Baker Mayfield’s Balloon Popped

December 31st, 2023


The Bucs thought they found their franchise quarterback on the NFL scrap heap.

After a dismal performance today, Joe has to wonder if the Bucs still feel they found their franchise quarterback?

For the past two weeks, national sports hollering shows were showing Bucs quarterback Baker Mayfield major love. He has had a remarkable season. Prior to today, his numbers stacked up with some of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, including Lamar Jackson.

Then today happened… SPLAT!

Mayfield had a horrendous first half. He played better late in the game when it was crunch time but by that time the Bucs were way too far behind.

Joe knew Mayfield was a roller coaster quarterback. He would have some really good games and then, he’d crash.

And boy, did Mayfield crash today. It was Mayfield’s first multiple-interception game as a Bucs quarterback.

Mayfield, who played his arse off in recent weeks, may have had his worst game as a Bucs quarterback today. He was that terrible until mop up time. And given how much was on the line — an NFC South title — Mayfield’s stock correction came at the absolute worst time.

Joe has to wonder if the Bucs might reconsider or at least reassess re-signing Mayfield.

If Mayfield shats the bad this badly next week at Carolina and the Bucs miss the playoffs, there is no doubt in Joe’s mind: The team must draft a quarterback in the first round whether Mayfield returns or not.

68 Responses to “Baker Mayfield’s Balloon Popped”

  1. Curse of Gruden Says:

    Is Midge still on the team? I thought he’d been cut by now.

  2. Mike Johnson Says:

    Stop complaining fellow Buc fans. Win next week and that will be one more than last year. And last year we had the great Tom Brady. Saints were simply the better football team today. And that’s a wrap and a fact.

  3. Lombardi Lenny Says:

    If they beat Carolina it will we worse longer term for this franchise. Best thing that could happen if you’re a Bucs fan is for them to win next week. I know it, and deep down so do you.

  4. RGA Says:

    There is no consistency to Mayfield’s game. The Bucs should not resign him unless he comes dirt cheap, let’s some other franchise settle for mediocrity.

  5. Boss Says:

    Dude has no touch and runs around like a scared cat and can’t read defenses!

    Honestly though…if Brady could not do it with Bowles game planning no one can. Still Trask earned a shot before the season started and hard headed Bowles went with his guy.

    Resign Bowles and baker long term…..the fan boos on here deserve it for buying in with 3 years of Bowles costing us a SB, playoff run and this year…..well they did not do $hit until Bowles new he would be fired and said f it…call your game Canales.

    Fire bowels tonight, start Trask and I’ll pay to watch something different at least

  6. Ww50 Says:

    Amen! @Joes

    Regardless IMO, I would clean house no matter how we finish!

  7. ModHairKen Says:

    Oh, so that’s how it’s done? They make a decision based on one performance?

  8. Hodad Says:

    At the end of the day you are what your record says you are. Bowles, and Baker will never be better then .500 wins.

  9. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    They looked like they thought the Aints would just roll over. All around poor rffort

  10. Architek Says:

    He plays like poop every time he gets media coverage and national love m.

  11. HC Grover Says:

    I do not think this was Bakefields fault. It is all on HC/DC and OC. This was the worst coaching I have ever witnessed.

  12. unbelievable Says:

    He was still only the 4th worst reason for our loss today.

    Unbelievable’s 5 Biggest Culprits for Todays Loss:

    #1 – Dave Canales

    #2 – Todd Bowles

    #3 – Offensive and defensive lines

    #4 – Baker Mayfield

    #5 – The entire secondary, including Antoine Winfield who probably just destroyed his chance at getting DPOY

  13. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Baker is definitely a serviceable starter in the NFL. I would still say he’s better than 60% of the starters in the league. Was he great today? Nope. He had a crappy game. His stats are still very good for the year. If I told you before this season that this team would be 8-8 after sixteen games, you would have called me crazy. I don’t want to keep Bowels, but I am ambivalent about Baker, leaning more toward “keep him.” However, he is NOT a 30M man.

  14. optimisticbucsfan Says:


  15. Rod Munch Says:

    He was trash in the weeks before his two career games, vs the two worst passing defenses in the NFL, then returns back to who he was before he played those terrible pass defenses.

    I was legit hoping that perhaps those easy tune up games might get him into the zone and perhaps he could stay hot, then he comes out and has his worst game of the season (and no, I don’t care about garbage stats that came after they were down 20-0).

    But Baker is who he is, a mid-tier backup QB.

  16. King Brutus Says:

    Baker can read defenses he can’t guard and block for himself geniuses. Who let’s Saints fans post on here?

  17. realistic-optimistic Says:

    This is why he’s a backup. Good backups can come in and win a game or two, but you can’t lean on them for an entire season. He is what he is.

  18. SteveK Says:

    Mid-Baker and mid-Todd are not retained without two consecutive wins, followed by a “not-an-ass whooping”.

  19. unbelievable Says:

    Canales failed Baker and the team today. We could have easily overcome those interceptions with a halfway decent, non-moronic game plan. But instead Canales tried to do his best Byron Leftwich impression and call the dumbest game plan possible.

  20. D-Rok Says:

    “Joe knew Mayfield was a roller coaster quarterback. He would have some really good games and then, he’d crash.”

    This aligns with Mayfield’s past. So I ask all the Baker Idol Club: Did you really think he’d change his stripes coming to Tampa?

    I’m not a hater, just not a believer yet – he hasn’t shown himself to be a consistent QB.

    Don’t get me started on Bowels. (Typo for emphasis, not for denigration).

  21. NJbucs23 Says:

    Why I was like lump the brakes on this dude

  22. BakerBucs Says:

    well well that didn’t take long to ditch him r u really kidding I blame canales all the way his stupid run on 1st & 2nd down all day the penalties were in full for again while the saints played good the run game was again the downfall of the game how about all the drop balls baker had the other TD to palmer but he to fumbled including white fumbling on an good drive so u think think 309 yds 2 yds is all about Mayfield u guys r total BS!

  23. Eric Says:

    Hmm not if you never brought the crap

  24. Capt. Tim Says:

    So many idiots

    No running game.
    A head coach who insist on running behind his 2 inferior linemen
    2 inferior linemen.
    No pass protection
    A TE who dropped at least 3 targets
    A tissue soft defense
    Two defensive linemen that are pathetic, only playing because they were high
    – draft-picks.
    No pass rush
    Horrible secondary.
    Bad head coach

    Mayfield is one of the few good things on this team.
    I hope he leaves. Fans in Tampa have already had more success than they deserve.

  25. Tony Says:

    Win and you’re in Drop the mic.👍

  26. Saskbucs Says:

    How is anyone pinning this on Baker? Jesus you guys… he’s not great but he’s not trash. Stop arguing over it. If his teammates show up and he’s giving a good plan, good play calls, he can win. 2nd INT was deflected at the line. Think the 49ers are giving up on Purdy cause he chucked 4 INTS last week? Who is at QB next year picking between 16-21?

    Bowles and Canales were awful, the OL was getting worked and taking penalties, White and Palmer fumble. The D can’t get off the field. What the hell is Baker supposed to do? Guy was pushing the pile in the first quarter. Again… he isn’t great, I’m not banging the drum for giving him $100 million but he didn’t lose the game today.

  27. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    My cherry popped…….

  28. Weebs10 Says:

    Canales game plan was atrocious today. Hard to blame Baker when we were down 17-0 while he was sitting at only 8 pass attempts.

  29. Pewter power Says:

    Wow ok so the quarterback fumbled twice. So is it the gameplan or the quarterback. The quarterback is the reason no one could get open. I didn’t even know Godwin was playing this well until the second half. This team can’t beat anyone significant ask Brady he played niners last year, I guess his balloon popped too

  30. BakerBucs Says:

    Baker bad stats 28 td’s 10 it’s 4000 yds has 309 yds today 2 td’s& 2 dropped td’s so baker needs to throw the ball to himself run block the defense might as well go ahead & kick the extra points also then put him on special teams so he can wrap things up his 4 million pay check was filled in week 9 so next week he is due another 4 million just to cover his expense coming to Tampa tell how the hell u can be elite when the coaches don’t let him fling the darn ball run instead on 1&2 play anybody notice that every time we win is when we throw on 1&2 nd down

  31. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Y’all can defend baker all you want. He is what we all thought good at times but then not good. He’s not consistent. 1st int was a terrible ball he under thru. Totally his fault. The 2nd the ball was filled but still dude wasn’t accurate. Holds the ball too long. Several time 13 was in single coverage but baker didn’t go his way. He didn’t look at 14 the whole 1st half. He’s just too inconsistent. Winston was the same

  32. Bucs4 Eva Says:

    I still have faith in this team and in Baker Mayfield…kinda glad they had this game now instead of in the 1st round of the olayoffs.We can never run the ball well against the Saints bit Canales kept trying while putting Mayfield and the offense in alot of 3rd and longs and the line could not give Baker enough time to make good passes. We win next week we’re the division champs so this game didn’t really matter, there were no benefits to us if we did win. All that matters is that this team goes on a 5 game winning streak.and we are once again SuperBowl Champions.

  33. Bucs'n'Bucks Says:

    Get off Baker’s butt!! This was a total “team” failure. The great team will show back up next week. Go Bucs!!

  34. RichieRich Says:

    IDK if he throws two touchdown passes (30)and 100 yards next week he will have the second most successful statistical season in Buccaneer quarterback history
    … Fact

  35. BUCS4LIFE Says:

    It’s was a collective sh!t show today. If today falls on any single person it’s coaches. I could point out each individual problem and miscue, who did this and who did or didn’t do that but that’s Joes job not mine.

  36. Jeebs the Honey Bear Says:

    Baker is good enough to win and clutch when it counts most. He could be a championship QB in the right situation. No team with Bowels as head coach will ever be the right situation or truly compete for a championship. Fire Bowels, keep the Baker.

  37. Dan the Bucs fan Says:

    So Evans broke wrong way that’s on Baker then Palmer fumbled for no reason taking away a 80 yard touchdown that’s on Baker? Grow up fan base we got our Qb nobody throws for 4 tds a week. He is here to stay so is Bowles. We will win divsion in Carolina. Honestly might beat Eagles in round 1. This is second youngest team in NFL with 60 million in dead cap space. You should be proud of this team. I sure am the future is bright!

  38. PSLBucfan Says:

    Are the targets a result of the game plan or the QB reads? I’m sure the answer is both, but my eyes say it was Mayfield not targeting Evans or Godwin.

  39. Fred Says:

    This wasn’t on Baker Joe he played decent we had holding calls and fumbles after Baker put the ball where it needed to be yall so wishy-washy we just won 4 games in a row after Joe thought we was dead and we still have a chance to win the division and yall still talking crazy and I bet over half of yall live in TAMPA AND WASN’T AT THE GAME! The oline didn’t play good today the play calling was also suspect but don’t put this all on Baker the offense has a whole didn’t come to play we need to stick the OC and Baker next yr or we won’t be in this same position next yr period.

  40. Georgia Redneck Says:

    Mayfield played well in garbage time.

  41. Larrd Says:

    Palmer doesn’t trip, then Baker has a Joe Flacco miracle type game.

    300 yards, two TDs, two INTs isn’t that bad and QBs win with those numbers fairly often. There was no “garbage time.”

    The coaches need to focus on winning rather than on proving they are smart by running up the gut and playing zone. Arians would win 13 games with this team.

  42. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    The whole team had a bad day. Don’t know what game y’all watched, but i saw the O-Line getting blown up, ME struggling to get open, same with CG. Rachaad had a back breaking fumble. And Mayfield struggled most of the game. I have full confidence Canales learned a lesson today, and that bright young man won’t repeat his mistakes

  43. Gipper Says:

    There is a school of thought that says you can set up the running game by passing effectively. More stubborn runs up the middle for little or no game. What would have been wrong with a few quick inside slants? Poor play calling and a defense that got pushed around the entire 1st half. Big game at home expected more from coaches and players who mainly looked disinterested.

  44. UKBuccaneer Says:

    Mayfield was bad, agreed. However I fail to see anyone out there in FA or the draft who would be an immediate upgrade.

    You want to draft a rookie? Go right ahead – that’s 2024 and probably 2025 written off. And a high chance they’ll bust anyway.

    Football is a team sport. Always has been, always will be. Today was rough, but we’re still in charge of our destiny. Win and we’re in.

  45. Jbro22 Says:

    Those bashing Baker after a bad game are some real tools. Ive always been a Saints fan until Baker, now I roll with him. Today he could’ve played better, however the timing of the run plays, and the soft zone defense were the bigger issues today. Our D made Carr look great. That’s a defensive issue, not Baker. Pay the guy 25-30 mil or have a few bad years. This was a rivalry game. You’re not gonna win them all. BUCS will win next week and make the playoffs. Better than 2/3 of the league!

  46. Let ‘em bake Says:

    The majority of this “fan” base doesn’t deserve baker. Pro tip: when you’re throwing to catch up, that’s not garbage time. That’s finally doing what should’ve been called earlier by Canales. He’s going to be the qb for the next three years.

  47. Bucsmarley Says:

    As I have said many many times to all the baker believers. He’s a .500 streaky qb
    Would be a great backup but certainly not a franchise 17 week starter

  48. matthew a veal Says:

    i’m ready for ineligible man downfield to be removed from the rule book and for pass interception to just be ten years except egregious plays which would then be distance and spot of the foul.

  49. Usedtocould Says:

    I mean, Bowles crushed Brady like no defensive coach ever could, why do we think baker will play like Brady in his prime under this guy?

  50. Duke Says:

    Capt Tim is right….Buc fans do NOT deserve Mayfield…hope goes where he is appreciated…your D line was useless today, your O line couldn’t block in a high school game…pinning all this on Baker is stupid.

  51. Bucs Bada$$ Says:

    All you Gator and Saints fans here in GOOBERVILLE, fan since 1979, seen alot of bad football, some good, some great! A win next week gives the Bucs 3 division titles in a row, rare air around here! Week to week league, as Arizona proved today, our team went in this season with zero expectations, REAL Bucs fans know those feelings far too well! Win or lose, weve exceeded expectations. Getting a home playoff game would be icing on the cake, noone in the media expected this! Go Bucs, team game won in the trenches, Saints were the better team today, we send them golfing with a win next week, we all know truly we would have taking that scenario, 82M in dead money, Go Bucs, prove all the Gator,NFL pundits and goobers wrong next week and they’ll be kissing your ass again FIRE THE CANNONS 🔥🔥s

  52. Phillip Garner Says:

    I’ve never seen so many fair weather friends in all my life. Give the guy a break he’s played good all year but as soon as he has a bad day here comes the torches and pitch forks.

  53. maccafan Says:

    I knew this would happen. Baker throws a couple of picks, and he becomes trash and you all want to play Trask. My goodness, 28 TD passes and 10 INT’s for almost 4,000 yards is not a bum. He has also completed 64.4% of his passes this year which is all time high for him in a season. I am not saying he played great but neither did the defense and there were two other turnovers (fumbles) besides Baker’s INT’s. They still win the division by beating 2-14 Carolina next week which could not score a point against Jacksonville. I bet a bunch of you are thrilled that Baker took bad hit to the ribs late in the game and maybe your dream of Trask playing can come true.

  54. Ed Says:

    Seriously it about putting up points. The past 2 weeks the Bucs put up an ave of 30 points. They had zero through 3 quarters. Is it all Mayfields fault? Not completely.

    The lack of intensity across all positions and the lack of starting fast gave the Saints a 20 point lead. Mayfield’s decision making was slow today. His choice of who he was distributing the ball to was dumb if that’s what coaches wanted.

    We still need a more athletic bigger and faster QB. Hurts, Maholmes, Jackson type of QB’s are perfect on a team that has a so-so offensive line. Mayfield isn’t fast getting the ball out or able to escape a broken down pocket.

  55. keith frye Says:

    well thank God you and the rest of the idiots that say such things cause oh no he threw 2 picks one was a tip pass gtfoh 22 for 33 ain’t that bad the man didn’t get the ball till 640left in the first quarter I seen 3 drops and then evans just lost the ball or just didn’t care I mean ya had run run 3rd and 9,or 15you all are ridiculous it was more about the play calling early We know we can’t run the damn ball at all but there was no screens nothing to get a drive started I mean when ya run for 2 yards then minus 5 then he was getting killed yesterday he couldn’t even set his feet it was third and long every series in the first half he was short on the first pic cause if ya look at the dam film he was getting hit but so what hes human it wasn’t some bad read or anything he under thew guy is the only dam reason we been doing well the
    absolutely shut Chris and Mjke down and there isn’t a run game or stable third option 28-10 HELLO CHECK THE STATS THATS AS GOOD AND BETTER THE MOST
    ALSO IF THE DEFENSE DIDNT blow 3 leads with less then a min left in them he’s 11-5 d0 and if rashad’s doesn’t fumble or tre it’s a different game lmk when malholmes hurts stafford tua Allen I can go on when they have his touchdown to int ratio that was a tea. loss and the blamev

  56. keith frye Says:


  57. Del Says:

    Tom Brady played worse against the Saints…so let’s just move on to the next game! JOEBUCFANS just likes to incite riots, here….my Saints’ friend told me that the Bucs fans should blame JOEBUCFANS for always motivating the Saints’ players…I guess the “Slimy Saints” weren’t so slimy!

  58. tbc 1 Says:

    Yep baker threw a interception on the saints 2 yard line-3rd and 8 on the 4 yard line and then they throw the ball for a reception and later score…all Bakers fault.
    Trask disciples can picture them now in there basement with his picture and a candle under it praying for the football gods to put him in even for one play…Oh forgot he had his chance on the 2 yard line and we all know what happened.

  59. Oneilbuc Says:

    Duke. You and Cap can go with Baker Mayfield he’s a average quarterback at best. At this point I don’t care what they do with Baker Mayfield as long as they draft a quarterback in the first or second round. You ain’t winning a superbowl with Baker Mayfield at quarterback or less we have the 2002 bucs defense and with the 2020 bucs offensive players like AB, Gronk and Fournett. Todd Bowles got to go next year. And us real bucs fans deserves better than Baker Mayfield!!

  60. Dennis H. Says:

    Based on your comments, it would appear that Mayfield coached, called all the plays, and played all the positions.

  61. Ralph Cramden Says:

    Joe, you and your commenters are up and down on Baker Mayfield more often than a toilet seat at a bachelor’s party. No consistency of viewpoint, just emotional waves bouncing back and forth. New Orleans came to Tampa to avenge the beat down they took at home earlier this year. It was an extremely physical game. It wasn’t just Baker Mayfield out there on the offense. There were 10 other guys fighting just as hard. They were physically beaten by their opponent. End of story.

  62. Brian P. Says:

    I love how some sports fans like to make judgments of players based on one game. or call a QB “the next GOAT” after a few games. But if you watch enough football (50 years for me) you see that single games or even a few games don’t determine a player’s true abilities. This is LITERALLY Baker’s first year with this OC in this system
    And he has 4k yards, 28 TDs and only 10 ints. He is almost exactly like Mahomes. They lost to the Saints. a division rival with a very good defense. And there were miscues in every facet of the team yesterday. I think y’all need to calm the F down and let Baker gel with this team and feel at home! Baker is a winner. One bad game doesn’t change that.

  63. Oneilbuc Says:

    Brian. Baker Mayfield played good in only 3 games this year it’s not 1 game . Jordan Love has the same or better numbers than Baker Mayfield and this is Love first year starting while Baker Mayfield has been a starter for 6 years with better receivers. Baker Mayfield is a average quarterback and we ain’t winning no superbowl with Baker Mayfield. I hate fans of players because it’s one thing about it they can suck and it’s every one else fault but his . Baker Mayfield will be back next year and we will have another below average season or worse. I told y’all Baker Mayfield was a waste of time. Average quarterbacks can have a about 2 great games and maybe about 3 average games against trash teams and sucks against good teams and you ain’t winning nothing with a quarterback like that and that’s the kind of quarterback Baker Mayfield, Ryan Tanahill, Garner Mechew, Tyroud Taylor, Derick Carr and Kirk Cousins are all the same quarterbacks average to below average quarterbacks!! Lol 😆

  64. Djmattyice Says:

    Stop blaming Mayfield. Y’all acting like it’s just him out there the defense was horrible to and so was the o-line. Mayfield needs protection but I’m gunna leave you all with this. Rome wasn’t built in one day so why do you think the bucs would go all the way mayfields first season as the QB like come on resign the dude he showed up this season and I guarantee next season the bucks will make it all the way again cause you know what if they win next week they clinch first place in division. Look I’ve watched baker when he was in college and then played for the browns I know what this dude brings to the table he has talent but he can’t show his talents off if he doesn’t have an o-line that can block for him or a defense that cant pick uo there slack.

  65. Oneilbuc Says:

    Bo Nix in the first round rather they keep the average Baker Mayfield or not !!

  66. Capt. Tim Says:

    Thanks. Yup, Ive traveled all over America. Tampa has the most clueless
    football fans in the league. By far.

  67. TOMMY MORDUE Says:


  68. Mark hardt Says:

    2 tds and 2 int for 309 is actually a decent day for an NFL QB this year. The issue is Baker has to be perfect because Canales does not give him chances to make up for it. I think Flacco had 2 int in a win recently. The difference was Stefanski let him throw it again. Canales gets this loss for not going to the no huddle 3 series earlier. Running into the line 3 scores down in the 3rd is what lost the game not Baker.