“I Give Todd A Lot Of Credit For Getting Baker To This Spot”

December 14th, 2023

Is Todd Bowles a quarterback whisperer?

He didn’t whisper much to Tom Brady last season.

But thinks are different in 2023. Bowles is actually seen before games chatting, laughing even, with his starting quarterback. There’s a bond there.

Joe can’t speak to how strong it is, but a friend of Bowles, Pat Kirwan, the SiriusXM NFL Radio host and the former Jets personnel guru and linebackers coach, gives Bowles major points for his relationship with Mayfield and how Mayfield is performing.

“He’s playing like, you know, this is the greatest job he ever had,” Kirwan said, noting Mayfield’s low salary. “So I give Todd a lot of credit for getting Baker to this spot, thinking [about] the road Baker was on. You think about Baker bouncing around the league.”

Kirwan also noted how Mayfield has had friction was past coaches, but none with Bowles.

Jim Miller, the retired quarterback who co-hosts with Miller, said he’s talked to former Bowles coaching colleagues and Bowles players who all say Bowles is a straight-shooter and is well respected because of it.

Joe hadn’t thought of giving Bowles credit for Mayfield’s performance. That’s probably because Mayfield’s play has declined over the past four weeks.

However, it’s a very fair point by Kirwan, especially if Mayfield finishes the season strong.

48 Responses to ““I Give Todd A Lot Of Credit For Getting Baker To This Spot””

  1. WyomingJoe Says:

    Keep winning Baker.

  2. Conner50 Says:

    Mayfield is not the future qb Tampa needs, plain and simple to see

  3. realistic-optimistic Says:

    This one seems obvious to me. Both Bowles and Mayfield were on their last leg as HC and Starting QB. Bowles probably told Mayfield “it’s you and me, I’ll never bench you as long as I’m here.” That might be the biggest boost of confidence Mayfield has been given in the NFL. But I have to be honest, I don’t think he’s returned the favor. This product is hard to watch.

  4. zzbucs Says:


    You are probably right Conner….

    The thing is, that if we get a medium pick for next draft, you will see him again next year….

    I like BM a lot, but agree he is not the long term answer

  5. Boss Says:

    he plays like a scared cat. and he need more arch on his balls.

    love the moxie, now work on the throwing and field vision.

  6. Bucfan1988 Says:

    Boss, too late to learn those things for Captain Average.
    He is what he is….

    Bucs would be idiots to give him a long term contract..

  7. stpetebucfan Says:


    “This product is hard to watch.”

    I feel ya but again let me get everybody to turn on me.

    The Bucs are exactly in the same position as last year with Brady at the helm. Was that hard to watch. It was for me! All the he’s retired, he’s not retired, he wants to go to Vegas/Miami yadda yadda all season long. I do not like drama!

    Brady was and will be for my remaining lifetime, the GOAT. However he’s not the first to hang around too long!!! As a young kid I LOVED Willie Mays.
    Like Brady he hung around at least one year too long and was mediocre.

    I’ll always respect Brady’s last SB here with the Bucs. He was money, Licht surrounded him with a ton of talent including Gronk, Licht mortgaged the farm and it paid off. Teams will and should do anything to win a SB

    Brady’s second year…meh…last year sucked largely because of Brady. If he gets the praise he also deserves accountability!!!

    He retired 2/1…unretired 3/13…speculation he really wanted to be in Vegas or Miami but he had a year left on his contract “forced” to play in Tampa. BA and Gronk had seen enough and left.

    Brady then allows his marital issues to wreck the season. He and Giselle had an agreement he would retire IF he won his 7th SB and proved his point. He did not and the marital tension just grew to a boiling point. Instead of dealing with that in the offseason Brady takes 11 days off and two preseason games…he may not need the prep how about his teammates?

    He then proceeded to sleepwalk through a totally uninspired season. His record at this time last year was the same as Baker’s right now!

    He was great! He brought the Bucs a SB. No matter the cost in cap space and a lost season last year it was worth it. But the truth is he stayed too long and it hurt the Bucs.

  8. Bosch Says:

    Hey Boss. Cats arch their backs, not their balls.

  9. Joe Says:

    The Bucs are exactly in the same position as last year with Brady at the helm. Was that hard to watch. It was for me! All the he’s retired, he’s not retired, he wants to go to Vegas/Miami yadda yadda all season long. I do not like drama!

    You don’t. Fans do. Being a former TV guy you should know this well.

    The best thing that happened to the Bucs all year was Mariah Godwin.

  10. Conner50 Says:

    You’re probably right and if we get a road grading center or LG, physical RB, and a WR I’m ok with him coming back on another team friendly deal though. Nothing long term or massive contract. Tampa should no matter how the season turns out, trade up to get Jayden Daniels imo. He’s got football smarts don’t turn the ball over, throws accurately and can make plays with his legs. I know the history Tampa has drafting qb’s isn’t great but never stop trying to get your future guy. It’s paid dividends for other franchises who haven’t stopped

  11. John Sinclear Says:

    Gotta agree with Conner. Let’s dump Mayfield and draft an unproven rookie who has never taken a snap in an NFL game, and who has an 80% chance of being a complete bust. Maybe trade Evans and Godwin for draft picks, and pick up a couple of unproven rookie receivers, who also have never taken a snap in an NFL game. That should resolve ALL our issues, right?

  12. Brazilian fan Says:

    I would have liked to have seen Kyle Trask play 2 or more games this year before we thought about the draft

  13. Tb bolts Says:

    Keep winning less than half the time baker. Sooners fan wyomingjoe will have a sad christmas if you don’t keep delivering those timeless 144 yard performances.

  14. Larrd Says:

    Bowles has always made glowing remarks about Mayfield, which is what he needed after the Browns experience, then bouncing around. Bowles should get credit for that.

    The running game is coming around. I am back on board. One game at a time!

  15. stpetebucfan Says:


    Agree completely that from the Glazers perspective Brady was golden. He still had National cred.

    I’m just speaking as somebody who had seen enough and felt a mixture of embarrassment and resentment for Brady. But I certainly take your point.

  16. JD Still Says:

    Well that’s sweet , Bowles and Mayfield being long time best buds and all, but it does nothing for the team , after gifting Mayfield the starting job after lying to and screwing over Trask , what has that given us ? another losing season when We have too much talent for that to be acceptable, it’s one of the things that destroys a team , to tear a team apart there is nothing like undeserved favoritism , on any other team Mayfield would have been benched six games ago .

  17. Beeej Says:

    Mayfield was VERY immature when he came into the league…last year and change gave him an opportunity to realize that. I haven’t seen him get into any whizzing matches since he was cut loose by the Panthers

  18. RGA Says:

    @ John Sinclear, or we keep Mayfield and be a subpar losing football team.

  19. mark hardt Says:

    Baker won’t be back but lets just enjoy the season. He has had 4 last minute comebacks if you count the Bills. 10 over all in his career. Baker is money in the last two and always has been. He did not have to do that much with the Browns because the running game and defense were so good. This year he is on his own and doing pretty well given the circumstances.

  20. Birdie Says:

    I hope we resign Mayfield,he’s a fighter.Nothing better out there.

  21. Conner50 Says:

    John Sinclear
    I didn’t say trade Evans or Godwin to move up first of all. Also that’s the risk you take with any draft pick no matter what round, is that they make or bust. You don’t settle for mediocrity and never quit trying to find your Franchise qb. Which mayfield is not

  22. From the Windy City Says:

    Baker had a career losing record before the Bucs. It did not take anyone or anything to get him to this spot . . . a losing season with the Bucs.

  23. Oz Len Says:

    Not one mention of Green Bay, the next season-defining game, coming up in three days. Brilliant fanbase, you guys are great!

  24. Since76 Says:

    Mayfield is averaging around 225 yds a game. That is most QBs bad game numbers. No upside to this guy. Love his “moxie”. But we are under .500 because moxie doesn’t put points on the board. Passing yards do. 225 a game 13 games does not a quarterback make. He might have “it” in the locker room but he’s not bringing “it” out to play. Either find a decent veteran or draft a QB.

  25. Ex-Browns02 Says:

    Oz Len: You’re spot on! The haters are the haters — pretty funny actually.

    True Bucs fans can’t wait to tune to Green Bay this Sunday. Heck, I’ve even been checking their local weather forecast (cloudy, westerly wind of 8 mph, high of 41 degrees) — great football weather!

    The Bucs are trending up and the Packers are trending down. I give the entire Bucs organization credit for hanging in there up to this point. They’re bringing it together, piece by piece — and the timing of it is great!

    Go Bucs!!

  26. Show Me the TDs Says:

    Wow! Low expectations. A mediocre HC whispering to a mediocre QB.

  27. Conner50 Says:

    Show Me the TDs
    Exactly, these guys act like Tampa is doing great when there struggling to barely get by bad teams. Mediocre is acceptable for these so called true fans

  28. Ex-Browns02 Says:

    Show Me & Conner: You gonna cry if the Bucs win on Sunday? Are you going to be grumbling and grinding your teeth if the Bucs’ hard work and perseverance results in continuing success?

  29. realistic-optimistic Says:

    The Bucs are trending up and the Packers are trending down.

    I don’t know about this statement. In the last three games, GB is 2-1 with wins over KC and DET (pt diff of +13). In the last 3 games TB is 2-1 with wins over CAR and ATL (pt diff of 0).

    GB’s HC is not on the hot seat, TB’s coach is on the hot seat.

    GB’s QB is a 1st round pick still on his rookie contract. TB’s QB is a bridge who is playing for his 4th team.

    (I know, I know, so negative)

  30. RGA Says:

    Baker Mayfield has had one winning season out of five. That’s not a winner, it’s called losing.

  31. Ex-Browns02 Says:

    I’m not sure about your analysis. How did KC and DET do last Sunday? How did GB do on Monday? Who did they lose to? Who is trending up and who is trending down?

  32. Bucs13 Says:

    Stephbucs. Brady’s second year was his best! What are you talking about. He was in the MVP conversation. He was also voted the Number 1 player that season. It’s completely unfair to lay the blame for the mediocre season his final year. His center got injured. He was an All pro. He also lost his all pro LG. That’s what messed up the season. Brady has had other personal stuff in past seasons. His mom was going through cancer and he won the SB. You’re projecting your thoughts on what might’ve happened in his personal life. Are you gonna blame the awful defense on Shaq? He’s going thorough personal stuff this year.

  33. orlbucfan Says:

    The Miami Dolphins sure crapped in their pants last game. They are now among the top 5 AFC darlings. So, what’s the deal about Tampa not winning? It sure will be better FB weather up in Green Bay than down here. I love the Bucs so I always root for a win. However, this team is talented. The players are fired up. Why can’t they win? Especially according to all the negative Nellies on here.

  34. Ex-Browns02 Says:

    You can see it in the players. The season is coming to fruition for them because they stuck together and never gave up.

    What say ye? Are they going to be victorious on Sunday?

    I’ll say it: The Bucs are going to play their hearts out in Green Bay and bring home a win.

  35. David Says:

    Trash Toilet Bowl with his trash son, Baker. We have nothing but disappointments this season with these two losers.

  36. Ex-Browns02 Says:

    David — where have you been buddy? We’ve been waiting to hear from you and your sage wisdom!

    Yeah — great plan — fire everybody and start from scratch!

  37. David Says:

    Joe says;
    “I Give Todd A Lot Of Credit For Getting Baker To This Spot”.
    You are Wrong Joe.
    Bucs fans have no confidence in Toilet Bowl as per the recent polls at all. He is a cancer to this football team. He is also responsible for hiring a journey man qb whom the league knows that you can’t win super bowl with.

  38. David Says:

    Toilet Bowl & Baker are done and they will not be back. Draft a qb to compete with Trask.

  39. unbelievable Says:

    @St Pete – I gotta disagree with you on this statement:

    “Brady’s second year…meh”

    What? We were like the #1 or #2 offense in the entire NFL that season???

    I agree last year he finally seemed mortal. But I put blame on our o-line just as much as the QB. Same goes for this year with Baker…

  40. Conner50 Says:

    I’m not gonna be doing all that if we win, but you really want Bowles coming back next year? Cause that’s what’s gonna happen if we win and go to playoffs and get stomped. I like the passion but face reality, this teams sinking and barely able to win against bad teams. We need new coaches and a damn good draft

  41. Irishmist Says:

    Is Bowles a QB whisperer? Yes. Before every play he’s in the helmet whispering ” Don’t turn it over, don’t turn it over.”

  42. orlbucfan Says:

    Bucs got back into the playoffs before Gruden was canned, post-SB. They had a home playoff game cos they were Division champs. The Washington (back then) Redskins came to town and beat them handily. This was 2005. This team is more talented than that one was. So, what’s with the negative? Why can’t they beat tha Pack this weekend? Cos Bowles is the HC? Give me a friggin’ break!

  43. Tony Marks Says:

    David Says:
    December 14th, 2023 at 4:43 pm
    Toilet Bowl & Baker are done and they will not be back. Draft a qb to compete with Trask.


    You would have to because Kyle “30% Passing” Trask SUCKS

    pine needles

  44. Tony Marks Says:

    Sorry Joe

    Bowles can get credit for hiring what another coach built back. Thats IT.

    The coach that resurrected Baker’s career was McVay. Just plain fact

    IF not for The Rams’ McVay no coach would convince an organization to hire Baker this season.

    Rams vs Las Vegas on Thursday Night Foorball is where all that began.

  45. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    What I’m about to say is with a full expectation that we will lose the next two games…sorry folks…but…(this may surprise some)…I think I might be okay with bringing Baker Mayfield back next year, so long as it isn’t long term or pricey.

    Even is he looses the next 2-4 games, at this point, I doubt we get to see Trask play at all. So it will make sense to use Mayfield as a bridge QB.

    I do think we need a franchise QB for the longterm, and I still do not think that is Mayfield. For all his confidence, he has yet to beat any good teams…and I suspect by the end of the season, he will only accomplish a 40% win total.

    So, we’ll have three options…ride with untested Trask, and/or draft a franchise QB…or sign a better veteran.

    To me, barring a trade or super proven veteran QB (which I think would be too expensive), we have to draft.

    Depending on where we draft, it may have to be first or second round on a QB. I would not be heartbroken if they take a top center in round 1, and then a QB in round 2 or 3. Have a true QB competition between Mayfield, Trask and the new guy.

    But…I do not believe it would be a true competition.

  46. Toad Bowels Says:

    Toad Bawls and Bucker Hayseedfield, a dynamic duo

  47. TBsense89 Says:

    Guys we don’t have to argue with the Baker Bros … It’s almost over. This season will come to a merciful end. This has been the worse offense to watch in I don’t know How long. TB sent Winston and his video game numbers packing and rightfully so .But this has been unbearable. Dont forget you won some games you could have lost as well. Do you REALLY want to see Mayfield in 2024? Especially with NO Evans. Don’t count on the defense getting all those turnovers next year..Let the Falcons trade up and get Daniels and we will have a second year of the journeyman. Great! Even with half the league out, he what? 15-18. But most of these guys are bandwagon fans/ Baker Bros. They can go with him. I go back to the Dam Wyche/ Mark Carrier days. Keith McCants..It’s almost over guys. Good buddy of mine a Steelers fan. Asked him if he wanted Mayfield. He damn near hung up the phone on my face. Hear me out, week 1 he will be on someone bench.

  48. TBsense89 Says:

    Just imagine a front office with a 29 year old QB. He ranks anywhere from 14-18 whole ” leading” a bottom 10 offense. Forget the losing record. Forget he has Evans and Godwin. Forget at least 3 qbs who were injured would be ranked above him. Even forget he’s a free agent. Even if he was under contract, you would STILL look to upgrade. His 20 TD passes are ok. Mostly short dumps under 3 yards or jump balls to Evans. Evans account for 40 percent of his yards and half his TD passes. I’d take Howell over Mayfield inna heartbeat. Much younger. Yes he’s 4-9 but look at his division. Bringing back Mayfield is postponing the inevitable. You will be drafting a QB in 24 or 25. A guy approaching 30 averaging 225 yards a game is going to dissuade you. A deep dive into the numbers are BRUTAL. His stats and the offense the first 3 quarters. He stat padded alot of games….Detroit,Philly,buffalo and San fran. Sit back and enjoy the L. Understand one step back will be 2 forward.