Todd Bowles’ Seat Is Sizzling

November 5th, 2023

Bucs coach Todd Bowles.

It’s time to address the elephant in the room.

Joe thinks Bucs coach Todd Bowles’ job is in jeopardy.

Joe is not saying Bowles will be relieved of his duties soon. In fact, Joe would be shocked if that happens before the end of the season. Shoot, the Bucs currently are 1 1/2 games out of first place in the putrid NFC South with 10 games to go. Way, way premature to start rolling heads.

Besides, Team Glazer has never changed coaches midseason. Never.

But Joe thinks reasonable to suggest that sometime today after the Bucs gagged away a win to Houston, there will be a Glazer family conversation about the Bucs’ future with Todd Bowles.

Bowles should be in trouble the way this team is shatting all over itself week after week as the Bucs’ losing streak stretches now to four games.

Widely regarded as a defensive guru, Bowles allowed a rookie quarterback to set an NFL record throwing for 470 yards today. Bowles’ defense allowed C.J. Stroud to march 75 yards in 40 seconds — 40 seconds! — for the game-winning touchdown.


If you have a defensive guy as your head coach and your defense sucks this bad, what is the point?

The difference in the game was a fourth-quarter 29-yard field goal kicked by a running back!

Don’t tell Joe that Jamel Dean is such a valuable player that the entire defense collapsed when he left the field with a concussion.

There is nothing about this Bucs team that gives Joe any confidence things can turn around.

While the offense showed major signs of life, scoring a season-high 37 points today, so many headscratchers happened throughout the game on offense that defy logic (get the ball to Sneak Vaughn three plays in a row and punt — quarters without hearing from Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, two of the best receivers in the NFL).

Joe heard through the grapevine that the Tennessee-Ready game on opening day in 2015 was the beginning of the end for lousy Lovie Smith. The Capitol Collapse/”You Like That!” game weeks later was the final straw.

Now Joe is wondering if today’s game was Bowles’ Tennessee-Ready game or Capitol Collapse/”You Like That!” moment.

133 Responses to “Todd Bowles’ Seat Is Sizzling”

  1. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    FIRE TODD BOWLES 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  2. Anthony Says:

    We are beyond sizzling, his seat is already on fire

  3. Rican Says:

    It needs to be boiling.

  4. Durango 95 Says:

    He gone. Only a matter of time.

  5. Walter Says:

    Fire him today. Not tomorrow, not next week, not after the season. TODAY. Pointless to wait.

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    His seat is as scorched as his defense was today……

  7. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    This team is in “QUIT MODE” JOE

  8. I’m tired and 87 is right Says:

    I’m pretty sure Mike Evan’s was trying to warn us that Bowles sucks. He saw this team didn’t have it. We did not listen. I say fire bowels and resign Evan’s. The only guy I can trust as a Buc!

  9. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    Hopefully its hot enough to vaporize him

  10. #99 the big fella Says:

    I just took my bucs flag down and removed my bucs tag off my truck.. I am truly embarrassed to say I am a bucs fan today! I will not watch another game until Bowles is fired!

  11. Voice of Truth Says:


  12. tampabuscsbro Says:

    too bad the Glazer boys don’t fire coaches midseason.

  13. sasquatch Says:

    He shouldn’t be surprised if he gets the call tonight… although that’s not the Glazers’ way, typically.

  14. HC Grover Says:

    His excuses will be epic. Can’t wait.

  15. Joshua porter Says:

    The defense looked like they quit. Just pathetic

  16. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    WTF was wrong with the pass D today?
    To say they completely checked out and quit trying is giving them too much credit. Maybe the Bucs secondary is on the Texans payroll?

    #Bucs Life

  17. ModHairKen Says:


    Remove Arians from ROH. He F’d every fan.

  18. Rod Munch Says:




  19. Bucfan Says:

    Give todd a break. He is working to get the top pick in next years draft.

  20. BFFL Says:

    Joe, please don’t let Licht off the hook either. Bucs need new GM and new HC.

  21. Pewter Power Says:

    This is 2023. The lost decade days are done. PEOPLE WE HAVE GOOD PLAYERS.

    ONLY A NEED COACH CAN SINK THE SHIP, too many good players. The problem is simply the coach.

  22. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Promote Keith Armstrong to HC. F**k I’m still pissed.

  23. Coquiro Says:


  24. Billy Bob Bubba Bo Baggins Says:

    Field General needs critical thinking ability. Our head coach’s thought process has shown time and time again the lack of this ability. Can he look at tape and come up with a game plan that may or may not work? Yes, can he make adjustments on the fly should those game plans fall apart? NOPE!!!!

  25. Earl Says:

    Where is Bruce?

  26. Doc Says:

    The G.M. hireed this high school O/C, he has destroyed this team with bad picks, and hiring this junk. Replace the G.M. with Barber,or Brooks.

  27. Pewter Power Says:

    Fire the entire staff? I’m sorry who is the defensive coordinator again?

  28. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    Rod Munch Says:
    November 5th, 2023 at 4:56 pm




    ^ Thanks for the much needed comic relief

  29. rfdes Says:

    I, too, believe the team is starting to quit. The pass rush was 99% absent.
    So sad. Time for another ‘Bowles Poll’

  30. SB~LV Says:

    Same article could have been written 365 days ago
    I am puking up Glazer’s experiment

  31. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    Keep Todd Bowles. He is great.

  32. Dreambig Says:

    Not sure we win again this year. Carolina, maybe.

  33. Dew Says:

    Can Trask play defense?

  34. BucsBeast Says:

    The fan base has completely turned on him. If the Glazers don’t fire him.
    Stadium seats will be empty or filled with opponent fans.

  35. Toad Bowels Says:

    Who says I can’t develop quarterbacks? Today I developed the Texan rookie quarterback so that he had almost 500 yards passing and five passing touchdowns against my pathetic defense. Have you given him the confidence to become the offensive player of the week and he’ll have a nice long career thanks to my defensive play calling. My team’s lack of fundamental helped him put on quite a show and he will likely be the offensive rookie of the week All thanks to my help. I deserve a lot of credit for his tremendous performance today.

  36. Miller5252 Says:

    I don’t think the Glazers have a big enough pair to fire Bowles and Canales after this loss. So much for Brady bringing the culture that will carry on after him. The 100% killed that today. Go get a QB no one’s heard of and let him tank the rest of the way.

  37. PbnJ Says:

    I’m having a BOWLES refreshing each article for the comments, seeing multiple new posts every refresh & then spotting the moment the responses stop that signals a Joe has FIRED odd a new article.

  38. Joe Says:

    Joe, please don’t let Licht off the hook either. Bucs need new GM and new HC.

    Why get rid of a GM who built a Super Bowl winner? That makes zero sense to Joe.

  39. Rod Munch Says:




  40. Waco from Virginia Says:

    Good DC, terrible HC. Same as when he was with the Jets. Not all coordinators are cut out to be head coaches and they should not be ashamed of that. Instead, be great at what you are good at. Dirk was the same, good OC, bad HC.

    Whether it’s now or later, I think the decision has to be made.

  41. Mikeinlutz Says:

    Who should we cheer for. A lead with 31 secs and they drove the field. It was disgusting to watch running playsbthat lose yards. Baker played his ass off, he looked so disgusted after the game. Time to fire them all. No more excuses from the HC.

  42. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    Bucfan Says:
    November 5th, 2023 at 4:56 pm
    Give todd a break. He is working to get the top pick in next years draft.

    ^ We’ve won too many games for a great pick. This team is beyond stupid.
    Win just enough to not pick in the top 5….and then LOSE LOSE LOSE LOSE BABY

    Miserable fans. Miserable franchise. Aloof owners.
    #Its A Bucs Life

  43. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    From Super Bowl champion to the bottom, in one easy step.

    Todd Bowles should write a book, if he is capable.

  44. Rich Says:

    They should can him on the plane home…this was an absolute disgrace. Lyght and Glazers made a huge mistake in following BA recommendation…a huge mistake! There is nothing to justify this performance and to keep the status quo is another major mistake….on top of the 1st one. Realize these and get the organization moving forward…no reason to delay the inevitable…

  45. ChrisBuc23 Says:

    I’ve seen enough of this boring record #FireToiletBowles 💩💩💩💩💩

  46. Pewter Power Says:

    Let’s get back to basics uh ok Bowles, we’re in voluntary mini camp

  47. I’m tired and 87 is right Says:

    Chat GBT says to fire Bowels! Victory Monday here we come! God Bless I have never witnessed such a bad loss on defense. Lmao

  48. jehzsa Says:

    Did anyone catch a glimpse of the UFO over the Big Sombrero?

  49. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    If the Glazers don’t fire him.
    Stadium seats will be empty or filled with opponent fans.


    ^ Glazers say “whatever bro”

  50. SoCalBucsFan1 Says:

    He’s in a Gots to Go situation. How can this team be so bi-polar week after week after week. Either fire him, or make drastic changes in the secondary. Either way, this was a flat-out embarrassment.

    If I’m Baker and Mike Evans, and the offense I point fingers and call out people on the defense who should be called out.

  51. I’m tired and 87 is right Says:

    Tod Bowels is so bad….insert joke here.

  52. godlovesbucs Says:

    Atlanta was Tennessee ready. This was the you like that game.

  53. RuKa Says:

    This game and the D performance should be a surprise to no one! Remember the Atlanta game when we allowed them to get down the field with seconds left to kick a winning field goal?…. Exactly…

  54. Billy Bob Bubba Bo Baggins Says:

    I highly doubt anyone on this thread thought with 31 seconds and 2 time outs left that the Bucs were going to be able to stop the Texans. The Texans had 2-5 play drives for touchdowns the entire 2nd half

  55. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    Dead Man Walking

  56. csidedave Says:

    Playing “prevent” and you let them get behind you twice. I can’t recall a single pass that we defended. Time to let him go.

  57. EEK Says:

    I don’t think anyone would be surprised if Bowles were fired by Thanksgiving

    This kind of loss after losing 3 games before is the playbook for getting fired mid-season

    It’s a mind blowing loss that essentially ended the season

    Now do you play Trask? I don’t see a problem with that at this point

    Another lost season

  58. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Just add up all the embarrassing details today:

    – Beat by a team with no kicker

    – Beat by a rookie who sets an NFL passing record

    – Beat by a rookie with 46 seconds left on the clock

    ………..that is beyond God AWFUL

  59. Mike Johnson Says:

    Sizzling? You kidding me? His seat has rocketed to Mars..with him in it. He is suppose to be this Defensive Guru right? How you let a team march 75 yards down the field on you in 40 seconds? And where is our pass rush?. I heard Trons name called once today. I saw a rookiw QB have time to make sandwiches in the backfield and pass them out. I’d blow it all up right now. Fire Bowles and the OC.

  60. Bobby M. Says:

    The search begins…..can Bowles and see what Canales can do.

  61. Hodad Says:

    Joe don’t forget using that TO instead of the 10 second run off cost us the game. Bowles should’ve let the 10 seconds run off and kept the TO. Instead we score quick and save Stroud the 10 seconds extra he needed to win. Losing hangs on Bowles like stank on a skunk. Bowles found a way to lose, yet again. His defense is a reflection of him. They come up small in big moments, like today and all season on third down.

  62. DungyDance Says:

    Done watching Bycs games this year with the motivation and hope of winning. After this embarrassment today, I’m now watching only to see dignity and respect paid to a few class act players that we still have. I’ll be watching just to cheer for Evans getting his 1,000 yards. I’ll be watching just to see Lavonte pile on his number of tackles. I’ll be watching to see Camarda light it up on punts. And I’ll be cheering for a few other individuals. But the team, and winning? Done. Flush it.

  63. Pewter Power Says:

    Complimentary football at its finest

  64. Kstoges Says:

    promote Dave to head coach RIGHT NOW IVE SEEN ENOUGH

  65. CHRISTOS Says:

    I agree that Licht needs a part of the blame too. He has done some good and some bad but please dont confuse the Brady Effect.
    Look what happened to the Patriots. We all can see now that it was not the Patriot way but it was Brady.
    Licht didnt built a SB winning team, he built a good team that Brady came and made it a winner.
    I think that is fair. Licht had to get a small part of the blame.

  66. Kgh4life Says:

    If a different defender is busting coverages every week, then the defense is too complex or the Bucs just have bad coaching.

  67. Rayjay1122 Says:

    Moderation of comments must be pretty fun after a loss like this one. 😂😂😂

  68. BrianBucs Says:

    Is Bowles fired yet?

  69. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    Gotta appreciate CJ Stroud. The dude can throw a football.

  70. ATrain Says:

    Bowles was kept because He is a Defensive Superstar Coach

    The Bucs scored 37 points and were UP With 40 Secs Left in a game




  71. dbbuc711 Says:

    Doesn’t matter to me what the owners do. I’ve fired the team.

  72. David Says:

    Toilet Bowls needs to fired and bench Baker after this game losing to a team with losing record for the second time this season with a rookie qb.
    The difference is not the defense is the offense scoring more FG’s than touch downs .

    Texans had a real Qb who out scored Baker the journeyman . CJ threw 5 TD for almost 500 yards vs Baker 2 TD 275 yards .
    Texans had so many injuries in OL and their defense .

  73. Richard Dickson Says:

    I see people saying “37 points should be enough, this is on the defense!” But the offense went absolutely dormant in the 3rd quarter and allowed Houston back in the game, and benefited from maybe the luckiest bounce in franchise history.

  74. Richard E Says:

    Fire Bowles but who would you promote? I don’t see any viable candidates.

  75. Mort Says:

    It’s gotta be better than the defense was today. Period.

    Offense worked a bit, but man there were some boneheaded play calls.

    Bowles should not be fired during this season. Yes we should expect better – but you don’t need to fire a coach in week 9. That doesn’t help anybody. Still time to turn this young team with a brand new offensive philosophy around. This is a rebuild year. Dead money, learning a new offense and playing rookies is the entire goal of this season. How they finish this year should determine Todd’s fate.

  76. Bucs 95 Says:

    Lets fire bowles and promote canlaes too coach and make carlton davis our D corrdinator that way he stays off the field maybe neal is in the running for the job too, If the raiders fired mc daniels with a 3-5 record why cant we fire bowles with the same record

  77. Darin Says:

    Oh geez you’re just now seeing it? He went under 500 with Brady. You thought Baker folking mayfield was gonna do better with bowles? Bolwes is a decent coordinator. Makes great adjustments but usually a one half coordinator. He’s not gona change now neither is Mayfield. I’m not even gonna say to fire him that was last year’s news

  78. ModHairKen Says:

    Bowles will be gone. No doubt. So the question is this: who is available to coach this team? I think they have to draft a QB. This team may win 1 or 2 more games. That is it. So they will have a Top 10 pick.

  79. Rod Munch Says:

    Hodad Says:
    November 5th, 2023 at 5:07 pm
    Joe don’t forget using that TO instead of the 10 second run off cost us the game. Bowles should’ve let the 10 seconds run off and kept the TO.


    It’s typical of how incredibly stupid Bowles is.

    The Bucs are literally running run plays inside of 2 minutes to wind the clock down – then, in that situation, where you are in the redzone and have 2 times to stop the clock when you want to do so, that’s when this dummy stops the clock with a bunch of time left.


    Bowles is an idiot. This is the same idiot running the clock down before halftime last week and then punting, when he’s down by 7, because he’s more worried about what can go wrong than trying to score points.

    This is what terrible head coaches do, they make awful decisions, every time. And Bowles is a terrible head coach.

  80. ScottyMack Says:

    Unlike the same negative people you see here on a daily basis, I have been an avid Bucs supporter this and all years and see the potential in the team while others see nothing but doom and gloom. That said, for the second game in a row, there were coaching calls made that can only be described as “intentionally trying to lose the game”.

    Too many to name in this game, but the most glaring at the end of the game was Bowles’ decision to use a time out instead of a 10-second runoff. I was screaming at the TV, “What are you doing? You don’t want to leave any time on the clock for Houston.” In the end, the deciding play of the game was snapped with 10 seconds left on the clock – time Houston never would have had if Bowles hadn’t made that boneheaded decision. His decision to try and draw Buffalo offsides on a makable field goal last week at the end of the half is nowhere near as boneheaded as this move was. Sorry, but he’s just not smart enough to be in charge of critical game decisions.

  81. Buccos Says:

    How much are we paying our secondary?

  82. Joe Says:

    Moderation of comments must be pretty fun after a loss like this one. 😂😂😂

    It ain’t. 🙁

  83. gotbbucs Says:

    This is nothing. Stroud is going to be incredible. He’ll be one of the main faces of the NFL in five years.

    Wait until Bryce Young does this same thing in four weeks, though. That will be the final straw for Bowles and company.

  84. chickster Says:

    Coach has no emotion and cant handle the pressure/ Baker is just not enough to carry this awful offence Time to see what Trask has

  85. J Says:

    Bowles just ain’t the guy.

    Dean hits the ground and breaks his head on a simple tackle, and Davis just sucks at everything.


  86. chickster Says:

    Stroud won me money on Fanduel i could see this coming

  87. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    Todd Bowles looked like one of them wax dummies on the sideline.

  88. HC Grover Says:

    Just like the magnificent blunder in the Rams game. I thought they had won. But Just Like That…….

  89. D-dub bucs fan srq Says:

    So let’s hear it for Todd bowles congratulations on getting one step closer to being fired from another NFL head coaching gig. This guy why are you playing soft zone defense you’re playing prevent defense which the only thing it prevents is your team from winning Todd bowels you got to go

  90. HC Grover Says:

    Scotty Mack nails it.

  91. Nprbuc Says:

    Glazers HAVE to know that they are on a train to nowhere. Grow a set and start send them packing! So what if they have never fired anyone during the season. They should have done it last year when it was clear our team was rudderless. You don’t think these professional football players are saying WTH are we doing getting the ball to Vaughn for 3 straight plays? They know he shouldn’t even be on the team yet we are going to pin a game on him? Stupidity on the coaching staff tells the Glazers it’s time to fire the cannons if they want any kind of fan base to stick with this clown show. Grow a set Glazers and do the right thing for the new guys, talent on this team and your loyal fans. There is nothing to be gained by trotting out this same debacle week after week. Have they no shame. Swing the axe and make history!

  92. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Yup, clearly the players have completely quit on Bowels. Most of us work. Can you imagine having a boss as lifeless as him? OMFG! How could anybody want to play for that guy. The only thing Bowles should do is speak in his monotone so the players can take a short afternoon nap. And oh boy is Bowles FAT AND OUT OF SHAPE!

  93. HC Grover Says:

    Fire Bowles and Hire JOE for HC

  94. Mord Says:

    In each of the games in this string of losses, the Bucs defense seems to get on a run of letting the opposing offense get first downs almost every time they touch the ball. Seems like the players are good enough to do better and .. that they’re not making any schematic adjustments to their approach.

    I would imagine opposing OC’s are thrilled to able to play the Bucs knowing that whatever ideas they come up with to beat what they see on film *will absolutely work*, because these Bucs aren’t gonna change what they’re doing, even when they clearly should.

  95. HC Grover Says:

    Texans a 2 1/2 point fave. ROFL.

  96. Davenport Says:

    Bucs didnt sell at the deadline. They had extra days to prepare for this week. The result? A disaster.

    Ride this season out with Bowles & company – a new coach may try to spark improvement and hurt draft position.

    Give Trask some time & see what he has. Play all the young guys and give them an honest look.

    2024 starts now.

  97. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Before BA arrived, Bud Licht was in the razors edge from being run out.. deservedly so.

    BA was a Hail Mary. TB12 got here and told them what he wanted. Not a whole lot of mental work for Bud Licht. And Robert Aguayo. Yeah, I said it.

    Cmon man.

  98. BucsFanSince1996 Says:

    Joe Says:
    Why get rid of a GM who built a Super Bowl winner? That makes zero sense to Joe.
    It does make ZERO sense and I’m surprised when I see people call for Licht to be fired.

    Licht didn’t only build a Super Bowl winning team. He brought the entire team back the following season in an attempt to do it again. That’s not easy to do in the NFL.

    It is upsetting to see the team shatting all over itself as it is but we all knew that there would be negative consequences for handling the salary cap in the way it was done when Brady was here. But everyone was onboard with it back at that time when Gronk and other free agents were brought in to give us a chance.

  99. Aubpierce Says:

    Like I said earlier today, Light the Dumb A can’t draft defensive backs, running backs or defensive ends. He can sign free agents and get lucky once in a while. I am from Auburndale and now live in Fort Pierce . I would bet my life on it that if you hired Bill Castle and his staff he would turn this shi…. show around. His teams won seven state titles and 60 games in a row. To bad he is retired. WE now need retire Bowles and Light and bring back Arians as general manager, head coach and his offense

  100. Will Says:

    Fire him now or force him to give up defensive play calling. There is absolutely no reason that a team that sucks at zone should run it as often as we do.
    Carlton Davis needs to be on the bench after today.

    Maybe if they fire Bowles the offense will open up and we’ll know for sure that he was the reason for all the rushing attempts because he forced his play callers into it. The one thing I really can’t understand about Canales is how he doesn’t get Mike or Chris more involved in the game plans early.

  101. AtlBuc Says:

    Man!! The offense got on track today and the defense, a veteran, star-studded defense, gave up 450 passing yards and the game winning touchdown within 40 seconds.
    I knew the offense would struggle but I thought we could rely on our defense. Now. I have lost all hope for making the playoffs this year. If the Glaziers love this team like I do, I wonder how they must feel.
    We have 9 games left and anything can happen.

  102. TonySoprano Says:

    Joe Says:
    Why get rid of a GM who built a Super Bowl winner? That makes zero sense to Joe.

    How much good will does that buy Licht? 10 years? 20 years? He hit the lottery with Brady – a situation that will never be replicated. Aside from that lucky-AF lottery ticket, what has licht shown you that he can consistently build a winner? Look at his record, FAs and draft picks before Brady. Look at those same metrics post-Brady. Where are you seeing promise? This team is filled with holes – mostly at positions he has invested in heavily.

  103. Crazyhorse54 Says:

    Expecting BREAKING NEWS: Buccaneers fire HC Todd Bowles and GM Jason Licht in a surprising mid season move.

    Yes, I’m watching for it tomorrow morning or late tonight. The Glazers have an extra hour to decide on it.

  104. Aceofaerospace Says:

    He should have been fired after last season. I tried to give him a chance at 3-1. Nope. He’s in over his head. Bubye.

  105. Duane in Sanford Says:

    You dont fire Bowles now. You let him put more horrible tape out while you look for his successor. Cut your big salaries on the defensive side. Resign Evans and Wirfs. This roster will not be cap heavy on the defensive side of the ball going into 2024. This defense tends to give out in the second half of the season. That side of the ball is not getting better. Bowles is surely going to drive us to a top 10 pick at this rate.

  106. 5220buc Says:

    No one should be safe after this. The entire defense should be bounced to the practice squad. They were terrible and that is being kind.

  107. BUCS4LIFE Says:

    I typed and deleted about 14 different comments just now and derived that I have no proper words for what I witnessed today.

  108. Simeon Says:

    He took a Super Bowl team and burned it.

  109. Rod Munch Says:

    Simeon Says:
    November 5th, 2023 at 7:00 pm
    He took a Super Bowl team and burned it.


    You talking about Guden?

  110. Donna Says:

    So sadly their RB kicker played for us 🤦🏻‍♀️

  111. Don B Says:

    Good teams find a way to win at the end of the game. Bad teams find a way to lose. Pretty easy to see where this coaching staff stand.

  112. Brendahadababy Says:

    How do you get as stupid as Bucsanthem and bffl? Are they for real or just being dumb or trying to be funny?

  113. Bucem01 Says:

    Lovie Smith 2.0 we will win with turnovers. Run ball play defense. Not as good as Lovie Smith 1.0 !

  114. Big Red Says:

    Bad day at the office.

  115. Lakeland Steve Says:

    The Bucs are doomed with this clown at the helm. Why wait fire his ass now.

  116. westernbuc Says:

    I believe we are talented enough to contend for the division title. Right now, we’re third. If Bowles/Canales can’t correct whatever this is, move on from them

  117. Dana Says:

    Get Bienemy as Head Coach Now!

  118. Boltsfan17 Says:

    The old Bucs fielded some really bad teams but they were likable for the most part. This team, however, is one of softest and dumbest teams in franchise history.

  119. Charles Says:

    The defense stunk today they played like they did not want to win not only today but other games Tampa was ahead and the defense lost it in the last seconds. Fire the head coach now maybe we still have a chance of making the playoffs but not with this coach.

  120. Lee Says:

    David Says:
    November 5th, 2023 at 5:11 pm
    Toilet Bowls needs to fired and bench Baker after this game losing to a team with losing record for the second time this season with a rookie qb.
    The difference is not the defense is the offense scoring more FG’s than touch downs .

    Texans had a real Qb who out scored Baker the journeyman . CJ threw 5 TD for almost 500 yards vs Baker 2 TD 275 yards .
    Texarns had so many injuries in OL and their defense .

    How do you put scoring on every drive on baker, when there was more than one drive that baker never got a chance to participate???

    And a lot of drives when baker did get a shot to participate it was on 3rd and long???
    Obviously you did not even watch the game. Your comment is oblivious and bas no Merritt. Your only repeating some things that you have heard and got your context all mixed up and confused!

  121. Antonio Says:

    A Rookie QB throws for 470 yards 5 touchdowns on Todd Bowles defense. The Texans TE made the LB look like pop Warner players. RAGDOLLS. The secondary….. #24 TRASHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  122. KEVIN KARNER Says:

    I just don’t care. That’s where Todd Bowels has me. Sure you want my two cents? Fire him but soley for the sake of saying to your fan base we made a huge mistake and we are trying to fix it. Then after the year is up cut all that dead weight on defense and start rebuilding. Otherwise I fully expect to lose every game for the foreseeable future.

  123. Robert Says:

    Todd Bowles has a 35-53 head coaching record. He just needs more time. Yep . What’s the definition of insanity?

  124. Robert Says:

    Snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory. We good.

  125. It's Corn Says:

    Time to ditch Licht too.

  126. Locked In Says:

    The Horror in Houston

  127. Allbuccedup Says:

    Joe says ” Don’t get rid of the GM that built the superbowl team” all Licht was a do boy for Brady. Brady was the only reason we went to the superbowl because he was a motivator players wanted to play with him. Bowles is not a motivator and never will be. Licht uses the draft as is personal play toy. Its going to be hard to find a good head coach to replace Bowles thats not going to want full control of the draft and free agency. Bowles just sits there like a bump on a log and lets Licht does what he wants. Hopefully they won’t pull a Dirk K. and promote Canales as head coach.

  128. Corey Says:

    Personally I would like him to be our defensive coach again. That’s what he is. Not a head coach. He’s to friendly. But he did quite well as our dc

  129. Daniel Z Says:

    I’ve had a change of heart. I think they should keep Todd Bowles for the rest of the year, as it will give us the best chance of moving up in the draft.

  130. vadertime Says:

    I have been saying this since last year. Bowles’ sucked as a HC in New York and she should never have been elevated to HC in Tampa, but Arians left 2 weeks before the 2022 season and screwed up everything. He recommended Bowles, unfortunately, to the Glazers. I am 100% sure that Arians and Brady butted heads even though they tried to paint a serene picture of getting a long. Tom Brady has a huge ego and he’s been around for a long time – there are no other QBs who have played into their mid-40s, at least not in the modern NFL. Bowles ascension was pure, dumb luck and bad timing on part of Arians sudden, unexplained departure. Making stupid mistakes with clock management has been his MO in getting Tampa to give away winnable games. Also, again I saw the same old, same old run, run, run and throw the ball. This is also inexcusable. On top of that he blamed the defense for not stopping that 30 second drive by Houston in the final seconds of the game – he’s the defensive coach too, so a lot of that blame should lie with him. After watching that disastrous ending yesterday, I think the Glazers need to clean house – all the coaches. I love Baker, but he is too inconsistent and I am now convinced after 9 weeks that he is not the long-term solution to the Bucs. Tampa needs to look to the draft next year. At this point I am only followingTampa for Bowles’ termination watch. Go Bucs in 2024. Cheers.

  131. orlbucfan Says:

    Plenty of phonies on here but SOP. Where is an article about referees, Joe? I’m over the fire Bowles crap. This game was given to the Texans. I guess the rubes on here didn’t notice that Rashaad White had a good day, and Canales is starting to get on the same page with his O players.

  132. KG Bucs Fan Says:

    They eye test says that over the course of the season we CAN PRESSURE, we can create TURNOVERS, and we can an do play TOO SOFT. Too much talent on the defense to play soft zone. Man up and let’s finish the season like we give a sh*t!

  133. Dolphin James Says:

    The only winning season this guy has had was 2011
    When he went 2-1 in Miami then he went 5 and 11 4 12 and 4-12 with the Jets. Why the bucs hired him is beyond me and I live here in Tampa but I am a dolphins fan can’t stand the Bucs. every time they lose I rejoice. I believe the only reason I hired him is because the NFL rule where you have to interview a minority so they were dumb enough to take it a step further and hire him. I think the rule is stupid as hell I know I wouldn’t want to get hired just because the color of my skin.