the entire Bucs bench knew about it, he said.

When asked after the game to briefly reflect on his career, Evans thanked all of his teammates and coaches from the past as well as the present.

“There were a couple of years, 2018 and 2019, where I was really great,” Evans said. “But this year — I get smarter each year. The game slows down for me each year. If I’m healthy, I’m a real problem to deal with.

“I’ve just been blessed with health. Learning how to take care of my body as I get older.”

The 1,000-yard mark wasn’t the only milestone Evans reached today. With his 7 catches, Evans now has 61 for the season. As a result, per NFL Communications, Evans became the first player in NFL history with 60 or more receptions in each of his first 10 seasons.

Mike Evans, Hall of Famer? Hell, yes!

35 Responses to ““I’m A Real Problem To Deal With””

  1. Jack Clark Says:

    Mike Evans is truly a GOAT because he was able to put up 1,000 yard seasons with four different quarterbacks. It doesn’t matter how sorry his quarterback is, whether its baker mayfield or Josh McCown, Mike Evans is still putting up 1,000 receiving yard seasons

  2. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    That dude is a warrior! A giant amongst men! Congrats to the Bucs mvp!

  3. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    1000 yards in just 12 games. Thats truely awesome, and that’s old school!

  4. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    1st player in NFL history. Let that sink in for a little while that one of the most offensively inept teams in NFL history has the only receiver thru some of the worst head coaches, OCs and qbs to be the 1st in to have 60 or more catches in each of his 10 seasons. And dummies want him traded or not paid what he deserves because of a few drops. Prism the thought!

  5. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    He should have his gloves from this game enshrined like Cadillac Williams had his

  6. Stan says Says:

    The Goat, and he’s from Texas A&M love it. I hope the bucs can resign him sometimes I feel like he is the only reason to watch The Bucs.

  7. Voice of Truth Says:

    Jason’s first ever pick was his best. I am torn between him and Brooks for best Buc ever – maybe we just have a tie

  8. 1#bucsfan Says:


  9. Sly Pirate Says:

    The Year Could Get Better (for Evans)

    Current/Career High
    Yards: 1012 / 1524
    TD: 10 / 14
    Receptions: 61 / 96

    With 5 games to go, 4xTD is very probable. 512 Yards (102/game) is possible and 35 Rec (7/game) is very possible. Mike could set career highs in all three categories. Not a bad bargaining chip.

  10. Oneilbuc Says:

    He’s a hall of famer trade Godwin and keep Mike Evans go Bucs!!!

  11. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist and Founder of UniqueModernArt.com Says:

    Our best players on offense:

    1. Mike Evans
    2. Tristan Wirfs
    3. Baker Mayfield
    4. Chris Godwin
    5. Everyone else

  12. Oneilbuc Says:

    And the media promoted Odell over Mike Evans lol 🤣🤣!!

  13. Jeff Says:

    He’s close. The suspect hands hurt him and playing for the Yucs can be the kiss of death. But Mike’s time with Tom Brady and the SB should get him in the hall.

  14. Lokog Says:

    Im cool if we keep mike evans for his entire career it rubbed me the wrong way what happened in the beginning of the season but i always liked mike I couldn’t believe it. I can’t wait till devin white is gone someone called him dead weight that was a good one.

  15. PAK Bucs Fan Says:

    The stadium chanted Mike, Mike,Mike, Mike, Mike, and it went on!! Well done Mike!

  16. Let em bake Says:

    Remember all the doubters who said mikes 1000 yard streak would end with baker?pepperidge farms remembers..

  17. D-Rome Says:

    When Mike is inducted in the Ring of Honor his number should also be retired.

  18. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    99, 55, 13, 20.

  19. bucs107 Says:

    If this guy would had good qb play before Brady he would have 150 TD
    He made Manzel better and every other qb
    He’s a class act too
    Mike you deserve the HOF and more

  20. Dave Pear Says:

    Great Buccaneer. Proud to wear my red Mike Jersey everywhere. Thank you Mike, not even Todd can stifle you. That alone is an added bonus for the hall of fame case.

  21. Rod Munch Says:

    I had RedZone playing during the game, and they broke into away from the 49ers-Eagles game to cover Mike getting the 1000 yards, and said he’s basically a HOF WR. We know that, but for those that don’t pay attention to other markets, Mike isn’t seen as the elite WR that he is – they stupidly think he’s just a deep ball WR. So getting national media mentioning him and HOF is huge for his chances. Obviously he should be a first ballot guy, but these milestones are helping him, bigly.

  22. J Says:

    I’m curious what his mindset was before entering the game this evening.

  23. FortMyersDave Says:

    BA’s Red Pen: you forgot 63: 63, 99, 55, 20 and 13.

  24. WiseCrack Says:

    @FortMyersDave please remind me who wore #63

    Did you mean #74 because he is an All Time Great to be sure.

  25. WiseCrack Says:

    As far as ME is concerned, if the Bucs dont resigne him I will officially be done with the NFL. That is how important he is in my opinion.

    They are not the Rays. I will not accept them letting players go for “potential”.

    The Rays have proven and EARNED the right to my support via AWESOME on the field products. The Glazers/Bucs. ARE THE WORST SPORTS FRANCISE FOR A REASON.

    They can continue to change that FACT by RESIGNING big MIKE now!!! They owe it to themselves an to the fan base to keep a NFL ALL TIME GREAT!!!

  26. WiseCrack Says:

    OH My BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  27. WiseCrack Says:

    Gezzzz. My bad again… “♥” LeeeeeeeeeeRoy Selmon… I was thinking 90’s with those numbers @FortMyersDave.

  28. adam from ny Says:

    mike came to play yesterday…!!

    that huge drop in carolina last season must have haunted him…

    he balled out big time…what would we have done without him yesterday…

    sadly enough we let carolina hang around all game

  29. adam from ny Says:

    post brady, you just knew mike was going to have a huge year…

    especially in a contract year…

    and he is eating yac like a hungry demon this season…for him…

    because in brady years, he caught the ball and just dropped to the turf in self preservation mode…

    i predicted mike to rock 1300-1400 yards this year in old threads…i think i said officially like 1350……………dude could rock 1500 if he stays hot and healthy…

    yeah he’s something else!!

  30. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Mike has the most thousand yard seasons to start a career. He also is now tied for second with Randy Moss for the most thousand yard seasons in a career period with 10. Only Jerry Rice has more (14). I hope he breaks those records! Def a HOF.

  31. Bbro Says:

    Flying like superman across the pylon for a touchdown one for the comic books and trading cards, 100%

  32. Brandon Says:

    bucs107 Says:
    December 3rd, 2023 at 11:59 pm
    If this guy would had good qb play before Brady he would have 150 TD


    Brady was like kryptonite to Evans last season. He barely got over 1000 yards in 17 games and averaged a career worst 12.3 yards per catch. You Brady fan boys just can’t your noses clear of Tommy’s rear end. Give it a rest.

  33. Mike Says:

    Evans is truly a blessing for the Bucs! Will be a Hall of Famer one day for sure and deserves it. He is a problem (for other teams to defend)!

  34. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    Guys – you forgot #47

    Congrats Mike!!

  35. Glass used to be Half Full Guy Says:

    I think Tom Brady is living rent-free in “Brandon’s” head. Lol

    Here’s a Brady stat for you “Brandon”….

    Philliy’s “Tush Push” or “Brotherly Shove” has a success rate of 86.2% That’s with an athletic QB who allegedly squats 600 lbs. and lots of “helpers”.

    Brady’s career success rate for QB sneaks is 90.5% on a much larger sample size (124 conversions). Not bad for an un-athletic, cement-footed “statue”.

    Chew on that for a while. Oh and FDT. Lol

    Congrats to Mike Evans. Yesterday was a beastly performance!!!