Dave Canales A Dark Horse Head Coaching Candidate?

December 27th, 2023

Source of Baker Mayfield’s success?

So who gets credit for Baker Mayfield rising from the NFL dead this season? Joe thinks it’s fair to look at the Bucs’ offensive coordinator.

While Joe may not like Dave Canales’ dedication to the run when he has many more weapons in the passing game to suse, there is no denying Canales is doing an excellent job with several players.

Rachaad White has developed into a serious weapon in the passing game. Mike Evans, at 30, is having one of the best seasons. And of course, there is Mayfield.

Given how Geno Smith, like Mayfield, resurrected his career with Canalas as his position coach in Seattle, it sure looks to Joe that Canales knows how to get the most out of players, specifically quarterbacks.

In fact, Jeff Kerr of CBS believes Canales is a huge reason the Bucs are on the cusp of an unprecedented third-straight NFC South title.

Dave Canales has revived Baker Mayfield: What Mayfield has done the last two weeks has been Pro Bowl worthy, a small sample size of how productive he has been all season. Mayfield has completed 64.8 percent of his passes for 3,598 yards with 26 touchdowns to eight interceptions for a 96.2 passer rating — and this is the 49th-highest paid quarterback in the NFL! Mayfield has completed 76.3 percent of his passes for 664 yards with six touchdowns to zero interceptions and a 141.2 passer rating over the past two weeks as his maturation in Canales’ offense has come full circle. The Buccaneers found their long-term quarterback.

Well, Joe isn’t sure about long-term. For example, Smith seemed to regress when Canales left Seattle for Tampa Bay. And last week Joe read Conor Orr of SI.com throw out Canales’ name as a dark horse head coaching candidate for 2024.

If Joe was an owner looking for a head coach whose team needs to draft a quarterback, seeing how Canales had a hand in saving Smith’s career and reviving Mayfield’s NFL, Joe would damn sure want to at least talk to Canales.

It’s a quarterback league, after all.

This is why Joe hesitates to believe Mayfield is a long-term option (yet). If Canales leaves, can fans expect Mayfield to continue his level of play?

71 Responses to “Dave Canales A Dark Horse Head Coaching Candidate?”

  1. Bucfanatic Says:

    Bowles,Canales and Mayfield are all linked together.

    If one goes all go and vice versa

  2. Jmarkbuc Says:

    The dude barely has a handle on being a first year OC.

    The instantaneous news cycle is ridiculous.

  3. Lord Cornelius Says:

    maybe 2025. A lot of O Coordinators have accomplished more without getting a HC shot. He hasn’t even finished his first season

  4. Pewter power Says:

    Yes his style fits baker but you don’t make a first time coordinator a head coach that’s just stupid. He just had to prove he can call plays

  5. Marine Buc Says:

    Oh brother… Here we go again with this BS.

    Dude is finally figuring out to call plays and run an offense. No owner in their right mind would ever hire Canales as head coach at this juncture…

    But maybe an owner who is somewhat retarded might – like Al Davis’ pumpkin pie hair-cutted freak of a son.

  6. John Sinclear Says:

    Oh come on Joe! A first year OC, he hasn’t even completed his first year, per the players they still do not have a grasp of the entire offense he’s building, and you think he’s ready to step into a head coach situation? @) weeks ago you didn’t even like the guy!

  7. Joseph C Simmons Says:

    Joe, I think you’re forgetting that owners’ think first and foremost about selling tickets. Any owner that hires an inexperienced OC to be a head coach knows he’s risking fan revolt. No one outside of the Bucs fan base even knows who Canales is.

  8. K2 Says:

    Canales needs at least another year. He is just starting to get comfortable in the OC role. Why would anyone especially…Dave Canales want to derail a solid start. It would be foolish and prideful for him to accept a Head Coach position at this point.

  9. BucBaker Says:

    Jeff Kerr is clueless. Baker has not earned a long term contract..yet. And no one is going to hire Canales after one year of modest and inconsistent success. Not gonna happen.

  10. Tony Marks Says:

    “So who gets credit for Baker Mayfield rising from the NFL dead this season?”

    McVey AND I dunno the QB himself. . I know the Homer take is to say Canales but Baker started cooking again under McVey and gave the bucs a look at how to use him. Truth is though all McVey could do is give Baker the right plays. For the Raiders game there was nothing else to do in that basically 24 hour window.

    “This is why Joe hesitates to believe Mayfield is a long-term option (yet). If Canales leaves, can fans expect Mayfield to continue his level of play?”

    WOW thats next level ridiculous. Is there a new Joe writing or is one of the old ones hung over from egg nog?

    What QB in the league can only throw the ball for one OC? sheesh. THis has got to be the hatin Joe like Baker needs a voodoo doll OC on the sideline to make him be able to throw the ball well. Here’s an alternate thought. Bake was injured in 2021 and played through it when he shouldn’t have and then the panther s stunk.

    theres the mystery solved.

    No whisperer just a QB in the wrong place. How else do we explain switching from the panthers and suiting up for the rams in 24 hours and playing lights out like he did against he Raiders?

    Answer: No other way to explain it.

  11. Not Says:

    TB is a perfect example of how some people are not cut out to be HC.
    Canales wasn’t OC at Seattle , was he. I believe Pete Carroll passed over DC for others to be OC, that is why DC jumped ship and came here.
    Don’t think 1 year is going to convince any owner he is ready to jump to HC .
    Who knows .
    Let DC prove himself more and maybe if he is good we can get rid of Toilet Bowl.

  12. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Narratives…lol… if the Bucs lose to Saints, we’ll be back to firing Bowles and drafting a QB

  13. rickym Says:

    Could Canales & Mayfield become a package deal with annother team? Sometimes tem searching for a new coach also need a new QB. How about the Commanders? Maybe the Falcons? What about the Giants? or maybe the Bears? Any of these teams might be interested in hiring Canales and sigining Mayfield together I think this is a distinct possibility

  14. Louis Friend Says:

    Most of you are showing a lack of knowledge about current head coaches like Zac Taylor who was only an interim OC for a few games after the Dolphins HC was fired in 2015. He’s done very well with the Bengals.

    How about Matt LeFleur? One year as OC with the Rams.

    Mike Tomlin – One year as a DC in Pittsburgh

    This season – Antonio Pierce, who’ll likely get the full time HC with the Raiders. Zero coordinator experience.

    You could add John Harbaugh who was a ST coordinator and hasn’t called plays for anything. Or Mike Vrabel who had little DC experience.

    Canales will be a projection hire based on potential. If I’m an owner, I’d snap him up as a HC as quickly as possible before someone else beat me to it.

  15. Nicholas Carlson Says:

    Bucs could go out and hire another OC from the McVay tree

  16. Bradley Brown Says:

    What a great way to make a good team fail. Don’t retain your assistants. Let’s take a look at the Kansas City Chiefs and the issue with Eric Bienemy. There is talk of Kansas City bringing him back for the playoffs if the commanders clean house. The talk for years was when was he going to get a head coaching job. Is it coincidence that the team’s success has fallen off this year? I think if a championship team gets built you don’t try to break them up right away

  17. BillyBucco Says:

    Im telling you, unless we win the SB, Canales comes back.
    He needs 2 or 3 years with the same QB to really show what he can do.
    Also for Bakers improvement, this guy needs the same OC for a couple years.
    He won’t do Baker wrong!!!!!!

  18. Buddhaboy19 Says:

    [Joe had this in “Morning Cup Of Joe” last week. Please don’t hijack threads like this. — Joe]

  19. bucsfaninOregon Says:

    Joe, this is one of your misses for this thread. The guy that is responsible for Baker Mayfield’s improved play is Baker Mayfield. Too many people on this site long for their own QB (Trask anyone?). They thought because he played for two dysfunctional franchises and a Ram team with their QB injured that he was a throw away. Put him with a decent team and this is what you get. Canales is just part of the team. We are lucky to get Baker Mayfield. If anyone should get credit it’s my non-favorite Mr. Licht.

  20. Mr. Editor Says:

    There are good jobs and bad jobs out there. The bad jobs include the Raiders and the Panthers. These teams tend to hire offensive-minded coaches because they understand, at least in theory, that it is a quarterbacks league. Yes, owners, like Dave Tepper, might be a knucklehead and hire Canales. Then, he will promptly fire him in the middle of the season. At least, Tepper will pay a person not to coach.

  21. Buddhaboy19 Says:

    I mustve missed it, did Joe do an article on Mike Williams passing away last week. ?

  22. Go Bucs Says:

    Bump the breaks! They all need more time together. Common Sense needs to prevail here.

  23. Bojim Says:

    A little too early?

  24. President Canales Says:

    If Licht is smart… he gives this guy a raise.

    This locks him in and builds a succession plan with a path for Canales.
    No guarantees but options are a great thing to have.
    Look at Ben Johnson (Lions) paid him handsomely and kept him around.

    In Licht I trust…
    1)He closed the GOAT, brought him to Tampa
    2)Won a ring with his roster
    3)Roster w/ cap hand cuffs on verge of playoffs
    4)paid $4mil (49th highest) for QB on verge of playoffs
    5)Rookies and 2nd year players all over field making plays.

    Say that all out loud in the mirror. Great salesmen, and GM.

  25. Gipper Says:


    You always get the Baker story right. Thanks for being fair, knowledgeable and accurate. Your comments are always insightful. Finally, Bucs 2023-24 story is about more than Baker. Hoping team finishes 10-7 (think they will) and makes some noise in playoffs. It already has been an entertaining year, after all that what the NFL really is—just entertainment.

  26. Deadwood South Dakota Says:

    Slow down joe he said he just getting the oc down..u
    Must have weed card..did u do a article on Mike williams passing.. He one of the few Bucs who gave us happiness during our tough years

  27. Hail2dabucs Says:

    100 percent right jmarkbuc. Dudes just getting feet wet as first time oc , I like him way more than fat Albert Leftwich tho . He has done a good job caling most plays & he is showing signs of adjusting & formation concepts to get guys open . Keep up the good work canalas. Go bucs

  28. Louis Friend Says:

    You guys are joking about Mike Williams right? He passed away in September and a lot of coverage was given about it. If you’re talking about the autopsy report, not sure that’s a big enough reason to write about.

  29. #99 the big fella Says:

    I don’t think he will get one sniff next year for a head coaching position. I really like Dave but he needs more than one year of calling plays. Now if he is on fire next year yes he will be getting interviews

  30. Let ‘em bake Says:

    I said it last week. Canales will stay out of gratitude for the opportunity . Running it back one more year makes sense. Also, he has a high level talent group meshing together. A system is only as good as its players. Bucs have the best skill set players in the nfc south. Best qb. Best receivers. One wonders if he would be as successful this year in, say, New England. I think not. Baker, too, would be hard pressed to be reeling off top 12 numbers somewhere else this year. Sometimes it all comes together at the right time . We fans get to enjoy it.

  31. bulldog Says:

    Both Canales and Mayfield will be gone next $ea$on. 2023 will be seen in the rear view mirror as a season for naught, a Bucs-esque missed opportunity to develop Trask and Wolford.

  32. SB~LV Says:

    I doubt that even he believes that he is ready

  33. Let ‘em bake Says:

    Coaching and systems do matter. The panthers started last season with baker, Christian mccaferty, and dj moore as the the number one receiver. How’d that work ? All three are having career years. Interesting. Answer. The oc was so bad, he’s selling oranges on street corners now, out of the league. You can have great talent, but if you don’t know how to use it, it’s useless .

  34. WyomingJoe Says:

    Tony Marks: Excellent take on Baker. The guy has talent. He was hurt and they sentenced him to football hell with the Panthers.

    Canales needs more experience. Would be a BIG mistake to make a jump to HC.

  35. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “Zac Taylor who was only an interim OC for a few games after the Dolphins HC was fired in 2015. He’s done very well with the Bengals.”

    Zac Taylor didn’t go from being an OC for a few games to HC. He spent more time after the Dolphins season with the Rams, and was the QB coach the year Goff went to the SB.

    “How about Matt LeFleur? One year as OC with the Rams.”

    Matt Lefleur was an OC a full year with the Rams and another full year with the Titans. He was also the QB coach for Matt Ryan during his MVP season.

    “Mike Tomlin – One year as a DC in Pittsburgh”

    He was the DC in Minnesota actually before HC in Pittsburg. Also was position coach for the Bucs.

    I agree on Pierce. He’s earned the job unless they get blown out the next 2 weeks.

    There is more of a precedent to promoting a guy like Canales to HC than I realized though, but for our sake I hope that he’s not a hot commodity.

  36. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    It’s not about if Baker can or can’t succeed if Canales were to get hired as a HC. It’s about giving him the same playcaller and offensive system for long enough to allow comfort, ease and ownership. He had 5 coordinators in Cleveland alone.

    It would not to hire a rookie playcaller to be your HC. But, we know it’s becoming a speculator’s market. It wouldn’t completely shock me. I mean, the Bucs hired an OC who had never called plays. Speculative on it’s own.

  37. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Canales comes off as a loyalist. Especially given his long stay in Seattle and with his emotional response about Bowles I believe as long as the Bucs clinch the division he will return next year

  38. Scott Says:

    I think he’s as good as gone unfortunately

  39. orlbucfan Says:

    N-O. No. Canales is not HC material. He’s a rookie OC. Get real. Tomlin was an assistant who helped Dungy (HOF) build the Tampa 2 Defense. Bucs will not be in the SB. Now, possibly the NFC Championship Game, but I wouldn’t bet on it. BTW, who came up with ‘Commanders’ for the DC team? That has got to be the lamest team name in history.

  40. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    If Baker is so great so called playing lights out for the Rams then how come a 6th YEAR VETERAN who’s played in over 70 games barely beat out a 3rd year “rookie” who is also new to Cornales’ system???

    Why is it that the daily training camp reports by Joebucsfan.com showed he struggled mightily even completing typical passes he’s been completing his entire football career, instead he continued showing what he has ALWAYS been, a middle of the pack qb who turns the ball over frequently???

    Preseason stats prove he was protected by Blowels and Cornales because he played only 2 games and only threw 15 passes while completing Captain Checkdown status 7 yards/pass. He was promised and gifted the starting gig because he didn’t do more than he should have than the other 2 qbs who were in the same situation as he. Baker had more seasoned stats than the other 2 combined and yet didn’t blow them out of the water like a “lights out” playing qb should have.

    His 2023 stats are misleading because he has not played phenomenally as his cheerleaders try to make them out to be. 20 tds in 13 games is not good for a 6th year vet with as many starts as has had. Stop blowing your smoke up our rears with your incessant pandering for him since all these fanbois REFUSE to see what he has been his whole career. The fact it took this long for him to have 2 great games in a row could be a very damning thing towards him but as a Bucs fan I hope the last 2 games are a sign that he has resurrected and become the qb you all say he is because I ALWAYS want them to win no matter who is the qb or coach. I’ll believe it the longer I see it.

    Cornales has been as stubborn as Blowels with the run game still continuing to run up the gut TOO many times a game when the line has proven it cannot adequately block and White isn’t the run up the gut kind of guy.

    To me it had been a combination of him calling a more rounded game plan the last 2 games than balanced because the 4th quarter of the Jaguars game proved what happens when he over does it with his and Blowels vision of offense, and Baker playing with real confidence and not nervous/scared and trusting his eyes and letting the ball go with authority. It was when he started pumping the ball when he started missing shots. Cornales has not come even close to earning a head coach gig when he still hadn’t figured out how to stop using what’s not working and keep using what is

  41. Tony marks Says:

    To canales leaving to become a HC

    don’t see it happening

    canales seems bright and that woud be a dumb move. with one year as an OC amd presuming not even to the conference game his leash would be short He’d have at most two years to turn whatever team he gets around

    and then they would be calling for his head.

    He’s young for a coach. he can build his resume snd wait for the right situation in 3 -4 years or for a super bowl.

  42. Tony marks Says:

    DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:
    December 27th, 2023 at 12:52 pm
    If Baker is so great so called playing lights

    Cliff notes for what followed that line above from David – I love Traskie. Why does no one see how good my man is? So tall. I dream of him at night. this whole situation with Baker blowing up and making my so called team good is really stressing me out so I have to vent.

  43. SlyPirate Says:

    Canales gets hired by Washington. They have a TON of cap room and no QB. They sign Mayfield and Evans. Instant offense.

  44. Gipper Says:

    DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:,

    I have copied your comments from 1252 today. When Baker and Bucs finish 10-7 and make some team uncomfortable in playoffs, and he goes to The Pro Bowl, I am going to have Joe post it front page at the end of the season as a reminder to the Hate Brigade. Can hear it now, “yeah, but he’s too short……….”

  45. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    It’s happened before Tomlin only was a d coordinator for 1 season with the Vikings then got the hc job in Pittsburgh so it’s that “stupid’”

  46. Gipper Says:

    Jeff’s grandpa,

    Incidentally, Tomlin has been an outstanding head coach. One more victory in next two games and I think it is maybe 15 years and he has never had a losing season? Steelers are a good organization. Have always been impressed with Rooney Family. They draft well and have a great knack for finding talent in lower draft rounds. Wouldn’t be shocked if Baker ends up with Steelers next year in a long term deal.

  47. J Says:

    Davidbigbucsfan99…did you go to sleep at the end of training camp and just wake up?

  48. Oxycondomns Says:

    Best job saver for bowles was hiring canales. Reminds me of nba where you have ex players coaching but they hire really smart assistants

  49. Allbuccedup Says:

    All those years working for Pete Carroll at USC and Seattle I am sure well prepared for a head coaching gig. I wish Bowles would retire and promote Canales to head coach.

  50. Hodad Says:

    He was a bum during the month of November, about to be fired along with Bowles, and Baker. We beat four teams, two of which suck, the other two reeling when we played them, and now Canales is a head coach, Bowles is coach of the year, and Baker gets a max contract? I guess the 49ers suck now because they had a bad game against Baltimore. Lamar is the new MVP, unless he has a bad game next week. Canales is still a rookie play caller, and he’d admit he has a lot to learn, and room to grow. Yet after barely beating Carolina, and Atlanta he’s being considered for a H.C. gig? Now you know why coaches get fired so quick, they never should’ve been made H.C.’s to begin with.

  51. Capt.Tim Says:

    Tony Marks.
    Lately I come here more often, just to read your post.
    Thanks, so nice to read responses that intelligent and insightful.

  52. JD12 Says:

    They are bottom 1/4 in red zone offense, bottom 1/2 in total offense, and bottom 3 in rushing offense and all of a sudden this guy is head coaching material after a few decent games against teams trending the opposite direction?? Yes every team is looking for a more offensive minded head coach but this guy isn’t even close to being a top-10 OC yet. Lets stop rushing to insane conclusions and see how this year plays out. I still don’t think this guy is calling the offense to Baker’s strengths. Hopefully this team keeps improving this year and into next year.

  53. Trask To The Future Says:

    It’s so funny how quickly we are to forgot about all the games this season that Mayfield could barely throw for 100 yards in the first half of games.

    Mayfield has a solid streak against a bunch of losing record teams (with exception if Jags with a hurt Lawrence) and suddenly Mayfield is an elite QB?

    Mayfield has been playing well recently but let’s hope he doesn’t revert back to the other 70% of the season.

  54. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    McVay and Canales (plus Todd Bowles) have resurrected Mayfield. Frickin Browns did him dirty, sent him to the Carolina Crap show where careers die. Don’t you worry about Baker reverting, he’s just hitting his stride in a darn good team. They’re lifting each other up

  55. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    The intelligence level of the Baker Brigade Fanboi Club is amazing. They create a false narrative that their beloved Baker is like some great qb because they say so, blame everyone else for his short comings on the field, cherry pick stats that make him look better than they really do and completely ignore everything that Baker does on the field that is not good. They also have a reading and comprehension issue at times but that’s what happen to sheeple who have an agenda. They live in an artificial reality that they can’t accept the actual reality that up to this season their hero has been a lower to middle tier qb not the lights out qb they pander to us. He couldn’t beat out 2 qbs with less or no starting experience without the head coaches help here. I troll Baker because of these people are insufferable with their rhetoric and personal attacks on anybody who says anything that goes against their agenda. Truth be told Baker has been a big part of us winning, losing and struggling. Just like his career we go as he goes. Plays well at times not so well at others never consistently good or bad. He plays like a little chihuahua in the pocket at times with happy feet, looking so nervous constantly. It’s kind of painful watching him play at times especially when he misses wide open players or when he checks down when someone down the field is open or doesn’t dump off when needs to. His escapability has been lights out and plays with a lot of grit. If was able to play more consistently well after 6 seasons he would win over more of us buuut he hasn’t now has he? J I’ve watched every game this season thank you very much

  56. FlBoy84 Says:

    Down for bringing back Mayfield & Evans, giving Canales his 1st HC oppt here in Tampa instead of elsewhere, & moving on from Bowles. Would love to see what Canales could do with a Round 2-4 QB who sits behind Mayfield for a year. Also think Canales will excel and grow into a quality HC, much like he’s matured as an OC this season. Could see him having an eclectic and a good chance he oversees the offense with someone like Idzik as his OC.

  57. FlBoy84 Says:

    **eclectic staff

  58. Atlbuc28 Says:

    Has anyone else realized that we are actually playing Grudens offense and a ton of Tampa 2 defense this year. Peeps need to research Holmgrens and Grudens coaching tree. Just like the 49’s. Shanahan and obviously John Lynches version of the Tampa’s 2002 defense. Grudens offense took 6 or 7 games to start working. Then we were unstoppable. I laff at the McVay the boy genius stuff….

  59. David Says:

    I hate that nonsense.
    A brand new OC or DC should have a clause in the contract that states it’s a 2 to 3 year minimum run before they can consider a HC job

  60. Defense Rules Says:

    Tony Marks … “So who gets credit for Baker Mayfield rising from the NFL dead this season?”

    Interesting question, although I’m not sure Baker has ‘risen from the NFL dead’ this year because he wasn’t really a part of the NFL dead. He had 3 meh years with the Browns (every Browns QB could say the same?) plus 6 bad games with the Panthers (Bryce Young has already doubled that horrendous record in just his 1st season). I wouldn’t wualify him as ‘NFL dead’ based on that.

    Baker is one of those QBs (most are) who needs the right SUPPORT SYSTEM around him … HC, OC, OLine, running game, receivers, defense … the whole enchilada. He’s demonstrated over any number of games that he can’t truly ‘carry a team’ (like Brady or Mahomes?) but he can certainly be a main cog in the wheel. Or maybe more appropriately ‘he can drive the train’ or wagon or whatever.

    If I were a Navy man, I’d probably view Baker as being the second-coming of Admiral Farrugut of ‘Damn the torpedoes, full-speed ahead’ fame. Have to be careful though because sometimes the torpedoes win.

  61. Let ‘em bake Says:

    Next joe headline: “ baker or Russ? Bucs 2024 dilemma” russel Wilson available. Canales history with Russell. Oh, the drama 😊

  62. Let ‘em bake Says:

    Next joe headline: “ baker or Russ? Bucs 2024 dilemma” russel Wilson available. Canales history with Russell. Oh, the drama…

  63. TF Says:

    Nah Baker definitely rose from the dead. He was on like 3 teams in 6 weeks and had like only 2 options tops to try to earn a paycheck. He flatlined for sure. Minimal a deep coma. He picked the right team and after a VERY shaky first half of the year, he got some mo. I do not think his career is out of the woods yet. Only time will tell.

  64. Oneilbuc Says:

    Now to be honest if you look at the games Baker Mayfield is a one read quarterback. Other teams will notice that and will make adjustments to the one read and throw. This is why regardless of what they do with Baker Mayfield the bucs must draft a quarterback in the first or second round. The one read and throw will not work in the playoffs. And this is my other concern what if this just a one good year Baker Mayfield and next year he goes back to playing like he did against the 49ers ? And the main question is can you win a superbowl with Baker Mayfield that’s the question no bucs media wants to ask or answer. I don’t want to be like the Titans and Ryan Tanahill or the Jets with Fitzpatrick and Todd Bowles. Or even the Cincinnati Bengals who made the playoffs 10 years in a row with Andy Dolton and all ten years they were one and done. That’s a strong possibility with Baker Mayfield as the our future quarterback.

  65. Melly Says:

    Constants in life – Death, taxes and this site speaking about Bucs possibly losing our coaches to Head Coaching jobs. I remember the many Leftwich stories.

  66. steele Says:

    I am with DavidBigBucs Fan and others. The overreactions (in both directions) have been ridiculous.

    As fun as it is to ride on helium because of a mini-streak (which has been the result of many gifts, including bad division and opposing teams and QBs collapsing at the just right moments), Bowels, Rah Rah Canales and Jeff Garcia Mayfield are not suddenly the greatest who ever coached or played. They, and this team, are exactly what we have said all season: a .500 type proposition (which qualifies as a playoff berth in the NFC South). Mediocre. Mediocre teams can progress in this age of parity, but that doesn’t make them great.

    Now that they’ve had a nice couple of weeks, and two ridiculously easy wins coming up against two horrendous teams with horrendous QBs in Carr and Bryce Young, they will now feel free to brag and boast, and postpone the rebuild that still needs to happen. All three could be signed to long term contracts, and we will be right back here again, Bowles forever, looking at the dumpster on fire again.

    This is an ugly season in which overdogs are being explosed badly, and overlooked underdogs with “moxie”, like the Bucs, can sneak up and steal it.

  67. OkJ Says:

    If you can’t support TB, the least you can do is to leave this sight. You dont like anything about the team, you sound like a bunch of turncoats in sheeps underwear.

  68. Tony marks Says:

    Defense Rules Says:
    Baker is one of those QBs (most are) who needs the right SUPPORT SYSTEM around him … HC, OC, OLine, running game, receivers, defense … the whole enchilada. He’s demonstrated over any number of games that he can’t truly ‘carry a team’ (like Brady or Mahomes?)

    And there goes – MAYYDAY! MAYDAY! – your whole argument down in flames.

    we have already seen the problems Mahomes has been having this season. So go sell that everglade plot of land to the newbs

    and tom? well hei illustrates puuuurfectly why the the dumbest narrative in all of sports is well – just that – DUMB.

    its widely accepted in th nba that jordan needed support – in the form of Pippen for example

    i can’t think of a baseball player that was ever not in need of ptiching and field work support if he was a hitter.

    but oh no – says DR and all the know nothings – in football its all one guy with no need of support and the right one can assure wins and CARRY their team to the championship ring

    ROFL – Only one big problem there sparkies. Brady is BY FAR largely and almost universally known as the GOAT QB and heres the kicker


    16 of his 23 years – no ring


    Brady was in the league for 23 years and only delivered 7 times on a chamiponship. Is Seven a lot ?- Sure is BUT ITS NOT ENOUGH for your claim and argument

    Show me where Brady was not elite for 16 years and yet according to you he was a QB that didnt need support – Your silly argument not mine. So what happened? He was injured for 16 of the 23 years? eh? Cat got yout tongue? 🙂

    Its tripe

    its garbaaaage

    ALL NFL QBs need support

    and to end it off you even added another NFL dumb narrative that even the media and Joes buy into – that you all know What a person can do and can’t do in the future – like you all swear in the NFL ONLY you have working CRYSTAL BALLS……lol

    SInce the NFL was formed QBs have won championships when the year before a group of fans said – WE KNOW HE CANNOT

    Stupid to think life affords the exception of not knowing the future just for the National Footbal League
    LOL……You all should go into concussion protocol.

  69. garro Says:


    I hope we don’t have to go there just yet Joe!

    Go Bucs!

  70. Tony marks Says:

    Capt.Tim Says:
    December 27th, 2023 at 3:11 pm
    Tony Marks.
    Lately I come here more often, just to read your post.

    Thanks Cap but you are being kind because at least half my posts for the last two/three weeks have been just mocking the haters.

    I’ve mostly given up trying to encurage them to process logic.

  71. THETRUTH Says:

    You guys must work for Dave C , you all have been pushing him as head coach since hired on here and podcast. Get over the love affair. The guy has barely gotten through a consistent first season and still learning AS HE ADMITS to being OC.