Devin White Talks About His Failing Motor

December 27th, 2023

Once upon a time, Joe was given a 1995 Buick that was past its prime.

The car had a habit of rumbling, in a bad way. It knocked and pinged and popped, and some weird things happened when the motor was shut off.

Joe remembered that giant car today when Devin White was very gently telling media in the locker room that he’s playing well again because he’s finally feeling good after a foot injury.

“Being able to just have a motor, being a high-motor guy. You know, when I was hurt my motor knocking; you know, it needed to go in the shop,” White said. “And I will admit that, and obviously I was out there and I’m not shying away from it. But just being healthy, just being able to go out there and have energy and fly around and make plays. I’m just thankful to be back to that.”

Throw White’s questionable attitude aside for a moment. He’s healthy with two games to play (six games?) in a contract year.

Joe likes those odds when it comes to White continuing to play with his hair on fire and making plays down the stretch, especially against his hometown region’s slimy Saints on Sunday.

26 Responses to “Devin White Talks About His Failing Motor”

  1. CleanHouse Says:

    I hope he remains a Buc.

  2. CleanHouse Says:

    It’s a failure of coaching and management to let a talent like him not perform and slip away to another team.

  3. Oddball Says:

    Welp, we can get DW a LS3 swap with a supercharger. Should be good for close to 600 HP.

  4. unbelievable Says:

    I’ve been saying all season that his foot / groin injury clearly wasn’t better, and was effecting his game. It seemed obvious as his play dropped off dramatically after the first couple of games.

    And I’m one of his harshest critics, not one to make excuses for the Diva. But it was obvious.

  5. I remember 21 Says:

    I seriously can’t believe what short memories some people on this board have. bowles sucks out loud for a year and a half (here, that’s not including his previous 3 peat of losing seasons w/ Jets), outcoached on a weekly basis, team NEVER ready to play, terrible personnel decisions left & right, even his supposed genius level defense getting shredded by rooks and backups. Goes on a four game win streak against some mid level chud teams and people are talking coach of the year. Devin White has a season and a half of good play out of 5, comes back from QUITTING ON THIS TEAM & HIS TEAMMATES after requesting a trade, has one pretty good game (no better than AWJ has on a weekly basis, all season long), and people are acting like this guys is anything other than one of the WORST rated ILBs in the ENTIRE LEAGUE and talking about “I hope we resign him.” This guy is an unaccountable cancer to the team plain and simple. And let’s not forget he wants to be the highest paid LB in the league at $20M per. And even if we agree to this ridiculous premise that being injured (rather than sucking) is what caused him to play so terribly this season, how bad does bowles look for not sitting him for one game earlier if that’s all it took?

  6. unbelievable Says:

    ^ oh I agree it looks terrible on Bowles, and is honestly just the latest in many questionable personnel decisions that’s he’s made. Like continuing to start JTS over Diaby, playing Jarret / Thompkins over David Moore most of the season, etc.

    Where I will give Bowles some credit though is that it does seem like he has changed his attitude and been more aggressive in recent weeks. We went for it multiple times on 4th down, even when we didn’t really need to. He also has the team playing hard in December after that disastrous mid-season losing streak. Can’t discount that stuff either.

  7. Crickett Baker Says:

    Personally, except for JTS and maybe Davis, I can’t think of one player I would like to see go to another team. It was really hard when they ditched Suh and JPP. I sure hope we don’t have to grieve next year. As for now, we JUST gotta beat those darned Aints and beat them badly.

  8. Rod Munch Says:

    Like him or not, he doesn’t play slow – and before he missed those games he looked slowed. Last game, he did not look slow.

    He’s not going to be back, which stinks since I think he’s a top LB in the NFL when he’s used correctly. But I just hope for the remainder of the year Bowles stays aggressive, and uses White correctly.

  9. Tony Says:

    He’s had a failing motor before the season even started. He’s a high motor guy? He’s been on the sidelines as a cheerleader for quite a bit this year. Between him Carlton & Dean they’re on the sidelines more than they’re on the field. Devin wants the type of $$$$ you’d pay somebody like Derrick Brooks or Ray Lewis or Lawrence Taylor or Brian Urlacher or Julius Peppers. Yeah right dude you’ve still got a ways to go before you reach their category.

  10. B Says:

    Short memory? Maybe we take into account a young man who has experienced a significant amount of personal tragedy and incredible career success in a short amount of time and cut him some slack about maybe being erratic sometimes.

  11. BucsFan81 Says:

    Pretty sure when White got benched for KJ Britt his agent called him up and said do whatever you need to do to get back on the field. That’s when White probably talked to Bowles and said he would do whatever needed to be done. Cause at the end of the day he knows he needs to play to get a big money contract from another team. At the end of the season I hope the team parts ways with him. He is a me first instead of team first guy.

  12. Dave Pear Says:

    The Saints are his likely next home so he should want to impress them.

  13. BillyBucco Says:

    I think White will get about 12 million from some team.
    He will then mark his calendars every time he plays us.

  14. Tony Says:

    @Dave Pear

    Devin can go join Jameis in NO. They can talk about horses & crablegs together. Maybe the next time Jameis decides to go steal some crablegs Devin can be waiting for him on his horse as his getaway.

  15. teacherman777 Says:


    Preach bro.

    Thanks for showing some compassion on here.

    Devin White is still a kid.

    All the posters and fans on here need to cut these guys some slack.

    Most of them will retire, at 30, before really even becoming a man.

  16. ATLBuc Says:

    CleanHouse Says:
    December 27th, 2023 at 9:26 pm
    I hope he remains a Buc.

    I agree. I think he has a more humble attitude stemming from the way Bowles dealt with him.

  17. garro Says:

    Thanks for the laugh Joe.

    Diva is ripe to pull an AB moment at any time. Hope he doesn’t but I’ve got no faith in this guy at this point. What if he gets bored against the Taints Sunday?

    So far this year he has pulled his head out of his !@# for one game to blitz and score one INT.

    Go Bucs!

  18. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    Can’t keep em all and he’s not consistent at all see ya

  19. DungyDance Says:

    Free agent advertising.

  20. Buccos Says:

    Get what you can out of him while he is still here. With fresh legs he might motor us through the rest of the season and into the playoffs. We are on the same trajectory as the Super Bowl team was a few years ago and we have quite a few players who have done it before. So no one can tell us that it can’t happen. If Devin’s play launches us into another Super Bowl don’t tell me that you wouldn’t want him back. When he is right he is an absolute game wrecker

  21. Matt Says:

    Go get paid by someone else. He is not the leader at LB we want after David.

  22. BucaneroJim Says:

    @ B Says… spot on with your comment. These young guys are only in their twenties of age – many without substantial male mentoring growing up. I thought I knew everything at that age or at least, had to believe I did to measure up. At 65 years of age, I have concluded some sage male mentoring would have helped my young years, in so many ways.

    Comment on the field play of DW, if you wish. But, let Coach Bowles deal with the personal stuff with DW, he seems like a pretty good mentor for young guys.

  23. Mike Johnson Says:

    The average fan has no idea.The painful injuries players go through and have to deal with. And those injuries never heal until way into the summer. Some never heal completely. I know. I only played college ball for 2 yrs. And that was an eye opener. I’m in my early 50’s now, and those injuries still follow me. Well paid or not, these guys pay a heavy price.

  24. Ultra ClodHopper Says:

    I think he’s full of sht. I think he saw he wasn’t missed and it finally motivated him for the first time since the Super Bowl.

  25. Chrisonthecape Says:

    All bs. Just put the tape of the Ravens game on from LAST YEAR. Was your hemi in the shop then too?

  26. Larrd Says:

    How do we know White has a questionable attitude? Folks ask for raises all the time.

    He is questionable playing zone defense, but the Bucs sll are, except Winfield and Lavonte.