If The Playoffs Began Today…

December 19th, 2023

Interesting opponent.

My how quickly things change in the NFL.

When the Eagles beat the Bills in overtime to close out the month of November, many believed they were just about a lock to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.


Three games later, the Eagles are looking at a wild card berth. They lost to Dallas and San Francisco and last night dropped their third game in a row when Philadelphia was upset by the Seahawks.

Drew Lock beat the Eagles. Drew Lock! This fool wasn’t even smart enough to keep billionairess beauty queen and next-gen Chiefs owner Gracie Hunt. And a supposed Super Bowl team loses to that clown? How can people in Philadelphia sleep at night?

So if the NFL playoffs started today, the Bucs would host the no-longer-mighty Eagles to open the playoffs.

Now Joe doesn’t want to get ahead of himself. The Bucs are tied for the NFC South lead at 7-7 with the slimy Saints. The Bucs host the slimy Saints on New Year’s Eve and that game likely will decide the division title.

So all of a sudden, the unbeatable Eagles look very beatable. And frankly, the Cowboys don’t look so hot either. And it seems the Bucs are starting to get hot.

Fun fact about the Cowboys: None of the past 10 Super Bowl winners had a double-digit loss in December.

Ought to be a fun final three weeks, folks.


31 Responses to “If The Playoffs Began Today…”

  1. adam from ny Says:

    yeah i’ve been sniffing the eagles coming to ray jay for a minute now…

    i think they’re def down cycling…a little bit…

    i just told a pal the other day i think the cowboys are gonna pull out that division

  2. Jack Clark Says:

    We have zero chance of making the Super Bowl 😂

  3. Tye Says:

    Playing with the playoff machine, I did get another team besides Eagle and Cowboys…
    If the Eagles and cowboys continue to struggle, the Bucs could end up playing the Seahawks… Canales going against his old team…

    It’s fun to think about BUT the Bucs have to finish the season strong first!

  4. adam from ny Says:

    also if we win out…that would be 6 in a row…

    potentially making us one of the hottest teams in the league going into the post season…

    if such is the case, with our recent history vs the eagles or cowboys – i think we will be ready for a dogfight vs either opponent

  5. unbelievable Says:

    If Bucs make the playoffs, and play mistake free, they could beat the Eagles. I still think the Cowboys overmatch us too much in the trenches though.

    Our D line just isn’t nasty enough, even with Kancey and Vea.

  6. Todd Rolls Says:

    I love it

  7. David Says:

    Do you really think Bucs have any chance to defeat Eagles ? It will be a blow out. Bucs will get their butt kicked as they did last time they played Eagles. Toilet Bowl with trash Baker have not defeated any team so far with wining recored based on current standings. The most of the teams they defeated they have losing record as of now.

  8. Buc4evr Says:

    Wish we had a better defense. D line isn’t getting it done and the secondary is just a mess.

  9. NJbucs23 Says:

    Sports talk radio up here in philly area is goin to be gold today!!!

    And I can’t wait to continue to tell all these eagles fans, “jalen can’t read no defense!”

    Go Bucs!

  10. steele Says:

    The NFL is parity, with a few better, a big bunch in the middle, and a few bad. Bucs are border between middle and bad. This is no surprise. Other teams, that should never have been annointed champs in Sept, are face planting, that’s all. There’s plenty of time for more collapses, and that includes this one. Which is still a Todd Bowels dumpster fire. Could they be spoilers? Sure.

    The key every season is staying healthy and peaking in the last few weeks, and above all, having lucky matchups and other teams collapsing.

  11. Bucs since 76 Says:

    The G B game is a perfect game in showing how the Bucs want to play offense. We passed the ball 28 times and run it 27. That’s the balanced attack Bowles wants and it worked we scored 34 points. Mayfield played a perfect game if you don’t count the fumble at the 4 and holding the ball too long on a few plays. If Bowles can figure out how to get the defensive front 4 to get to the QB we will be a team that’s going to be hard to beat. Also, there’s only one team in NFC that seems to be way better then anybody else the 49ers. If we make the playoffs there is a chance we can win the Superbowl only teams that don’t make the playoffs have 0 chance to we it all.

  12. #99 the big fella Says:

    David, your negativity sucks! The Bucs are better than the last time we played the eagles. You aren’t really a Bucs fan are you? It seems you come on here just to insult the team.

  13. NE Fan Says:

    David, ALL of the teams Bucs beat have losing records. Losing to Cowboys and SF is no embarrassment they are two if the top teams in the NFC and sorry but Matt Patricia pulled a Bowles last night. How can you let a WR get behind you in a situation at the end of that game with Drew Lock as the QB? Lock threw a bullet, Baker doesn’t have that accuracy or arm strength. Some of you are talking MVP and SB. Love the optimism but it’s time to put your big boy pants on, if Bucs get to the playoffs, one and done. Also, I hope Canalas is shopping for another job so Toilet Bowls knows how it feels when his coach is more prepared for his interview rather than the PO game.

  14. Joe in Michigan Says:

    NE Fa*: Vikings are .500, so your statement is incorrect.

  15. Joe in Michigan Says:

    NE Fa*: Saints, too.

  16. Pewter power Says:

    Stop with the jokes. Even if we somehow miraculously beat the eagles which they can’t do, they are looking at the 49’s so we won’t get out of the first round. Hopefully it’s enough to get Bowles fired. His defense is too average and he’s the coordinator. If we don’t have edge rushers he and his gm picked Logan hall and jts

  17. Defense Rules Says:

    Buc4evr … ‘Wish we had a better defense. D line isn’t getting it done and the secondary is just a mess.’

    I agree with you. I was convinced at the beginning of the season that our D would be strong all year, but that our offense would take roughly half a season to get it together … because of Todd Bowles being a defensive HC and us having a new OC & QB. It appears that the the 2nd part of my expectation has come around, but unfortunately the ‘strong defense all year long’ part has taken a major hit.

    Currently our offense has improved to #20 by scoring 296 total points (21.1 PPG), but our defense has fallen to #13 by allowing 290 total points (20.7 PPG). And the only reason we’re even ranked #13 in Points Allowed is because our D has made some incredible Red Zone stands (Bucs rank #4 in Red Zone TD Percentage allowed with 41.7% … allowing 20 TDs in 48 opponents’ trips inside the Red Zone).

    We’re beating the teams who we should beat … those with break-even & losing records … but we can’t seem to play with the big boys. And unfortunately (for us) THOSE are the teams that make the playoffs.

    Strange thing is that during our losing streak our opponents were making more big plays than we were. We’ve turned that around on offense in these last 3 games it looks like, and that’s critical IMO when it comes to winning games in the NFL. Our defense has been getting big plays in the Red Zone all season long (for the most part), but it’s critical that we start getting them earlier in drives. To date we rank #26 in giving up over 5000 yards in 14 games; it’s hard to beat the big dogs when you do that.

  18. garro Says:

    If only the Carolina Panthers were not matematicaly eliminated. They too could host a playoff game. LOL

    Go Bucs!

  19. NE Fan Says:

    A few notable QB names that never beat Brady:

    1. Hurts
    2. Josh Allen
    3. Cousins
    4. Mahomes (post season)
    5. Goff
    6. Andrew Luck
    7. Matt Ryan
    8. Tua
    9. Justin Hebert

    Just to name a few.

  20. Danny Says:

    We’d get smoked by the Eagles (again) or the Cowboys.

  21. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Everyone is talking about us n the playoffs. STOP IT lol. Let’s just focus on winning the next game and go from there. We got 3 games left and a lot can happen hopefully the Bucs air it out like they did against the cheese heads.

  22. D Cone Says:

    More than likely Minnesota will finish with a losing record. That is unless week 18 against the Lions is of no purpose and the Lions rest the starters. Last year Bucs rested the final week against the Falcons or they would have finished 9-8.

    Funny how Folks are deciding who their first dance will be with before they have even been invited.

    Teams can win 50% with a So So QB. Even one that can go from a passer rating of 68 to 86 to 158 in consecutive weeks. Then again Bucs have a 50/50 shot as I mentioned. Win against GB was a fight for a possible Play Off spot should disaster strike in the Division. Seahawks added a twist to it yesterday and it looks like Win the Division or Plan the Off Season.

    Beathard is a Career 60% passer and Bucs better play another great game Week 16, worry about Jax, and don’t be looking for a Tux just yet.

  23. orlbucfan Says:

    Hey Joe, you need to post that postgame video of the Bucs locker room hearing after they beat the Falcons. That might shut a few of these peabrains up. Guess NE Fan is bored with his bottom feeder called a team. Ha-ha. Bucs are not ready for the Stupid Bowl. I call it that cos I miss the NFL Championship Game format. There’s no reason why they can’t finish 10-7. The rocks in Canales’ brain are finally lining up straight.

  24. orlbucfan Says:

    cheering not hearing. Not fully awake.

  25. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    Gurgles what Mac’s balls ain’t sweet enough

  26. Cobraboy Says:

    Downside: 9ers look like the 9ers.

    Aa 9ers-‘Fins SB would be very interesting!

  27. Lakeland Steve Says:

    So why don’t we play out the season and see what happens. If we finish hot and win the division, don’t tell me the Bucs don’t have a chance against the Eagles or the Cowboys. Sure the Bucs would be underdogs but we play better as dogs.
    NE fan, just go home dude, not sure why you are still on this site. Unfortunately your team sucks and the Bucs are playing well and you can’t handle it. So, don’t go away mad, just go away.

  28. Brandon Says:

    Don’t they reseed after every round now? So if the Bucs win as the #4 seed and the #6 or 7 seed wins, wouldn’t the lower seed move on to play San Francisco?

  29. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    NE fan, what’s Brady’s SB record vs Eli?
    Rest of you guys, don’t p on my breakfast. Im gonna believe in this team until cold hard reality says they are out of the running. Anything can happen. Goodbye haters

  30. Saskbucs Says:

    Eagles have sucked but they got the Giants twice and AZ.
    Cowboys have Ravens, Dolphins and Commanders I think … much tougher road to grab that division. Not out of the question by any means.

  31. Fred Says:

    Todd needs to go.