Baker Mayfield On Pace For 4,078 Yards, 29 Touchdowns & 9 Interceptions

December 24th, 2023

“Blaine, somebody coached up Baker.”

Like many Bucs fans, one Joe at world headquarters thinks it blasphemy to say Baker Mayfield has been an upgrade from Tom Brady this season.

The Joe typing here thinks Brady is a big boy and can handle the truth.

Somehow, with the NFL’s worst running game, which showed its colors again today, Baker Mayfield is having a whale of a season.

After today’s hot-start showing against the Jaguars that saw Mayfield finish 26-for-35 for 284 yards and 2 TDs, Mayfield now has 3,599 yards passing this season with 26 TDs and 8 interceptions. Hey, Tom Brady had 25 TDs and 9 picks last season!

Mayfield’s TD-to-interception ration is more than 3 to 1. Most evaluators consider anything better than 2-to-1 to be “good.” Anything better than 3-to-1 is typically viewed as “elite.”

Mayfield is now on pace for 4,078 yards, 29 TDs and 9 interceptions this season. With the way Mayfield is playing with great mastery of the Tampa Bay offense, Joe sure wouldn’t bet against Mayfield hitting 30 touchdowns.

The Bucs have gotten special quarterback play from Mayfield, but Joe still wants to see him close out the season strong in order to earn a fat multiyear contract.

70 Responses to “Baker Mayfield On Pace For 4,078 Yards, 29 Touchdowns & 9 Interceptions”

  1. D-Rome Says:

    I would like to see him finish strong before we have contract talks but still. If the Bucs can continue to get this kind of production from him, and then couple that with a draft that builds around him, we could have a long term winner. It has been a masterful job by Jason Licht on what was originally a throw away year because of cap issues.

  2. ocala Says:

    Sign Baker to a long term deal.

  3. Pewter power Says:

    Stop comparing baker to Brady’s entire career. Who did that??–Joe He’s done more this year than Brady did last year. All the sacks baker escaped Brady had to eat.

  4. Jason Anthony Sturgess Says:

    Joe & many knuckleheads who comment here sat Baker Mayfield has not earned a multiyear contract or that they think he’ll sign to the Bucs for 15 million. What is wrong with you people? If the Bucs clinch against New Orleans when Baker sits the next game if Trask has a great day, Joe & these Trask fans will say Trask should start in the Playoffs as that is the only way the Bucs have a chance!. LOL

  5. Crazyhorse54 Says:

    Great job!

  6. Jeagan1999 Says:


  7. Trask Cult Leader Says:

    Blah blah blah!!

  8. Trask To The Future Says:


    Most of these ‘great’ games have been against terrible competition.

    Against the better teams Mayfield can barely muster 100 yards in a 1st half.

    I sure hope these recent games aren’t FOOL’S GOLD.

  9. Texasbucsfan Says:

    Why the comparison! What does it matter? The only thing that that counts is wins or losses.

  10. YaYa Winfield Says:

    Belle Glade so sorry but all the complaining you do will not get your dream boy into the starting lineup. See you in Gainesville in September and go Gators! Until then just stfu!

  11. Mike C Says:

    Where is Snarky “team positive” comment? Ohhhhh not so fashionable now to make fun of people who actually want their team to win, eff you you snarky f, GO BUCS!!!

  12. Zwak Says:

    The last two weeks have been very impressive! But how and why??
    Please let me know the answer..

  13. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Yes, but what does Oneilbucs think? He doesn’t like Brady or Mayfield…He’d be talking about why the Bucs should’ve kept Jameis over Brady, and started Trask over Mayfield.

  14. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    I was in the “dump Bowles and give Trask a shot” group several weeks ago. Glad to be sitting on the humble thrown. A bit stunned they found a groove and are kicking a$$!! I was wrong. Go Bucs!!

  15. Leighroy Says:

    He’s an upgrade over Brady’s last year, but he’s not an upgrade over Brady. Both statements can be true.

  16. Buccos Says:

    We are playing on house money this year with zero expectations. We have already played against the best teams in the NFC. I guarantee they don’t want to face us again

  17. Obvious Says:

    The team had a Great Night!!!

    However I’m TOTALLY Turned Off that Bowles didn’t put Trask in to get some reps.

    It seemed “petty” as well as “classless”. There wasn’t a reason IN THE WORLD not to put him in and include Trask. Not One Damn Reason. Todd Bowles. Among other things, in a certain light Bowles is OBVIOUSLY a very small man. In that aspect, Classless…

    Other than that, A Well Done goes to the players. Especially Mike Evans, Winfield, and Baker.

  18. infomeplease Says:

    Great TEAM WIN!!! Another strong offensive showing!! Next week against the Saints they need a threepeat!!! Peaking at the right time for sure! BM is the comeback player of the year!!!

  19. infomeplease Says:

    BM6 is playing like a #1 draft pick!!!! Keep it up BM6!!!!

  20. YaYa Winfield Says:

    Lmao obvious! It’s obvious you’re a trask nut hugger. Give it up bro. The team has its QB and it ain’t your boy friend.

  21. mat Says:

    Joe is a Big Boy who should realize that giving Brady 2023 team’s vastly improved pass protection, he would have played a much better season.

    The only thing that is true is that Baker has more production than Brady in 2022.

  22. Jack Clark Says:

    Baker Mayfield earned the franchise tag next season, that way we can still start Kyle Trask if Baker goes back to being average at best

  23. Oz Len Says:

    Trask To The Future and BelleGladeBuc: I agree with you guys Mayfield isn’t a great quarterback but just a pretty good one. If he comes back next year there is a better-than-not shot the Bucs will win again and probably make the playoffs. Now if Mayfield sucks, say a 30% chance he does, well then you can be right and suck on the negative vibes for a whole season. Now the alternative, your choice, is we let Mayfield walk, draft a rookie, and start Trask. Then we are guaranteed a losing season, and finally, the first big step into consistent mediocrity begins. I get it, you guys want the sure thing, being a loser.

  24. Duane in Sanford Says:

    We have certainly gotten our money’s worth from the 49th highest paid quarterback in the league.

  25. #99 the big fella Says:

    Where is David? Is he grounded for useing his parents computer without permission? I’m sure he will be here tomorrow crying about something!

  26. Citrus County Says:

    From Joes post; “Blaine, somebody coached up Baker.”

    Who coached up Baker ? Dave Canales, that’s who.

    While Baker is playing very well, I contend that the offense has yet to get into a rhythm. We are peaking at a perfect time. Watch out NFC, we are dangerous.

    The #45 situation is downright perplexing. If the man had only kept his mouth shut and played to his ability he may have indeed become a $100m man. I don’t think ANY team would trust him now, how could they?

  27. orlbucfan Says:

    I’m glad for this little (NFL wise) feisty fart who still reminds of Sonny Jurgenson. BM is smart as well as is carrying a chip on his shoulder. Waiting for the comments from the Browns area.

  28. NE Fan Says:

    Joe, why do you want to always compare Brady’s last season to Bakers first?
    Most fans like Joe are interested in how the team has improved or declined from the previous season. Everyone on the planet knows Brady’s career was and will be better than Mayfield’s.–Joe
    Why not apples to apples, Brady’s first and Bakers first? Plus what foes on track mean? I’ll tell you it means squat. If Bowles sits Mayfield the last game how does that affect your results. The team has.figured out how to win and I will take my lumps for doubting them. I will never be sold on Bowles, Canalas and Mayfield seem to be a good tandem. Comparing Baker to Brady just means you’re just trying to stir up your audience.

  29. Jerseybuc Says:

    Hey trask fan boy or whatever your name is just beat it bro. Mayfield is balling out. Last 4 weeks he’s played great every week he’s better n better. Today was a solid ass win against a team with a (WINNING RECORD). He’s playing just as good if not better than any QB right now.

  30. Craig Says:

    Baker is playing for his life and his marriage. Apparently his wife would rather live here, and he wants to stay with her.

    If he blows this one it will be his last and medium money for a QB will go farther here, maybe.

    His desperation is apparent in not sitting with a strained neck. If Trask looks good his chances of a big contract here shrink.

    He has started well in several places and has slid back to mediocre in all of them. Do we doom the Bucs with a Baker who has never been a long term franchise QB?

    No one yet knows what Trask is. He is good enough not to be traded yet, and sitting behind Brady is no shame. Everyone needs to know what he is before the Bucs offer Baker something long term. His history makes that questionable.

  31. ScottyMack Says:

    Mat mentioned the “2023 team’s vastly improved pass protection” in relation to why Brady’s passing numbers should have been better. I’m not sure how many people realize that the completely immobile Brady was only sacked 22 times last season whereas Mayfield, who has avoided at least a dozen sacks on his own, has already been sacked 37 times. I’m not so sure the offensive line is even close to “vastly improved”.

  32. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    Some people on here are reading comprehension challenged.

    I said that Trask wasn’t the answer.

    I said that Baker wasn’t the answer.

    I also said that I hope that I’m wrong.

    Matt Ryan, a former NFL MVP, stated in an article posted on this site that Baker’s play this year up until the Packers game was out of sorts.

    If a former NFL MVP Quarterback evaluates Baker’s play as out of sorts for every game except for the Packers game, then it shows how illogical pro Baker fans have been.

  33. Rjscheapseats Says:

    Baker is playing welll.

  34. Lakeland Steve Says:

    I think the biggest difference is the Offensive Coordinator from last year to this year.

  35. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Brady was an old man in football years last year. There’s no way he could have been as mobile as Mayfield is. Not taking anything away from Baker, but don’t get crazy.

  36. Bucs 95 Says:

    More 30TDS and 8ints your lowballing him he only needs 4 more tds too get there

  37. Bucs 95 Says:


  38. Tony marks Says:

    #99 the big fella Says:
    December 24th, 2023 at 7:59 pm
    Where is David? Is he grounded for useing his parents computer without permission? I’m sure he will be here tomorrow crying about somethin—-

    Beleive it or not he was in the game thread and I kid you not was claiming

    He never hated on baker and

    always liked him

  39. Irish Laughter Says:

    Baker is the difference, but to keep comparing him to Brady is an insult to the season he is having. In Brady’s worst season (his last) with all the injuries and chaos surrounding the team and his personal life, he still threw for 4,700 yards and 25 TDs. Baker is having a career year and the team is peaking at the right time. Focus on that Joe instead of the usual Brady comparisons. If you were just comparing numbers, Baker would lose. If you are comparing some of the other team successes, Baker is doing his job like Brady did his job for the three years he was a Buc. Keeping it real in Irelands.

  40. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    YaYa Winfield-You got the wrong guy. I’ve gone on record numerous times on this blog about how I don’t think Trask is the answer. Might want to work on your reading comprehension. Go Noles!

  41. Capt.Tim Says:

    More stupidity.
    Mayfield has already earned a long term contract. He is playing at an elite level, with a terrible running game and a horrible line.
    Its just a matter of who signs him to a long term deal.

    I doubt he signs with us. If he does, its because he is a sentimentalist, not a realist.
    There are better teams out there, that need a starting QB.
    We have great WRs, but the rest of our offense needs work.

    And if we lose Mayfield, Im sure Evans will leave too.
    Hes not gonna spend the end of his career, playing with some scared rookie, and watching his 1,000 yard season streak get broken
    He’ll go to a contender.
    Like Mayfield, lots of teams would love to sign Mike Evans

  42. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    As much as I said to start Trask during the last 8 games of futility from Baker after last week and today I wanted him to finish out the game. He’s playing hot and you keep feeding the hot hand. Too bad Cornales turtled down it really messed him up when it did come time to throw.

  43. ScottyMack Says:

    Before a former MVP QB starts shooting his mouth off about another QB, perhaps he should take a moment and reflect how consistent his career would have been if he had played for a different head coach every single year of his career (and multiple coaches last year).

    This is Baker Mayfield’s sixth year in the league and he is playing for his 8th different head coach. That’s a whole lot of new systems to learn each and every year of your career. It took surefire first ballot Hall of Famer Tom Brady 12 games to finally start clicking in the Bruce Arians system.

  44. Tony marks Says:

    BelleGladeBuc Says:
    December 24th, 2023 at 8:15 pm

    Matt Ryan, a former NFL MVP, stated in an article posted on this site that Baker’s play this year up until the Packers game was out of sorts


    Every source i have read indicats that thats false and its YOU that don’t know how to read. They indicate that Ryan actually said Baker was out of sorts for a few weeks befor the packer’s game

    theres a lot of time difference between weeks and the entire year

    and try as you might to spin it now with egg on your face. You’ve always been nothing but a hater.

    NO space on the band wagon for you. Application DENIED

  45. Pewter power Says:

    Pewter power Says:
    Stop comparing baker to Brady’s entire career. Who did that??–Joe

    All good Joe’s it wasn’t directed at you just anyone who’s afraid to say baker is having a better season than Brady did last year

  46. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    Tony Marks-I guess you missed Matt Ryan’s commentary during the Bucs v Packers game where he said numerous times that Baker had been playing inconsistently all season.

  47. Since76 Says:

    I did not think Mayfield could put together 2 good games in a row. He did and he looked really good. The defence played well also. If Mayfield starts playing well here on our it will be the closest thing I’ve ever seen to having a lightbulb go on over someone’s head. Literally like someone turned on a light switch. I hope he plays like this all the way to the trophy. Lfg

  48. CleanHouse Says:


  49. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    Never said that I hated Baker. Never attacked him personally.

    Baker has a career losing record. That’s a fact. Sorry that you don’t like facts.

    Baker is on his 3rd team in less than a year, causing former players, scouts and current NFL draft gurus Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks to label Baker as a journeyman quarterback who was on his last chance to be a starter on a team because of his past performance.

    All I said was that I thought he wasn’t the answer because of all of the above reasons. Baker is proving me wrong by playing like the Comeback Player of the Year.

    To win that award means that you are coming back and playing well from not playing well in previous seasons or you are coming back from a devastating injury and playing well.

    Baker is not coming back from a devastating injury like AP did when he won the award.

    The announcers, Former NFL Quarterback Trent Green, just stated on the broadcast in the Bucs v Jags that Baker would be the Comeback Player of the Year because he only won 1 game each playing for two teams and losing the rest of his games.

    Baker didn’t play well for two teams last year and this year he’s playing well, and thus he’s up for the Comeback Player of the Year is what Green stated.

    Some Baker fans don’t understand that for Baker to win the Comeback Player of the Year that Baker has had to have something in his play last year that was negative so that he has something to come back from to win that award.

    Conversation about Baker being up for that award validates anyone’s skepticism.

    Weird how you and other Baker fans can’t grasp that simple concept.

    You know that you nothing for being right about Baker from the start, right?

    You know that there is no wagon, right? Anybody is free to have an opinion or change their mind. Your inability to recognize that shows a very myopic world view and tells others that you are unwilling to learn and grow.

    You all are an I told you so guy and I will keep telling you that I told you so guy, and even after I told you that I told you so, I’m gonna keep telling you how I told you so some more. You must be such joy to be around at a party.

  50. WyomingJoe Says:

    I posted this comment sometime during the last few weeks. If you compare Mayfield’s and Brady’s numbers for passing yards and TDs during their first full 3 seasons, Mayfield’s numbers are better than Brady’s. NO, IM NOT SAYING THAT BAKER IS BETTER THAN THE GOAT! I’m just comparing rough stats. And I didn’t mention the Super Bowl that Brady won in his second full year, but he did have a much better team around him than Baker did that year, lol.

    Ok, here are the numbers for their first 3 years:

    Baker: 11,115 Passing Yards and 75 TDs.
    Brady: 10,227 Passing Yards and 69 TDs.

    Just goes to show you what a long-term stable environment can do for a young QB! Baker: 4 Head Coaches and 3 different Offensive Coordinators his first 3 years. Brady: Same Head Coach, same Offensive Coordinator!

  51. Jason Anthony Sturgess Says:

    Baker has a career losing record because he started his career on a team that went 1-35 before he was drafted by the team & he didn’y play till the team was
    0-2 That year You don’t seem to consider that I have never encountered such knuckleheads ever!

  52. adam from ny Says:

    not 158.3……..

    but still cookin’ in the pot !

  53. NE Fan Says:

    Wyoming Joe@ you’re insane, Baker was the #1 pick Brady was 199. Where is Baker after 6 years versus Brady. I’ll tell ya, Baker can’t afford to get hurt, he is on his legs. Hisnhe making the best of it, yes and kudos to him. There is NO QB currently in the NFL that compares to his accomplishments. If Baker gets in or even better gets the Bucs to a 2nd PO game good for the Bucs. But let’s not forget the guy that walked in the door and gave the Bucs the Lombardi, not counting the revenue he brought to Tampa. So go buy your #6 shirt, there are plenty left on the shelves.

  54. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    WyomingJoe-I completely agree that Baker has had a problem with the instability in coaching environment. I also didn’t think the pairing of Todd Bowles with Baker was good.

    I am happy that Baker is showing skeptics like me that they had nothing to be worried about.

  55. Woodenman Says:

    There were lots of people wrong about Baker Sturgess don’t act like you are only one who thought he was good! Most people believe he has a career losing record cause he has lost alot more than he’s won

  56. Bucs13 Says:

    Comparing Baker this season to a 45 year old QB who was going through a divorce last season is actually an insult to Baker. Saying Baker is having a better season than Brady isn’t really a flex. Moreover, this is a younger roster with an offense that actually fits its personnel. By the way, Brady is very active on the Bucs IG page. He likes a lot of posts by the team.

  57. Ex-Browns02 Says:

    It’s been fun reading the posts in this forum. I’m so not surprised about the continuation of the negative posts! What’s a guy have to do to convince you that he’s a winner?

    Hey — Kudo’s to the entire Bucs organization for coming together to create success. The Bucs dominated the Jags today! Fantastic!! So the team finally figuring it happened during the last quarter of the season. It doesn’t matter that it happened late. What matters is that it happened!

    They’re rolling and they’ve built some great momentum at this point. From what I (and I think a lot of other fans think as well), we’re not going to be disappointed by what we see from here on out.

    Excellent work Bucs! You’re getting it done!!

  58. Tony marks Says:

    BelleGladeBuc Says:
    December 24th, 2023 at 8:42 pm
    Tony Marks-I guess you missed Matt Ryan’s commentary during the Bucs v Packers game where he said numerous times that Baker had been playing inconsistently all season.

    Nope I read reports form reputable sources and you are changing it to suit your usual nonsense.

  59. Tony marks Says:

    BelleGladeBuc Says:
    December 24th, 2023 at 8:52 pm
    Never said that I hated Baker. Never attacked him personally.


    Total Bull. We have been here for weeks reading you trash away nonstop

    No one reads your long ole posts for you to spin out of whatt we all know to be a fact.

  60. Gipper Says:

    David Says:
    December 16th, 2023 at 4:24 pm
    Toilet Bowl and Mayfield are done in Tampa no matter how the season ends .

    Hey Davey, remember the above post? You can’t jump on board the Baker train now. Also, Coach Bowles didn’t measure up. There is plenty more where that came from. Remember how Baker was trash? Sort of serves you right.

  61. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    Tony-You stated,”We have been here for weeks reading you trash away nonstop,” and then you say, “No one reads your long ole posts.”

    You seem confused.

    So you read it, but you don’t read it.

    Which is it?

    Are you okay?

    You again spin tall tales. Prove that I said that I hate Baker. You can’t.

    As far as your reputable comment, well that’s another tall tale.

    At the 15:00 mark of the first quarter in the Packers v Bucs game after kickoff Matt Ryan stated that Baker’s play has been inconsistent. Matt Ryan restated that many times during the game.

    I just find it hilarious that you are proven so spectacularly incompetent that at the start of the Bucs v Packers game that Baker’s inconsistent play was talked about by Matt Ryan and Tiki Barber and you were to lazy to go check before trying to be the predictable I told you so guy that you are.

    Heading to church. Merry Christmas!

  62. Gipper Says:

    David Says:
    December 14th, 2023 at 3:42 pm
    Trash Toilet Bowl with his trash son, Baker. We have nothing but disappointments this season with these two losers.

    More from David who now denies that he frothed at the mouth over Bowles and Baker. David, for your review. We are watching you.

  63. WyomingJoe Says:

    NE Fan: Why are you such a Moron! I simply compared Baker to Brady’s first 3 years in passing yards and TDs. And, guess what? It showed that Baker was better in both of those areas for that time period. I also stressed the point that Brady was the GOAT.

    Look, I understand that because Baker is playing so well it’s causing you great pain and you’re slowly losing what little mind you have left. And, normally, I would enjoy that but… it’s Christmas. So I wish you well…

  64. Gio957 Says:

    Why are we still thinking about Brady at this time of the year? Don’t the buccaneers have enough problems to deal with this season. Is this a superbowl team right now or another soon to be forgotten team that couldn’t win a superbowl.

  65. Gipper Says:

    Wyoming Joe,

    You can explain it to them but you can’t comprehend it for them. That’s kind of the problem with many of these witless wonders. I too have tried but many here are not sure how many ounces are in a 12oz can of beer.

  66. Obvious Says:

    @yak yak whatever calling yourself ya ya winfield

    Kiss my arse lady. Being that you’re a chick I guess nut hugging is something you pride yourself in and CLEARLY obsess over. That makes sense. Seems all you got though honey. And clearly middle school “drop out” was your ceiling because slick chick, you OBVIOUSLY can’t read!

    However, with your surprisingly lazy and crap call name, you’re not clever, creative nor bright. Most ladies I know are far more articulate and inventive. Most of the women like yourself are far more classy as well. Basic reading skills isn’t your style and I’m beginning to wonder if you’re todd bowles wife!?! I can see that trying to compete with a man confuses you.

    If by chance you are his wife, I sincerely apologize for calling out your husband’s LACK of being an ABLE and RESPONSIBLE coach! And if you’re not his wife, Try to have faith that one day you’ll be a grown woman and maybe even understand the concepts of couth.

    Also, get yourself a basic reading skills education mam so that you can keep up with the basic human reading skills. I’ve got to say though, I appreciate all buccaneers fans on some level, you’re lack of wit screams trailer trash hone. Get an education instead of being a pro gold digger and learn how to read so that you’ll be able to retire one day without being 100% dependant apon your husband’s income. What if some happens to him mam?

    I’m going to forgive you since it’s a very special birthday celebration today. And I’m celebrating it along with an awesome win from my team. That would include as written, qb Mr. Baker Mayfield since you not surprisingly missed that…

    Merry Christmas yak yak, and come on back if you needs you some moe edumacation.

  67. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    -Capt2Fish-First I’d like to say Merry Christmas!

    Last year Baker was 1-5 with the Panthers and 1-3 with the Rams for an overall record of 2-8. The NFL’s own website confirms this.

    As far as you not liking NFL MVP Quaterback Matt Ryan’s assessment of Baker’s inconsistent play this season, you need to read the article on this website titled “Todd Bowles Outlines Baker Mayfield Inconsistency on December 12th, 2023, where the author and Todd Bowles state that Baker’s play has been inconsistent.

    And if you don’t like former Pro Bowl Quarterback Trent Green talking about Baker as the Come Back Player of the year there are others.

    Super Bowl Winning & Hall of Fame Head Coach Bill Cowher and Super Bowl MVP Quarterback Phil Sims both were talking about how Baker Mayfield should be the Comeback Player of the Year during CBS halftime show during the Bucs v Packers game.

    This website had an article titled ‘“Obsessed” Over Baker Mayfield” on

    “One man who has a vote for “Comeback Player of the Year” is popular sports TV and radio personality Adam Schein. The CBS Sports Network and SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio host typed for that if the season ended today, Mayfield would get his vote.

    Color me obsessed. Baker Mayfield has found a new home and it’s awesome. I’m an Associated Press awards voter, and the former No. 1 overall pick is my current leader for Comeback Player of the Year.”

    I hope this website, Hall of Famer Bill Cowher, Super Bowl MVP Quarterback Phil Sims and Adam Schein meet your standards.

    The point is Baker is being seriously talked about as a Comeback Player of the Year, which literally means Baker is up for an award that is given to players who struggled in the past season(s).

  68. Stan says Says:

    Look back at my post about Baker, he’s the same guy he has always been a good Quarterback. If he puts up 30 T.D. some of you Dumb-a–es will still be calling for the back up. Lots of Bucs fans disappointe me all over the bay area not seeing what this guy can do. A lot of this fan base doesn’t deserve a good team. I hope the bucs sign Baker he’s better the 3/4 of the Quarterbacks in the league. Why are you fans so pissed off an hate him. He is a great person first and a good Quarterback for us period.

  69. Gipper Says:

    Stan says,

    Well said, Stan the Man. The fundamental problem all these hate experts have is they have invested a lot in running down Baker. Now that they have been proven to be complete clowns it is hard for them to let go. Most of these cats have little or nothing going for them in the real world so they are happy to heap scorn on somebody they know nothing about. They just repeat a bunch of phoney copy from lazy media types who were all in the band in high school. Knowledgeable Cleveland sports fans know the real Mayfield story.

  70. Rod Munch Says:

    This is the same argument used to give Derek Carr a huge deal.

    But Baker now has a chance to separate himself from that argument. If he can stay hot through the playoffs, he’ll make himself a ton of money, and the Bucs will do some damage in the playoffs.

    Of course the team still needs to actually make the playoffs, but so far, so good.