Deven Thompkins Hopes To Burn Slimy Saints Again

December 31st, 2023

Another strong game facing slimy Saints?

The last time the Bucs played the slimy Saints, Bucs No. 4 receiver Deven Thompkins had his best game as a pro.

The second-year receiver out of Utah State by way of Fort Myers, Thompkins had a career-high four catches. They included his lone NFL touchdown, a game-winnerwhere he went airborne, Superman-style, to catch a Baker Mayfield pass while sailing across the goal line.

That gave the Bucs a 23-9 lead and slammed the door on the slimy Saints.

Given that his touchdown was such a highlight-reel catch, Joe figures Thompkins is now on the slimy Saints radar. Will that attention hurt him but help the Bucs?

“We have Mike [Evans] and we have Chris [Godwin] so they will have their eyes on everybody,” Thompkins told Joe last week. “Hopefully I can just sneak in there and make another play like the last time.”

That would be a good thing, obviously. In theory, paying more attention to Thompkins and other receivers could be a death knell for the slimy Saints as this year, when corners single-cover Evans he roasts their asses.

“That’s very important,” Thompkins said of drawing heat away from Evans and Godwin. “It’s very important. Granted we have two great receivers.

“But they can always use some [support]. So when it is time to step up, that’s our job.”

Joe prays the slimy Saints get dumb and only put one corner on Evans with Evans’ kryptonite, Marson Lattimore, not playing today.

If the slimy Saints try to pull that stunt, the Bucs should be NFC South champs by 4 p.m.

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7 Responses to “Deven Thompkins Hopes To Burn Slimy Saints Again”

  1. J Says:

    New Years wish. Evans gets 3 more TD’s to break his record, Godwin breaks 1000 yards, and White breaks 1000 yards.

    Banner day.

  2. CABucs Says:

    NFC South Champs
    Baker comeback player of the year
    YaYa Defense Rookie of the year.
    Winfield Jr. NfC Defense Player of the Year

    Pro Bowl
    Windfield Jr

  3. Proudbucsfan Says:

    J that sounds good to me, as long as we get the win first and wrap up the division.

  4. dmatt Says:

    We should be done with playing a conservative student body left n right offense. Come out swinging, kicking butt, n taking names. I was impressed with the Lions aggressive style of offense against the Cowboys. They showed the league how serious they are about winning. They lost at the end due to the following:
    1. No call on obvious PI on cowboys
    2. Lineman failed to report as eligible receiver
    3. Goff failure to put velocity on throw for would be two point conversion
    IMO, Lions won the game.

    Bucs must play aggressive on both sides of the ball. We’ve gotta bring in a new coach for special teams. We are awful on kr/pr, poor blocking for DThompkins, he gain most of his yards on his own n with courage. Punt coverage is the same, awful, teams break multiple tackles on us n coverage team take forever to reach the other end. Poor coaching.

  5. garro Says:

    I doubt they dont make every effort to double Mike.

    That could play into our hands though. Godwin, Palmer, and White can make them pay! Make it so Baker!

    Go Bucs!

  6. R.O. Says:

    Was it Lattimore over the years or the limited route tree, stale Offenses and shaky QB play the Bucs have had for more than half of ME13’s career?

  7. orlbucfan Says:

    In a perfect world @CABucs. You’re talking the Tampa Bay Buccaneers here, and they are NOT NFL darlings. Sounds like the Cowpukes cheated Lions out of a win. Nothing new there. C’mon Bucs, and wrap up the Division. What a great day for football. Hey joes, is the game sold out?